Wien flight ceremony crashed by anti-Israel gaggle led by Fairbanks presiding officer Savannah Fletcher

Fairbanks Assembly presiding officer Savannah Fletcher helps lead a protest against Israel, disrupting a public celebration of Noel Wien's historic flight in Alaska.

In Fairbanks on Tuesday, a celebration of the accomplishments of legendary aviation pioneer Noel Wien was marred by a small-but-loud group of anti-Israel protesters.

Among the protesters was Savannah Fletcher, the radical presiding officer of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. She is a former mayoral candidate who is now running for Alaska Senate Seat R, which represents the western Fairbanks North Star Borough and a huge swath of rural communities in Interior Alaska.

Fletcher’s protesters shouted, “Free Palestine!” Fletcher appeared to have been one of the organizers of the group and the most well-recognized of a half-dozen. She had a child on her hip during the loud demonstration.

The anniversary event was celebrating the centennial of the historic flight made by Wien from Anchorage to Fairbanks in a biplane. His feat was accomplished in 1924, a summer of many “firsts” by Wien, who brought his biplane to Alaska by boat and reassembled it to launch the era of flying.

As Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Sen. Dan Sullivan, and other leaders spoke, the shouting of pro-Hamas protesters at times made it hard for those in the back to hear the speakers assembled on a stage at Pike’s Landing. The protesters were quieter when Sen. Lisa Murkowski spoke, but louder when Sen. Dan Sullivan was at the microphone. In this brief clip, you can hear the protesters shouting as former Rep. Jay Ramras introduced Richard Wien, the son of the late famed aviator.

A couple of hundred of people attended the celebration of flight history, which was not covered by the mainstream media. The governor, lieutenant governor, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Dan Sullivan, Richard and Sally Wien, several legislators, Borough Assemblywoman Barbara Haney, former Sen. John Coghill and former Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich, and former Rep. Dick Randolph.

The protest was similar to that which occurring during the July 1 swearing-in ceremony of Mayor Suzanne LaFrance in Anchorage, an event that was marred by protesters shouting nearby while people were gathered at Town Square in downtown Anchorage. As covered by the Alaska Landmine, neither Mayor LaFrance nor the police took action to move the protesters away so that people could hear the speakers, who were being drowned out by the loud bullhorn of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which was staging the disruption.

That disruption was barely mentioned in the Anchorage Daily News coverage of the inauguration, although it was perhaps the most interesting feature of the event.


  1. These people, including Savannah Fletcher are morons! What are they thinking? This c— needs to be SHUT DOWN! Israel is NOT our business! These protesters are complete Propaganda loving idiots!

  2. It is a sad day when people who are fortunate enough to live in the Great State of Alaska have nothing better to do than stage a demonstration to promote people who started a war, a lifestyle (socialism) that they do not truly understand, and do so during a ceremony to honor the life of one of our citizens. I don’t know where these protestors are from, but my mother raised me better than that. A tantrum will get you nowhere. If you want to effect social change, you need knowledge of the subject at hand and how to communicate effectively. No matter the issue, people do not respond well to being bullied, which is exactly what these people are doing. I miss the days when politicians had manners and a sense of decorum.

  3. Is this what our ‘civilized’ society has degenerated to? If people desire living in civilization, they are required to act civilized. Do not wish for anarchy, you might not like the results. These people should be first: jailed, then evicted from office, and forever shunned. Note that only one side uses Cloward-Piven strategy, and some of us are growing tired and out of patience with them.

    • Yes. Free Palestine from what exactly? Free Palestine from Hamas? Isn’t THAT what Israel is trying to do?

  4. What is it about these toddlers?
    Do they actually think people will be more interested in hearing about their side of the issue by creating a massive public nuisance?

  5. First, Palestinians and HAMAS are one, and swear on the Quran to exterminate all who are Infidel (Not of Muslim Faith) this lady with child in arms left that child in a running vehicle 300ft away during inclimate whether (October Fairbanks) and her spouse told a confidant they didn’t want to expose the baby to a politically charged event and she wants to be an Alaska State Senator

      • The celebration at Jay Ramras’ hotel was the one chance Nancy had to get back into good graces with Republican women’s clubs. We weren’t about to let Lisa ruin Nancy’s opportunity just because most of Lisa’s supporters are Democrats and other Hamas organizations.

        • Defamatory nonsense. Lisa has long enjoyed the endorsement of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee leadership. Nothing to do with Hamas. Yeah the Frankie and Nancy accounts are intended as parody, but presenting patent falsehoods as fact is unacceptable, Suzanne.

          • We actually have a sense of humor and enjoy the laughs with everyone else, CC. Seems everyone but you. No malicious content to us famous, public royals. Long live our family name in Alaska history. 44 more years……..and counting. Absorb that!

  6. Hopefully, Mike Cronk took lots of photos and videos. Great campaign material for the Senate race. Democrats are total idiots and completely lost their minds.

    • Oh yeah. Savanna Fletcher just cooked her little goose for the Senate seat. She looks like a little college freshman, still trying to sort out whether she should protest the latest political drama, or go back to the dorm and blow a baggie of dope and look for strange sex. Probably the latter.

    • Naomi–none of what is in the article happened. Fletcher was not part of the protest. She was there to honor the historic flight like all of the other politicians and dignitaries who were present.

      • Total BS. She slowly waded through her own people first, the Hamas terrorists. Then tried to look like a RINO with Lisa Murkowski and her RINO friends. Fairbanks see right through her BS.

  7. Palestine “is” free!!!
    … Freely elected and chosen Hamas as their leaders.
    … Freely chosen this barbaric fight against Israel.
    … Freely initiated conflict with Israel countless times.
    … Freely squandered countless resources // opportunities.
    Savannah Fletcher and the unhinged miscreants “blindly – arrogantly – ignorantly” choose ‘freely’ to ignore basic facts and truths. Shame on them for being rude, belligerent, uninformed and disingenuous … all attributes that doesn’t lend oneself to being a representative or elected leader of the community.

  8. This a 1000% lie. I attended this event and Ms. Fletcher was not part of this protest. She was standing with the rest of us honoring Mr. Wien’s accomplishments. It is a shame this blog would put out a pure fictious report just to play partisan politics. As Independence day is tomorrow, we need to ask what are we becoming. I do not care if you are a democrat, republican, other, non partisan or undeclared we are all Alaskans and Americans. We might disagree on things, but we all are red white and blue. We do not need more division sowed by lies. We deserve better.

  9. Just to be clear they were protesting an event that celebrated the first flight of an airplane in Alaska simply because the person who took the first flight in Alaska was Jewish. This is the face of blatant antisemitism. Savannah Fletcher is apparently running on a ticket of jew hatred.

    • Steve-O, I was born into the territory of Alaska as was my Grandfather, John Butrovich was a friend and mentor of mine. It was my pleasure to fly Wein Air perhaps 50 or more times too.

      I say this to set the table so to speak, in that all of my years in Alaska this is the first time I’ve been told that Wein was Jewish.

      Apparently ones race and ethnic background was of much less importance back in the time of Frontier settlement.
      Pity that today we are so consumed with this distraction.

    • Is she, or is she just trying to bandwagon current democrat trends?

      Not defending, just trying to get a better sense of who is actually is.

  10. At the next assembly meeting, lets all stoop to her level and disrupt the meeting. Wonder how’ll she’ll like that?

    I bought this stupid twit a ticket so that she can live as a second class citizen on the West Bank. I’m sure Savannah will love being beaten on a regular basis, being denied basic human rights, and worse. When she starts spouting off about her ‘rights’, she will be laughed at.

  11. As I have mentioned before, “Independent” in Alaska automatically means left of the democrats.
    Unless she is making a sandwich, Fletcher is completely useless.

  12. Shirley this related to Wien’s famed flight into Fairbanks and I just don’t “get it”. /sarc

    These deficients are as bad as the Westboro Baptist Church and Freddy’s family.

  13. I showed up to this event wearing my red MAGA hat and the host told me to take it off. Why, I asked? He said Lisa Murkowski was present and it was going to offend her. I left.

  14. Wondering where I send money for “more bombs for Israel”?
    Stupid crap like this makes me care less for trash terrorists and the accepting people they hide behind.
    I will also be sending money to those running against her.

  15. No, Alaska has not lost its mind! A few of the ugly noisemakers get all the oil. It’s time the intelligent get out there and start making some noise and turn this around. This is not what America is about. Please speak your peace to your neighbors, don’t be afraid of them, please explain to them why you feel the way you do. And above all, get out and vote!

  16. Why in the world do voters in Fairbanks North Star Borough continue to vote in radical lunatics like Fletcher to their Assembly? Let alone allow her to become the Presiding Officer of their Assembly? She will pushing for a lot of expensive and inane ‘stupid stuff’. Elections have consequences, Fairbanks! Supporting the Hamas/hate Israel crowd is another ‘stupid stuff’ data point for Flemming.

    • Same holds true for Grier Hopkins. Another climate radical who is relying on his mommy and daddy, the unions, and his brother in law Scott Kendall to hoist him into the Mayor’s seat up in Fairbanks. Democrats are out to ruin the Interior.

  17. Noel Wien was not Jewish (I would know).

    They showed up there I suppose because there was a crowd. Sad that the protesters tried to make the event political.

    • Lisa Murkowski contacted her friend Savanna Fletcher and told her how to get maximum exposure. Lisa works both sides. As a RINO Trump hater, Lisa has lots of political bills to pay to her Democrat supporters.


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