Anchorage Assembly to certify mayoral election Friday during special meeting

Assembly members Felix Rivera, Meg Zaletel, Daniel Volland, Anna Brawley, and Chris Constant, at the budget passage meeting in April.

At a special meeting of the Anchorage Assembly on Friday, members are expected to certify the results of the May 14 mayoral runoff election.

The final results the Assembly will certify are, at this time, 42,597 votes for Suzanne LaFrance, and 36,961 for Dave Bronson, a 7-point difference.

Some 79,658 votes were cast out of 238,050 registered Anchorage voters, a 33.46% turnout in the runoff election. Official results will be posted after certification.

After the election is certified, a transition period begins. LaFrance has set up a transition website at The website has a “get in touch” form for people to express interest in working for the LaFrance administration, which will begin July 1.

In addition to certifying the election, the Assembly has other items on the agenda, including clarifying that the Assembly is the official entity that can comment and respond on behalf of the Municipality regarding the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project proposed dismantling, stripping the power from the executive branch.

The Assembly will also vote to set a public hearing June 11 on the Municipality’s official position on the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project. Leftist members of the Assembly want to hold off having the governor make a decision. The governor has the final say on Eklutna.

The Assembly will also vote on reappropriating money from the Mayor’s Office to the transition expenses needed due to the LaFrance win. The Assembly had forgotten to make plans for the transition costs in the regular budget.

The Assembly will vote on something it has long wanted to do: Designate certain space inside City Hall as “Assembly Premises” over which it has sole authority.

The agenda is at this link.


    • Oh you can take it to the bank your road will be spotless with union backed operators who are now guaranteed permanent pay raises with incentive bonuses for voting democrat.

      Hang on to every spare penny you find on the sidewalk. The muni will be coming for it to tax you into poverty.
      Miss a tax payment and they will be coming with a padlock for your house.

      • Yes I agree and the person that’s going to be in charge said she would see to it.
        I want my road plowed within two days.

  1. They can’t wait to usher in their ally. I will pray for you Anchorage; the assembly will now have card blanche to run rough shod over your rights as a citizen and your taxes will be aggressively increased as they devise new ways to separate you from your hard-earned money and crush businesses. I just hope they don’t change you into a Sanctuary City like Chicago or many other cities. Then crime will be rampant, and law and order will no longer exist. People just won’t wake up until things get very bad.

  2. The Assembly already controls three offices in the Hill Building: The Clerk’s office on the 2md floor (Muni Clerk works for the Assembly), Assembly Support office on the first floor (Elvi used to work there), and the Conference Room across the hall from Assembly Support on the first floor.

    Do they need more room? For what?

    Laughable that they believe they are sufficiently knowledgeable to strip Eklutna authority from the Mayor. Perhaps they don’t trust Suzanne as much as they pretend to. What do we need an executive branch in Muni government for? The Assembly thinks they can do that work after grabbing judicial authority from the executive also. So much for separation of powers. Cheers –

    • You think Bronson was sufficiently knowledgeable about Eklutna? He was the guy who got the Floride turned off without knowing it was against city code, then never attempted to remove the code through proper means.

  3. I have a strange feeling, this “clown assembly” Along with this upcoming mayor” will find out, that everything THEY wish will not be the way they think it will go..Anchorag-ites has had enough of the their “clowning” objectives.

    • If that were true “Viva Lafrance” would not have been the people’s choice.
      All it took for me was a short drive through muldoon neighborhoods and the signage in peoples yards were 20 to one in favor of the previous goddess in charge of Assembly meetings.

      That is the same neighborhood that sent Dunbar to Juneau who claims our constitution is “shot full of racism”
      Further proof ASD is failing to teach people how to not only read but comprehend.

      A big Thank You going out to Muldoon for your steadfast support of the “Queen of Covid” lockdowns who had people arrested for protesting at assembly meetings.

      • That was the way the whole city seemed. I’m in Bronson’s neighborhood and the lack of signs there was pretty apparent.

  4. It is past time to Learn From The Left. This is a golden opportunity to use the Leftist tactics on the Left. Time to be nice is gone. Disruption is a very good tactic. That is what the Left would use.

    • Rather than be civil and get reports done on time you’d rather wait till Bronson is no longer in office so LaFrance can shape the narrative? Do you not realize that that will cause the assembly to remain the same.

  5. Will election certify new efforts to protect Anchorage tourist and police department?
    Worrying about turning on red in the “downtown” district follows the Assembly abandonment of past Jaywalking laws (note pedestrian deaths in 2024).
    But how about protecting the APD Headquarters?
    AK News Source video of the past week follows the story of shootings and homicide outside a notorious bar in the last week.
    In AK News Source coverage of the crime scene , APD Headquarters is clearly seen in the background..directly..across the street.
    Will the Assembly allow the new mayor to make Anchorage downtown streets safe for tourists and the APD Police Headquarters….?


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