Trump conviction reactions from Alaskans: Republicans call it a travesty, Democrats silent


Alaska’s political leaders and pundits weighed in on the 34-felony conviction of President Donald Trump in a Manhattan court on Thursday. Here are some of the formal statements issued Thursday:

Gov. Mike Dunleavy: This is a terrible day for the United States of America. The majority of people following these cases believe they are politically motivated to harm President Trump’s chances at winning in November. We need to have faith in the higher courts that they will overturn this decision — allowing the people of this great country to decide who the next president is in November and not the courts. We hope and pray the higher courts do the right thing and that government of the people, by the people for the people endures. My thoughts and prayers go out to President Trump and his family, and like millions of my fellow Americans, we hope this issue is resolved quickly.

Sen. Dan Sullivan: This is a very sad day for America and the rule of law. The conviction of a former President—the leading candidate for the White House—just months before the election sets a dangerous precedent and pushes our great nation even further into banana republic territory. This case, brought by a far-left, partisan local prosecutor who campaigned on getting Trump, exemplifies the old Soviet adage: Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime. President Trump should be exonerated on appeal. The 2024 presidential election should be decided at the ballot box, not by this unprecedented political prosecution. I trust that the American people will see through this gross abuse of our justice system.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: No comment.

On Friday at 12:30 p.m., Lisa Murkowski commented: Yesterday, a New York jury found former president Trump guilty of falsifying business records. This is the first step in the legal process. The former president has the right to appeal and I fully expect him to exercise that right. It is a shame that this election has focused on personalities and legal problems rather than a debate about policies that would lift up Americans. These distractions have given the Biden campaign a free pass as the focus has shifted from Biden’s indefensible record and the damage his policies have done to Alaska and our nation’s economy, to Trump’s legal drama. A Republican nominee without this baggage would have a clear path to victory.

Rep. Mary Peltola: No comment.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich: Today’s verdict in New York is a travesty. The American people see clearly that lawfare, venue shopping, and a biased judge have delivered a miscarriage of justice. Trump will be victorious in November, and we will begin repairing from Joe Biden’s disastrous 4 years in office.

Congressional candidate Nancy Dahlstrom: The Democrats have weaponized our justice system and think they can use it to target their political opponents. Americans have watched this scam trial for weeks and saw it for exactly what it is: a joke. One person completely silent? Mary Peltola. Alaska deserves a representative who calls it like it is and speaks out against blatant attacks on justice. Alaskans stand with President Trump and we will show our support at the ballot box this November.

Alaska Republican Party: No President in the history of our country has ever been persecuted like President Donald J. Trump. The weaponization of the justice system against President Trump, as evidenced in this travesty of a verdict, is an outrage and a disgrace to us all. It is also a stark example of where the leftists in our country, with Joe Biden at the helm, have taken our great nation. President Trump will be victorious in November. We look forward to taking back the White House and getting to work on righting the wrongs the Biden Administration has wrought on our country and our great state. The Alaska Republican Party stands with President Donald J. Trump. Stand with us. ~ Carmela J. Warfield Chairman, Alaska Republican Party, Craig Campbell Cynthia Henry, National Committeeman National Committeewoman.

Alaska Democratic Party: No comment.


  1. Anyone that isn’t a mouth breather could see this trial for what it was. That goes for all the other pending trials as well.

    This case was brought by a DA who refuses to even bring charges against violent offenders. Probably because he was installed by George Soros, like many of the current DA’s around the country. There seems to be a theme of Soro’s funded DA’s brining charges against a certain someone.

    Probably just a coincidence…….

      • Soros is funding corrupt District Attorney’s and Marxist Non-profit Organizations that are fighting to end our liberties as Americans. Of that, there is no dispute.

            • I cannot speak for Jim, but yes, I am afraid for the future of this country.
              What can you do to help? How about stop celebrating this perversion of the justice system because you have a personal dislike for the man. People like you are moving this country toward an abyss.
              At the absolute worst, the “crime” that Trump was convicted on is a paperwork issue. But, here you are, doing a victory dance, and ridiculing anyone who sees this for what it is, a political hit job.
              Want to help? Shut up, enjoy your victory in peace without providing encouragement to the people who want to do this to every one of their political opponents.
              Somehow, I doubt you really want to help. Or a capable of doing so.

              • Lol. I’m just giddy that the rule of law works even for millionaires. It give me and others like me, over 50 percent of the population, hope. I’m not liking that America has been I
                embarrassed by this bully. I feel Trump should be pardoned by Biden. It serves no purpose for him to be incarcerated or under house arrest. America will survive.

                • And, when the “rule of law” is brought against someone you like and support, realize that your giddiness is empowering the people who will do it.
                  And, I knew you would not be able to stop gloating. The leftists thank you for your service.

                    • And?
                      What does that have to do with anything at all in any way?
                      I am not communicating with Trump. My statements were not directed at Trump. They were directed at you.
                      If you want to see the globalists win, keep up your gloating.

      • Michael Dunleavy, remember, it was President Donald Trump who shut down your foreign owned pebble mine, not Biden.

        • It was the Army Corps of Engineers that rejected a Pebble permit. 3rd Gen AK, you are clueless if you think that the USACE was marching to the beat of Trump’s drum.

            • Let me see if I have this right.
              The USACE followed the governing statutes, their regulations, and agency policy, and denied the permit. And, somehow, that is Trump’s fault?
              I guess the President, telling an agency to follow the rules is a problem?

              • Shutting down the proposed foreign owned mine was not a fault, it was smart, patriotic, Godly decision that saved the worlds largest red salmon run from toxic acid generated sulfides, ionization and other contaminates that from rolling down hill to Lake Iliamna every rain fall and every spring break up just like what happened to Mt. Polley mine in Canada, Montana and most open pit mines in wet areas, that’s all.
                All government agencies directors are chosen by the presiding president including USACE.
                Good on Trump and I want him to be our next president 😉

    • Your post conflicts with Bragg’s FAQ’s.

    • Seems like you could do better job repeating the MAGA line. If you look a NYC crime statistics, violent crime is down.

      • Manhattan DA Bragg’s office downgrades approx. 63% of felony charges to misdemeanors. Not my opinion, fact.
        Like I said, easy to claim crime is dropping when you refuse to charge the criminals.

  2. Have faith, do nothing, trust our broken elections…..ever wonder why these people in this article were put in office?

    • They weren’t a jury of his peers, they were Democrat plants that hate the man. Thankfully this will get overturned on appeal as it should.

    • A corrupt judge prevented a jury of his peers. A change of venue was valid. There were so many things this ‘judge’ did that will get this case overturned. But it wasn’t about justice, was it? No, it was election interference by those who were claiming Trump committed election interference. Typical of them to accuse others of that which they, themselves, were perpetrating.

    • A ‘morally bankrupt’ judge, a DA owned by George Soros, a trial in New York and a jury of definitely not peers who are likely scared to death of the leftist machine hence no way they would decide against it. Add in the ‘trump’ed up charges. We all should be very concerned, including you. Alas you seem to suffer from chronic TDS and msm cult brainwashing, so might not recognize a house on fire until there is no escape.

        • Hans, I will simple answer with these quotes:

          Former FBI director James Comey:
          “No reasonable prosecutor would ever bring charges….”
          Hillary walked free.

          Robert Hur special prosecutor absolving President Biden of liability in his document mishandling case because of diminished cognitive abilities describing him as:
          “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

          John Brennan, former CIA director and 50 others:
          “The Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation”

          Joe Biden at the time Obama’s VP
          “I told them they won’t get the money unless they fire that prosecutor and son-of-a-gun they did”
          Joe Biden leveraging US taxpayer funds to remove the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Burisma.

          Equal Justice????

      • Or just move it across the bridge to Staten Island where the cops & firemen live.
        Staten Island went 60% for DJT

  3. The “rule of law” is being applied and Trump and his cronies are all rallying against the justice. He was indicted by a grand jury, convicted by a jury of 12 that he and his lawyers agreed to. Let’s start referring to him by the correct title Convicted Felon Donald Trump.

      • Then explain it to us, because it sure seems like he got his day(s) in court for him and his lawyers to rebut the prosecution. He was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and was found guilty by a jury him and his lawyers accepted. His lawyers just sucked or the prosecution had a winning argument for conviction.

        BTW, your condescending tone in your comments does nothing to to help your argument.

        President Trump was convicted on 34 felonies. That is a fact as of approx. 430 pm AK time on 5/30/24.

        As Alaskans for Freedom put it, he got every opportunity to rebut the prosecution and failed to do so effectively.

        • Ignoring the statute of limitations and prosecuting anyway, not laying out the crime in time for defense to manage a defense (due process violation), gagging just one party and not both parties, the judge not recusing himself when he’s clearly heavily involved w/making $ for the Democratic party, including on this case, not allowing an election expert to testify while charging defendant w/election interference, condoning irrelevant testimony that should have been stricken in order to make defendant look bad, using a convicted liar as a star witness? The defense had to go first in closing arguments, which didn’t allow for rebuttal of the prosecution’s closing regarding election interference, 53 pages of jury instructions that the jury wasn’t allowed to take into the deliberation room and that instructed them that they didn’t even need to be unanimous in voting guilty for any and all charges.

          That’s not justice. That’s a set-up.

        • It might surprise you to find I don’t care about your opinion regarding how I approach petulant trolls. Or it might not. Regardless, I don’t care. You might ask yourself why I treat a petulant child as such.

          I’ll give you 1/2 a bone since I have no idea if you are a classic low info person or a drive by troll. But only 1/2 since I’m certain you will reject what I try to tell you.

          Summary: I’m doing this to prove a broader point. Your acceptance is immaterial.

          Anyone not a left wing zealot or TDS patient can see the hypocrisy of this farce.

          1-the judge, a Grandpa Bloodstains donor made enough errors he should be disbarred.
          Among them: failure to give written instructions to the jury. His decision to not require a
          Unanimous Decision to convict. Failure to sequester. Denial of defense experts for no legal reason. Constantly arguing with the defense. Failure to actually charge Trump with something specific so he could adequately defend himself.

          I could easily go on, but odds are your fingers are metaphorically in your ears to not hear facts inconvenient to you.

          2-Trump was tried in the bluest of blue states, in the bluest of blue districts. A fair and impartial jury was impossible.

          3-the clearly political nature of creating a crime no one else saw. Democrats prior to Bragg looked and saw nothing. But he and James were determined to have trumps scalp.

          4-prosecuting Trump for an alleged paperwork crime in a city that lets violent offenders walk.

          Ray Charles could see all the flaws in this mess. But you…?

        • Really?
          He had every opportunity to rebut the prosecution?
          Well, he might have, had the judge not slammed the door on the Trump defense team every time they tried to rebut the prosecution. Every objection, no matter how petty and ridiculous it was, from the prosecution was sustained. Yet, almost none of the objections from the defense were sustained, even the ones that had solid merit.
          Motions from the defense were denied outright. The defense wanted to call a witness that would rebut the prosecution’s claim of election interference, but the judge would not allow it.
          When you are denied a venue, and silenced, you are not “provided every opportunity.”

    • Tell everyone on MRAK that you never read anything other than the headlines, without actually saying so. Oh… too late. You just did.
      BTW, his lawyers did not agree on the jurors. The defense was allowed only 10 refusals, after that, any juror the prosecution wanted was empaneled. That is a ridiculously low number of refusals. I have been in the jury pool for absolute nobodies where the defense was allowed dozens of refusals.

      • The prosecution was allowed only 10 refusals as well. DJT and his attorneys agreed to those terms. I understand your hero is now a convicted felon based on evidence and that bothers you. Convicted felon Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee most likely, and Alaska will vote for a convicted felon if no other reason than the R comes after his name on the ballot. May he soon disappear into oblivion as he promised at the NC Rally on Sept. 19th 2020. “If I lose to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I will never speak to you again, you’ll never see me again.” Just like most of his claims that was determined to be a lie.

        • Yet, I have been in the jury pool for criminal trials where there were dozens of refusals allowed. You seem to think that somehow a trial, with a defendant of this well known status should have less possible refusals? Curious.

            • Do I have to be on the jury pool to know it is extremely unusual when the defendant is as well known as a former President to only allow 10 refusals?
              And, NEWS FLASH!
              I am a former NYer. Grew up on Long Island about 16 miles from the Queens/Nassau border. And that is where I enjoyed being in the jury pool.

    • Rule of law says the jury has to be unanimous on all counts. The judge literally told them to pick and choose which ones they think he might be guilty of, even they don’t all agree.

    • Alaskan, simple question for you:
      These are all old issues that go back years and years and years, some of them had statutes of limitation expire. So question is why NOW? If all of these are SO egregious, why not have them ready and bring these charges the day he left office?
      Do you honestly believe that these and all the other charges would have been filed, if Donald Trump had decided to count his billions, play golf and leave politics behind to “spend more time with his family”?
      Equality under the law is a bedrock of our society and the adjudication equally across the board is the means to do so. Yet we have prosecutors in this country, who make their own laws by randomly prosecuting some and letting others skate. That subverts the law and renders any law passed by the legislatures or Congress mute.

  4. Trump assuredly will win Alaska, so that must be kind of boring for fans.
    Don’t forget to get out there though and vote for preserving the most innovative mechanism for sending politicians packing, since they are so resistant to term limits, that is RANKED CHOICE VOTING. Power to the people!

  5. Republicans have no right to complain. Many of us were warning of this in the 1990s. I personally interviewed Mark Koernke in 1993 and read through all the material he sent me. He has been proven to be 100% correct. Everything he, Linda Thompson, Norman Olson and many others were talking about have been proven right.
    People HAVE to stop voting for RINOs. The default vote on all judges MUST be “NO” on retention. WHY cant people figure this out? I understand that only 20% of the population have basic critical thinking skills. This is the same 20% who in 1992 voted for Perot (or would have had they been alive or able).
    People need to get it through their heads that Democrats have been out to destroy the country since the 1860s. They started the Civil War, gave us the 16th Amendment (Income Tax), gave us the 17th Amendment (Elimination of the Senate), created the Federal Reserve (which is why we have inflation), confiscated 69% of everyone’s savings in 1934, created and have implemented the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The Cloward-Piven Strategy main stated purpose is to destroy the country for you and the children.
    Until Republicans wake up and stop voting for this, serving on jurys etc…they have no right to complain.

  6. It was rather vindictive to subject an elderly man (77 yo, born in New York, New York) who is already past the projected life expectancy for a white male in the USA. Truly riding the lion metaphorically, but in reality will be using a walker or a wheel chair shortly. Salt of the earth, God bless him and keep him until his nineties, our national treasure.

  7. Cool to see incorporation of AI art in your articles. (Although you want to perform spot checks as AI art often has weird errors.. like the flag pole through Trump’s hand) I genuinely think you chose a cool picture though.

    Regarding the content, I’m glad to see Alaskan Republicans speak out against this injustice. That’s the bare minimum though. We’ll see what action our citizens take as a result of this. Anything less than a “Red Wave” in 2024 would be a huge disappointment.

    • That’s not a flag pole sticking through Trump’s hand.
      It is a spear that was thrown at him, which he caught bare handed.

  8. And this isn’t just a New York problem in the courts. Alaska has the same problem. The Alaska State Troopers and every local police department are part of OCDETF (The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force). Because the state is working under OCDETF, they are by definition an extension and part of the corruption. If you get called for jury duty the default verdict MUST be NOT GUILTY. What difference does it make? These judges are letting these people go anyway. I personally served on grand jury in 2019. We heard over 100 cases. How many went to trial of the ones I tracked? ZERO!!!
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!!!! Its long past time to acquire critical thinking skills. Something most people lack. Here is how you can tell if you have basic critical thinking skills. If you wore a mask anytime in 2020-2024 then you lack basic critical thinking skills. PERIOD!! If on the other hand you can admit that you were duped, then you may have recently acquired them.

  9. Democrats: Silent. If I were a Democrat, I would certainly be silent, too. A strong left-sided opinion has not always aged well recently in this country.
    “Masks will save us all.” “Covid shots will prevent Covid.” “The ice age is upon us.” “All immigration is good.” “Russia will go home when they see us helping Ukraine.” “Defund the police, and peace will reign at last.” “Trump is a dictator and goes after his opponents.”
    Silence is probably the wisest option since what the coming year holds may have them eating their words. They are justifiably worried since their hands are still in the proverbial cookie jar.

    • What about injecting ourselves with disinfectant or praising the brave revolutionary solders who captured all the airfields from the British or blaming Niki Haley for the security lapses on January 6, 2021?

      • What about them?
        Does any of that make the BS the democrats continually throw at us disappear?
        Here’s a pro tip.
        Whataboutism is meaningless. How about trying to dispute what was written?

  10. Planned and coordinated, they are exposed and are only fooling the brainwashed. This was another fake trial with no evidence run by Marxists to interfere in the 2024 election. The Judge actually told the jury how to proceed with a conviction. The Judge should be behind bars. They are gasping for breath to stop the Trump Train. The American people are waking up to just how corrupt our government (all 3 branches) is. Trump has a plan to deal with this corruption and they are freaking out about it, both on the fake news and the swamp creatures in D.C. and certain State legislatures. What kind of a person sells out their country and soul to the devil for a few bucks? Lord, forgive them because they know not what they do. Their spirits are dark, and the devil has his hooks in them. Bind the evil one so they may see the truth.

  11. Rush Limbaugh predicted this outcome over a decade ago. Endless persecution of any outsider who dares to enter the swamp.

    • He also said they will have no idea of why they will unleash.

      If I were a Biden who has done business in a red state, I’d be worried. There will be a reciprocal response.

      • Once again they will come in a bunch of false allegations and no evidence but will keep it in the news. They will never actually introduce charges as they have zero evidence. Remember how Trump was going to prosecute Hillary Clinton, but once he was in power he backed off as it would have taken evidence to even charge her. Jim Jordan is going to pound his chest and demand an investigation and do the monkey dance but ultimately do nothing. When any luck the good citizens of Ohio will remove him from office.

  12. So it looks like some on here don’t mind turning socialist and towards a banana republic. So candidates should start having people with nice suits sunglasses and carry a really nice machine gun and just watch the democrats in the crowd. And forget election interference people can be paid to vote gangs can stop some people from voting and people just get shot all the time let’s see if the democrats really want that I think they already try some of these every democrat is a socialist

  13. I’ve heard of kangaroo court before but I’ve never seen one played out like this before. That was kangaroo court to the NTH!!!!!

  14. This show trial was even worse than the one they framed Senator Ted Stevens with. And that was bad. But at least in that case one of the criminals committed suicide, out of fear he would be brought to justice. The joke was on him. Twice.

  15. Sen. Dan Sullivan nice reply. Now tell me what YOU are going to do?????
    Nice commentary opportunity but I don’t see you doing a DAMN thing Dan.
    You are Weak, Limp and all in for Dan Sullivan not Alaska you POS

    • I’m no fan of Swampy, but there is little he can do. It’s up to the appellant court of maybe SCOTUS.

      Only thing Swampy can do is donate to Trump, and work on getting every single right of center voter to get up and actually vote.

      • Mask I enjoy your posts and respect your opinion immensely. In my opinion
        Swampy fits quite well. Back in the day of Ethan Berkowitz after we had three company trucks stolen and you could no longer park in Los Anchorage I quit shopping , going to , or spending a dime there. Now with the Northway mall being the Fentanyl shopping mart of Anchorage thanks to the Marxist Assembly here’s what Sen. Dan can do.
        Not any votes on ANY Democratic proposed bills.. NOT ONE. NO MONEY FOR Ukraine
        While he’s got Lisa as a side chick I think he’s a POS

  16. Orangeman must be stopped!

    He will crash our economy.
    He will make us all take experimental vaccines.
    He will start WWIII.
    He will persecute his political rivals.

    Again, Orangeman MUST BE STOPPED!


  17. This does seem to be a replay of what the DOJ did to Senator Ted Stevens in 2008. It charged him with violating a Senate rule. Senator Stevens asked for a speedy trial which he is constitutionally entitled to. A few short weeks before the election he was found guilty. Result: we had Mark Begich as our senator and he was THE vote that got Obamacare passed. Is this the future: Former President Trump is found guilty before the election; he loses the election in November 2024; after inauguration of Joe Biden, Trump’s trial is set aside by the SCOTUS or the NY Appeals Court. Same result as Senator Stevens received. Then what would happen in America? A fraudulent president elected by the NY court system. What would the people do? What would the SCOTUS do? We are in some very, very turbulent and scary times.

  18. I forgot one thing. Senator Stevens’ case was thrown out because the DOJ withheld exculpatory evidence. The same judge that heard the case also dismissed the case due to the DOJ’s nonjudicial behavior.

  19. Anyone celebrating this is a fool. Clearly it is political follow the facts this is over something that happed before he was elected the first time. The venue where it happened is no coincidence it is very left leaning. The gag order was crazy, anyone trying to stifle speech is a tyrant. Jury instructions were also nuts. The judicial system in this country is in bad shape if your on the right. But it will come for the left in time too, eventually they will not accept any non compliance even from within their own ranks.

  20. Let us all not forget what is happening in Alaska right now within the Alaska judicial system. Many parents and grandparents are suffering from injustices that have happened to their children, grandchildren and family members. Injustice is painful and many innocent lives here in Alaska suffer from trauma and because a Judge did not faithfully follow the law, Canon 3, ICWA and rule in the best interest of a child(ren) and their parents. Alaska needs judicial reform!

    Alaska Public Media by Andrew Kitchenman

    Presentation by Alaska’s Citizens Review Panel Report and Kim Guay from the Department of Family and Community Services OCS

    SB 31 Testimony Starts are 04:30:06 PM

    SB 31 Selection and Review of Judges

    HB 68 Human and Sex Trafficking

  21. Ted Stevens conviction stood until Obama U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had no choice but to overturn Stevens conviction in order to conceal the crimes committed during the original trial. Eric Holder, not Judge Emmitt Sullivan Who is still on the bench committing crimes against the American People and the rule of law overturned Senator Stevens illegal conviction.

  22. Democrats lit the fuse through their continued persecution of President Trump. Regardless of ideological persuasion, no sane person sees this as anything other than crass political “stuff.” The coming societal whirlwind just may consume us all. I wonder if our chortling democrat friends will have the foresight to start trimming their wicks.

  23. The democrats’ treatment of President Trump is remarkably similar to their treatment of Senator Ted Stevens. Remarkably so. On many, many dimensions. Memories fade; google is your friend in this case. The left can be so utterly vile at times…..

  24. The current situation involving Donald Trump is concerning, as it highlights a perceived disparity in our justice system. It is evident that individuals in positions of power are aware of this issue, creating a sense of division between different societal groups. Personally, I have faced exploitation from those in power within the Alaska court system. This is not an isolated incident, as there are numerous individuals in Alaska experiencing similar injustices. It is crucial that action is taken to address these issues and uphold the rule of law.

    I urge our senators, legislators, judges, and other influential figures to work towards creating meaningful change. It is essential to hold accountable those who engage in criminal activities, particularly within organizations such as the office of children services. Governor Dunn Levy, as the leader of our state, must take decisive action to address these systemic problems. The corruption and lack of accountability in Alaska are deeply troubling and must be addressed promptly.

    We must prioritize the well-being and safety of all individuals in our state, especially vulnerable populations such as exploited women and children. It is imperative that we work together to combat criminal enterprises, human trafficking, and other illicit activities that threaten the lives of Alaskans. By prioritizing the quality of life for all residents, we can create a safer and more just society.

    The recent events involving Donald Trump serve as a wake-up call for the nation. It is crucial that we address systemic issues and ensure that justice is served for all individuals. Let us come together to create a better future for Alaska and beyond.

    Alaska peppermint signing off


    Arrests link major drug ring to Bristol Bay

    Brutal video shows teenage girls beat 14-year old in Alaska | Daily Mail Online

  25. Keep it coming Morons. By the way thank you Joe Manchin. Maybe your action is push Murkowski needs to leave party.

  26. Stolen elections have consequences!!
    The court system is 90% failed. The trial was a sham and will be tossed in appeal. Thank Trump Americans can see the mess our constitutional republic is in.
    Now, let’s see if it’s corrected.
    Lisa M. with the word salad…lol


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