Responses to Supreme Court ruling: Trump jubilant, Haley talks girl power, Biden powers up on gun control, and Olbermann wants SCOTUS dissolved


The unanimous Supreme Court ruling that said states can’t keep a duly-filed presidential candidate — Donald Trump — from their ballot was met with reactions that spanned soup to nuts on Monday.

The court announced its decision at 10 am. Eastern time. Soon, Trump was posting on Truth Social, “BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!” and another post with a picture of him hugging the flag.

“You cannot take somebody out of a race because an opponent would like to have it that way. The voters can take the person out of the race very quickly, but a court shouldn’t be doing that and the Supreme Court saw that,” Trump said.

Nikki Haley, his Republican competitor, did not comment on the ruling, which is rocking the news cycle. Instead, she pulled something from the campaign file relating to girl power:

Haley also wrote on X/Twitter today: “Let’s get back to normal and back to the basics. Let’s talk about how we’re going to get our national debt under control and how we’re going to prevent war. This primary shouldn’t be about one man or one woman, it should be about our country.”

President Joe Biden, on his campaign page, also made no mention of the ruling. Neither did he make note of it on his official @POTUS page on X. Instead, his campaign team wrote about how he is going to take away Americans’ “assault weapons.” It was as if nothing had happened at the Supreme Court this morning.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a former presidential candidate who over the weekend filed an amicus brief to urging the justices to overturn Colorado’s “disastrous & unconstitutional” ruling to eliminate Trump from the state’s ballot, said on Monday, “Today’s 9-0 Supreme Court decision needn’t be something to celebrate, it’s something we ought to once again take for granted: we the people decide who governs. The fact that it took the highest Court in the land to say it shows how far we’ve fallen. But it’s a good start in the right direction.”

Alaskan Nick Begich, a Republican candidate for Congress and supporter of Trump, said, “The most liberal justices sided with the most conservative justices — without exception. The biggest thing to note is not that they ruled in trump’s favor but that they ruled 9-0 with the liberal and conservative wing agreeing on the Constitution’s clarity on this matter. However, the fact that you have to go to the Supreme Court to get justice today because the rest of the court system is so politicized, is what is so concerning.”

Although 24 attorneys general filed a letter with the Supreme Court asking the court to uphold the Constitution, that left 26 attorneys general who did not join in.

Commentator Keith Olbermann, hard left Democrat formerly with MSNBC, called for the dissolution of the Supreme Court to save democracy, adding, “The Supreme Court has betrayed democracy. Its members including Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. And collectively the ‘court’ has shown itself to be corrupt and illegitimate. It must be dissolved.”

The Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, looking close to tears, posted a video saying, “Ultimately, it will be up to the American voters to save our democracy.” After trying to take away choice from the voters, she now hopes voters will do the right thing as she sees it.

Kelly Tshibaka, director for Trump’s campaign in Alaska, said, “SCOTUS delivered a landmark unanimous ruling protecting free & fair elections this morning. Neither @POTUS nor @NikkiHaley have commented. Do they NOT support the Constitution? NOT support elections by the People??”

Sen. Dan Sullivan posted this comment: “Today’s unanimous decision to strike down the Colorado court’s ruling to keep President Trump off the ballot is a victory for American democracy. The American people should decide who will lead our country—not four judges in Colorado. You don’t ‘preserve’ democracy by removing candidates from the ballot.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Mary Peltola, both never-Trumpers were silent on the matter. Murkowski supports Haley and Peltola is on Team Biden.

Alaska Republicans will have a chance to choose between Haley and Trump on March 5 at the Presidential Preference Poll. Information on how to take part is below:

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  1. Fantastic News!!! The Voters of the U.S. get to decide with a decision of 9-0. The last 9-0 decision I remember was given to a fellow Alaskan regarding our State Rights and hunting rights. Thanks SCOTUS for recognizing the Constitution and sanity.

  2. It is a shame that these idiots screaming DEMOCRACY are completely unaware that we do not live in a DEMOCRACY, which is mob rule. We live in a Democratic Republic, which is based on the protection of the rights of the individual, under the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. The fact that several laws exist that are counter to the constitution is evidence of how much these socialists have impacted our individual freedoms. There needs to be a return to the Constitutional Republic created by the founding fathers.

    • Robert,

      We live in a Constitutional Republic. The word democratic and democracy are not mentioned one single time in our Constitution.

  3. “It will be up to the American voters to save our democracy.” — Colorado Secretary of State.
    Wait… what? Can we allow voters to save democracy? Should we even allow the voters a say in a democracy? How absurd… The government should control who the voters can vote for, not the public…
    I cannot believe any official in any government at any level would have said such stupidity. Then again, she is a leftists.

  4. True that! And lawfare isn’t working for them either… What do you think they’ll try next? Fateful plane crash? Suicide? “Heart attack?” A Plandemic isn’t going to work again, so I guess a solar flare taking out the internet in late October is on deck…… And how bad is it, when tree-hugging socialists are now an enemy to be taken off ballots as well. The left doesn’t want another Jill Green episode to occur, so they cancel them on ballots as well…… No one is surprised. This is what communists do to the opposition……

  5. Even the leftists on SCOTUS realize that Democrats break the rules & will cheat, lie & steal to win.

  6. I suggest that anyone not happy from the court ruling move to Gaza.
    Get out of the country and go screw up another country.

  7. I love how the progressives are outraged SCOTUS (as expected) followed the law.

    Funny how determined the left is to save democracy from itself.

  8. Poor Nikki…
    Poor Biden…
    Poor Griswold…

    Whatever weird and toxic cocktail this bunch is drinking, it is grimly apparent that Olbermann has badly overdosed and needs to find his bottle of ipecac – quickly, Keith, before all sanity is lost.

  9. I am actually glad to see the “lawfare” against Trump. falling away. Most are not meritorious and have distracted from the task of assessing the quality of Donald Trump as a candidate and potential President. IMO, Trump is a poor choice. He lacks the skill set to get things done as President. He does not have new ideas. He is old. His principles are elastic. His character is not good. Biden has many of the same flaws. I will not vote for either.

  10. The Dems have other plans…….House Democrats to ‘Revive Legislation’ to Force Trump Off the Ballot in Wake of SCOTUS Ruling. So they want to tell the Nation who they can vote for.Sounds a bit facisistic…

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    • I’m guessing (emphasis guessing) the moderation bot has some strict protocols.

      I’ve seen some posts of mine linger in limbo, others disappear then reappear, and others disappear entirely.

    • Same for me Jefferson. I cannot see comments for 2 days after each article drops. No one responded to my email.

    • The bot/algorithm seems to be determined to protect some people.

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  12. Democrats in the house are already working on performative legislation regarding blocking Trump. It won’t go anywhere, but donors must be pacified.

  13. As much as the left tries to divide our country using SCOTUS rulings to drive a wedge, the fact remains that the majority of SCOTUS decisions are unanimous.

  14. I just dig the fact that those that crow on the loudest about DEMOCRACY are the same ones who are hypocritical about it.

  15. MAGA Donald Trump MAGA
    I will be voting for you on Tuesday. God Bless You and your Family. Thank you for enduring this terrible persecution

  16. Haley’s statement about strong girls and strong women is true. Suzanne Downing is the perfect example! However, Nimarata should also be aware of another possibility: Stupid girls become stupid women, get appointed UN ambassadors, and then make total a$$es of themselves at UN Security council meetings. Just a thought.

  17. Whenever Jenna Griswold speaks on camera it looks like one of those early “deep-fake” videos that late-night TV hosts used to play. The lips are moving, but her face is otherwise completely immobile.

  18. Will see how much MRAK loves SCOTUS after they rule Citizen Trump does not have immunity from election fraud litigation

    • I think MRAK will report on that, if/when it happens, the same way they report on any other event that they do not like.
      Unlike the leftist rags that populate your news source, MRAK is actually run by adults.

    • Frank, let them bring it on. What they do to Donald J. Trump can and WILL BE DONE to every other president. No one is above the law!

  19. Colorado Supreme Court “Walk of Shame.” A basic understanding of the 14th Amendment predicted this outcome. American has lost its high ground when we lecture other countries about democracy. Rachel “Madcow” predicted if Trump wins, he will appoint himself dictator for life. Does anyone actually listen to her?

    Now if Trump can only learn the philosophy of “the more u reasonable you are, the more reasonable you have to appear,”. His uncontrollable potty mouth with personal attacks on people makes me and others cringe. He can’t seem to control himself. He may be the most successful president ever, if he will listen to RFK Jr, about the corruption within, that Trump intuitively knows, but RFK understands.

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