Murkowski clarifies stance on impeachment, while AK liberals pull out playbook



Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Monday clarified her stance on why she didn’t sign a resolution condemning the House impeachment proceedings, when 51 other Republican senators did sign it:

“From the get go, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have handled this impeachment inquiry poorly, from closed-door hearings and leaked information to the outright abandonment of decades of established precedent on due process for the accused. A serious lack of transparency will hardly build public trust or credibility for the House’s actions. As awful as their process is, the formal impeachment inquiry lies in the House, and it’s not the Senate’s role to dictate to the House how to determine their own rules.” – Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Meanwhile, the impeachment inquiry of the president is hitting the grassroots circle of Democrat women activists. One Juneau operative has sent an open letter to her women friends across Alaska, asking them to grow a grassroots force to pressure Murkowski into voting to remove President Trump, if the impeachment matter is sent to the Senate for a trial.

Kate Troll, former assemblywoman in Juneau, said in her letter that she is seeking to enlist the help of 100 prominent Alaskan women “to sign on to a open letter to Senator Murkowski.”

It’s the same tactic that Democrat women used on Murkowski during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It was a strategy that worked, for in the end Murkowski simply voted “present” rather than for or against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“To meet this challenge, I’ve drafted a simple letter that 1) asks Senator Murkowski to be a truth bearer during the impeachment proceedings and 2) let’s her know that we believe in her integrity and will have her back,” Troll wrote.

“I envision sending this as an open-letter to ADN and the Washington Post under the name of one or two of the most influential women that sign i.e. similar to the lawyer’s letter with a prominent R and prominent D. I also see this as a potential newspaper ad with all the signatories to the letter included.  And of course, it would be sent to Senator Murkowski with all the signers identified,” her letter continued.

“I think the power of our message comes not from we say but from all who sign. Also I’m not attached to the number of 100. The more the better. I just want to get the ball rolling so that by the time the pressure mounts we Alaskan women would be ready to weigh in a supportive way.  

“I also know that my circle of contacts is not as large as many of you, so please send this on to other Alaskan women that fit the bill – served in public office or in a greater public capacity (i.e. head of an agency, organization, public advocate). If you don’t feel comfortable signing the letter because of your current position, please pass along to other appropriate women. I

Troll then asked her friends to reach out to Republican women “like Gail Phillips,” (former House Speaker, and a Republican.) And she asked for help reaching Alaska Federation of Natives Executive Director Julie Kitka, a Democrat.

“As you all know these are critical times for our constitutional democracy and Senator Murkowski will likely be in the thick of it. I hope you will consider signing on to the attached letter or one similar,” Troll argued in her letter.


      • Bill Yankee. If there was an impeachment, Sen Murkowski would serve on the ‘jury.’ So lobbying her to do anything with regard to an impeachment should be considered tampering with the jury.

        • If wishes were horses AKBOSCO, then beggars would ride. Should Murkowski need that argument she is free to use it-several other Senators have used that.
          You want to hold your breath waiting for these folks to be indicted for “tampering with the jury?”

          • So now you agree that she would be on the jury and they would be tampering with it. You just don’t think anyone will be indicted for it, a claim I didn’t make.

    • Good point. I was just swept away by the boundless arrogance of that Juneau troll … as much of a self-aggrandized twit as Lisa.

    • Pray tell, do you know the difference between the indicative and the subjunctive?
      I thought not.
      Then why do you suppose to know anything about jury tampering?

  1. Since when were Democrats 1) truth bearers and, 2) having the back of a Republican? Only a complete idiot who lives in isolation from the truth, logic, and the facts, would believe those promises. But wait……..we are dealing with Lisa Murkowski……the biggest idiot senator in DC, and the dumbest woman in Alaska politics. Her old man, Frank, didn’t exactly invent the light bulb either. Those lights never got turned on. Lisa doesn’t even have a bulb.

    • 1. This is a constitutional Republic
      2. There first has to be PROOF of wrongdoing for an impeachment to proceed
      3. The minority liberal presence in Alaska should not be allowed to sway the voice of the person hired to speak for ALL of Alaska.
      4. I believe that any senator or Congress person who has been accused or charged or is under investigation for any reason shouldn’t be allowed to vote against the president….. Oh wait, that’s literally all of them.

  2. Wow, we usually hang people after they have been found guilty after a trial. This political nobody in Juneau just wants to hang the person and have a trial later.

    Very sad.

  3. Forget about the court of law. If the House impeaches, then the Senate takes a vote based on the evidence presented. The Troll and her gang is trying to directly influence one of the jurors (Murkowski). But Murkowski wouldn’t know the difference between jury tampering and political blackmail. That’s how dumb she is. Thanks loads, Frank Murkowski. Lisa is the poster child for condom use.

    • And here I’ve been thinking, could it be the problem is that she’s merely dim? hmmm. Or perhaps, like Biden, she’s both dim and venal.

      Well, however it is, I hate like hell that she purports to represent Alaskans. I’m totally fed up, and will work hard for any conservative who opposes her in this next election. Hurry up and arrive, 2022.

  4. I’m confused. Why does Troll have to troll Murkowski in the first place? Why does she believe that she has to cajole the senator into voting against the interests of Republican voters and on behalf of Donald Trump? Isn’t it pretty much already a done deal that she’ll vote to have Trump removed from office?

    Look at her track record. She despises anything…and I mean “anything”…that this administration does and even when its for the benefit of her own state, she begrudgingly accepts said benefits while holding her nose and never issuing a single word of thanks or appreciation.

    I think if Troll really wants to make a splash, she should be trolling Sullivan rather than Murkowski. Lisa is a slam dunk for this faux-impeachment proceedings PR stunt by Troll. Turn your attention to someone else who actually may not uphold this farce cooked up by the Democrats.

  5. Lisa operates like an insecure high school girl wanting to be popular and seeking acceptance from the cool kids. She is the “repeal the 17th amendment” poster child! A slave to Washington DC social circles cannot have Alaska’s best intetests at heart.

  6. It worked in the Kavanagh confirmation. It will work in the Trump impeachment. In important votes, she is a Leftist.

    • Hey, wait a minute. I resent her being called a Leftist. We Leftists don’t pander. We know the Truth and we speak to it.

      • Just kidding.
        ‘Course, Kavanagh has no business being on the Court. Just like Trump has no business being in the White House. Or Sullivan in the Senate.
        Some day you guys will realize that this is serious business, and you don’t want clowns running the show.
        But, by then it might be too late.

  7. So Ms. Troll already has seen the evidence and is convinced that the President has done something to warrant impeachment and conviction? No partisan interest there. No, I am sure she is just a loyal US citizen who wants to know the truth of the matter. In a pig’s eye.

  8. Senator Murkowski read all the negative comments published here and in other outlets and finally realized she crossed the line and that her liberal tendencies were going to cost her come next election. So she is simply doing damage control. Too late! Problem is that she has displayed that she is a RINO too many times and voters will probably not forget her vote to keep Obama care, her votes in the Kavanaugh hearings, as well as her recent vote re the House impeachment process.
    She has lost an enormous amount of support and may open the door for a Dem to step through: Shame on Lisa!

    • I disagree. She’ll get reelected I think.
      We all know the only votes Lisa cares about is from the Indigenous Alaskans, ( I don’t say native because that is improper use. I am a native American. I was born in the US. My kids are native Alaskans. They were born here). And they have the majority of the power now, what with all the 8-A contracts and so much else. Favoritism.
      Whether rural or, as most are, urban indigenous Alaskans, that’s her vote. That’s how she won her write-in vote – after her lie/promise to support the Republican winner of the primary in 2010, including all the hoorah about spelling her name on the ballot – and after her daddy-o – unbelievably – nominated his kid.
      I really didn’t think he would be that arrogant. And now…this.

      Can’t we all just be, uh, Frank here?

  9. We’re a constitutional republic not a constitutional democracy. Leave it to a Democrat to get it wrong.

  10. Lisa responds to her e-mail. I expect she has been receiving some less than pleasant messages on this.

    Her problem is that she demonstrated with Kavanaugh that she could be rolled by the left, feminists, greens and fellow travelers. As such, they will never leave her along. Serves her right. Cheers –

    • Similarly, as was shown in the Kavanaugh matter, once someone like Senator Lisa indicates that they can be swayed by appeals to identity politics, it becomes extremely difficult to sway from that path. The Troll from Juneau is simply demonstrating that if it worked before, it will work again.

    • All right Lisa all the time and yes she does answer me. It’s never what I want to hear Calling baby killing women’s health issues etc. I once told her she was screwing up badly and I got two or three letters after that but she’s shown her true colors.

  11. Trump and his criminal enterprise are going down, get over it. Time is up. Amazing the amount of Kool-Aid drinkers believing his BS.

    • What is amazing is the Democrats are loyal to ISIS, defending a terrorist, simply because they don’t like Trump. Then, they berate Trump for not serving, but it’s ok that Obama didn’t. Those people hate so bad, that they can’t celebrate this one thing. Hint people..he wasn’t a religious leaders..He tortured people, raped women and has killed thousands… Don’t defend him ..

    • Besides being stupid, she is also lazy. She never had to work like the rest of us, Greg. Born into luxury……a royal Murkowski.

      • The “Born into luxury…” bit I get. Not the rest of it. She’s way smarter than her father. He had the wits of a RINOcerous.

  12. Its a mute point, Alaska’s democratic senator @lisamurkowski will attempt to “screw” our Great POTUS as she has done nothing but obstruct and vote with dems for the last three years. She is an embarrassment.

      • Lincoln and Washington should never be used in the same description. Lincoln didn’t care one way or the other about slavery his main concern was what it was doing to the country. On the other hand Washington would have been made King if he had allowed it. The only person ever to get 100% of the vote.

  13. Well Kate,
    I have much reservation with your second point:
    “Let’s her know that we believe in her integrity and will have her back,” Troll wrote.”
    I mean, honestly, “integrity,” after Murkowski jumped on the “pro war” bandwagon with Sullivan and condemned Trump’s decision to pull American GI’s out of Syria?
    Yet so called “liberals” still stand behind her?
    I remember a time in America when artists and liberals were all against war?
    The reality is that Dems and Republicans are locked “arm in arm” in congressional support for America’s forever wars in the Middle East.
    We all know that the Senate does not have the necessary votes to impeach Donald Trump, so why can’t Murkowski just say the obvious and move on?
    Instead each side will chastise one another to feed the media’s insatiable appetite for vague talking points with no viable outcome for society.

    • Steve, just my opinion here but I believe the major reasoning about the pulling out of Syria was over the abandoning of our Kurdish allies (rather than being “pro war”). And we don’t have such a good track record of standing behind our allies. Again, just my opinion.

  14. She is trying to save face with Alaskans. But wait, she has the Bush votes all locked, up as they are brain washed. She is the biggest mistake we Alaskans have made. I will not be voting for her and will campaign to get her out of Washington.

    • Actually, to the extent she is trying to “save face,” it is with the large slice of reactionary voters in Alaska that adore the president.
      This entire issue is needless drama that detracts from the genuine needs of the republic.
      Oh well ……….

      • I’m kinda with you on this…
        Except for the “Oh well…..” part.
        The times, they may be a changin’.

  15. When will Alaskans vote Lisa the nincompoop out? I will always remember Diane Feinstein having Lisa backed up against a wall during the Kavanaugh hearings, you could see the fear in Lisa’s deer-in-the-headlights eyes; intimidated by an 80+ year old! Lisa has no spine, get rid of her please!

      • Better Joe, who was an Iraqi war vet, military officer, West Point grad, lawyer, judge, father of six, etc. Lisa barely got out of law school and her daddy rescued her by giving her a job. Geldhof sounds like a very jealous man. Joe Miller is self-made and accomplished. Go eat some Wheaties, Geldhof.

        • Joe Miller has spent most of his adult life on the public payroll. The guy served as was required for attending the USMA. After that, his public activities have reflected personal self-interest. He’s all yours King of Uganda. You can have him.

        • Joe Miller kicked Lisa’s a$$ in the Republican primary, just like Sarah Palin kicked daddy Frank’s a$$ in the Republican primary. But for the Bush Natives learning to spell L I S A on a piece of paper, daddy Frank would have purchased a used Learjet for his little princess. The Skis are really a dumb tribe and need to be sent down the slope without Poles.

          • Reading down, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one afraid to say it. Scroll up please. I think I went a bit further…

  16. Perhaps a silly question, why are the voices of 100 prominent Alaskan women more important than any random 100 conservatives? Oh I know, let’s hear from 100 prominent Alaskan men.

    Sexist? Thought so.

  17. Thanks to the slobbering sheep of RINOs, unions, native corps, education (indoctrination) systems, and leftists, Alaska is poised to join the ranks of California, Oregon, and Washington as failed socialist states. As with Trump and America, time is very short to save a once great state. I fear it is already too late.

    • Reading this, and thinking it reflects common opinion, I fear you might be right that it might be too late.
      Except for, maybe, CA, WA, OR, and other states who have chosen to take matters into their own hands.
      But I must admit, under Dunleavy, we are headed for third world status and the poverty and dysfunction therein.
      Good luck, and good night.

  18. The same group of women in the Department of Law that was given grant money by Murkowski’s office to travel to DC for Kavanaugh hearing to help “boo” with the Democrats and aid the liar that came in from California. They are her buddies and some she may have worked with for a short time.

  19. I’m getting really tired of Lisa not representing the majority of Alaskans on issues. She needs to go.

  20. RINO is a dirty word, Lisa needs to go.

    How anyone can get sucked into another DEMY Fraud, but she knows not where to go. I’m so confused I don’t know where I hung my blue shade hat, but that’s okay, I’ll just follow my RINO bud Collins, cause she knows where its at. Sometimes I can, I can think it through, I can ‘turn on’ my red-state blues, despite the prominent letter R, you know I’m doing it all for you… and, you will love my spiny Alaska Porcupine stew. Yes it’s true you can’t impeach her and sadly you can’t teach her… that RINO is a dirty word and yes she needs to go. Sadly voting her out is so far away and more turn-coatery will transpire, and when it happens don’t be afraid to say, liar pants on fire.

    RINO is a dirty word, Lisa needs to go.

    • Take a deep breath, Neil. Maybe sometime in the future, maybe the far off future, you’ll awake from your dream and realize that no one really knows “where it’s at.”
      Until then, take another deep breath, but this time through your mouth, not your nose.
      Then, check your pants.

      • You aren’t from Alaska, are you…. you answer every conservative response just like a good Soros bought bot. People need to recognize the algorithms.

  21. Since you troll and lurk on this conservative site, I can only come to the conclusion that you like to get beat up so here it goes…. First of all are you like 10 years old or something? You don’t seem to have a clue about what the real world is like. You must be a very sad lonely person to keep spitting this venom of yours. Let’s talk about a balanced budget in Alaska. I’m guessing you run your house wait in the red probably have three or four bankruptcies in your past because you’re not fiscally responsible. You’re probably paying about 29% on your credit card debt. I wonder if you get food stamps probably so. Do you go to these churches and raid their food banks, probably. Yeah you don’t have a clue about what’s right and what’s wrong all you like to do is come on here and complain because your side is losing.

  22. When one looks at her performance (more precisely, lack there of!!!), it’s hard to think that she’ll ‘become’ a Team Player and support our Republican President. She’s shown her true colors and character many times over, it’s quite predictable how she would vote if impeachment proceedings were to make it to the Senate.

    • True, but …. she has turned on one aspect of the Native population. She is pro-Pebble. She threw Bristol Bay Natives under the bus. You can never figure her out. She is a loose cannon.

    • Control immigration. State’s rights with respect to guns. Maintain and build critical infrastructure. That’s what I want. I don’t know what all y’all who are in the bag for Trump, Murkowski or any Dem/Repub. are going on about. All of them are self-interested. As far as I’m concerned any channel like this is an arm of (perhaps unwittingly) the extraction industry, big labor, or foreign actors.

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