Tshibaka places first TV ad buy 14 months before primary


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today released the first television ad of the 2022 election. The ad features Tshibaka describing her own Alaska story and outlining her core conservative principles. The ad, launched some 14 months before the primary election, will run on local broadcast outlets and on cable television, the campaign said.

In the ad, Tshibaka speaks of her parents, who moved to Alaska in the 1970s and were homeless for a time. She says her background is what shaped her beliefs.

“Growing up wasn’t always easy,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “My mom and dad were homeless, surviving in a canvas tent. But tough times made me who I am today. I’m a conservative. Pro-life. Pro-2nd Amendment. And America first. Always. We’re raising our five kids with those same Alaska values.”

Tshibaka is challenging Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who she describes as a D.C. insider out of touch with Alaska and who enabled the Biden Administration to assault Alaska’s oil and natural gas jobs.

“The insiders don’t like me because I spent my career exposing taxpayer fraud and abuse,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “That’s okay. I’m not running for them. I’m running for you.”

The television ad follows a paid digital ad Tshibaka launched last week, running on social media sites, selected websites, and streaming services.

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  1. She’s all about what’s in it for her. I asked her if she would be doing any volunteering at any charity organization during her campaign and was totally ignored. I’m sure she’ll attend all kinds of fancy dinners and stuff though for campaign contributions.

  2. I, and many like me, don’t watch TV anymore, so there is that. But then she’d be “preaching to the choir” anyway, if we did.

    Radio is a better means IMHO.

  3. Yeah, not buying any of it. She wants us to believe she’s Alaska tough, yet apparently living in a “canvas tent” was some kind of challenge to her. Yeah, I got that was a kid, but if it was “tough” living in a wall tent then it means her parents lacked the intelligence and common sense to make it comfortable. Traits they most certainly passed on to Kelly! I’m having a hard time thinking of people I know who haven’t spent time living in tents while building houses or at remote camps, etc…with kids! After National Park Service ran us out of our home, we spent the winter in an 8×10 ‘canvass tent, seeing 50 below regularly…and we were perfectly comfortable. (Maybe I should run for the Senate!) Kelly, we REAL Alaskans don’t like pretenders. You don’t get USE us and our hard work building this state to garner votes. I think your mom and dad were just fine parents, real Alaskans. I think YOU were just a whiny little brat, just like you are now, and that’s why it was sooooo tough! If you can convince me that being a whining pretender will help stop abortion and prevent the erosion of our rights…well then I WOULD vote for you!!! Until then: NOT!

  4. I ‘killed my TV’ 30 years ago and have Spotify so I can both listen to what I like without having to listen to whatever sponsors would like me to buy.

    Welcome to Marketing / 1980.

    I also find it curious that a woman that makes the life choices she has might also attempt to sell herself as conservative. She certainly has a liberal mindset by appearances.

  5. Good gosh. This is starting to look like a greasy marketing effort to package and peddle seriously flawed product with no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the flaws has been sufficiently explained or corrected.

    Instead, we’re seeing a massive media blitz loaded with vacuous platitudes intended to suck in the “anyone but Lisa” crowd who can’t or won’t smell the swamp.

    Once again it’s more than fair to call attention to the claims regarding Kelly made in The American Conservative on April 27th which anyone can readily find online and to ask ourselves if her past points to the candidate we really need.

  6. @Aunt Sally Aren’t you the same crank that gnawed on someone’s head for incorrect use of infer vs imply? Check your grammar and tell us what school you went.

    You make reference ad nauseum to the AmConservative article. Are we to infer that you’re not going to let Ms. “anyone but Lisa” go without responding? …because that’s not the way a marketing machine works. She’s going to repeat an endless stream of pap in hope that you’ll eventually find her babble relating to Alaska’s future, her miscategorization of her parents as homeless, or perhaps that her heretofore career as a government parasite qualifies her to lead, etc. as gibberish that rings true for you.

    You’ll be in agreement by the time you’ve watched the same ad for the 20th time. You strike me as someone that watches a tremendous amount of television. How long before you swallow Mr. T’s manufactured appearance? What is it you love about Benedict Murkowski anyway? This is some version of ‘the enemy of my enemy’ thing and we’re braced up to hear you say something supportive of Turncoat Murk but it’s simply too late.

  7. The appointment of Lisa Murkowski to by her father to the senate seat he was vacating, is the single most corrupt act in Alaska’s history.

  8. “Growing up wasn’t always easy,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “My mom and dad were homeless, surviving in a canvas tent. But tough times made me who I am today.”
    How long is this woman going to keep repeating that her parents were ”homeless” and implying that their sad plight helped make her the person she is today?
    They lived in a tent for a summer after they moved here with all the rest of the Lower 48ers looking for a high paying job on the pipeline. Big deal. And Kelly had nothing to do with it. She didn’t live in a tent.
    Oh, and her dad served in Vietnam. Good for him and he should be proud but Kelly had nothing to do with that either…she wasn’t even alive yet but she keeps bringing that up too.
    Here’s Kelly’s history in a nutshell…born in Alaska to middle class parents, left Alaska after high school to attend Outside university, straight in the D.C. government bureaucracy post graduation and never returned to live out her “Alaskan values” here in our state until a couple years ago. Wow. What a love of state she must have.
    Anyone can make disingenuous speeches and unverifiable claims and anyone who has to try to promote herself through the achievements or hardships of someone else doesn’t have much to offer.
    But everyone hates Murkowski so much, and with good reason, that they’re willing to jump right into bed with the first alternative that comes along.
    Open your eyes…Kelly is a cardboard cutout that is being marketed to us. A lightweight with almost zero real world experience. A career bureaucrat being sold to us as our anti-big government savior.

  9. You know PJ Olsen, it occurs to me that ol Kelly might be using us as a ‘focus group’! Now that she knows we won’t buy this load of BS, she’ll come up with a whole new load!

  10. PJ
    Have to say that may have hit the nail squarely on the head.
    Our country needs a robust debate and primary for each of these few senate seats. You have to look no farther then the lady in that seat now. Appointment by dad and its not gone well. Alaska is poorly represented in DC.
    The federal government has almost no checks and balances, we must send representatives capable of pulling the country towards its founding.

  11. Hi everyone,

    This is Huhnkie Lee, running for US Senate as an independent Alaskan.

    If you’d like to join the political discussion via zoom meeting as facebook live, join us every Friday 6pm, “Friday night with huhnkie lee”.

    Find me in Facebook or twitter on Friday around noon. You’ll find zoom link there.

    I look forward to seeing you there //:-)

  12. Aunt Sally:
    “Once again it’s more than fair to call attention to the claims regarding Kelly made in The American Conservative on April 27th which anyone can readily find online and to ask ourselves if her past points to the candidate we really need.”

    Kelly Tshibaka:
    “The insiders don’t like me because I spent my career exposing taxpayer fraud and abuse,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “That’s okay. I’m not running for them. I’m running for you.”

    The American Conservative April 27:
    “Asked whether she had any knowledge of the Postal Service’s domestic spying program, Tshibaka sent the following statement to TAC through a representative:”

    “I was not aware of this program, nor was it conducted out of the Office of Inspector General where I worked. I have always believed that as government grows, freedom shrinks, and as freedom grows, government shrinks. If I were a U.S. senator, I would demand to know more about why the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is conducting surveillance on U.S. citizens with no connection to postal theft or other postal crimes.”

  13. Well that’s mighty chivalrous of you to set aside your pompoms for long enough to cherry-pick a canned statement of ignorance and self-promotion from one of her “representatives”, ANDREW TROY, but you deliberately neglected to include the observations made by TAC immediately underneath that excerpt:

    “Of course, a Senate investigation into USPS misconduct would be welcome, and may at this point be necessary. One can’t help but wonder, though, whether such investigations ought to fall under the purview of the USPS Office of Inspector General. (They do.) Tshibaka’s lack of knowledge about iCOP may not be as exculpatory as she hopes, given the questions it naturally raises about the competence of her office.

    “In fact, her presence in that office is notable in itself, given Tshibaka’s campaign posturing as a maverick intent on draining the swamp of “insiders” like Lisa Murkowski. Nor is a stint at the apparently delinquent USPS OIG the only point of interest on Tshibaka’s record. In fact, her second gig in the swamp found Tshibaka in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for eight years, from 2005-2013. Tshibaka’s time in that office spanned from the term of John Negroponte, who became the first DNI upon the office’s 2005 creation, to that of James Clapper, a swamp creature through and through. Nearly a decade in not just the D.C. establishment but the D.C. intelligence establishment hardly seems an intuitive background for an America First outsider promising to represent the people of Alaska against that same political establishment.”

    We can do better than electing another swamp rat, Andy, and Kelly doesn’t pass the smell test.

  14. So Sal. Are you saying that she has NOT spent her career exposing taxpayer fraud and abuse, and that she WAS aware of the Post Office “spy” operation? Are TAC’s “observations” actually accusations? I agree that Clapper is easily in the top 10 of the nation’s all time swampiest. Does her stint in his office automatically make her guilty by association, or does it indicate that perhaps she saw some things she didn’t like, and would like to fight? It certainly gives her some street cred either way. I think the smell test is still underway, and I’m still getting just a whif o insider from…somewhere

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