Anchorage police change up Nixle contract, switch to app system of notification


Beginning April 12, Anchorage Police Department will no longer be sending text notifications through the Nixle system. Instead, the department is switching to email and the Everbridge Mobile app, which is a Nixle product.

The department said the change is due to rate increases at Nixle, which is a service that gives users public safety updates over their cell phone, via email, and via web, customized to their location. More than 8,000 agencies, fire and police departments, schools, hospitals use some version of Nixle for critical situations such as severe weather events, evacuations, safety hazards, security threats, and IT/telecom disruptions.

The Everbridge Mobile App can be downloaded onto a smart phone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. It allows users to customize what type of information they receive and from which agencies

Once the Everbridge Mobile App is downloaded, select the Anchorage Police Department and activate “push notifications” to ensure you are receiving all messages from APD. For more information, click this link.


  1. Average user rating for this app is 2.2!
    Apparently not a good choice by the APD!
    Read the reviews to see why.

  2. After reading reviews, and experiencing similar issues with setting up account, I think this is just another backward step by Anchorage that fits perfectly with its inept, corrupt, laughable leadership. I wouldn’t touch the app with a 10 foot socialist.

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