Trump sentencing postponed to September


The sentencing of former President Donald Trump was originally set for July 11 but is now delayed to Sept. 18. This gives Trump time to present the argument that his felony conviction should be vacated, since the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that he had broad immunity from prosecution for duties related to his office.

New York District Court Justice Juan Merchan wrote a letter to Trump’s attorneys agreeing to the delay in People v. Trump, a case in which a Manhattan jury found him guilty of all 34 counts of falsification of business records in the first degree, a felony in New York State that was expressly developed by the Legislature to be used retroactively against Trump.

The charges related to a payment to Stormy Daniels in October of 2016, just before he was elected president and before he would have had any presidential immunity. But at least some of the record-keeping took place while he was in office and because prosecutors introduced other evidence about Trump’s presidential conduct as evidence, the question now is whether that evidence tainted the outcome.

The original sentencing date was to take place four days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. which is July 15-18. Trump is expected to win the nomination of the party; he has already won primaries in most states and is the presumptive nominee, with more than the 1,215 delegates needed to win the nomination at the convention.

The sentencing is now set to take place seven weeks before Election Day, which is Nov. 5.


      • Caleb, I disagree. This delay is because the Democrats have been playing with fire and got burnt badly after their little trial and the resulting
        34 count conviction. They need time to figure out their next move.

        I wish they would jail Trump! It would result in a tsunami of public backlash!

    • Keep telling yourself that. The convictions and sending him to jail will secure his re election. You RINOs are too funny shopping at the socialists kool-aid bowl.

  1. SCOTUS has ruled President Biden has immunity to defend Democracy which would include any threats from Donald Trump

  2. Wait, do you smell that??? it smells like toast is burning. That is trump’s hiney on the fire because he is toast. I expect in a few days. Biden will announce that he is not going to run and they are gonna trot somebody out in his place. The independent voters who will decide who is the next President Don’t want to vote for trump, but it’s hard not to after biden’s performance in the debate. Now, if they bring in someone else that gives all of us an option that we need, we don’t want to vote for Biden. And we won’t, and we don’t want to vote for Trump. And we won’t, so this person that they’re going to trot out is a shoe in. This could be the miracle we’ve all been waiting for.

    • Oh, look. Greg still abhors Donald Trump.
      And, water is wet.
      The sun rises to the east.
      Bacon remains delicious.
      Wasting bandwidth again, Greg?

    • Exactly who is this wonderful candidate that you uniparty folk and the socialists will overwhelmingly vote for? Your just upset because deep down inside you know……
      TRUMP is gonna be your President

    • And, I know. You cannot wait to see who the dems nominate instead of Biden. Do you really think Hillary or Michelle will be a better choice? I’d rather have the empty suit that Biden represents than any of the anti-freedom potential nominees.
      This election is not between two men. It is a battle between the globalists, Davos/WEF, COP, and the rest of their ilk, and the United States remaining a sovereign nation. Tell me, Greg. Is there a single action that the 0bama, or Biden administrations took that did not directly support the goals of the WEF? I will bet you good money you cannot name a single thing.
      And, you will allow your personal dislike for an individual to assist in the active destruction of the United States of America. No matter how bad Trump could be, it is nothing compared to what the WEF mob of parasites will do.

    • Here’s a better miracle:

      A ton of us will vote for the felon and he’ll get elected. Once elected he’ll pardon himself of any residue from his court time and we’ll all be on the road to repairing what the hair sniffing dementia patient has botched.

    • Smelling burning toast when there is no toast burning is a sign of having a stroke, as well as a few other medical issues.

    • They can’t replace Biden. It is ILLEGAL to transfer his war chest and confirmed delegates to another person. The only person they could put in his place is Kamala and we all know that’s not going to happen. What will happen is that they’re going to dump Kamala for a new VP and thats who they’ll shine the light on. The Democrats will be voting for the new VP and if they win, the day after the inauguration Biden will step aside. This, of course is after he pardons Hunter.

  3. Moving it closer to election, trying to spin up media noise. Either way the cars out of the bag, Biden is awful.

    • Yeah. He can’t continue. If the roles were reversed, Trump wouldn’t quit either. The left can’t take a chance in a loss. Even Brandon is expendable. They have to cut off the head to protect the body.

  4. Before people jump off bridges together…

    All SCOTUS actually said is any President has immunity for Constitutional actions he takes while being POTUS. They were very, very specific on this point.

    That’s it. Anything else has to be figured out by the courts.

    The reason the sentencing was delayed was to allow Trumps legal team to examine both the case and the conviction in light of this new ruling.

    90% of what you’re reading and hearing in 100 BS spin.

    Breathe, people.


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