Unprecedented: Trump found guilty on all counts


The jury in New York has found former President Donald Trump guilty on all counts in the hush-money trial involving payoffs to a woman who he allegedly had sex with over 18 years ago. Sentencing will be July 11 at 10 a.m. in the Manhattan courtroom.

Porn actress Stormy Daniels testified earlier this month that the two of them had a sexual encounter in 2006 and she was paid to keep silent about it during the presidential race 10 years later.

While there are numerous lawsuits against Trump by governments in New York and Georgia, this was his first criminal trial and the first criminal trial of a former president. Trump did not testify in the trial.

The jury deliberated for about 12 hours over Wednesday and Thursday on the 34 counts of falsifying business records.

An appeal of the verdict seems almost certain.

When Trump came out of the court building, he spoke briefly, railing against the “conflicted judge, a corrupted, rigged trial, a disgrace. They wouldn’t give us a venue change. We were at 5.5 or 6% in this precinct … The real trial is Nov. 5. We didn’t do a thing wrong. I’m a very innocent man. It’s OK. I’m fighting for our country. This was done by the Biden Administration. We’ll fight ’til the end and we’ll win, because our country has gone to hell….” He went on to describe briefly the state of the nation under Biden.

Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida wrote on X in advance of the verdict: We were told if Trump was indicted he’d be done–Trump PREVAILED. We were told if there was a mugshot he’d be done–Trump PREVAILED. We were told if court cases began he’d be done–Trump PREVAILED. President Trump will PREVAIL over this lawfare & we will Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump Jr. wrote: “Guilty on all counts. The Democrats have succeeded in their years long attempt to turn America into a third-world shithole. November 5 is our last chance to save it.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wrote: “Today’s verdict represents the culmination of a legal process that has been bent to the political will of the actors involved: a leftist prosecutor, a partisan judge and a jury reflective of one of the most liberal enclaves in America—all in an effort to “get” Donald Trump.”

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk wrote: “We knew from the start this was the most likely outcome. This case was engineered for years, from the very top of the Democrat apparatus, to bring down Trump, using a rigged law in a rigged courtroom with a rigged jury. Trump will appeal and this will, eventually, be overturned, but this is a scar on our nation. For today, at least, this country looks more like Venezuela or China or Russia than the United States of America. Now, we must be ready to maintain our resolve. There will be an unprecedented push to say that Trump CANNOT be allowed to win, that we CANNOT elect a convicted felon. Don’t give in. They did this because they are desperate. They will lose, and they will pay.”

This story is developing.


    • I knew you would be the first on here to gloat.
      By the way, you like DeSantis, right?
      Do not think for a second that he will not get exactly the same treatment next election. Even if he is not running for President. Your leftist friends are now empowered. They can and will use this very technique to destroy anyone who opposes them.
      And, do not give me any BS about how DeSantis is clean. The charges against Trump were minor at best, and yet… here we are.

      • CB. Trump committed election fraud and the evidence was OVERWHELMING. You should celebrate the preservation of law and order.

        • Jeff the judge’s daughter works for George soros. I guess to a small minded person like you it’s just a coincidence.?? There were 2 attorneys on the jury another special coincidence. Something stinks. This judge isn’t even American born. He is actually a scumbag.

          • Judges don’t have to be American born. If that’s your purity test, you might want to give the Constitution another read.

        • Biden was investigated for illegally possessing classified documents in his garage which was illegal as Vice President but Dept. of Justice said he was too old and did not know what he was doing. That Jeff is extremely unfair because Trump should have been given the same opportunity, as he may not have known what he was doing also. Very unfair.

        • Jeff, exactly what evidence of election fraud was presented?
          Please, for the submoronic Trumpites on MRAK, we need you to enumerate the evidence.

        • Whether you have leftist friends or not is irrelevant.
          The leftists are celebrating this verdict, not because it was the right one, but because they wanted this outcome.
          And, they did not care about the means to get that outcome, and neither did you. Therefore, I doubt you actually have the morals you claim.

        • No one is clean enough to withstand this level of scrutiny and lawfare.
          DeSantis may not have properly documented a donation to GoodWill and accidentally claimed a larger deduction than he was owed. Some DA will do everything they can to turn that into multiple felonies.

    • Is that why Stormy still owes him 300,000$ from the first time this went to court? Why did the fed Southern District of NY not try him for the same thing? Oh do you know that Braggs felony is made up and is the same charges the feds declined to prosecute? Maybe most of you should do more research about what you claim here. Typical moderate conservatives that wouldn’t lift a finger to save your own country.

  1. The appeals process will play out, and eventually the SCOTUS will have a say. In the meantime, let’s not make rash statements. I’ve already seen (on Freerepublic, X, and Gateway) people threatning to find the jurors and shoot them. Not cool.

    A co-worker of mine has announced his intention to murder Biden voters. Also not cool.

    I suggest folks stay calm and let the process play out.

    And can we leave Jews out of this one? I’m aware that SD is a free speech advocate, so she allowed our newest anti-Semite to post here, but Jewish folks have nothing to do with this one.

    Have a nice day!

    • Stay calm is not going to solve these problems with the leftist who are hell bent on destroying America.
      The time has come to pick sides and move forward.

    • Jimmy…. so we should “stay calm and let the process play out…?” Really? You mean the process by which the leftist communists are dismantling our republic? The republic which the founding fathers’ generation fought so hard to bequest to you? The republic which stood as a shining example of the best government ever devised by man? The republic which gives our following generations the best chance for a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? We need to remain calm as that is stolen from us?

      If your house were on fire, wouldn’t you at least run for a garden hose to try putting it out?

    • Well jimmy there are consequences for actions. They are all corrupt. From the judge to the jury. I’m sick and tired of what I’m seeing in this country. Jimmy the left want blood and guts. Let’s see how they react when it actually happens. It’s like they are all living in a fantasy land.

    • Actually, your friend is on the right path. These jurors, Bragg, the prosecutors, and especially the judge are all now targets and should be dealt with accordingly for election interference.

  2. We discovered our justice system was corrupt when we saw what happened to Uncle Ted. We realized then that, if they could do this to Ted Stevens, they could do it to us. The punch in the gut is that now we all must realize that we are no longer living in a ‘first world’ country. RIP America, the land of the free.

  3. Exactly as expected. The kangaroo court did what they were supposed to do.

    Find the evil orange man guilty.

    Now it moves to appeals where the verdict will be laughed out of court.

    • The judge ran a fair, clean trial. Trump was his own worse enemy like always. He was guilty of contempt. Insulted the judge and jury
      He wouldn’t STFU! He could get 136 years. Probably won’t since he’s old, but this went on for over a year. It wasn’t a one time only thing.

      • The Judge did anything BUT run a fair clean trial. Seriously, there was nothing fair or clean about it.
        I know you abhor Donald Trump, but even this is too much.
        This is just the tip of the iceburg. No political figure who does not toe the leftist/globalist party line is safe. There is nothing stopping them from destroying any political figure now.
        I think you like DeSantis, right? Just wait until the same BS is pulled against him. I am pretty sure you will not think the judge was fair or the trial was clean.

      • You have GOT to be kidding! If it was a fair, clean trial, Merchan would not have been the judge. If it was a fair trial, the change of venue would have been granted. If it was a fair trial, expert witnesses on elections would have been allowed to be called and Stormy’s sexual tirade would have been stricken from the record. If it was a fair trial, nothing Cohen stated would have been taken as truth. If it was a fair trial, the gag order would have included EVERYONE involved w/the case. If it was a fair trial, the prosecutors would have done closing arguments 1st. If it was a fair trial, jury instructions would have been in the deliberation room w/the jury.

      • I held out hope for you, Greg. You’ve posted some lucid thoughts these past couple of years but, this post screws your pooch. Guilty of WHAT contempt? The contempt that Hunter Biden committed by not showing up for a congressional hearing? Thanks to the RINOS or, the REAL republicans, the two tiered justice system rolls on. Professional politicians have F’d this country three ways to Sunday and today’s news is no surprise. Cocaine in the White House, Biden as V.P. violating the Logan Act in Ukraine by threatening to withhold $1 Billion dollars if the prosecutor investigating his son wasn’t fired; fictitious Russian collusion while Hillary utilizes at-home servers and destroys the data… You should be more concerned how the government could shove themselves up YOUR butt if you ever attempted to protect your constitutional rights or expect a fair trial should it occur. On a local level, you’d better voter for Nick Begich in order to keep a RINO like Dahlstrom and a grifter AOC impersonator like Peltola out of office.

      • Greg the judges daughter works for George soros. That judge is a scumbag. Sometime before you tip over you should try to remove your head from your rectum there is a great big world out here.

        • Who the judge’s daughter works for is not really a conflict.
          The real conflict is the Judge donated to the Biden Campaign in 2020, which sitting judges are not supposed to do. And as a supporter of the defendant’s political opponent, he should have recused himself when selected.

      • Deluded much? This is the kind of c— that happens in a banana republic. ZERO charge, not one charge was given to the jury during instruction. Not one law was cited by the judge that was supposedly broken. Complete made up crap, just like the crap that other prosecutor pulled in the last sham. It is costing Trump millions to defend himself against ZERO legal basis. All of this will be overturned on appeal but this is representative of what the justice system has become, and it should give any sane person pause.

    • MA: You are usually smart. But not this time if you think the process is anything but fair. It is obvious he is guilty and EVERY juror UNANIMOUSLY convicted him. The defense effort was pathetic. They had no counter narrative. The system worked!

      • In a deep blue state in a deep blue district with members of the Grandpa Bloodstains team running things?

        With so many procedural errors even MSNBC thought the trail was flawed?

        The system worked for a banana republic.

          • Cite one law that was broken, one New York or federal statute. Lets see the number, go for it. You won’t find one.

            • Ok But you’re not going to like it. 175.10…….Falsifiying business records. A class E felony. Anything else? Appeals can not be made because you don’t agree with the jury’s decision. Only procedural items. It was a clean trial.

              • The felony wrapper was “election interference” which is a federal issue and cannot be adjudicated at the state level…but was. That was the only construct that the stature of limitations could be applied to your business records issue … which had expired. The State of New York passed laws to extend, ex post facto, statute of limitations extensions on the other Trump case. Some rule of law but if you like your banana republic you can keep your banana republic until it runs over you.

        • Who from the Federal DOJ worked this case? Answer: No one.

          This was all a state of New York prosecution.

          You are tried for your crimes in the locality that you committed them. As Trump committed his crimes in the deep blue district of a deep blue state, he is tried their by a State judge and a jury of people from that locality.

          It happens all the time. Get a speeding ticket from Palmer PD, you have to go to Palmer court to contest it.

          When you falsify business records in NY, it is a misdemeanor. When you falsify those business records to help in a campaign for office, it becomes a felony. Does not matter if it is a local, state or federal campaign.

          Like it or not, former President Trump is now convicted felon former President Trump.

          Also of note, as this was a state prosecution and not a federal prosecution, the only person who can pardon him is the Gov of NY.

          Even if he wins the presidency in November, he cannot pardon himself of these crimes.

      • You think the process was fair?
        For a trial of this magnitude, the defense was only allowed to reject 10 potential jurors. That is fair in your eyes? I have been a juror on criminal trials for minor crimes committed by nobodies, and the defense was allowed to reject dozens of potential jurors.
        When the defense objected to hearing all the sordid details from the whore… errr… sorry, the woman who has sex with men for money while other people filmed it, their objection was overruled. Despite the fact the witness did not know a damned thing about how the books were supposedly cooked.
        When the defense called an investigator from the FEC to testify on Trump’s behalf, the judge would not allow it.
        Practically any action from the prosecution was sustained or allowed, while most actions from the defense were denied. That is fair? Please.
        And, let’s also add that the defendant was prosecuted for a felony charge that he was never charged with. But, violating the defendant’s 6th amendment rights is “fair?”
        I think your personal bias against Trump may be playing into your comment. Had this very same process been carried out on the average business man, you would not be so quick to declare it is fair.

      • Where is the jury’s vote? Should be made public as all other big cases. Maybe all govt officials need to be natural born citizens, not as.easily bought off for 30 pieces of silver.

    • The appeals process is real life. Internet tough guys are swearing to murder. Its so boring. I went to the grocery store, at no point was anyone waving firearms swearing that the end of the Repuplic.

      Its a small percentage of terminally online lonely people who want to vow that step one out of five means the end of everything. Relax.

      Then again, there are a few among us who want to murder, and excuse it by shouting POLITICS and claiming reasons. These people are losers.

      • Equal justice only happens when there is equal treatment under the law.
        Trump did not get anything near equal treatment in that courtroom.

  4. How very sad that this has happened to us all! We shall NOT be silenced EVER! I STAND STEADFAST WITH PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP 🇺🇸

  5. Putin must be shaking his head and thinking, why all this trouble? I just have my political foes tossed out of high rise windows, works every time.

    • Correction: Strike “died” and replace “was made stronger”.

      No man is above the law. And equal justice under it.

      • Equal justice can only happen when there is equal treatment under the law as well.
        There is not equal treatment under the law.

    • Frank; What about the Biden crime of classified documents that as Vice President was not supposed to be in possession of and was not prosecuted because Dept. of justice said he was too old and did not know what he was doing. That is not fair because Trump is old also.
      Plus if Biden was not in full control of his faculties, why has he not been impeached? the answer is the courts are politically motivated and I believe Supreme Court will throw out all Trumps convictions soon.

  6. From first surveillance and tapping his phones in 2015 to today. I wonder the dollar amount paid in salary’s by the taxpayer. Salary’s paid for nothing more and nothing less than political a witch-hunt. Impeachment, January 6 and everything in between and after. Hundreds of millions dollars paid for investigating made up crimes which there are no victims. Those that beg to differ are totally devoid of any real news source

    • You are 100% correct. This goes back to 44 and Obama authorizing all of this. Unlike Faulker, you realize what is about to happen in Nov.

  7. Just realize that a guilty verdict was predestined.
    When the jury instructions say that they can disagree on which felony statute the defendant was intending to break, just as long as they are united in knowing that the defendant was intending to break a felony statue, it is OK to find him guilty.
    Which means four jurors could think Trump intended to break law A, four more could think law B, and the final four could think law C, and he is still guilty of a felony. I am not legal authority, but I read some who are, and pretty much all of them agree, these instructions pretty much assure a guilty verdict.
    Does not matter which of the three laws he intended to break, nor did he actually break any of the three, but if you “think” he did plan on breaking one of them, you can find him guilty.

      • Really?
        I missed that in the various news stories about the trial. Let’s see, Trump was accused of committing 34 misdemeanors. In NY State, a misdemeanor is elevated to a felony if the commission of that misdemeanor happened during the commission of, or (here is the “novel” application of the law) with the intent to commit a felony.
        The Jury was told Trump intended to commit one of three possible felonies.
        And, the jury decided he intended to commit all three of them?
        For some reason, you think that means the verdict was not predestined?

  8. Oh, wait… there’s more.
    Just found out that the jury was not provided written copies of the juror instructions. They were somehow supposed to be able to remember the details for all 34 misdemeanor charges without having any reference materials.
    Tell me again this was not a set up?

      • Let’s not try to make us believe you are in a relationship. Try to keep it real!
        When George Zimmerman was acquitted, you said respect the verdict

        When Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, you said the jury had spoken.

        The Jury has spoken about Donald J Trump, respect the VERDICT!

        • George Zimmerman:
          Both the police and the DA said it was a clear case of self defense. No charges were going to be filed.
          The White House… errr….I mean the Department of Justice got involved, and charges were filed.
          The defendant was informed of the felony charges filed against him before the trial.
          During the trial, the defense was allowed to call all their witnesses. During the trial, defense objections and motions were upheld.
          The defense was allowed to enter evidence.
          And, yes… the jury spoke, and the verdict is correct.
          Kyle Rittenhouse
          Well…. see everything about George Zimmerman above. Same situation, almost to a T.
          The process followed for Trump’s trial was NOTHING like the two you cite. No felony charges were filed, but he was charged with a felony. The defense was only allowed a ridiculously low number of potential jury refusals. Evidence and witnesses were disallowed by the Judge for no supportable reason. Objections from the defense were rarely sustained, yet those from the prosecution were almost always sustained.
          Just because the jury came to a verdict does not mean the legal process was followed. In fact, simply by playing loose and fast with the process you can alter the verdict.

  9. The damage done today is probably irreparable.

    I hope team Biden is ready for the avalanche of charges headed their way.

  10. Hillary actually committed crimes by destroying blackberry’s and hard drives kept at her residence all in the name of being Secretary of State . Trump chose the high road with class and said he would not encourage or authorize a prosecution . I guess that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives .

  11. I supported Trump in 2016 because I knew that Killary was an evil Bitch grossly unpopular and that Trump could win. I supported Trump in 2020, because I knew who Joe Biden was and who was behind his lame candidacy and what they would do to this country. Twelve months ago I supported Ron DeSantis, when DeSantis withdrew I decided I’d vote for Trump. After today there is no going back for me, I am fully on board for Trump.

    The Fascist / Unipart Establishment has gone a bridge too far now, their hand has been exposed for what it is. Trump represents a an existential threat to their power, his punishment must be severe in order to send a message to you the American Constitutional loving citizen, that message reads that they are in power and you better scurry away like some scared little mouse. How dare you not conform to their dictates!

    Whether you love Trump or hate him is immaterial at this juncture. It’s now about whether you believe in the rule of Law and love this country and it’s ideals or wish to live in a one party evil corrupt state. One can find Trump distasteful or you can dislike the cut of his jib or whatever, but the fact is he is standing up to the Establishment ( or swamp) and accordingly is our best and perhaps last hope to right this ship.

    Let us coalesce around one principal, that of being co- beligerents against the Man, or Establishment or commie/ Fascist media controlling uni-party ( neo-con war mongers?) and resolve to fight like hell to save this Country!

    • Randomly selected Grand Jury. Publicly elected Prosecutor. High-priced legal defense team pitted against low-paid public servants. Randomly-picked jury pool with actual selection based on voir dire. Where exactly is the unfairness? Looks to me like it was more than fair, and in Trump’s direction.

      Just wait for the other three trials. Trump will wish that he’d never let Obama goad him into running for office.

      • Hans, apparently, despite being an able Engineer, you have an infantile grasp of all things legal.
        Pity that…

      • Hans, one of the upcoming trials has their guy begging for 11,780 votes on tape. The hush money trial was the weakest case the rule of law had and he still got smoked. Thoughts and prayers.

      • Here is your unfairness:
        1. The defense was allowed a ridiculously low number of potential juror rejections for a defendant of this notoriety.
        2. A judge that was hand selected for this trial, instead of the normal NYC process of random selection.
        3. A judge that donated to Biden’s campaign in 2020 (a violation of the rules NYC judges have to work under) that should have recused himself for that simple action.
        4. Reasonable objections and motions from the defense were rejected without consideration, while almost all objections and motions from the prosecution were sustained.
        5. The felony charges were not identified until the trial was over. (A clear violation of the 6th Amendment)
        6. The jury was not provided a written copy of their instructions for deliberation.
        And, the list goes on and on.
        Equal justice under the law requires equal treatment under the law. A purse snatcher in NYC would have gotten a better trial than Trump did.

    • It certainly time to decide whom to stand behind. At one point in time never cared for Trump’s personally but saw his policies he set in place when in office.

      I’ve stood behind him since 2016. So yes, well said R Schenker!

  12. It’s amazing just how badly Trump broke some people.

    Cheerleading the collapse on the right of a fair trial just to get the orange man.

  13. I do not like Donald Trump and will not be voting for him. That said, there is so much strange stuff surrounding this case to conclude that the New York justice system is badly broken and even corrupt. Trump never had a chance. Folks should think long and hard about going to New York and risking being subject to New York laws and New York officials.

  14. I pray American voters show the tyrants who really owns this republic…. by electing Trump via a wide margin. We must be diligent in canvassing for more Trump votes and keeping a weather-eye open and cameras out to expose leftist cheating. This is now our challenge. It is worth the effort. Time for complacency has run up. We must all work hard in this election. Please volunteer to cultivate Trump votes.

  15. I am more certain that I’ll be voting for Trump than ever before. This persecution will ensure his victory in November. We have to get Biden and his evil cabal out of office, and we need to remove the forever safe high level federal agency employees who are destroying America piece by piece. It’s happening. Get ready for Trump 2.0 and the reckoning that will take place.

  16. Some commenters argue the trial was legitimate. Everyone knows the entire process was kabuki theater; it was a grand ruse; a part of a desperate effort to hold onto power. We know it and so do they. They will do anything; lie, cheat, steal, wage law-fare, whatever it takes to hold onto power. The lying is insidious from top to bottom. Everyone lies to avoid persecution. The lies and fear grow incrementally until, finally, its too late to act. This social pathology was described figuratively in Andersen’s tale about the Emperor’s new clothes. Orwell described it more graphically in his novels. We saw it in its worst form in Nazi Germany when parent’s lied to their children, teacher’s lied to students, business lied, media lied, they all lied to each other and government lied to everyone. Everyone lived in fear of being a target of tyranny; or of becoming a target for failing to be an accessory to tyranny. We get ensnared because the process is gradual; we get lulled into it. This trend must be stopped to save our republic. Your freedom is on the line.

  17. This whining over a self-serving elite, who has escaped the consequences of his criminal and civil misdeeds for years (on account of his long list of entitlements, including natal wealth) finally getting his comeuppance, is disrespectful to the many who this highly-flawed system of justice of this country has failed in its 200 year history in hostile vindictiveness and cold indifference.

  18. BTW, did you all see how the donations to the RNC took down their site? They are not all Mega either, all sides are donating to stop this take down of the USA. People are uniting from all reaches of the race, gender and political spectrums.

  19. Either we vote for Trump in November or see the end of a two-party system, or what is left of it. We have no idea what will happen in the rest of the trials scheduled, but the outlook is not encouraging. They will most likely take encouragement from this trial. Most of the rest of the trials are also to be held in blue strongholds. Other than the elections in November, the repeal process is the only true hope left. Oh yes, didn’t Joe Stalin say it wasn’t who votes, but who counts the votes? RIP USA.

  20. Nope. This is “not a developing story”. It’s the end, except for his sentencing. Move on fake Republicans. You need to find another professional victim to run for POTUS.

  21. I keep looking for the law that was broken to be cited and there isn’t one listed in this whole commentary. You never Trumpers need to get hold of one of your lawyer friends and come up with a federal statute or New York law that was broken by Donald Trump. I will check back and see if anyone comes up with the NUMBER of the statute that he violated.

    • There were a bunch of misdemeanors cited in the indictment. No felonies though.
      Yet, it was a felony trial. Not sure how that works with the 6th amendment, but it proceeded for some reason.

        • It is a misdemeanor. It is only a felony when it is done to cover up, or with the intent of commuting another crime.
          “A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree when he commits the crime of falsifying business records in the second degree, and when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.
          Falsifying business records in the first degree is a class E felony.”
          Here are the operative words:
          “…and when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.”
          Falsifying business records in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.
          And, where, in the indictment, was another crime committed that elevated the Class A misdemeanor into a class E felony? Got anything…

    • Falsifying business records is a misdemeanor in the State of NY. When falsifying those business records to help in a campaign for office, federal or state or local, it becomes a felony. Per the indictment by the State of NY, the statute violated was 175.10.

      The falsifying of business records was when he signed off on checks reimbursing Michael Cohen for the pay off of Stormy and calling them “legal expenses”

      Paying hush money is not a legit business expense and could not reasonably be considered legal expenses.

      Where it becomes a felony is why they had David Pecker and Michael Cohen testify that they were told by Trump that if this affair became public, it would hurt his chances to win the Presidency in 2016.

      • Curiously, the witness for the prosecution said he, as Trump’s comptroller, made the call to classify bills from Trump’s lawyer as legal expenses, without consulting Trump.
        Added bonus.
        What, exactly, do you expect a political candidate to say when a whore, errr….. I mean a woman who has sex with men for money while others film it, threatens to hurt his campaign? Curiously, you did not write “Trump told Cohen and Pecker to take action…”

  22. Mr. Rubey: New York Penal Lae 175.10 is the provision on which President Trump was indicted and convicted.

    • Try reading that part of NY Penal code.
      In order for it to be a felony, it has to happen with the intent to commit another crime, during the commission of another crime, or to hide another crime.
      Curious how the prosecution really did a lousy job of talking about the “other” crime during the trial. It was all about misrepresenting business records.

      • Like it or lump it, he is a felon. The prosecution was successful. I am stunned. I thought the jury was hung. All it needed was one jurer but they all agreed after reviewing the evidence that Trump was guilty. Trump should have testified, but he handlers knew he would stick his big fat foot in his mouth like he always does. Instead, he preferred to testify on the court house steps defying gag orders and being contemptuous. That’s it in a nutshell. Blame the state, the judge, the statutes, the jury, and even the dog catcher. The person who is to blame is the felon who was charged.


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