Running against Anchorage? Forrest Dunbar does massive publicity for Must Read Alaska


Forrest Dunbar, Assemblyman and candidate for Anchorage mayor, has sent a fundraising pitch to every high-propensity voter in Anchorage, telling them that Must Read Alaska is a danger to the city, and he’s the one to stop it.

In his letter, the far-left candidate said supporters of Must Read Alaska embrace conspiratorial, anti-science rhetoric that “would have us ignore COVID” rather than face it head on.

Further, he calls out the “toxic partisanship” of Must Read Alaska, and those who hold crowded fundraisers where people don’t wear masks.

Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne Downing has sent the Dunbar campaign a $5 donation.

“This is publicity that money just can’t buy,” said Downing, who founded Must Read Alaska in 2015, after the Anchorage Daily News refused to print letters to the editor from conservatives. “Sending him a $5 donation was the least I could do to pay him back. Thousands of people learned about Must Read Alaska from Mr. Dunbar.”

Must Read Alaska readers who would rather support this conservative endeavor, instead of the toxic partisanship of a mayoral candidate of far Left, are welcome to help keep Must Read Alaska strong and on the right side of Alaska public debate.

Send your donations to Must Read Alaska through this link, or at either of the PayPal portals at the top right side of this page. Thank you for helping us stay strong, independent, and fighting for the rights of Alaskans.


    • In this case, the amount is an insult. It’s likely he’ll refuse to bank it anyway. Suzanne, I’d love to know if it does get cashed.

      • I dont think so. A candidate or Church can get ahead if overwhelmingly every neighbor of the district or state gave 5.00.
        A Housekeeper cleans 17 rooms one day and every guest Leave 5.00 per room gratuity, she’d recieve an $85 dollar tip for a days service. 85 x five full working days she could recieve $425 tips servicing cleaning the rooms with her 10.25-12.75 per hourly wage

  1. Suzanne, I don’t know where we would be without you! The accurate and real-time independent journalism MRAK consistently provides leads me to believe that there is a clear and well lit path to the exit out of the current cesspool Anchorage has become. Bless you dear Forrest for illuminating this source for thousands more. Huzzah Huzzah! Long live Must Read Alaska and may freedom still ring in our beloved city. Get Out And VOTE on April 6th!!

  2. Nice to find a conservative page to read current issues about Alaska. TY…… I am wondering if there is any efforts to form a demonstration for March 18th and 19th in Anchorage? Those meetings are set to bring representatives from China and the current Administration together for talks about common issues.
    There is an article about it at Defense

  3. Suzanne, you should have sent him the
    money equivalent in Communist Chinese currency. At least he would have been more appreciative of your donation.

  4. Yeah pretty good thinking there Suzanne for some cheap publicity. Dunbar is just the gift that keeps on giving. He missed the how to be a successful candidate class where they taught him not to call his constituents stupid.

  5. Perfect!
    That’s the equivalent of leaving a quarter on a table as a tip for poor service. Coincidentally, for the same level of service.

  6. I only work here in Anchorage, and am fortunate to not live here. Mr. Dunbar, ultra-far leftist thinking is what has made Anchorage the mess it is in. I hope you residents vote for a better mayor and assembly.

  7. Dunbar doesn’t advocate “meeting COVID head on”, he advocates hiding under the bed, hoping it will go away. He is a simpering coward and should be removed from office and run out of town.

    • Must Read Alaskans should mail-in their 1¢ checks to Dumbar, and further this cause. Then, send in $100 to MRAK. You cannot beat entertainment like this.

  8. I hope those 1000s of new viewers at least over half see a bigger vision beyond Dunbars and his manipulative vindictive friends limited predjudice vision.
    Alaska deserves better than the limitations Dunbar and his crowd will put over us all.

  9. Suzanne, I am proud of you and the progress you have made. I am also proud of being an early supporter. This is where it must start, the local level to take our county back. If we could just get the Municipal election back to November and require a 50% + 1 majority things would change for the better for sure. The only way these clowns can win is by cheating and violating the charter. BTW you suburban moms, how do you feel about your kids losing a whole year of their life.

    • Will, you are certainly on the Must Read Alaska Walk of the Stars. Thank you for your continued support! – sd

  10. So that’s why Must Read Alaska started itself up! Anchorage Daily News was suppressing writers of other point of views, and a new source was needed to give a community place to those intentionally ignored. I bet there are more young readers like me who think Alaska news sources are too Boring to spend time reading. Here I thought it was just me not interested in News! Hahaha. Here the whole time I wasnt interested because of news prints were only printing One viewpoint and a narrow one at that too.

    If i grew up in a state where I heard other published view points, I wouldn’t had made a Disastrous choice because of I will had read or heard someone elses view about it before the day came when I didnt know any other way only finding out after my own experience there were other views.

    • In reading your various comments, I think you recovered well enough from whatever it may have been.
      One of the hardest things any person can attempt is to think and reason for themselves … making up their own minds, if and what they believe.
      Most people react to that kind of independence with mixed feelings.

  11. Suzanne, I sent Bernie Sanders much mo’ $ a little over a year ago, hoping he would stay in the race. At least if Bernie had stayed in the race, we would have had an honest representation of who and what Democrats really represented. Sadly Bernie caved… just like 2016. I felt like a chump, but not as bad as I felt after donating to Sullivan… Giving $ to Dumbarr while comical only points out the cold hard truth, we are in a dog fight here. This nation has lost it’s collective mind. I now regret my donation to Bernie, but not as much as my donations to Sullivan. Take solace in that. Hopefully you didn’t give Danny Boy too much positive press or gasp… $!

    • They bought Bernie off though and also Warren to a certain extent. They even promised AOC a bunch of stuff and she got madder than a wet hen when they reneged on it. You don’t hear from any of them now probably for fear of retribution. Pelosi probably sent some of her hinchman to AOC and the gang and reminded them about what happens to people who aren’t loyal to the cause. Some people wake up dead in a park sometimes.

  12. Where in Alaska is the Charles Schwab bank located? I am not very happy eith my current bank and looking at options. Thanks in advance!

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