Breaking: Supreme Court is unanimous — Trump can be on ballot in states trying to deny him


The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in a 13-page decision that single states lack the authority to deny a presidential candidate access to the ballot due to allegations he engaged in rebellion or insurrection against the U.S.

The justices said the Constitution says that such a decision “rests with Congress and not the states.” The court also cautioned that if a patchwork of states developed, where some allowed a candidate on the ballot, but others did not, it could create chaos.

“Nothing in the Constitution requires that we endure such chaos – arriving at any time or different times, up to and perhaps beyond the inauguration,” the justices ruled.

“Because the Constitution makes Congress, rather than the States, responsible for enforcing Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment against federal officeholders and candidates, the Colorado Supreme Court erred in ordering former President Trump excluded from the 2024 Presidential primary ballot,” the ruling said.

“We conclude that States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office. But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency,” the justices said.

The announcement comes one day before Super Tuesday, when 15 state and party-run primaries take place across the country.

Kelly Tshibaka, Alaska director for the Trump campaign, issued a statement: “America is a nation led by the People, not the ruling elite. Today’s decision is a victory for the Constitution and ‘We the People.’ Voters should decide who leads our country, not unelected bureaucrats or political adversaries to a candidate. This decision protects the rights of every American voter, which is why the vote was unanimous. This case is a landmark case for protecting free and fair elections.”

Although the ruling applies to Colorado, it also applies to other two other states with similar challenges to Trump’s candidacy.

The ruling itself can be read at this Supreme Court link.

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      • For the third time, since the mods seem to love you, you are a staggering dense individual.

        Trump broke you so bad you lost, if you’ve ever had, the ability to think beyond your personal butt hurt.

        The issue never has been if Trump had a chance in those states.

  1. Poor leftist power hungry democrats and RINO republicans need a time out and a safe place to cry.
    Group a pair and quit trying to force your way into everybody’s life with stupid ideas and lies.
    The right will win in the end.

  2. Wow. It looks like latest Democrat scheme to try and deny more than 50 percent of the American voters the Democratic right to vote for who they want for President was rejected by the Supreme Court. Go figure…

  3. The court did not exonerate Trump of insurrection. Trump asked for it but was denied. Trump is not going to win Colorado – even though they have constituents who think Boebert makes good choices regularly.

          • No rape was every even brought up as a charge in court in any way. Libel, which is absolutely ridiculous. If anyone should have sued for libel and slander it should have been Trump. All he did was deny the claims and she threw a hissy fit about how his denial harmed her.
            The half billion? For what? Fraud? No one claimed fraud in any way, the banks were perfectly OK with it, and want Trump as a client again. Who was harmed? Also, because both the libel and the (so-called) fraud claims were civil, not criminal, felon is not applicable.
            And, no, it does not mean innocent, but the term felon REQUIRES a conviction.
            There is an old saying about keeping your mouth shut and having people assume you are ignorant, rather than opening it and removing all doubt. Perhaps you should take that advice under consideraiton.

    • Does not matter, and if you had a shred of intelligence you would realize that.
      But, I am sure you were hoping that Trump lost at the SCOTUS, and enough states would remove him from the ballot to assure your leftist buddies would win the WH again. Too bad, Greggie, your preferred candidate from the left side of the political aisle will actually have to work for it.

      • It’s funny watching the usual suspects try to put a spin on this. Trump has broken them in so many ways.

        All the trolls who attempted to block his ballot access were both preening for MSNBC and woefully ignorant of the Constitution they allegedly are supposed to uphold and defend. This was a Hail Mary attempt to get Trump kicked off the ballot in multiple states.

        If Trump wins or loses those states is insignificant in this matter.

    • Should we take Joe Biden off the ballot in AK, Wyoming and Florida?
      He isn’t going to win those states anyway.

  4. Everyone, including the Colorado supreme Court, knew this was an absurd case but it was worth trying because there was no consequence for wasting the courts time.

    Way past time for America to do something about lawyers and judges who use their license or appointment as suit or armor while they asail the constitutional rights of others.

    This one is bad, but we will see much worse in the future if this kind of lawfare trash is allowed to continue.

  5. He hasn’t been convicted of insurrection as defined by the US Constitution either.

    “Trump himself faces 91 charges across four cases, two of which are related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. But insurrection is not among the charges, and he was ACQUITTED by the Senate after the House impeached him on charges that included inciting an insurrection.” ( 2/2/2024).

    • Interestingly, the 91 charges filed in Georgia actually only had two there were actual crimes. The rest were “elevated” to criminal status because it is a RICO case. Added bonus, of the two that were actually crimes, Trump participated in ZERO of them.

        • Got any proof of that, there Greg? Because the indictment has nothing establishing the business relationship you are alleging.
          If the GA DA cannot provide that evidence, or even mention it, what makes you think it exists?

  6. Dems cheat SO bad, even the lefties on SCOTUS notice it.
    Now if we can stop their “mail in” tactics, we might get our country back.

  7. This problem is not even about Trump. Obviously, red states could retaliate by removing Biden from their ballots. The retaliation would ramp up and promulgate civil unrest. It could lead to violence. The current nonsense in our culture whereby leftists are utilizing the apparatus of government to attack their political opponents is very negative and un-American. It must be checked immediately. Those perpetrating these actions must be remembered for their seditious behavior.

  8. Sad that this had to go to the Supreme Court but the 9-0 decision should put a rest to this election interference by the Democrats.

    • It didn’t several other states, and a bunch of cities are still trying to ban him.
      Oh, and some Congresscritters are trying to draft legislation that will ban him from the ballot as well, but that is not likely to make it to a floor vote.

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