Haley implies she’s no longer bound by promise to support eventual GOP nominee


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has evidently changed her mind. She indicated she no longer feels bound by her promise to support the eventual GOP nominee.

“No, I think I’ll make what decision I want to make, but that’s not something I’m thinking about,” she told Meet the Press‘ Kristen Welker, adding that “if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss. I don’t think like that.”

Her remarks gave fuel to speculation that she is being considered by the No Labels Party for its nominee. The No Labels Party said it will make its decision about a nominee sometime after March 15. The party will be holding a private meeting on March 8 to decide whether to move forward with a third-party candidate.

Haley told reporters on Friday that she has not spoken to anyone about a separate bid with No Labels, saying the group would require her to have a Democrat as a running mate.

“I’m a Republican,” Haley to reporters, according to NBC News. “If I ran for No Labels, that would mean it’s about me. It’s not about me. It’s about the direction I think the country should go.”

Donald Trump on Saturday won the Republican caucuses in Michigan, Idaho, and Missouri. Between the three states, Trump won with nearly 98% support: 1,575 votes for Trump and 36 for Haley.

Haley won her first primary — Washington, D.C., where 19 delegates were up for grabs.

Trump now has 244 delegates, to Haley’s 24. On Tuesday, 15 states will decide and 1,225 delegates will be decided. By March 16, 1,415 delegate pledges will have been decided. By the end of March, more than 70% of delegates will be committed.

On Tuesday, Alaska Republicans will take part in a caucus-by-ballot event called the Presidential Preference Poll, which will determine the distribution of the 29 delegates the Alaska GOP will have to the national convention in Milwaukee, Wis., July 15-18.

Haley also said on the Sunday show that the RNC is “not the same RNC, now it’s Trump’s RNC.”


    • MJohn, Every presidential nominee since George Washington has been perceived as the defacto leader of his party. Why are you trying to dramatize such a simple fact?

      • Wayne, Bob Dylan once sang, ” the times they are a’ changing”. I think M John is coming to that realization.
        The Republican and Democratic parties have distanced themselves from the will of the majority of Americans. The fiasco at our Southern Border is proof enough.

        The Republicans have Trump to contend with and the Democrats have Bobby Kennedy. Toss in Nikki as the No Label candidate and this thing could get very interesting!

        I think Trump pulls it off in the end, but this Balkanization of America isn’t going to be pretty to Govern!

        • Robert, Fact: America has been “balkanized” since before its birth. We were balkanized with England; fought two wars with her in a period of 36-years. We experience significant internal strife with westward expansion and Indians. Then, we engaged in bloody civil war, reconstruction and civil rights reform. Let’s admit the 20th century was one internal struggle after another. The depression, the 60’s counter-culture, protests of Vietnam war, Kent State, assassinations of key figures, the communist take-over of Hollywood, academia, politics, judiciary. We couldn’t be more balkanized if we tried. What cave have you been hiding in?

    • Ken, drop by the Road House: “honest” politicians check in as often as godly Jesuits! A world that is going to hell is good for business here at Lucifer’s. The motto over our fireplace is “Our business is to heat the soul!”

  1. What Biden and Trump have in common:

    1. Both are too old.
    2. Both have grown our deficit by trillions.
    3. Both were too cowardly (or feeble) to debate their primary opponents.
    4. Both were too cowardly to serve our nation in a time of war- both are draft dodgers.
    5. Neither has articulated a plan to balance the US budget.

    Haley grew the economy of her state when she was governor by pushing for lower taxes and less regulations. Haley was elected, twice. It would be great if the GOP elected the first woman president.

    • M, here we go again. You are propounding a logical fallacy. Age does not dictate infirmity but merely indicates a greater probability of it. There are many people in their 30’s too infirm or debilitated to serve as president. Conversely, there are many in their 90’s completely fit and competent to be president.

  2. Wow. She’s nuking herself in epic style. She may pass Liz Cheney for career destruction.

    Leopards never change spots. Once a political whore, always a political whore.

  3. Haley is no longer hiding her colors but we could see them years ago as weak and unflattering. Now we see she is a Karen.

  4. So, there are 29 delegates that the Alaska GOP will have for the national convention in Milwaukee, Wis., July 15-18. Why is this so important to Nikki Haley that she is not going to give up on Alaska being hers (one way or another)? What is it about Alaska that is a make-or-break deal for her?

  5. That’s still the difference between Republican Party leadership vs Democrat leadership. Despite their personal and career differences Democrats will still support each other even while one they distance themselves from one they still stay together. I Don’t know how long that cohesive characteristic will stand while Democrats have been infiltrated by America hate groups. Democrats longer have always knew what their core, principles, and vision was. Republican leadership struggled knowing what was what keeps them together and a Chair who can keep diverse groups unified under one banner moving toward a goal without losing too much compromising with the Left counterpart.

      • And, thanks for confirming that you are a leftist. All those years of pretending to be a conservative, but “You mean some Republicans have morals?” pretty well proves it. Democrat to the core, leftist through and through.

          • I doubt it.
            Perhaps you voted RINO, but I know you are a solid leftist, and your continued posts continue to prove it.
            Seriously, what do you want people to think when you post idiocy like: “You mean some Republicans have morals?”

  6. And I am bound to be against her and the bad ideas she has.
    I will do my part and not support the trash she’s spreading.

  7. Nikki thinks she’s a Republican. That’s cute. At least she recognizes that today’s RNC is leaving her and the rest of the neocons behind and becoming an America First organization under Trump.

    • Seth Myers:

      “Presumptive GOP nominee for president, again, for a third time, despite the fact he is a twice-impeached, four-time criminal indictee and racist who’s been found liable for fraud and sexual abuse. Banned from doing business in the state of New York for three years. Owes over half a billion dollars in fines. Took millions from foreign governments while he was president. Tried to extort a foreign country to interfere in an election in 2020 and encouraged another to help him win in 2016,” Mr Trump “actively undermined a nation’s response to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and let a deadly disease spiral out of control. Is about to go on trial for breaking campaign finance laws by paying hush money to cover up an affair during the 2016 campaign. Orchestrated a months-long coup attempt that culminated in a violent insurrection to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and install him as an unelected dictator. Stole classified documents and obstructed attempts to get them back. Has never once won the popular vote and has been routinely rejected by a majority of Americans in election after election”. Mr Trump “spews deranged conspiracy theories about everything from climate change to immigration, to vaccines to windmills. Glitches on three-syllable words, two-syllable words and one-syllable words, cheats at golf, can’t spell his own name, his wife’s name or the words ‘indicted’, ‘education’, ‘unprecedented’, ‘stolen’, ‘Denmark’. ‘Kentucky’ or ‘tap’,” Meyers said.

      “And is on top of everything else, the single weirdest, most off-putting human being on the face of the f****** planet,” he concluded.

  8. Haley would make a great vice presidential candidate. I hope Biden considers her before he is sent to the alzheimers institution… She has certainly proved she’s Washington D.C. Democrat Swamp material…

  9. This is the candidate who failed to complete her term as Governor of South Carolina; failed to complete her appointment as Ambassador to the UN and now she has reneged on her commitment to support the presumptive candidate for President. She is a quitter, and neocon who caves to the left and will sell out when things get tough. What makes anyone think that she won’t quit on American.

    • Nikki is a more attractive version of Queen Sarah. Down to the same “what’s in it for me” approach to…everything.

    • With RFK and Manchin, I like it.
      They might do pretty good since nobody really likes the two POTUS candidates we have.
      They would get a lot of protest votes.

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