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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Trump tweets his full support for Gov. Dunleavy

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President Donald Trump, who communicates directly with Americans one tweet at a time, was all-in for Gov. Michael Dunleavy this morning in a tweet, shown above.

MRAK has learned that the governor had a long meeting with the president this week, making it the fifth time the governor has spent time in private meetings with Trump since Dunleavy took office 11 months ago.

Trump, from the beginning of his presidency, has used Twitter as a method to conduct business, foreign policy, and to keep his base motivated.

Check back for updates on this story. MRAK is digging for details.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Positive, uplifting and true. The exact opposite of the Democrat’s Creed:
    Negative, down-pulling and false (as in …. LIES).

    • Ahem. Trump= 13000 lies since he took the oath of office.
      Dunleavy= I don’t know for sure, but he sure as heck lied about giving us a”full” PFD, no cuts to the ferry system. no cuts to UA, no cuts to EL-Hi, etc. etc.
      I’m goin’ with, “He’s a bald faced liar, too.”
      Sometimes you just have to realize that the fantasy world in which you live is not necessarily a good thing.

      • You back troll? Thought you left.

      • Spoken as a true, helpless, broken, government dependent drone. Feed stall is around the corner with the rest of the complainers. Use your food stamps.

  • I can hear the cheering from those in The Valley, Anchor Point and North Kenai all the way to Homer! But, I heard the cheering from East End Road first…

  • Two characters clutching at each other for support in their deteriorating positions.

    • Hear, hear!

    • Nothing is deteriorating. At the end of the day Trump is still going to be in office and Dunleavy won’t be recalled. So dream on.

      • At the end of the day, perhaps. However by the time Little Adam Schiff gets through with him, I wouldn’t be so sure. And the only way Dunleavy is not recalled is if he accepts a job with Trump. Heheh!

  • They want a “Purple Revolt” (Color Revolution) in Alaska, Suzanne (and ALL over the US). Thank you for your tireless and excellent work!

  • It’s a good thing that President Trump likes Governor Dunleavy because Murkowski is doing Alaska no favors with the President and would not surprise me if the Administration does not support anything she supports.

    • What does Murkowski support? Answer: Unfettered baby killing.

      • Positive, uplifting and true. The exact opposite of the Democrat’s Creed:
        Negative, down-pulling and false (as in …. LIES).

      • Incorrect.

        This question and the “answer” are self-evidently overwrought.

  • Not surprising that Trump is giving props to Mike. George Soros and his dark money minions are using the exact same blueprint on him in Washington as they are on Dunleavy here in Alaska.

    The goal is to overturn the election and the will of the people in both Alaska and D.C. by any means necessary.

    The GOP needs to wake up and realize we are at war. It is long past time for niceties.

    • 100% Correct.

      • Any holdover Democrats from the Walker clan are going to be a continual thorn in Dunleavy’s side. Get rid of every last one of them, Mike. Scott Kendall, Bill Walker’s little mouse, is the prime mover for your recall. Trump is also dealing with Obama era holdovers. Thus, the whistleblower, and a new round of witch hunts. Take them all out!

        • Right you are, Gypsy. The US House took a quick vote along straight party lines to further investigate Trump ……..again,…….then, they adjourned for two weeks. You can see right through these feckless Democrats. The exact reason Trump will get reelected and Dunleavy will stay as governor.

  • This is not a “war.”
    It’s part of a not very civil discussion about civics.

    • You’re crazy if you don’t think we are at war. You may be one of the first victims if this doesn’t stop. Do you have a means to defend yourself, or are you all show and no go like most snowflakes?

      • Hardly a veiled threat, GF. You should get some help dude.

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