Alaska joins 17-state coalition to fight climate change lawsuit by Earth Guardians


Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor has joined a 17-state coalition of attorneys general to intervene in Juliana v. United States, a lawsuit brought on behalf of 21 children, which states that their constitutional rights are being violated by climate change and government policies that do not stop climate change.

The youth, who say their rights to life, liberty, and property is being violated, are scheduled to be in court for oral arguments on a legal motion on June 25 in a case that has dragged on for over five years. Earth Guardians is the youths’ legal team.

The 17 attorneys general have moved to intervene after both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations sought to have the case dismissed, arguing that the U.S. Constitution gives the judicial branch no such policy-making power, which resides exclusively in the legislative and executive branches.

The Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit agreed with the federal government’s position and in early 2020, ordered the district court to dismiss the case. The court said that the matters should be addressed by the executive and legislative branches, not the courts.

The  U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon failed to dismiss the case. Now, the Biden administration is preparing to have settlement talks with the plaintiffs after a U.S. District Court judge ordered attorneys for the plaintiffs and the Department of Justice to convene for a settlement conference.

The court also scheduled oral argument on the youth plaintiffs’ Motion for Leave to File Second Amended Complaint, to be held telephonically on Friday, June 25, 2021 .

When judging a similar lawsuit in Kanuk v. State of Alaska in 2014, the Alaska Supreme Court reached the same conclusion as the Ninth Circuit, that it is inappropriate and unlawful for courts to hear this type of case.

“Both the Ninth Circuit and the Alaska Supreme Court have already decided that this type of lawsuit is outside of any court’s jurisdiction,” said Attorney General Taylor. “With the change in federal administration and its recent litigation positions, there is a significant chance the current federal defendant will not adequately represent Alaska’s interest in bringing this case to its already-decided close.”

Alaska, joined Alabama and Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia, in filing the motion to intervene.


  1. Very familiar with these guys since we lived in Oregon prior to AK. It’s a real set up with adults standing behind kids to advance a cause. So if you attack the cause your attacking children. Not unlike many violent terrorist types as we’ve seen in the Israel/Hamas conflict where Hamas sets up in maybe a hospital or other facility. If you attack them your brutally attacking children. Only here it’s in a legal sense.

    But their claim (which would require draconian & dictatorial government actions) is running up against my right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness as well. Such as, among other things, the right to stay affordably warm in winter.

    It’s a perfect set up for division & conflict. Interesting the Biden admin wants a settlement with them. That will only happen if they give away other people’s freedom & liberty, ultimately by force (laws & regulation). This group doesn’t want this done legislatively because they know they need a dictator to accomplish their goals.

  2. So where are the other 33 states? My children’s rights are being violated by unfettered government debt, which will burden them throughout their lives. My children’s rights are violated by out of control courts declaring arbitrary rulings to null ‘self evident’ rights.

    What a waste of resources dealing with such frivolous cases. Of course that is the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy all of our rights and property.

  3. Thank God our Governor and Attorney General are willing to step up and combat this insanity. If we don’t all start standing up for common sense it will soon be too late.

  4. Have the kids turn in their phones and other electronic equipment, and tell Mom to park the SUV, because they will be riding their bikes to school from now on.

  5. What Palm trees ? in Alaska. It’s a very cool spring this year, where’s the global warming.
    Wait didn’t Alyeska have the most snow this year. Then other ski resorts in the lower 48 this year.
    Good for Alaska getting together, with theses other states.

  6. It’s not like this global warming hasn’t occurred before and is not a natural occurrence because it is. It’s just that most people with a lot of money live on our coasts and don’t want their Mansions flooded and they don’t want to live on stilts. Down here they’re making everybody a New Smyrna Beach put their house on a stilt that lives in a flood zone. The EPA is paying all but $27,000 of the money. Some old people can’t afford that and they certainly can’t afford the 6 months that they’d have to be out of their house while it’s jacked up. What what it boils down to is we’re trying to change nature and you’re never going to win that fight. People on the coast of Alaska have been dealing with this sort of erosion and flooding for generations. They just pack up and move the village a little ways and start over. No big deal.

  7. Greg Forkner, for anyone truly interested the answer lies not in ‘science’ (politicized ‘scientists’ chasing government dollars), but in history. I highly recommend reading books by Brian Fagan, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, starting with The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History 1300-1850, The Great Warming, and The Long Summer. History teaches us what ‘science’ only postulates. IF we get to have global warming like they promise, our temperatures will rival those enjoyed by the Roman Empire at the height of prosperity. It was cooling that caused the famines at the collapse of the Empire and cooling during the Dark Ages. Brian Fagan writes not only to educate, but is enjoyable to read. I highly recommend his books.

  8. Seriously!?? Human caused climate change is a farce! This planet has been evolving for millions of years! It warms, it cools, it shifts and shakes and even has a wobble. Ridiculous.

  9. Bikes Ben? The metal in those bikes came from mining, which we know is horrible for the planet. And the tires are made from Black Death, a.k.a oil. Better the little darlings walk to school.

  10. Man-made climate change is the biggest hoax of the 20th and 21st centuries. So who benefits from this insane theory? The ones who study it to death …… and beyond. That’s why it never quits. Many supposedly educated people make their entire careers and lives out of this total nonsense. The young kids have been indoctrinated by it at the public schools. Its now considered a mainstream form of religion. What a bunch of delusional idiots we’ve become

  11. Julia:
    Well-stated. I have some friends that are atmospheric scientists, both PhDs, and they said the same thing. Climate change is a fiction designed to propogate socialism on the planet and redistribute the wealth of nations. After all, who can really argue against the backdrop theme of saving the planet? The problem is that the younger generation has been brainwashed by all of this contrived garbage. The Lefties leave piles of manure wherever they go, and the common sense folks have to clean-up their crap.

  12. Well Alaska is going to have the biggest carbon taxes of all right? Most volcanoes of all states, that will blow carbon plumes of logic thru these hair-brained greedy idiots. Don’t they know that solar panels are made from quartz ,coal and oil? Oh, I think they know. Please pray for the Chinese slaves that were discussed ever so quickly at the G meeting summit. Thanks, and breathe free Alaska.

    • Obviously you refer to the fact that volcanoes emit 100-150 times more CO2 than all of mankind every year, and just one eruption can exceed the human generated CO2, AND we are entering a phase of increased volcanic activity on Earth. But don’t tell the enviros. Most volcanoes and vents are under the oceans. Tax them!

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