True love: Candidate Dunbar sends Downing’s campaign check to Anchorage nonprofit for ‘queer youth’


The donation made by Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne Downing to the Forrest Dunbar mayoral campaign has apparently been rerouted to a charity that provides housing for gay and lesbian youth.

Downing received notification that the Forrest Dunbar for Mayor campaign had been made in her name to “Choosing Our Roots, Safely Housing Queer Youth,” an Anchorage organization that ensures young people have safe homes, no matter their gender identity.

“I appreciate that Forrest has made the donation to safely house youth and agree with him that all youth in Alaska deserve safety, respect, and love,” Downing said.

Downing’s donation to the Dunbar campaign was sent in as a thank you, since Dunbar had mentioned Must Read Alaska in one of his fundraising letters, saying that by donating to his campaign, Anchorage voters would enable him to fight Must Read Alaska. Downing said that was some of the best publicity the publication has received in its six-year existence and certainly deserved a courtesy donation of $5.

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In the spirit of reciprocity, Downing said she has made a donation in Dunbar’s name to the Alliance for Defending Freedom, a legal nonprofit that defends religious liberty, freedom of speech, the sanctity of human life, and marriage and family in America and around the world.

“Currently, the Alliance for Defending Freedom is working to protect the rights of girls and young women to compete against their own gender in high school and collegiate sports,” Downing said.

“ADF has defended female athletes Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti since 2019,” Downing said. “These women athletes have been treated unfairly by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which is allowing men and boys to compete against women and girls. The result of that is that two male athletes in the state have won 15 championship titles.”

Alliance for Defending Freedom defended the Hope Center in Anchorage after a man attempted to gain entry and demanded that he should be able to sleep amongst the women, who sleep on camping pads on the floor in a large room.


  1. Why is Must Read Alaska, Suzanne Downing donating to the extremist liberal Forrest Dunbar’s campaign ?
    It sounds like Fake news. If its true I am disappointed.

  2. The Municipality of Anchorage will plunge into even more desperate and dire straits if Dunbar ends up as the next mayor. Please people, vote for anybody else!

  3. Phil, did you read the story? She trolled him with a $5 check to thank him for trashing her in his letter. Cost him more to process than it was worth. He trolled her back. Now she counter-trolled.

  4. Apparently Dunbar has never left a 5.00 gratuity tip to a housekeeper not to know nor appreciate the value behind receiving a 5.00 bill for cleaning and freshening up a guest room. Any Alaskan ever worked Housekeeping for a Hotel knows 5.00 is generous compared to a days work.

    The best Dunbar could had said is Thank You and recieved gift. Typical attitude from a man whose never married, he never met any special woman whose present taught him how to be grateful.

  5. There is always an ironic twist to the facts regarding these cultural controversies.
    Young women athletes, when interviewed, invariably adhere to political-correctness by saying they support boys trying to become girls. They agree transgenders should be called “women.” The women then say its unfair they must compete with transgenders. The women want it both ways. They are too cowardly to depart from political correctness until it costs them their trophies. The women deserve what is happening to them.

  6. No wonder Dunbar stays single, playing head games such as this one, if he ever had any girlfriend that last more than 6 months.

    This a head game meant to drive another crazier, until ending in a nasty bitter divorce.

    Suzanne, it been best not to play his mental game not make any donation using his name. But, should have made the donation in Must Read Alaskas name if that’s allowed.

  7. Dunbar is an insincere moron. He not only shows how he will treat his constituents if elected,……..he also shows how he will waste their money on a bunch of Left-wing crap. Donating to his competitor now.

  8. I think this is very funny and entertaining.
    One thought though: As Dunbar brought publicity to MRA; MRA has also provided publicity to Dunbar. I rarely see articles on MRA about Falsey and Martinez. Is this coincidence? Or is it best that the conservative winner face the most liberal candidate thus enticing the center towards the right during the run-off?

  9. Yes Suzanne you were right to donate.
    It bring notice to all this wrong doing.
    Love that the shelter stood up to the municipal.

  10. If Forrest Dunbar sent Suzanne’s check to the “queer youth” who wanted to go back to being straight and turning their lives around through retransformation, then I would say that Suzanne’s donation to Forrest was a positive move and the money well spent. I’m pretty sure that Suzanne would agree.

  11. Like every other good toddler…. errr….. I mean leftist, Dunbar does not understand that being shocking is not the same as being clever. I bet he was thinking Suzanne would be outraged that her donation is going to help out gay youth.
    Good on you Suzanne for thanking Dunbar for using your money to help out the youth. It always makes me smile when the children do not get the reaction (I assume) they are looking for.

  12. Again, he does not understand a conservatives perspective. He just assumes we must be evil and hate gays because we oppose him. The left has accused the right of being “bigots” for a long time, while not even understanding what bigotry is. The most popular bigots in America are on the left. Many in the left are only following the left groupthink simply because bigotry towards conservatives has become so popular with the “cool people” in media, arts, universities, and entertainment.

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