Troopers warn of bad drugs causing overdose deaths in Mat-Su Valley


The Alaska State Troopers took an unusual step Friday by warning that a lethal batch of illegal drugs appears to be circulating in the Mat-Su, leading to deaths.

Troopers responded to several suspected overdoses this week in the Valley.

“At this time, at least three people are believed to have died as a result of drugs likely containing fentanyl, and at least 11 other overdose emergencies have been reported to law enforcement, since April 1,” Troopers said in a statement.

“While the use of illegal drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine is always discouraged, law enforcement encourages anyone who uses illegal drugs in the Mat-Su area to take extra caution at this time, due to high levels of potency in current circulation,” the Troopers said.

The Alaska Department of Health’s Project Hope provides Narcan free of charge, which can help reverse an overdose; you can locate a distribution site and learn more at this link.

“Law enforcement officers in South Central Alaska are aggressively investigating the source of these illicit narcotics. If you or anyone that you know has any information about drug trafficking in the Mat-Su area please call Alaska State Troopers at (907) 352-5401, or to remain anonymous submit a tip on the AKtips smartphone app or online at:,” the agency wrote.


  1. Arrest Joe Biden, he’s the Drug Kingpin that is responsible for Fentenyal coming across the Southern Border. MAGA.

  2. Soooo…….what. am. I to. do about others choices. I have my life to take care.. Encouraging the community be snitchers is really low of government.

    • What if you know someone and they say they have a semi automatic and ammo they are enroute to Wasilla Middle School to blow the brains out of kids there.

      Would you snitch to (government) law enforcement after snitching to the (government) school then?

      • Maureen,

        I think it’s fundamentally different if someone is taking illegal drugs, recreationally or otherwise. It may kill them, but its not the same as having “a semi-automatic and ammo and they are enroute to Wasilla Middle School”.

        I personally don’t think we need to grow the government or “snitch” to them on people making personal choices. Calling in the cops for a credible threat to kids is an entirely different thing. That is a classic strawman argument.

        I’m a small government guy tho – so less is more, in general.

  3. It’s a proven fact that a large portion of these illegal dangerous drugs are coming across the southern border. Beings that the current administration is completely ignorant to this fact, it’s not much of a stretch to claim they are complicit. If you voted for Joe Biden, thank yourself for this travesty as you definitely get what you voted for!

  4. It’s time for another constitutional amendment to end prohibition. The experiment to prohibit alcohol created more problems than it cured, so that generation reversed course. Prohibition of drugs hasn’t been any different. Over flowing prisons and militarized police make a mockery of America as the land of the free.

    The war on drugs is another forever war with no end in sight. Bureaucrats, politicians, and drug dealers make out nicely. Regular folks are getting robbed, going to jail, or dying because they have no idea what’s in their dope.

    It seems the more we spend the worse the drug problems get. Time for some accountability for all that money we spend trying hide our drug problems behind bars.

    • Oddly, the dope fiends that are in jail are not causing me any problems. On the other hand, the ones on the street are the issue……

    • If these people aren’t in jail, they are either…robbing to support their habit or dealing deadly drugs and killing people. Do you have a better suggestion?

      • Well obviously the problem fixes itself.
        Legal weed has cleared the way for responsible workers to make money by avoiding drug use.
        Very rarely do gangs attack people with no connections to drug sales.
        Dope fiends usually don’t keep guns long as they sell them for drugs…

        Legal non users should get a reward for ending a criminal commiting a crime. Just double their pfd if they end a druggies’ career.

  5. Meanwhile, the epidemic of the even worse drug of radical leftist extremism is absolutely devastating Anchorage. Ironically, those most under its influence are those who most strongly insist that they are fine, and that everyone else should become addicted to it as well.

  6. Um, doing illegal drugs is, um, illegal. It’s also very risky. You have no idea where that garbage came from or what’s really in it.

    Maybe if you didn’t indulge….

    • So the solution is to put a Mexican drug cartel on your Christmas card list then. That’s a bit harsh but I agree that we could do w/ fewer folks in the societal detritus category and yours would be a way of accomplishing that.

    • Agreed, but there’s more to if. As I understand (could be wrong) this stuff is getting to be everywhere.

      It rubs off on things and can travel to third parties not intending to take illegal drugs.

      And as much as we’d all like it to not happen, kids are prone to doing stupid things. Especially under peer pressure.

      Ordinarily I’d be fine with buyer beware, but this stuff is lethal in small doses.

      If only we had a president who gave a damn about the border.

      • If only Alaska had a criminal justice system that would do its job and enforce the laws. But since the defense, the prosecutors and the judges are all sobbing with pity over these junkies who only cause chaos, heartbreak, fear to everyone and every thing they touch, then we don’t have much left but disdain for them who care nothing about anything except themselves.

  7. This is not a problem; this should be a cause for celebration. Perhaps it will reduce the number of drug-caused home break ins and other theft crimes. It’s clearly a case of more is better.

    • So to be clear: you support increased fatal overdoses? You want more of them?

      And you want to celebrate the nation has a drug crisis?

      • More of the former. To celebrate the latter would be to celebrate FJB so no on the latter.

      • Yes, more fatal ODs, please. Preferably before they get to the hospital and cost us 100k dollars. Them dead will protect the lives of my loved ones.

  8. Not every fatality was an attempt to get HIGH. There are a lot of accidental deaths. Just look at the CANDY LIKE PILLS in the picture above..A lot of deaths Nationally are children.

    • That’s the risk. This crap is getting everywhere and putting people who have no idea they are messing with it at risk.

      If this was like crack or meth, Id be more inclined to say life has consequences. But it’s gotten beyond that.

  9. If only they weren’t being forced to take illegal drugs just for the fun of it…so sad, so very sad.

  10. Meanwhile, the Biden admin believes it’s more important to fight climate change and take away gas stoves so we don’t die.

  11. The drugs in Alaska are not coming into our state by land. The Canadians would never allow this. If you really think think about it, all that is necessary is to inspect more thoroughly at our ports of entry. There’s always next to no enforcement there. Plus, a foreign carrier can easily clear US customs with a quick and sometimes unnecessary fuel stop in Anchorage, then go on to major U.S. cities. The mules on the south border are nothing but a diversion. There’s next to no DEA in Alaska. That is why we are such a great cargo hub. It would be very possible to eliminate most drugs from entering our state. Before they hit the street.

  12. How about a Quick Death Penalty for Distributors. Since that is what they are doing to us. Fentenyal is probably China’s Chemical attack on the USA, just as Covid was the first Bio Attack.This substance is TOO LETHAL to be allowed anywhere. There already
    is enoughh in this country to kill every American. Wake Up.

  13. The other sad part of the story is that for many of these people, their drug addiction started with a broken bone. And when their pain prescription ran out they found out that they had an addiction and began buying their drugs on the street. It really can happen to anyone who does not handle pain well. The suppliers of these “medications “ are the ones who need to be targeted, be it the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, or street suppliers. We should all be aware of the Chinese involvement, since that is the main source.

  14. Having a hard time conjuring up any sympathy here, unless someone innocent gets hurt.

    Seriously, you have some tweaked moron without a degree in anything cutting your drugs for you, geee what could possibly go wrong. “Yo, Hand me that bottle of drano Sam, it all works”

  15. Bad drug alerts by Alaska State Troopers.

    This is outrageous and too late.

    I was recruited to b
    serve as the National Director for Secretary Tommy Thompson’s Indian Country Methamphetamine Initiative in 2006.

    That is why I resigned from the Alaska Native Health Board President/CEO position.

    Human trafficking, bad drugs, silos and turf wars within levels of policing, mental health, domestic violence, Murdered and Missing Women and children.


    Law enforcement lacks traditional knowledge. Think about how you savor the sweet meat of a king crab and what that crab feeds upon.

  16. Leadership before crisis. People in Alaska have been dying because of “bad drugs” – my question is who is the one in Matsu Valley that just died that weilds the power to escalate this epidemic to pandemic?

    Someone who has an influential family who died or who IN A SAID influential family that participated or dealt the drugs with a family who has the connections and means to get ahead of the story.

    Either way. State troopers are so ineffective that they reduced themselves to an outdated, untimely, self-preserving sound byte.

    With TODAYS technology there is no excuse for the “after the fact” clean up job the state troopers pride themselves upon.

    The VPSO system places local people that sacrifice themselves by signing on as unarmed first responders with the ultimate lack of authority for both jurisdictional and personal safety.

    This is unconstitutional and against human rights.

    Traditional knowledge is heresay and deemed unsubstantiated by outsiders that have zero knowledge or training- but abundant in self-importance.

    And then to double down, local “law enforcers” in our hub communities are ineffective and do not care about local people to the same degree they advocate for missing white people.

    To be clear, a rural Alaska city manager that created a soft landing for her chief of police that was sued by her own sister.

    We the people need to hold the shift and shuffle movers and shakers accountable.

    This is a today in age replica of the historic practice of shifting and shuffling priests throughout our villages.

    Clarissa didn’t stand on her dads neck to make herself more native. She was always native and the light of her dads eye and heart. That is why she fought and won. He taught her.

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