Kelly Tshibaka launches digital ad campaign over 435 days before 2022 primary election


It’s evident that Kelly Tshibaka means business about running for U.S. Senate against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. This week, online ads for the Republican’s candidacy started showing up on Alaskans’ internet browsers.

Tshibaka’s digital ad talks about her upbringing in Alaska, and how the state gave her family a leg up. She says Murkowski has enabled President Joe Biden to take apart Alaska’s oil and gas economy, which is the job sector that would give other families the opportunities hers had.

The ad is running on social media sites, some websites, and streaming services like YouTube. It’s unusual to start an ad campaign so soon, but Tshibaka still has name recognition hurdles to clear, while Murkowski is a household name in Alaska. The ad buy also shows that Tshibaka is confident of her fund-raising ability.

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“Every Alaskan story is unique,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “Mine started in the ‘70s when my parents moved here. They were homeless for a while, but eventually they made it into the middle class. These days, though, they wouldn’t have that same opportunity.”

Today’s Alaska is not the same place, and that worries her as an Alaskan.

“That’s because with Lisa Murkowski’s support, the liberals in D.C. are attacking our resource industry. They’re shutting down our jobs. Every Alaskan should have the same opportunity that my parents had – to work an honest job, put a roof over their head, and maybe even send their little girl to college,” Tshibaka says in the ad.


  1. I’m liking her even more and more. I believe she’s doing right, starting her campaign this early. I also believe that her name association with Star Wars is getting her in the door, but she will build her own name recognition on merit alone.

  2. Lisa is entrenched and the GOP hierarchy supports her, so it’s very good that Tshibaka is a serious challenger. There will for sure be nasty opposition research conducted, the Alaska GOP is as dirty as the Dems.
    The question, is Tshibaka independent of foreign and domestic elitist control? If elected, would she represent the interests of Alaska and national security? Or will she be bought off or threatened into compliance with the new world order?
    The stakes are very high, we are in the midst of a top down, foundational change in the relationship between the citizen and government. At the federal level the concept of consent of the governed is replaced with you will obey all dictates of leaders chosen for you despite their utter incompetence.
    Alaska is well on the road to a compliance state, to a local government that is also dysfunctional and incompetent.

  3. I hope to recieve a ‘Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate’ Button to wear. Hopefully the last name is included and it’s not just Kelly for Alaska. There are lots of Kellys. Tshibaka is beautiful sounding name and it is new.

  4. We’re still waiting for a response to the assertions in The American Conservative on April 27th, Kelly…

    Were they unfair with you or are you the swamp rat they’ve portrayed you as and you’ve now changed your ways?

    Voters and potential supporters would like to know.

  5. Here’s a good sign – 63.64% of Americans with the surname of Tshibaka are republican – Forebears dot io

  6. Brian Simpson
    You appear to not be up to speed regarding the Alaska GOP’s censure of Lisa, and their statement of recruitment of a new US senate candidate.

  7. Kelly left Alaska to attend college and law school in the Lower 48.
    Then she went directly into the federal bureaucracy where she stayed until she finally returned to Alaska to work, yes, in the state government bureaucracy.
    She’s spent her adulthood outside of Alaska and in the D.C. Swamp.
    Now she’s our great hope???
    A career government bureaucrat who was educated at the most liberal leftist college in America and who “loved” Alaska so much that she left as soon as she graduated high school and never came back until just recently…probably to spend a year or two in the state before declaring that her deeply held “Alaskan values” were forcing her to step up and run for senate.
    Her educational background is suspect, her work history is thin and all government, she’s spent more of her life outside Alaska than in…maybe she’s legit but she looks like a plant from the outside and everyone is just falling all over themselves because she’s not Lisa Murkowski. That’s not good enough.

  8. The Democrat Machine is a well-honed weapon. When Republicans run an outstanding candidate, some will attack her outright. But there will also be thousands of insidious little “innocent comments” from seemingly regular folks pretending to be Republicans or undecided. They will make innocent sounding comments inferring that there is some vague, hidden issue that the candidate is hiding…completely unfounded, but the rumor has now been planted. By the time their rumors have been disproven, they’ve already spread far and wide. They think you are not nearly as clever as they are. It’s interesting to check the profiles of those who do this.

  9. I have seen another Kelly running as well. She needs to push her last name as loud as possible.
    I would like to see her speak about the issue of American Ports that have been compromised by Chinese investments. My hope is that she is aware of how very important this would be to prevent happening in Alaska.
    Or can you do some research for an article about where our port stands on this topic.

  10. The 2022 primary can’t come soon enough. The Murkowski family name is becoming a laughing stock, and that really pisses me off.

  11. Oh for goodness’ sake, Charlie, pull yourself together.

    Here’s a little tip for you: not all of us on the right are willing to start waving around our pom poms for a candidate who’s come to us from deep in the swamp with the resume of a swamp rat, irrespective of the platitudes she’s been casting about to win favor with conservatives because – get this – her history strongly suggests that she isn’t or at least hasn’t been the conservative we need.

    I couldn’t have been more clear when I’d posted above that we’re still waiting for a response from her to the assertions made in The American Conservative on April 27th. Go read it.

    Here’s another tip: look up the words “inferring” and “implying” and learn the difference.

  12. At this time I plan to vote for Kelly because, well, she’s not Lisa. We’ll see what the leftist fact distorters come up with. In the meantime…Kelly, please lose the bleached blind locks and get your hair styled. People will take you more seriously.

  13. @Charlie …you have definitely swallowed the Kool-aid. Just because a candidate runs as a Republican does not imply that they’re conservative nor that they’re the right solution for Alaska. You may infer same from your experience with Frank’s daughter, the Benedict Arnold of the Republican Party.

    @Aunt Sally …Hubris aside, you’re not really waiting for an objective response from a politician are you? Swamp Rat 101 teaches that only the following are acceptable:

    A weird response to a question no one asked, or

    A harsh reprimand of their own behavior wrapped in a demand that we all expect better of our leadership next time (best served with an insincere platitude), or


    For the next several months you’re going to be bombarded with twitter type comments from Ms. T that will be about as content free as you standing on your front porch shouting to us all that you’re rocking a cheese sandwich. But the Mud Shark will beat The Murk and for the primary reason you can apply to all political races; the winner is blessed with a more heavily flawed opponent.

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