Trump wins North Dakota


After winning at the Supreme Court in the morning, Donald Trump won the North Dakota Republican paper-ballot caucuses with nearly 85% of the vote on Monday evening, gaining 29 more delegates to the Republican National Convention in July. Nikki Haley got about 14% of the vote.

Haley needed 20% to be awarded any delegates, but any candidate that gets more than 60% of the vote gets all the delegates in North Dakota.

Haley spent the evening at a rally in Fort Worth, Texas, her last event before Super Tuesday.

On Super Tuesday, another 16 states will take part in caucuses and primaries. Trump is expected by pollsters to win all states by a large margin. According to Cook Political Report, Trump will win Tennessee by 62 points, Maine by 58 points, Massachusetts by 36 points, Vermont by 30 points, Minnesota by 62 points, Utah by 27 points, Virginia by 63 points, North Carolina by nearly 54 points, Texas by 71 points, Alabama by 75 points, Arkansas by 29 points, California by 54 points and Oklahoma by 79 points.

In Colorado, where the Secretary of State tried to keep Trump off the ballot, he’s project to win with 79%.

Alaska Republicans will have their Presidential Preference Poll across the state in the following locations; this is a privately run poll done by GOP volunteers, not by state election officials:


    • At least 2/3 of Nikki’s voters are going to vote for Biden. Joe will gladly appreciate her real conservatives’ voters.

      • Considering the small amount of support she got, I doubt it will make a difference.

        Especially since most were never gonna vote for Trump to begin with.

        • 30% to 40% is not a “small amount of support”. On a national level in November, it will mean millions of never-trumper voters.

  1. Good to hear! Praying that Trump gets over 80% here in Alaska also. Would love to see this happen and hear what Haley’s Alaska campaign team says. Question: if Haley chooses to ignore the GOP/RNC (whatever it is called) and runs anyway against Trump, is her Alaska campaign team still going to be standing behind her? Going to be interesting. Hope everyone has blue roofs!

  2. We can hear Nikki as she fades into oblivion: “But, but…it’s those Dominion voting machines, and the Venezuelan hackers, and…”

  3. Trump didn’t look or sound well this weekend. He sounded like he was about to have a stroke. His son Baron turns 18 this month. Perfect timing for Melania, since her renegotiated pre-nup. kicks in. If she doesn’t divorce him soon, she’ll hang around until until November when he loses again.

  4. president Trump has done so much for this nation. He stopped the Paris Accords, He returned America”s wealth to her from hoodwinking globalists. He defunded the WHO. He worked without a paycheck. He supported energy extraction which is the source of wealth for America. He caused those inclined to be harmful toward our form of great republic to expose themselves for the ignorant buffoons they are. So far so good.

    • She did not quit. She “suspended” her campaign. She put it on hold. I wonder what she is waiting for? The only thing that would stop Trump from winning is if they put him down. He has a duty to fulfill and he will be fulfilling it.

  5. Here is a little math for all you dimlibbys in AK!

    10.5 to 12 MILLION illegal aliens are now in the USA.
    The whole state of Alaska’s population is about 740,000.

    So, for every Alaskan you see, there are 14 to 16 illegal aliens!

    Let that sink in for a minute!

    • More math for you.
      The Census counts the illegals for purposes of determining Congressional Representation. That means the areas with the most, typically the leftist/blue cities will get more votes in Congress.

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