Trump’s date with destiny in Manhattan, but first a word from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene


Former President Donald J. Trump is to appear in a Manhattan state courthouse for booking, fingerprints, and a hearing on 34 felony charges that the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a partisan Democrat, has brought against him and convinced a grand jury to issue a indictments.

But first, the warmup act arrived, giving a hint at the chaotic street scene to come later today: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia and a handful of security personnel pulled up in a white sport utility vehicle, as a few protestors booed and blew whistles loudly. There were also some cheers, but a significant number of detractors were heard in the crowd.

Although there were barricades set up to contain the public, police had a difficult time managing the media, which made up the main portion of the unruly crowd, and repeatedly shouted at them to back up. There did not appear to be enough police assigned to the congresswoman’s appearance, and a reporter explained that Mayor Eric Adams had advised the media in advance that the congresswoman would be appearing.

“We could not move, made it really dangerous just to follow the scrum,” said Brian Glenn reporting for the Right Side Broadcast Network.

“Donald J. Trump is innocent,” Rep. Taylor-Greene shouted through a bullhorn, as she was flanked by aides and police. “Alvin Bragg [district attorney] is tool for the Democrats to try to hijack the 2024 presidential election. This is a travesty and I’m here as private citizen and member of Congress to take a stand. Every single American should be concerned.”

Greene then listed the inventory of bad things that the Biden Administration has done to the country: “This administration has ripped our border wide open. This administration is now he verge of World War III. This administration is trying to sexualize our children.”

Later, reporter Glenn was able to talk to the congresswoman inside the safety of the vehicle she came in, where she had decided to do interviews with the press, rather than outside, where people who she described as Antifa were blowing whistles loudly.

Glenn interviewed citizens, including some from China who said this reminds them of the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, while others described today’s events as evidence America has become a banana republic.

Watch live coverage at RSBN. Trump’s arraignment is said to be set for after 2 pm Eastern Time, or 10 am Alaska Time.


    • Go for it.

      Get yourself rich, marry a hot European model, get her pregnant, then find a low rent, has been porn star to have sex with.

      Oh, and become President so anyone will care.

      Then get your unreliable lawyer to pay her off and improperly file it.

      Do all that and you can be required to pay a misdemeanor fine.

      It could happen, but I’ll not sit up nights waiting.

    • Tim, you would be better off wishing you can get away with what Joey Potatoes has gotten away with, if your looking to make $.

    • Wouldn’t you rather have the millions from Russia, Ukraine, and China that the Biden crime cartel is raking in?

  1. This situation needs cool heads, not agitators from either side. The left desperately wants something to occur.
    Be smarter. Not here, not now.

    MTG is the AOC of the right.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation
      Sure, sure, Avenger–what a notion! What’s next–brotherly love, peace on earth, fidelity?

      • No child. Common sense and outthink the opposition. Don’t give them what they want on their terms.

        But I suspect outthinking anyone is outside your skill set.

        What do you want to do, Rambo? Burn down Manhattan? Give them justification to do whatever they want.?

        Let me help you:

    • At least she has the courage of her convictions, and her convictions are mostly good ones, as opposed to most of the uniparty rinocuckservatives in Congress.

    • No Jefferson. MTG loves her country, whereas AOC despises it. Plus, AOC is simply an idiot with idiotic ideas.

  2. 100% theatre. A Kangaroo court and the media will sensationalize and exaggerate anything that happens. It will drag out for over a year so Trump can be in their broadcasts every day in a negative light. BTW, shouldn’t NYPD be protecting small Asian ladies from being body slammed and crippled? This happens a lot in NYC.

  3. As a misogynist, I’m getting tired of women in Congress.

    Peltola …. Green …. AOC…. M. Waters ….Murkowski …. Feinstein …. Pelosi …. Collins … Cantwell … Gildebrand … Hirono ….. Duckworth …. Warren ….. Baldwin …. Boebert …. Cori Bush … Omar … P. Murray ….

    Are there any good ones?
    Maybe things will improve a little if we stop voting for woman.
    There, I said it.

    • Women tend to be more emotional and less rational in their thinking than men — that is a simple fact of life and human nature. So the large majority of women seem to naturally gravitate towards the emotion-based political agenda of the radical left, and to disparage and work against liberty.

    • “In a thousand men I have found one good one….in ten thousand women I have not found…” – a thought of King Solomon.

    • Repealing the 19th amendment would be a good start , there I said it

      Its the suburban housewives that are a big problem amongst us voters

  4. ‘police had a difficult time managing the media, which made up the main portion of the unruly crowd’

    Now THAT’S funny. More media here than regular people. Says a lot right there.

  5. This day in history will only empower the MAGA Movement, and will most likely get him elected. Was that their intent?

    Several in MSM have said the DNC want a Trump/Biden rematch, and the indictment will facilitate this.

    Be careful what you wish for!

  6. Well, I hope he wins. He has excellent lawyers and legal strategies. Some Americans sure don’t want to make America great again do they. Imagine that. He is still the greatest President we have had since Kennedy and Lincoln. The monarchs in Europe are not into American rights are they. If we are free they want us diminished in every way. Captured. The dems want that too – America a ruined nation. America has enemies in spite of being the most patriotiotic nation in the world.

  7. Sure, sure, Avenger–what a notion! What’s next–brotherly love, peace on earth, fidelity?

  8. I am all for justice as long as it is fair. When do we get to see the Biden and Clinton crime family’s in court? When do we get to see the corrupt heads of the DOJ and FBI in jail? When do we get to see an honest prosecuting attorney, and all the evidence hidden from the January 6 event. When will we see antifa being prosecuted? When all of that takes place, then we have a level justice system.

    • Well said, Mark.
      Unfortunately, the unprincipled, amoral, win-at-any-cost, the-ends-justify-the-means radical leftists have declared war on freedom, and honesty, and liberty, and not nearly just with this travesty of justice. It is high time that all freedom-loving Americans realize that we are ALREADY in a civil war, and have been for some time. If it finally comes to shooting, so be it. The lunacy of the radical authoritarian leftists cannot be reasoned with, or compromised with — it is a disease that has to be excised from our nation, or this nation will cease to exist, and freedom will cease to exist along with it.

  9. MTG couldn’t take people whistling at her, the poor thing. I would’ve assumed they’d be drowned out by all the voices in her loony head. My bad.

    • You are just intimidated, and outraged, by those with actual principles, and respect for freedom and liberty. It terrifies you, and you desperately attempt to censor and silence them, because you have no rational or logical arguments to counter principled and moral beliefs.

      • In what way am I attempting to silence this crazy person?, You’re the one claiming that women are inherently emotional and irrational. She doesn’t speak the truth, she speaks lies and if Trump does lose yet another election, it will be because of the urban women’s vote. Misogyny doesn’t play well with that portion of the electorate. Keep your illusions private please.

        • It is not “misogyny” to acknowledge inherent human nature, and the inherent differences between men and women, c(ommunist)man.
          Your laughable and insulting attempt to label it is as such is just another demonstration of the radical leftist extremist penchant to deny reality.

          • There are inherent differences between the sexes but what you did was make a sweeping generalization. I’ve known some seriously emotional and reactive men. You, for instance.

  10. This congresswoman also physically went to the dc unconstitutional detainee gulag to attempt to check on Americans swept into a political imprisonment. One other elected official also did his job of attempting to secure and attempting to defend the 1776 Constitutional rights of Americans where the actual Americans remain in solitary and uncharged with anything thus a testament to the broken US Constitution and lack of representation by paid, elected representatives representing no Americans. Sad state of captivity. So of course the same players not representing Americans have pursued President Trump.

  11. You do know there was no “1776 Constitution”, right? The Constitution wasn’t created until 1787 and wasn’t actually ratified until 1788. The fact that you make such an elementary mistake makes me doubt the veracity of the rest of your so-called argument.

  12. There were lots of documents and drafts of “this” US Constitution. You are in the abandon this 1776 Constitution camp. You appear to hold dear the squelching of the US Constitution.

    • No, I’m a believer in the final product, which is the law of the land, not a “draft”. BTW, the first draft was deliberated on in May of 1787, not 1776. You do know history is an actual thing, right?

      • Isn’t the law of the American land also American Common Law? Why is there so little of it?

  13. I do. The Lee’s Declaration Declaration declared into the Continental Congress was noteworthy. The Confederate League of Friendship was noteworthy among others. Perhaps you are aware. However, I doubt it unfortunately.

  14. So, do you believe the judiciary can secure and defend communism when the judiciary has taken an oath to secure and defend US Constitutional rights Let’s hear the au current wiggle words.

    • You seem to be confusing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution. One was in effect for only 8 years, the other has been in force for the last 234 years. Not sure what you insist on referencing such an archaic and outdated document, but OK. In terms of the judiciary “securing and defending communism”, I have no earthly clue what you’re talking about but I suggest you seek out professional help. Just because something is happening that you don’t like, doesn’t mean there’s some vast conspiracy or “deep state” at work. I didn’t particularly like it when Trump was elected, but it was the result of a free and fair election, just like the 2020 election. Take off the foil hat. I think its cutting off circulation to your noggin.

  15. Cod. Which “professional help” should I seek? Please be more precise. Perhaps I am the professional “help”. Anyways, you learned your particulate directed information selected and pieced together for you in a curriculum you paid for but never questioned. My studies are much more organic. There were reasons you learned what was stitched together for you. There other facts that may not appear as prominant. The labels we have learned to pin on American events are not identical. I’m ok with that.

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