Female swimmer attacked by transgenders in San Francisco after speaking out for women athletes


University of Kentucky champion swimmer Riley Gaines was chased, harassed, and ultimately physically attacked by a group of transgender activists in San Francisco, where she was speaking at San Francisco State University on behalf of Turning Point USA.

“The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU,” Gaines wrote on social media. She was barricaded in a room for nearly three hours after violent protesters poured into the venue at the end of her presentation and began shrieking, chanting, menacing, and closing in on her.

At one point, Gaines, who lost a NCAA swimming championship trophy to transgender Lia Thomas of University of Pennsylvania, was punched twice. Several police and campus security officers surrounded her and escorted her to a safe room.

“As the deranged mob filled the classroom, officers and event volunteers rushed Gaines out through a separate back room exit. Gaines was chased down the hallway by protesters where she was hit twice by a man wearing a dress. The trans-activists verbally attacked her with intense hatred and vitriol while uncontrollably and incoherently screaming, displaying an utter lack of sanity,” Turning Point USA wrote on its website.

“I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man. This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces.” Gaines wrote, following the event. “Still only further assures me that I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder.”

Gaines later wrote, “I feel so supported by the influx of support and encouraging messages today. Thank you to @TPUSA for the event! If nothing else, I hope people have been eye opened to the threat women face when they dare speak out. I’ll be on @TuckerCarlson tonight to discuss the event further.”

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, later pointed out that this is the third time in a week that TPUSA speakers on campuses have been attacked.

“In just one week, violent radicals on THREE of America’s university campuses have attacked TPUSA events and speakers from coast to coast. Last night at SFSU, TPUSA hosted a Saving Women’s Sports event with star swimmer @Riley_Gaines_ when radical Trans activists physically assaulted her and then barricaded her in a safe room for hours,” Kirk wrote on Twitter.

“On Tuesday night, another TPUSA event at the University of Albany featuring pro-life speaker @ighaworth was interrupted by Anti-Christian, far-left students who proceeded to destroy a Bible. And last Thursday, far-left students hijacking a pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University featuring TPUSA speaker @theisabelb and Students for Life’s @KristanHawkins, as protesters threw punches and injured a chapter president. All of this comes just weeks after a violent Antifa mob assaulted cops and shattered glass attempting to break into my event at UC Davis. When every campus conservative speaker is labeled a Nazi, a fascist, a racist, or as somehow wanting a “trans genocide” by radical student groups and their allies in the mainstream media and administrations, these domestic extremists feel free to assault and terrorize. Enough is enough. There must be real legal, educational, and career consequences for these criminals, and conservative states must lead the way. I will personally make myself available to any lawmakers who want advice on how best to proceed,” Kirk wrote.

Top photo: Riley Gaines, Instagram


  1. The trans mob is violent and getting more so. It’s time to push back hard.

    Biden’s DOJ will not do a damn thing. For some reason they have put all their political clout behind a disturbed less than 1% of the population

  2. Who are these ignorant feral children and where are their parents? Or are the parents just as ignorant and feral? Time for criminal charges and civil penalties.

  3. Ah, once again, behold the much-vaunted, so-called “tolerance” of the radical leftist extremists.
    I guess this female swimmer was just a little too ‘diverse’ for them.

  4. Gaines should find a lawyer with an ax to grind and sue everyone involved into oblivion.

  5. Mental illness was, and still is a problem. These radicals thinking that they can do whatever they want, up to and including physically assaulting people just for their differing viewpoints. This needs to be stopped with no further delay. Those who are protecting, and thereby encouraging this sort of activity also need to face similarly severe consequences for their actions, which are also unacceptable. If one’s job is involved with maintaining order, and one intentionally works to further other purposes that are contrary to that, they deserve, at the least, to find themselves walking down the road counting mailboxes.

  6. I sincerely hope this woman does two things:

    1. File charges against the um, individuals, that attacked her.

    2. Sue NCAA for defrauding her of an NCAA Championship.

    • And the school, the people responsible for security, the President, whatever VP is over the security, all of them.

  7. The headline here is obviously trans-phobic.
    It should have read “Birthing person attacked by transsexual heroes in San Francrisco after speaking out for menstruating person athletes”.

  8. I wonder how many people have to die before Biden forced his DOJ to deal with the violence in the tranny community?

    Hopefully not a bunch, but I’m not betting against it.

  9. So proud of brave Riley! As painful & sad as it may be to female athletes, I think they should just all walk away from any competition that has them competing against a biological man. Do it all together and make a statement, again and again in every sport. Because they have no chance of winning anyway

  10. The Riley Gaines lady everyone is defending contributed strongly to the problem she now seeks to remedy. Through her career, she and fellow women athletes condoned the charade of men masquerading as women. They referred to them as women. They referred to them with feminine pronouns. They did what it took to be woke and acceptable to their peers and authorities…. until the chickens came home to roost…. as a man competing with them. Only when the charade finally hit Gaines in her pocketbook did she cry foul…. a day late and a dollar short. She is no hero; she reacted to the problem only when it cost her too much.
    This fact pattern is reminiscent of useful idiots supporting the Nazi ideology of genocide in 1940 Germany.

    • Miss Gaines was told that if she wanted to swim she had to tolerate men swimming against her, and since her entire life to that point was wrapped up in competitive swimming, she did as she was told. You apparently would prefer she give up her lifelong dream to be a martyr of some kind. That is not the same thing as being the sort of hypocrite you seem to want to make her into. She put up with the BS long enough to race her races, and then discovered that toeing the line didn’t help. I fail to see how this is some kind of weakness on her part. Crusade all you like, but don’t mistreat those who have already suffered.

      • Tamra, you made my point. You acknowledge that Gaines agreed to the dirty lie that a man can become a woman… until, at the finish line, it cost her everything she worked for. You are right to call her a hypocrite because she should have called out the nonsense in the beginning. The reason the nonsense is metastasizing in our culture is because to few of us call it out… for fear of retribution. Collectively, this cowardice is a weakness on the part of all of us. I admit it. Why can’t you do so as well?

  11. Just like the Wonk Democratic agenda play the game as queer as one can get away with, until they/you become the target of your own doing ! I have little to no sympathy for this “I am a women now “, so don’t treat me like this … You made your bed now except that your own kind can’t except the hypocrisy. Just be what you really are …. no worries! Ma’am / man! Wayne, your point is well taken !

  12. Suzanne,

    Lia Thomas was on the UPENN team. Not Penn State.

    One of their old football coaches just likes to touch little boys.

  13. Not yet Sodom.. .but This mob reveals a tiny image of the violent mob (who wanted to rape) that was before Lot’s door. And Lot was so complicit he called that mob “his friends” and offered his daughters. Not a very good dad. Anchorage residents who want to runaway because of dissappointing election results consider this
    we are running out of spaces to retreat away from mobs, crime, laziness, and high taxes and inflation. You
    be faced by the only option to get involved, so may just as well grind at your neighborhood council doing the work before it as well attend to your outside interests you want to see improved; which i think a conservatives “outside interests” would be churches, youth clubs, homeless shelters, senior support, treatment services aside presciding over political work at the neighborhood council. There are neighbors in anchorage like aged, widows, disabled, orphans, fatherless, the illiterate to do the work they can’t do at a neighbored council for a start to give a push back the unevitable lawlessness coming.

    • Jen, see my points above. We agree its past time we took a stand. The nonsense should have been nipped in the bud before it metastasized like the social cancer it is. I am encouraged to see others, like you, recognize the problem is ourselves rather than the wayward, foolish, children promoting the lies. We must stand firm in His Word.

  14. Reminder:
    To the radical leftists your free speech is violence against them.
    Their physical violence against anyone who says something they do not like, is self defense.
    Also, expect this to get worse, just in time for the 2024 elections.

    • By your logic friend, my violent reaction (not yet anyway…) to trans violence would be justified because their screaming and assaults are violence against my sense of decency and normalcy. To allow this canceling and violence against anything the alt-left disagrees with is to trigger a civil war. Prosecution must commence at once.

      • Rich:
        Nope. Your violent reaction to trans violence is actual violence, punishable by law. See, the left has their own set of rules. It goes something like this “We are always right.”
        The first axiom of politics is always in effect.
        The action being taken by the person is not what causes the offense.
        The political affiliation of the person taking action causes the offense.
        The left can be racist, the right cannot
        The left can condone riots, the right commits insurrections.
        The left can declare science is whatever they want it to be, the right cannot even question the left’s conclusions. (You know… science is the process of questioning.)

  15. When I saw this on TheBlaze, they mentioned: ‘A TPUSA spokesman told Fox News Digital that the mob had been “organized by SFSU’s Queer and Trans Resource Center.”‘

    I was alarmed! Didn’t UAA just open their new Queer and Trans Resource Center? Is this what they are for?

  16. Miss Gaines was assaulted by a group of rabid animals. It’s unbelievable how far and how fast this nation is falling. It’s well past time that the group of work hard, love our family and country conservatives start pushing back. The video of her attack is nauseating. Thank you to her for standing tall and I am sorry this happened to her in America.

    • Doug, you are right. See my comments in agreement above. Miss Gaines is remiss in that she waited far too long to take a stand against the lies as she agreed the man was a woman until… finally… it cost her everything she worked so hard for. Our entire culture will experience the same fate as Miss Gaines because we continue to tolerate the lies for fear that speaking out will cost us too much. .

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