Sullivan says yes on Haaland confirmation, releases statement explaining vote


Sen. Dan Sullivan was one of the votes in the Senate today that confirmed radical Democrat Rep. Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior, releasing the following statement explaining the rationale behind his vote, and the promises he received from her during his several conversations with the New Mexico Native American-Norwegian.

Must Read Alaska is printing it in full:

I. Introduction

Every vote I take in this Chamber, I try to cast based on what I think will be best for the constituents I represent, my state and our country. Sometimes, of course, that’s not always so easy to discern. 

The vote to confirm Congresswoman Deb Haaland was one of the most difficult I have made during my time in the U.S. Senate.

In normal times, I would have firmly opposed the confirmation of Congresswoman Haaland

As a congresswoman, Haaland took positions publicly—cosponsoring the Green New Deal, prohibiting all gas and oil leasing on federal lands, and displaying hostility toward Alaska Native people and systems just because they are different from the Lower 48 model she is familiar with—that I believe would clearly negatively impact Alaska and America. In normal times, this would be an easy “no” vote. 

But these are not normal times. Our state’s economy and our working families are under pressure, stress and assault due to the pandemic and the Biden administration’s initial hostile actions against Alaska and our resource development sector. I believe that my vote to confirm Congresswoman Haaland as Secretary of the Interior may enhance my ability to successfully advocate for a ceasefire in the Biden administration’s war on the Alaska economy and working families. We need all the help we can get, particularly from the head of an agency, the Department of the Interior, that wields enormous power over our state and our economy.  

It’s also important to keep in mind that a “no” vote would’ve made no difference in Congresswoman Haaland’s confirmation. She was going to get confirmed with or without my vote. A “no” vote could have very well diminished my ability to get the Biden administration to limit the damage it is already doing to Alaska.

Further, despite some of her radical views on energy as a congresswoman, in my meetings with Congresswoman Haaland, I was able to get her to acknowledge and recognize the importance of the oil and gas sector for Alaska and America, especially its good-paying jobs; the benefits of mining in terms of jobs and critical supplies for our nation; the significant difference between the way in which federal laws treat Alaska Natives versus Lower 48 Native Americans;  the critical importance of being able to hunt and fish on federal lands, and the necessity to work with the State of Alaska on these issues; and the requirement to follow the law and congressional mandates as they relate to the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA), the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), and oil and gas leasing requirement in federal legislation relating to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPR-A).

I was also able to get a firm commitment from her to meet personally with a wide variety of Alaskans from many different backgrounds, including the following groups: 

  • People of King Cove and the North Slope Borough
  • Mining community
  • Oil and gas workers and North Slope contractors
  • Hunters, trappers, and angling community, and State of Alaska fish and game managers
  • Alaska Native leaders, including tribal leaders, the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), regional and village corporations.
  • Alaska veterans

The purpose of these meetings will generally be the same: to let Congresswoman Haaland hear directly from hundreds of Alaskans that the decisions she ends up making about our state—for example, on the Willow project in the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska—will directly impact the lives of thousands of Alaskans, either positively or negatively. 

Congresswoman Haaland is the daughter of a mother who served in the Navy and a father who served in the Marines and was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart in Vietnam. I expect her to understand the value of integrity and to honor these and other commitments she made to me and my fellow Alaskans about our economic future and opportunities.

II. Alaska Under Siege by the Biden Administration 

As I stated before, these are not normal times for Alaska and our country.  

  • The pandemic has hit Alaska particularly hard, especially the energy, tourism, and commercial fishing sectors, with thousands of jobs lost.
  • The Secretary of the Interior plays an oversized role in our economy, jobs, and future, given that approximately 66% of Alaska is federal land.
  • I was honored to work closely with the Trump administration’s Interior secretaries to achieve several historic wins for our state involving resource development projects, the creation of good jobs in Alaska, access to our federal lands, and the rights of Alaska Natives, particularly Vietnam veterans.
  • Certain members of the Biden administration are focused on reversing all of this Alaska progress which will deepen the challenges for our state, killing jobs by the thousands in our resource development sector, in what I have decried as Biden’s war on Alaska’s economy and working families; but many of the policy decisions of the Biden administration in this regard have not yet been finalized.
  • Republicans, unfortunately, lost control of the U.S. Senate; Congresswoman Haaland is guaranteed to be confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior, whether I vote for or against her confirmation. 

This is the new reality and context in which I decided my vote. The key issue to me was this: How would a “yes” or a “no” for Congresswoman Haaland help me influence her and the Biden administration to take actions that will limit harm for Alaska, especially our working families. After watching her nomination hearings closely and having had close to three hours of meetings with her myself, I have concluded that a “yes” vote is more likely than a “no” vote to create the opportunity to build a relationship with her and her team, a relationship that could enable me to influence the Department of the Interior’s decisions and action on critical Alaska issues that could benefit our state, like moving forward on the Willow project, which is estimated to create thousands of jobs and bring billions of dollars in revenue to the State of Alaska and North Slope Borough. 

I took this vote with eyes wide open, however, knowing full well that a number of officials in the Biden administration and their radical environmental allies are hellbent on shutting down our state and crushing opportunities for Alaskans, but I thought if my “yes” vote might be able to influence decisions about Alaska in any positive way, then it might be worth it. This is particularly true given the precarious state of Alaska’s economy and the fact that, internally, the Biden administration is still having key debates about the direction of their energy and climate change policies, as well as their decisions about resource development in our great state. For example, President Biden has recently told labor leaders that he is “all for natural gas” production and jobs, but self-styled “President of the world,” John Kerry, says that the U.S. should curtail the production of oil and natural gas and the good-paying jobs in this sector.

I have also seen some evidence that the ability to engage with senior Biden administration officials can help produce results that limit harm to our state. In late January, I received urgent messages from certain Alaska oil and gas contractors that they were about to lay off close to 200 employees on the North Slope as a result of the Biden administration’s 60-day moratorium on Department of the Interior decisions. My staff and I reached out to senior Biden officials and argued forcefully that their moratorium was being interpreted to destroy close to 200 great paying jobs in Alaska. These Biden officials worked to clarify the meaning of the moratorium and these Alaskan workers, whose jobs were at risk, continued their important work on the Slope. 

III. Advocating for Alaska Under Difficult Circumstances

I recognize Congresswoman Haaland’s role as the first indigenous woman to be Secretary of the Interior is historic and important to many Alaskans, as was the confirmation of Tara Sweeney, the first Alaska Native to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs. Assistant Secretary Sweeney did an outstanding job for our state and nation. I hope Congresswoman Haaland can follow Assistant Secretary Sweeney’s example of understanding the many differences under federal law that exist between Alaska Native peoples and Lower 48 Native Americans, while still respecting both groups and endeavoring to provide all of our nation’s First Peoples with opportunities to thrive, both economically and culturally. 

As I said, this vote was one of the most difficult I have made during my time in the U.S. Senate. I am proud of my record as Alaska’s Attorney General, Natural Resources Commissioner, and U.S. Senator as a long-time and relentless champion, advocate, and fighter for my state’s resource development sector, and the economic opportunity and working families that benefit from it.

It is my hope, but certainly no guarantee, that my vote to confirm Congresswoman Haaland as Secretary of the Interior may enhance my ability to successfully advocate for a ceasefire in the Biden administration’s war on the Alaska economy and working families. We need all the help we can get, particularly from the head of an agency, the Department of the Interior, that wields enormous power over our state. A “no” vote, on the other hand, would likely have diminished my ability to successfully advocate for a strong resource development sector in Alaska, and would not have changed the outcome of her confirmation as Secretary of the Interior. 

I know this is a difficult time for all of us, and I appreciate the support, advice and input that so many Alaskans have given me throughout the years. As I said, I can’t guarantee that this vote—or others that I will take during this administration—will yield the results we want. But I do know that because Republicans lost control of the Senate, our hand is not nearly as strong as it recently was. For this reason, Alaskans must all work together to make the best of a difficult situation with an administration that will likely work to reverse the recent historic progress we’ve made for our state in many areas. You have my continued commitment to work relentlessly—cooperating when possible, fighting when I must—to limit the Biden administration’s harmful actions against our state in the best way I know how. That was the ultimate context in which I made my vote today.


  1. The left has always used the rights morality against them. It makes no difference when, why or how, the ends always justify the means with the left. You can’t deal with the devil. Being the nice guy only emboldens them to take and create more power.
    In short Mr. Sullivan the left will never think like us and as soon as you and other conservatives start to understand that we can start to take back our Republic. They look at capitulation as weakness to be exploited.

    • Where was AOGA, ASRC, the NS Borough, AGC, RDC, Nana, CIRI, the Alaska Chamber of Commerce, every pro-industry lobbyist, Republican Legislators, and many others in pushing back against Haaland? So far as I know they were silent. Did we expect Senator Sullivan to be out there all by himself when Don Young was the person introducing Haaland around Washington? The world has never worked that way. We may not like it but that is how it works.

    • Sullivan is weak. He stands for nothing. Alaska has nothing in way of representation. Murkowski is a lefty. Works to kill oil and Alaska industry. And Sullivan shows no sound to stand against the communist take over if our country. Are there any real men left in Alaska that has some fight against going against constitution and our rights

  2. My bull just pooped itself to death, Dan. Well on your way to being a worthy successor to Lisa.

    With “Republicans” like ours, who needs Democrats?

  3. This was a wise and deliberate exercise of judgment by Senator Sullivan to vote for Biden’s pick for Interior. Let’s count our blessings. It could have been Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her green new deal.

    • This kind of standard republican non-sense is exactly why things are in such a bad state of affairs. Wise? Giving in to the left just to get along?

      You, Sullivan and the rest of the lefties pretending to be conservative need to sit down and shut up.

    • C’mon, Jim. You can’t polish poop as they say and you’re way outside of your lane in rushing to the defense of Danny and his support for a scumbag.

      Please stick to protecting the Permanent Fund and the dividend formula. You really shine there.

    • What’s the diffence between Gross and Sullivan? Dan shifts that Overton window more conservatively to the left. Get a grip with this lesser of 2 evils nonsense

  4. Does anyone think we might see some statement from our Senior Senator on why she is voting for the confirmation..??

  5. Haven’t you learned yet, Senator Sullivan, that you can never trust a Democrat to follow through with a promise or anything that violates their agenda? You should know this by now.

    • there’s very little if any difference other than propaganda style and rhetoric and this is just proof

  6. Sen. Sullivan:
    So, Sen. Sullivan, you just “went along to get along”. Lisa Murkowski is a lost cause, but I always thought Alaska could count on you. I am shocked by your decision. I am shocked that just because Haaland may have said she would listen to Alaska, that you somehow believe that will actually happen.
    Lisa is a proven swamp creature. Alaska doesn’t matter to her anymore. All she does is pander to the special interests and does what might get her elected by the liberal masses. Once politics takes over and clouds the decisions about what is wrong and right, you are no longer effective for our state. You are now a swamp creature too. To say “my vote wouldn’t have mattered” in Haaland’s confirmation is a ridiculous, sophomoric statement. Your vote just said it all. The swamp wasn’t drained. It is full.

    • Mr. Sullivan,
      You missed the senate vote on the COVID stimulus earlier this month to attend a family funeral, that passed 50-49. A Bill packed with an insane amount of pork and little for Americans that truly need help.
      Now you vote for this nut job that wants to destroy oil and gas jobs in America under the guise of “well, maybe I can sit at the table…”.
      What kind of Marine are you???? If her confirmation was a shoe-in, which I’m sure it is, then at least stand on principle and tell her “it’s a BIG NO from Alaska” Have some backbone man. This was pitiful to read. Next!

  7. Sullivan, – not Honorable, or even Mr.

    You took 1000 word to “explain” why you just screwed 600,000 people. I could explain it for you in 8 words:

    “I am a coward and have no principles.”

    You took an oath to defend the constitution and in January you ignored that in order to let voter fraud prevail. Spineless and also a 1000 word “explanation.”

    You are as bad as your cohort.

    Shame on you.

  8. State governments protest in order to make it quite clear to the federal, that they have not acquiesced and to prevent a prescriptive case being built up against them.
    A belated protest has no significance under law. A protracted absence of protest from Alaska’s delegation regarding our subsurface rights, per the statehood act, being a sovereign right, may result in our right being denied, based on the principle of estoppel.
    As far as Haaland’s confirmation goes, your vote would have made no difference. However, your vote to confirm Haaland is a huge step towards tacit waiver of Alaska’s sovereign right to develop our mineral and energy resources … and it also diminishes the efforts of some who have clearly seen, and protested this salient issue.
    Your vote clearly signals that Alaska’s delegation is in ignorance of important details of laws regarding state and federal relationships.
    Why does a retired construction worker, with only a GED, need to point this out to you?

  9. DC corrupts!
    Why are Republicans so dumb as to believe that a Democrat will keep their word or work with them?
    I believe that this has more to do with courting the Native vote than doing the right thing. And yes, he is following in Murkowski’s footprints.

  10. Next you will be supporting your fellow Senator Murkowski…and asking for our blessings. Read above and you will realize that your constituents are slowly losing faith in the GOP or whatever it is now. I spent my personal time going to an meeting with Bob Bird and think this whole Demo vs. GOP thing is wrong for Alaska and you and other members of Congress know that we have State’s rights but want to ignore them. Chao, Dan…see you in the unemployment line soon ( like the next election season when your term of million$ runout on the voters).

  11. So, to summarize:
    1. You vote against your principles because voting with them wouldn’t make a difference. You have no principles.
    2. You vote with those intent on hurting your fellow Alaskans because you want to show you’re willing to work with them. You are intent on hurting your fellow Alaskans.
    3. Her nomination is historic – not because of her actions, education, or principles – but because of her genetics. If she was picked simply because she’s indigenous, that’s just as racist as not picking her because of any immutable, non-merit characteristic.
    4. She’s willing to meet with Alaskans of various groups. Divide and conquer is an age-old tactic of the left. Promise, cajole, strong-arm, shame – then do whatever you want because you have talked to the “right people”.

  12. Senator Sullivan had no choice once Senator Murkowski and others announced their intentions. It’s a shame that our electorate is so out of touch with reality that he had to explain his action in such detail. It is an even bigger shame that he is being lashed out at with such immature accusations and threats. It’s a pity most hide behind an alias. it would be nice to know with whom it would be a waste of time to converse with. Of course it usually become readily apparent.
    Thank you Senator. Hang in there.

    • “It’s a shame that our electorate is so out of touch with reality that he had to explain his action in such detail. It is an even bigger shame that he is being lashed out at with such immature accusations and threats. ”

      The Republican Party is done for if the comments here are any indication of the delusion of realty that seems to exist.

      At least Sen. Sullivan is trying to make the best of a bad situation, one that came to be after Trump lost the presidency and then the Senate.

    • I get it Dave; he may earn a few chips for the next hand with the Dems. However, loyalty and principals have real value; when sold they must fetch the right price with repayment guaranteed. Do you know if that is happening?
      As to the matter of anonymous names, you have another good point. On the other hand, criticizing cultural Marxists in this current era is equivalent to criticizing the Nazi Party in 1939 Germany. Once the Gestapo gets your name you are crucified.

      • Having met the man and having a rather long conversation with him I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Same with Don Young. Two men who love their country and can get things done.

  13. And here I thought that the tit for tat with forgiveness strategy was what worked after at least one round of tit for tat. Let’s start a go-fund-me site to get Mr. Sullivan, “The Evolution of Cooperation.” Instead of apologizing and promising meetings, I humbly request that Mr. Sullivan devote the time, effort, and resources to stopping bullies.

  14. Negotiating on your knees now Sullivan? That is not the Alaskan way. Proof that you are not an Alaskan, even though you married one. The two most important votes of your soon to be ex-political career exposed you as nothing but a leftist tool. You make me sick. First you vote to ratify a stolen election. Next you vote for one of the most notorious leftist anti-fossil fuel, anti-mining, anti-everything conservative, persons you can possibly find as secretary of the interior. And that is good for Alaska and your constituents? It sounds to me like ‘kiss ass and hope for the best’ is your strategy, or so you would have us believe. If you are convinced that your votes work for Alaska, maybe you should see the same doctor as Biden. Your long drawn out excuse sounds like Nancy Pelosi when she got caught being a hypocrite. Shove it “sir”. Your words are as hollow as the pied piper’s flute. Better to tell the truth. You will find that out soon enough.

  15. Dan, these are not normal times, these are desperate times that try men’s souls. Did you sell yours?

    • Don’t forget, the greater of two evils would have given us the bear warrior, the Opiod Doc. Dan was the lesser. Too bad that Dan doesn’t stand up on his own, though. It’s evidence that Dan never really calls Alaska his true home. His true home is back East. He lives far and distant from the consequences of his vote.

      • And we also had the chance, several chances, to elect Joe Miller. How would he have voted on this and other crucial votes? How would he have used the soap box and cable shows to carry the ball for Alaska and conservatives? We will never know, but we have a pretty good idea. The same element in the electorate that let Anchorage get mail in voting, made sure a true conservative never got a senate seat: the AK GOP, the Chamber crowd, Rasmuson Republicans, et al. They are Always aided by the left and the media, but if you want to know why you always feel let down by your representatives, look no further than the “flagship” party.

  16. The senator should exercise the idiom, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” I couldn’t make it halfway through the lengthy list of reasons for his betrayal of the Alaskan people. Let me help him out. A brief, “I caved,” was all that was necessary. For good reason we associate the word “dirty” with politics.

  17. Dan’s thought process makes me sad. If there was ever a time to fight, now is the time to fight, and republicans continue to roll over.
    If she was going to get confirmed regardless of how he voted then vote no and have a conviction an drive your position; sell it to the people. If he’s a Republican she should expect him to vote like one. Now he’s in a position of weakness, she knows he can be bought.
    When the going gets tough we quit and become Democrats? By his own admission and his letter she is a radical individual and by voting yes he condones all that he claims to condemn. I guess this is just playing cute politics. Brother. I don’t believe this is a time to be cute, it’s time to stand up and lead. Make a difference don’t capitulate.
    Abraham Lincoln had a general grant, Dwight Eisenhower and FDR had a George Patton. Where r those kind today, fighters. C’mon Man!

  18. So, let me get this straight.

    You voted for the people who adamantly and purposefully want to destroy our oil industry in hopes you will convince them to stop doing what they have set as their political plank because you voted for them and gave them even more power to accomplish their agenda?

    In the great words of the Wesley from the Princess Bride, “Your intellect is truly dizzying.”

    Senator, you are either collaborating or deeply incompetent.

    • You get four. So say the idiots who voted for Prop 2. Lisa Murkowski could rank 4th and still win, by these nonsensical rules.

  19. Sad, sad day. Republicans bend to the democrats constantly. Democrats never back down. Now you see why our republic is in trouble.

  20. Yes, I’m sure she will remember that you voted for her, when the time comes, and you’re begging for bread crumbs at her feet.

  21. Dan Sullivan is compromised.
    A rich, White kid from Ohio, raised in wealth and privilege. Military schools and top East Coast schools, which people in Alaska rarely attend. Meets and marries an Alaska Native girl at an East Coast school, who is also of privilege due to her White father’s connections. They come back to Alaska where Dan quickly becomes Commissioner of Resources and next, Attorney General, then US Senator…….
    all while balancing his Whiteness with his inter-racial marriage to an Alaska Native girl……..a Republican, no less.
    Dan supported this Native woman as Joe Biden’s selection for Secretary of the Department of the Interior because she is Native, like his wife. That’s part of the compromise in an inter-racial marriage. That’s part of the peace pipe process. Dan is an outsider trying to gain a leg in. He never will.
    Forget the fact that Dan would have loved to vote against her nomination based on Dan’s conservative roots and logical thought processes. He did it to keep peace with his extended family here in Alaska. Not his own biological extended family, but the family blood he married into and all that it stands for to gain an entry into Alaska politics. And by doing this, he has compromised himself and everything he worked for previously to help make Alaska a prosperous, independent, and industrious state, full of hard-working Alaskans. Dan knew what he was doing from the beginning. A personal life fulfillment, with compromise as a sworn duty.

    • So, Chrissy……..Dan married into the tribe? Does that mean when he retires from politics he’ll go live in an Alaskan village where wind farms power the grid, photovoltaic panels keep the huts warm in the dead of winter, and electric snowmobiles make midnight runs to the package stores? This is Dan Sullivan’s vision of Alaska?
      Even the bag-o-wind Al Gross is laughing at Dan.

    • ChrissyB, Haaland is one half Norway and Dan’s wife is one half white, (whatever that is) if you are attempting to frame your argument as a native vs white issue I think you missed this distinction, (and bought into the narrative of personal identity politics). Growing up in Alaska, most of my mates were of some kind of mix, Native-Norwegian, Native -Filipino, Irish-Lithuanian, Native -Japanese, some were even Finnish, and some were just mutts like me.
      I understand the influence family has on all of us and think that you may be onto something here, however, if true Senator Dan, should have just stated it so. I will point out that Alaska Natives seem to be very fond of Snow Machines, Four Wheelers, Outboard Motors, pick-up trucks, oil heated homes, electric lights and Airplanes. I am certain that the vast Majority of Alaska Natives understand the need for an oil industry, unlike Ms. Haaland. To that end Senator Dan has done the Native community and everyone else a disservice in voting for this woman with such Whack Job Ideas.

      • Good commentary, Kingsley. My Native friend told me that if he didn’t get the moose or caribou kill that he desired, he simply calls his wife from his snowmobile, using his satellite phone, and tells her to have McDonalds or pizza delivered at home by 6pm.

    • I actually think Chrissy is more or less correct. Some Left-wingers may think Chrissy is being a bit racist, but I don’t think so. One can be honest in their beliefs and not attack like a true racist would. I think the issues for Senator Sullivan are:
      Do not offend.
      Appease often.
      The problems are that everyone pays the price for doing what Sen. Sullivan did. The Green New Deal comes with a
      momentous price tag……..and unreliable energy alternatives. And, it won’t ever satisfy the global warming crowd.

  22. It’s impossible to pick up a turd on the clean end, but at least Senator Sullivan is on record for trying.

  23. Haaland is a puppet, full of absolutely no experience, and Sullivan is the 2nd largest RINO in the state. Let me back up… he is the largest RINO in the state. Murkowski is 100% traitor !!!

  24. Note Sullivan’s fourth paragraph in which he writes…

    “As a congresswoman, Haaland took positions publicly cosponsoring the Green New Deal, prohibiting all gas and oil leasing on federal lands, and displaying hostility toward Alaska Native people and systems just because they are different from the Lower 48 model she is familiar with—that I believe would clearly negatively impact Alaska and America. In normal times, this would be an easy ‘no’ vote.”

    Her hostility toward Alaska Native I feel is sufficient cause to vote no. Her hostility toward Alaska Native is racist and hateful.

  25. We rarely hear from Dan Sullivan. Its for the most part been no news is good news. Now that we have an administration that is very hostile toward us, we should expect more. Looks like Dan has spent too much time in DC and has become corrupted, or just does not to make waves. He should make waves as Alaska depends on it.

  26. Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling! Your vote didn’t do your political career any favors in Alaska!

  27. Start the AKGOP favorited method of virtue signaling and start the censure process and get him out of office.

  28. I guess time will tell if the strategy will work. And whether I agree with Sullivan’s position or not I do appreciate his clarification.

    I do not agree with the premise that voting ‘yah’ is synonymous with ‘selling ones soul’. How many of us voted for Trump in the 2016 general because there really was no other option? I did not like Trump, did not like his world view, did not vote for him in the 2016 primary, but voted for him in the general election. Not because I liked everything about him or agreed with him. .

  29. My guess is that yes vote will do nothing to appease joe’s admin. Expect a big middle finger. Hope I am wrong.

  30. Dan Sullivan….this long excuse was like your touting your military career… were sitting on your butt when the forces went to war after 9/11. One six week stint a few months ago is not the same and you have lost your cool. This is where you lost it as well. If you follow an idiot like Murkowski, you may end up in the same straight jacket without the trust of this state. I don’t care if your wife is the chief’s daughter, you screwed up on this vote, for everyone in this state.

  31. I disagree with those that think this vote was a mistake. The Alaskan Native groups are a powerful political force in this state. Senator Sullivan has done an outstanding job representing Alaska’s interest. In my opinion this vote to confirm does not diminish his standing as an outstanding Republican Senator. Those of you who claim RINO are not being very realistic about his contributions to conservatives in this state.

    • From Danny’s letter: “As a congresswoman, Haaland took positions publicly—cosponsoring the Green New Deal, prohibiting all gas and oil leasing on federal lands, and displaying hostility toward Alaska Native people and systems just because they are different from the Lower 48 model she is familiar with—that I believe would clearly negatively impact Alaska and America.”

      Why would Alaska Natives support Haaland considering her openly hostile stance toward them? For example, ASRC, for one, depend on oil as their primary source of income.

  32. You surprised me with your vote !!! I will never vote for you again !! I am sick to even your name ! You screwed over the state to maybe get a few votes !! I bet Ohio needs you more !!! Move Back !!!

  33. Very disappointing. Compromise to today’s left/prog is a sign of weakness. To think you actually believe that THEY will compromise is unbelievable. Haaland doesn’t make the decisions on what the Biden admin will do to Alaska. The left has proven that they can play hardball. It’s time to grab your bat, Dan, not your fly swatter.

  34. The longer this rationalization went on, the less persuasive it became. If it waddles like surrender, whimpers like surrender and feels like surrender — it is surrender. Senator Sullivan should listen to some of Churchill’s speeches or read a biography of Chesty Puller. He is not doing his job.

  35. DK , my son an infantry Marine Sgt. spent 8 years fighting in Afghanistan in real combat situations, not with the gear in the rear… he might have a different take on the Senators vote, since it regards energy independence.

    • Afghanistan has some of the richest, untapped mineralization in the world. That’s what lured Russia there.
      Almost no regulation, with corrupt central and local governments. Guaranteed massive, obscene even, profits.

  36. U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan opposed the Pebble Mine.
    “Let me be even more clear: I oppose Pebble Mine. No Pebble Mine,” he wrote on Twitter…
    Sullivan came out against the mine last month, too. He said then he agreed with an agency decision that a permit could not be issued. But that statement was nearly buried among paragraphs stressing his support for resource extraction. It comes after Pebble executives were caught on tape saying Sullivan was helping them by staying in a corner and keeping quiet.” Alaska Public Media Sept. 25, 2020
    Sullivan was all for the Pebbled mine until he became butt hurt for getting outed for his behind the scene complicity. He was angry and lashed out, doing a 180 about face … which was nothing more than damage control. I had written a comment about this at the time, about his damage control reaction.
    The above is neither a pro or con Pebble mine comment. It’s a comment on Sullivan’s apparent two faces … to show that he’s consistent … to show that he can be trusted to not be trustworthy.

  37. Sullivan –
    A Marine? He would be the first to run an hide. What a disgrace.
    Add me to the NEVER Lisa, NEVER Dan.
    Total privileged swamp creature.
    I hope there is a politician purgatory for these people.

  38. Sullivan is a seat-warmer at best. We are going to have to replace two RINOs in the next 5 years. Joe Miller, your time is coming. I hope your available. Sarah, you might have to step up the plate too and help each other through difficult times. We need some leaders.

    Lets start in Anchorage by voting in Dave Bronson for Mayor.

  39. “ It’s also important to keep in mind that a “no” vote would’ve made no difference in Congresswoman Haaland’s confirmation.”

    Well, so much for taking a principled stand.

    Sullivan is an excellent example of a Republican who has no ideological foundation to stand on.

    Not too bright either for voting for a woman who has a demonstrated history of unfriendliness toward Alaska in the dim witted hope that his yes vote (that he admits makes zero difference) will sway her.

    Sullivan is a disappointment and he’ll never be getting my vote again.

  40. I firmly disagree with every reason that Senator Sullivan gave for his “yes” vote to confirm Deb Haaland to the Secretary of the Interior for the Biden/harris administration. To think that by voting to confirm Ms Haaland would give Senator Sullivan some sort of leverage to influence her about Alaskan oil and native issues is politically naive.

  41. Danny is another squish.
    The personification of a RINO.
    Always willing to sacrifice principals – so he is invited to the cocktail parties in DC.
    Displaying weakness to Democrats never makes them more amenable to cooperation – it emboldens them.
    Trump showed you losers how to fight.
    Vote this bum out!

  42. You’ve already admitted that she didn’t need your vote. If she doesn’t need your vote, she has ZERO obligation to keep her word to you. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! When the time comes to betray you, she’ll just say the same thing you just said “These are not normal times, Dan, I have to do what I need to do for the good of the country.” And that’ll be that.

    Bad move, Sullivan. You made a deal with the devil.

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