Trans-competition: Alaska Board of Education to take up question of boys competing as girls


The Alaska Board of Education will convene in Soldotna this week to discuss, among other topics, a regulation that could restrict male students’ ability to compete as females in some school sports.

If passed, the proposed regulation would prevent boys from competing on girls’ teams in situations where those teams are set up exclusively for girls. Students would be limited to either participating in multi-gender sports teams or joining a team specifically designated for their actual gender, as determined by their biology. Sometimes this is called “gender assigned at birth” by those who believe gender is a social construct.

The vote will determine whether the proposal should proceed to a 30-day public comment period or be dead in the water.

The issue has been a contentious topic in various states. As of now, 21 states have policies in place that prevent male students from participating in sports or other activities based on their preferred female gender identities. These rules typically apply to teams made up of children in middle or high school. School sports organizations across the nation have implemented a range of regulations on this matter.

The U.S. Department of Education, under the Biden Administration, is trying to prevent these policies from spreading and has begun its own regulatory process to allow flexibility for boys who want to compete as girls. The Biden Administration is walking a tightrope, as most parents understand the need to allow girls to play on a level field with other girls.

Several instances of injuries to girls in competitions in which boys have been assigned to girls’ teams have been reported, fueling concerns among athletes and parents. Numerous trophies and awards have been won by male athletes in competitions that were previously exclusively reserved for female athletes.

The question of whether boys can compete on girls’ track, volleyball, or soccer teams comes at a time when Matt Walsh’s documentary, “What is a Woman” has become the one of the most successful documentaries ever.

The question also comes at a time when a significant court case is underway. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief Friday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit urging it to protect equal opportunity for girls’ athletics.

Although the rule would apply to both sexes, it’s almost unheard of for girls to be winning trophies in boys athletic divisions. This is mainly about protecting female athletes.

In March, the state Board of Education passed a resolution supporting girls’ athletics and asking the state athletics governing group to get control of the situation.

But the Alaska School Activities Association Board of Directors met and decided it was up to the state, not a nonprofit organization. The group’s rules say that, for now at least, it’s a decision that local school districts must set for themselves.

Alaska State Sen. Loki Tobin (she/her) sent a stinging letter to the state Board of Education, expressing her strong objection to the regulation:

“I am alarmed by the proposed regulation change to interscholastic activities that will be considered at the upcoming State Board of Education and Early Development meeting in Soldotna. These changes not only supersede anticipated federal guidance prohibiting such blanket trans athlete bans, but they also undermine local control and parental rights, which are guiding principles in education policy in the State of Alaska,” wrote the Democrat from urban Anchorage.

“It is unfathomable to me why State Board members would weigh into a topic that is so publicly divisive without any authorizing legislation passed by the Alaska Legislature and signed into law by the Governor to indicate a need for regulatory change. Furthermore, I find it especially appalling that the Department of Education and Early Development is justifying discrimination against trans and non-binary children by referencing Alaska Statute 14.18.040, which prohibits discrimination in recreational and athletic activities. I hope that you reject enshrining a regulation that unfairly targets and discriminates against trans and non-binary children who are simply trying to be children,” Tobin wrote.

Tobin went on to explain that she participated in wrestling as a youngster against males and had no problems.

“I would note that there is a provision in Alaska law that allows official documents like a birth certificate to be corrected or amended. I am assuming your misguided intent is for the Department of Education and Early Development, ASAA, or some other entity to be able to ignore an amended birth certificate in favor of an original interpretation about who a person is based on their genitalia. By continuing to pursue this proposed regulatory change, you are putting our already struggling school districts in danger of legal action that could harm public school systems across Alaska. For what purpose?” Tobin wrote.

The Alaska Board of Education will meet in the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Chambers, 144 N. Binkley Street, Soldotna on June 7-8. This item is set for the June 8 agenda, which is at this link.


  1. How can it be anything but obvious that minor age males should not be viewed as females. There is mixed gender teams in wrestling but not after around junior high.
    I remember Loki Tobins parents in Nome. Fairly normal people. Wonder how she became so mentally screwed up?

    • Oh- Loki’s parents be proud of their daughter, it could be worse they could be watching their daughter ( their beautiful little girl) in and out of relationships while being a single mother always looking for a husband to help her with life, out every other saturday drinking alcohol, and more depressed cause of all her failures instead of being pumped up by the successes she has in her life today; just like peltola’s late mother was proud of her, it could be worse she could had ended up like so many Natives have found themselves facing today, another Native on Anchorage’s street.

      • She just needs somebody else’s husband. RIGHT? Isn’t that a bit mentally ill, tho? Here’s a true story. There was this guy from Ireland. Had the gift with ladies and great legs. He could get away quick. Well before he got off the boat he had one lassie knocked up and after he made it to New York City married another one. All on Seventh Avenue. Well as luck would have it a bad accident on the dock left him sadly with one leg not two. End of jobs and the back and forth on Seventh. Illicit sinning has its natural limits. Don’t lie to yourself.

        • Is it odd that we don’t care about all of the trans men competing in sports and walking away with scholarships or in the locker room and showers. …..I wonder anyone else wonder?

    • Goes back to proverb, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. You can ( carefully) train your child on the word of God. Even if the child becomes a prodigal, there is good chance he will return to his father’s (or mother’s or grandparent’s) instruction. Just like if you train up in the ideals, idols, and values of our sinful world then that’s how he will live when he’s old.
      And Peltola must being doing something right as a (Native) parent. That Family formal portrait of her and all those Yupik children and grandchildren lined up all look like the kind of children my daughter would play with. They look smart, determined, and considerate.

  2. When boys compete against girls it’s not competition, it’s cheating…Every time I ponder “What insanity will arise next, some leftist responds, “Here, hold my Bud Lite”

  3. I think boys should be able to compete with
    girls on any sport just as soon as they start
    having a regular monthly period complete
    with cramps, headache, backache & bad temper

  4. Senator Tobin is strongly encouraging her peeps to call in to the State Board of Ed opposing their effort to keep trans out of girl sports. Here is her Tweet which should help all of us who support girl sports with the call-in numbers: löki gale (she/her)
    May 30
    To comment, join online at ‘ or call 1-253-215-8782 (toll free) and selecting *9 on your phone’s keypad (Meeting ID 993 9148 2721). Limit is 3 minutes and they can move to only hear people in the room if the public comment goes longer than 2 hours.

  5. This is only an issue because the radical Democrats are seeking another avenue for division. People with any common sense and rational gray matter understand that a penis and a vagina belong to members of the opposite sex.
    Any biological issues beyond these two exclusive categories requires intense psychotherapy, and quite probably institutionalization.

  6. This is absolutely ridiculous, science dictates who and what we are, nowadays a lot of people are unhappy with what god gave us . Breast implants, face lifts, changing their sex, etc. that’s all well and good, but not at the expense of other people. They have rights as well

  7. Can a motorcyclist self identify as a bicyclist and compete in the Tour de France?
    Asking for a friend.

  8. Rep. Rosa Delacroix calls for more funding for female crash test dummies to start the fight for gender equality in vehicle safety and crash victims.
    Could that be because women are anatomically different? I think so

  9. Wake up people. What sex you are born that is you – male or female.
    Let girls/females only play girls sports.

  10. Wow look how far woman’s rights have fallen. We mom you do not need any government entity telling you how to play sports. Start your own leagues and invite who you want. Start your own records and winners without the feds telling you no.

  11. I find it interesting that over 85% of Trans are men wanting to be a woman. I think this is definitely a mental dysphoria and perversion from a lack of male self-esteem. There is no benefit from creating any special groups of people in the world with special privileges just because of who they imagine they are. If that’s the case, then where does it stop? If you want me to believe that a man is a woman, then you have to believe that I don’t agree you are. Interesting, isn’t it?

    Let focus on reading, writing and math again for kids and let’s let the parents raise them like we used to.

  12. Loki-Tobin, Andrew Gray, Gray-Jackson, Forrest Dunbar are all actively supporting this transformation of cross gender sports. If there is that much confusion as to who or what they are they definitely need to develop another division for those who want to be other than what they are born with considering the rapidly growing numbers of those individuals who desire to be something else. At the rate it is growing that group of athletes could soon be dominant by numbers.
    I am cringing at the thought of what the Miss America Pageant will soon look like ): Bud Lite being the only sponsor! Just think about what we are witnessing folks? The degradation and eventual downfall of the greatest Nation on Earth.

  13. Suspend your sense of right and wrong, and legal or illegal for a moment. The male body and the female body are different. And they start developing differently at very young ages. The male body develops a heavier skeletal structure and stronger/larger muscles. The female body develops in specialized ways to further child bearing. These are simple biological facts. If one of these bodies is surgically or chemically altered to resemble the other gender, it is simply a look-a-like. The genetic code that governs the development of that body has still not been altered.

    Therefore, why would society allow a male body to physically compete against a female body, in any sport that relies on strength and speed? We would separate the two into individual categories, the same way we separate wrestlers and boxers. In both wrestling and boxing, each person (males in most of these cases) is grouped with others by weight. Not a perfect system but one that gets opponents reasonably matched. It also prevents matching one opponent that is disproportionately larger/smaller than the other. Which is, in effect, what is happening when male and female bodies are matched together.

    Want to know what can happen when the male and female bodies are matched together in a contact sport? Look what a trans woman named Fallon Fox did to a woman named Tamikka Brents. Fox fractured Brents skull in an MMA match. This is the potential physical danger to a woman any time she is matched with a trans woman in a contact sport. In a non contact sport, the woman will not get physically damaged but will nearly always be at a physical disadvantage. Think Lea Thompson. Mediocre male swimmer, but once he declared himself a woman, immediately rose to the top and took NCAA titles. How is that fair to any woman ranked below Thompson?

      • I agree that she made the final choice to climb into that ring. But, remember that this fight was sanctioned by the ‘leaders’ of the sport. They are supposed to control the matches to insure safety and fair competition. What was their thought process and has that process changed after that particular fight?

  14. “…discriminates against trans and non-binary children…” Well, you see, Loki, the problem here is NOT discrimination. The problem here is that there is NO SUCH THING as trans and non-binary children. There are sick-minded, or at best horribly misguided, teachers, administrators, and yes, even parents who insist upon forcing these twisted ideologies on children. Why? the purpose and reason behind this huge push has nothing to do with anyone’s rights. It has everything to do with establishing blind, unquestioning obedience to authoritarian government, ESPECIALLY in children. – M.John

  15. “Tobin went on to explain that she participated in wrestling as a youngster against males and had no problems.”
    Liar. Unless you consider a young boy mopping the mat w/ your dumb ass to be no problem.

    Wasn’t this idiot ineligible for the seat? And how was Soldotna chosen as the meeting place for such a group?

  16. Only the weakest of males want to compete physically with women.
    Only the weakest of intellects celebrate it.

      • While I can applaud the creativity, I cannot condone cheating at this level. Either compete competitively or stay out.
        Pretending to change gender so that you can get a trophy is bad enough.
        Celebrating that lie, and demanding that everyone else celebrate equally is abhorrent.

  17. We know that without age groups, competition would undeniably be unfair. Younger, smaller youth players aren’t expected to go up against physically developed older competitors. As we get older we begin to lose muscle mass and are susceptible to more injury and recovery, so we have senior divisions. How can athletic organizations acknowledge that easily identifiable truth, but have allowed trans athletes to compete against women for so long? Without the invaluable specifications of age, weight, and sex you’re eliminating a large group of athletes from ever achieving victory and drastically increasing the potential for life altering injuries. It’s only been 50 years since women were granted fair opportunities in athletics, and now it’s once again being taken away.

    The saddest part is that women have been bullied into silence for attempting to defend their rights to fair competition and privacy in women’s locker rooms. Imagine telling a nine year old girl, showering in a pool locker room, that the man dressed as a woman standing beside her has more rights than she does. Please protect women and girls sports and private spaces.

  18. Treating gender dysphoria with buckets of hormones and surgery is like treating anexoria with liposuction and crystal meth.

  19. It is astounding to me and disheartening to witness this level of deterioration in our society in a few short years. Biological males competing in women’s sports should not even be a topic of conversation. The “Trans” and whatever letter of the “alphabet people” have always constituted a minute segment of our global population. There is a concerted effort from a small segment that is pushing the Globalist One World Order agenda. I believe this is one way they are employing the age old strategy of “Divide and Conquer”. They know full well that this whole trans/alphabet promotion flies in the face of Judeo/Christian values, fully expect and relish the backlash that we currently witness. Thusly the divide. Hats off to crusaders like Riley Gaines, who courageously bring this absurdity to the forefront. One solution, as distasteful as it may be would be the creation of a “non binary” category for competitive sports. Not male? not female? fine you will then compete in the NB category and there you can Duke (or Daisy) it out as you see fit.

    • The destruction of society is just one step toward the goal.
      The real end goal is to destroy all relationships and replace them with a love of the all powerful State. Destroy marriage, and replace husbands with handouts from the State. Destroy parent/child relationships by putting the education system in the way. Destroy heterosexual relationships (complete with children and family) by destroying gender. Destroy religion because loving God stops people from worshiping at the idol of the all powerful State.
      What gets in the way of communism/socialism is relationships people have with each other. A spouses wish to place the needs of their love first. A parent’s desire to make their children successful before all. Get rid of it. All of it gets in the way.

  20. Michael, you are playing right into their agenda by using the term “biological male.” They contend biological male is not a male but is actually a female. Why are you condoning, and participating in, that narrative. There is only male and female. The adjective “biological” is only intended to confuse. Stop being confused.

  21. There is zero confusion here, and I absolutely do not condone or participate in that mentally disturbed sick narrative. People will frequently surgically castrate a male dog that is particularly aggressive or has a penchant to roam. This procedure usually solves the problem but it does not transition the animal into a female dog. Humans and warm blooded mammals are born male or female, and no amount of surgery, gender bending hormones sparkles or fluff are ever going to alter that basic fact.

  22. Save girls and girls’ sports! Put the 10 commandments back in schools! Return to teaching facts and truth in schools. Remove students and teachers who don’t like truth and facts after being warned and still don’t repent. Problems solved. There is a reason why the left uses tactics like peer pressure and disfellowship. They figured out that it works. Interesting that when the Bible mentions using those methods to bring people to repentance, it’s described by the left as bullying, abuse, phobia, discrimination, shaming, etc… The right needs to wake up and just do what the Bible says if people ignore the truth, reminders, and warnings.

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