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Rep. Peltola doubles down in support of puberty blockers for children

Identity Inc. is militantly dedicated to convincing Alaska children they should transition from one gender identity to another with the use of puberty hormone blockers.

In material published on its own website, the gender identity group says that although hormone treatments are “off label” for gender transition purposes, they have been used safely for years, a claim that is disputed by some who have gone through the treatments and suffered long-term consequences. The group provides “consent forms” for youth and their guardians to sign, showing they fully understand these consequences. The group’s health clinic then writes the prescription for the drugs for the confused children.

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Rep. Mary Peltola wants Alaskans to go to Identity Inc’s website and support the group. In a “Pride Month” social media message, Alaska’s only House representative wished everyone a “Happy Pride Month,” and encouraged Alaskans to volunteer with Identity Inc. She linked a donation page for the group.

The question of whether children can truly provide consent to chemical castration and the blocking of normal hormones is controversial, with critics explaining that children are too young to fully understand the consequences that these drugs have on them permanently.

Antony Latham, a retired general practice physician and the chair of the the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, wrote, “Gender dysphoria is a persistent distress about one’s assigned gender. Referrals regarding gender dysphoria have recently greatly increased, often of a form that is rapid in onset. The sex ratio has changed, most now being natal females. Mental health issues pre-date the dysphoria in most. Puberty blockers are offered in clinics to help the child avoid puberty. Puberty blockers have known serious side effects, with uncertainty about their long-term use. They do not improve mental health. Without medication, most will desist from the dysphoria in time. Yet over 90% of those treated with puberty blockers progress to cross-sex hormones and often surgery, with irreversible consequences. The brain is biologically and socially immature in childhood and unlikely to understand the long-term consequences of treatment. The prevailing culture to affirm the dysphoria is critically reviewed. It is concluded that children are unable to consent to the use of puberty blockers.” His paper is at this link.

But while British courts have concluded children cannot consent to puberty blockers, this new gender medicine a big business in the United States, where doctors conspire with pharmaceutical companies to hook kids on puberty-blocking drugs. The kids then become lifelong customers of Big Pharma for the chemicals needed to maintain their new gender appearance.

Rep. Peltola is pushing the chemical-gender agenda on Alaskans during Pride Month, possibly out of step with the majority of Alaskans.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. This is a crime against Humanity. We need to bring these criminals to justice in the same fashion as the old nazis of ww2. No statute of limitations.

  2. You can try to change your sex with surgery and hormones before you’re 18 but you can’t get a tattoo. Madness.

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous!! Mary Peltola is just a Democratic flunky she does whatever they say.

    This will damage kids in the future.

    Actually no one should do anything with their gender until the legal age of 18.

    I have not said this before

  4. Has anyone actually asked Mary-P “why” she supports this puberty blocker (chemical gender agenda) and/or for “what purpose” and possibly “if” the elders of her community in Bethel would support this too? Maybe(?), there’s a logical reason that makes perfect sense? But, I’m guessing not!!!
    If Mary-P supports this type of agenda, do you think she also supports a similar agenda whereby “non-natives” can now claim “native” heritage?

  5. Peltola is a dem puppet who is getting herself into hot water with most Alaskans. Prayerfully, they will be wise enough and have enough hutspa to vote her out! All you have to do is request an absentee ballot, if you don’t want to show up in person. Pretty bloomin easy!

    • She should not be in office. She was not ‘elected’ and never received the majority of votes. She basically ‘won by lottery’ sans rigged choice voting, and not an honest straight forward election. We need to get rid of RCV – if you have not yet signed the petition please do so.

    • Mary is a complete puppet of the left, no brains, all strings. Chutzpah, and i dont think we do as a voting collective. With the new deep state deeply entrenched in ranked choice voting, we are screwed and probably stuck with mary and lisa forever. Whatever the corrupt machine decides for us.
      They send out ballots to dead people, people that moved away, none of them requested ballots. This state does not clean its rolls and sends our personal and private data to george soros through ERIC every single month.

  6. You can counter protest and go volunteer at Hope Center and Anchorage Gospel Mission. It needs new type volunteers, especially Hope center people whose some employees and some volunteers working closely with the homeless agitate and yell at the homeless making their life worse and delaying their recovery longer because of stress. The homeless are supposed to behave badly they don’t know any better, the volunteers and workers are supposed to be exhibiting Galatians 5:22-23, my favorite it’s the fruit of the Spirit. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, Self-Control; against such things there is no law means there is lawlessness.

    • Both organizations have done much good but likely there are those volunteering that are also struggling with many issues.

      • Whoever believes in the Son has been Free indeed, And For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. LIVE as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Like not facing the hidden sins in our own life every morning during devotion asking God to reveal any hidden thing like impatience, fear, impulse control, insecurity.

        Us Christians like to justify behaving badly. Oh the homeless done this, oh the homeless do that, you have to yell at them. They do that cause that’s their only known way to respond when they angry, confused, and anxious. Everyone around them yelled at them. Some Christians (or people not following God or the “unreligious” are too lost to help anyone find their way when they don’t even know what the right way) are still too young in their faith to volunteer at a homeless or prison that’ll trigger their past behavior to make teaching/ displaying God’s Word ineffective to a crowd of homeless who never seen a Christian or prisoner set free by Christ. That doesn’t mean they are perfect, it does mean they aren’t yelling and increasing the stress their clients are already experiencing. Last Sunday at church some church people used your reason to quickly excuse bad behaviors to corrects offenders bad behavior. I had to over explain myself again which I don’t like to do that I been doing all my life with my own childhood dysfunctional family- over explaining until the other clearly understands.

    • They can go and thank her personally for being uninformed and having a puppet view point. She is weak.

  7. “Happy Dysfunction Month, Alaska! This month is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the mental health movement, and volunteer with groups like Hope Center and Anchorage Gospel Mission to support our Homeless neighbors and build an understanding community.” – U.S Representative Peltola

  8. Hahahaha! Sorry I had to play with our Representative’s words her being a leader and they talk and write like a template making in the insertions so easy.

  9. What the hell is wrong with these people. They are insane. Protect you children against these monsters at all costs. Every one of these child abusers belong in prison. And the grooming starts early in the government schools. Get your children out of these propaganda mills. How do you know what’s going on in the classroom? Simple… sew one of the tiny little recorders into your child’s clothing. They’re small, only about an inch square and 1/8′ thick and can be hidden anywhere. They record for about 24 hours. One parent did this to their 2 year old at daycare and found the caretaker was abusing the child and the recording sent the caretaker to prison. Be pro active when it comes to saving your children.

    • Every one that put Mary in any rank deserves what we got.
      We the voters do not do our part, 23 percent shows up!

    • Begich and Palin isn’t at fault..It was our crazy voters who didn’t understand that you had to vote ALL RED regardless of your hate/dislike for the other red candidate or not. You’re voting for all conservative people of the PARTY. Yes, after the vote, you learned your mistake, but people were saying “stay red”.

  10. Milutary tribunals are coming in July. If she has committed treason she will be tried. But since she hasn’t been in office that long I doubt she qualifies

    • Huh?
      T Range how exactly are military tribunals coming for Mary Peltola or anyone else for that matter? Military tribunals in the United States are military courts designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, operating outside the scope of conventional criminal and civil proceedings. The judges are military officers and fulfill the role of jurors.
      Mary’s actions are be despicable, but the military has no jurisdiction as per definition a tribunal deals with WAR CRIMES of enemy combatants!
      While at times it may look like it, we are not yet a banana republic…..

  11. She’s just working the liberal progressives plans to systematically destroy the future generation of children, Any one who hasn’t figured this out by now is foolish. This is there plan to fundamentally transform America .Obama’s words not mine , look it up, he said repeatedly he was going to do this countless times people, before he was elected, after his first term. And after his 2nd term. And a lot of you fools voted for him and now your all surprised, hell all his cards are being played out, this lunacy started entirely on his watch and under his administration , what’s amazing is people are still fallowing his marching orders today, the Deep State, Dept of Educatiin, even now the Military , all of them are entrenched and determined to Destroy this Country. And the bad part is they don’t even know why or what there plan is when they succeed, we have total psycho paths at work , and their on auto pilot, and still many people all over are not paying attention to what’s been obvious for for 15 years, Most the Press other then a few are all in on it aswell! Many of us seen this developing 15 years ago when he preached hope and change, and his pure intentions to fundamentally transform America.

  12. This is just appalling and Peltola is appalling as well. Gender dysphoria is becoming a sociological contagion, thanks to the gender cult, and the people peddling the ‘epidemic’ have bought into and are promoting evil.

  13. NOT NO!!!!!!! BUT HELL NO!!!!!! Will I ever back anything for gender transition. Two genders. Your choice, male or female. No alphabet soup for you.

  14. Evil, just evil. How dare she vote to permanently destroy future options for minors, let alone permanently impair brain development. These are CHILDREN, who are incapable, quite literally, of understanding the lifelong repercussions of their decisions! All the wonderful things they are sacrificing that they do not have the experience or capacity to understand. Peltola has been nothing but a disappointment & a disgrace. Ranked choice voting makes a mockery of the voting process.

    • I don’t disagree with you but what are those repercussions? From the first hormone blocker infused into their closed system they likely have rendered themselves fully sterile until Jesus, Himself, returns and heals them. What if the decree is there is no longer giving in marriage among humans? You will have (been tricked) into foreclosing your family tree. I guess native Grandmother’s don’t need their native grandchildren after all; eh Mary Yo …

  15. Lmao. Boomers getting slightly agitated by the things they didn’t vigorously resist back in 2008 are getting ready to lecture the gen x woman running the self check out at Safeway before driving back to their reverse mortgaged property in their $70,000 Chevy 2500 with zero off road miles and getting Mike Pocaro on speed dial. This is the future you chose boomers. We’re all living in it now. You wanted that pampered retirement and these are the wages of your sin.

  16. I’m just wondering just how many more years do we have to deal with this Anti-Alaskan. She hasn’t represented Alaska in most of her votes.

  17. Karma eventually will come, if not, her soul is at stake. But that’s between her and the Lord.

  18. Peltola is sold out. Unthinkable she’d sell out children as well. I’d like to see her pop one of these pills if they’re so harmless.

  19. Same arguments i remember against mixed race marriages, desegregation, same sex marriages and mixed sex sports. If you want an example of ruining children lives, see the article about a Texas school teacher fired for teaching her students about thier civil rights under the constitution.

  20. Does anybody see whats missing here right now??? Where are her supporters? Or are her supporters not available at the moment due to a lack of proper medication for them to respond?
    What a pathetic Representative We have for our once great state. She is more destructive to our youth as the the entire illegal drug culture because she is speaking out with a voice of authority supporting gender altering drugs as an elected(selected) official put in power by more out of state financial support than local instate funding support. The entire scenario should be illegal according to the original message in ballot measure 2 sham which was supposed to stop outside dark money sources from influencing elections. What a total farce!
    And to think there are actually enough fools out there who thinks SHE is working in Alaska’s best interest carrying on Don Young’s legacy??? I am amazed at how easy it is to fleece this many people and they are not even awake or care enough to pay any attention to her actions. The crucial steps she is taking will impact innocent youth that need professional counseling which ultimately can lead to suicide without the proper guidance. SHE should be held accountable for that!!!
    Once again Thanks Suzanne for keeping her in the spotlight. She deserves it daily.

    • Yes, jealousy is the only possible reason for reporting on, and challenging, a politician’s record.

      Paolo, your homework for the day is going to the dictionary and looking up the definition of “disingenuous”. Do not be surprised to see your personal photo as part of that definition.

  21. The useful puppetry of the peltola office is actually getting monotonous. I’m no longer angry with her votes as they have become as predictable as a salmon run. She has voted almost 100% against Alaska’s economic and social interests. Wake me up when she votes for something ‘normal’. THEN I’ll be surprised.

  22. Big thanks to Mike P and his Rigged Choice Voting advertisement money he took.

    Wonder what he bought with all that money.

  23. The doctors and nurses who are surgically mutilating the sex organs of people need to be arrested, tried and imprisoned for extreme violence and medical malpractice.

  24. Hey, Democrat trolls: Tell me again how much worse off Alaska would be with former Governor Sarah Palin as our Congresswoman!

  25. Peltola is a loser of the highest order pandering to the liberal “cause du jour”. Lately it is of course the promotion of the trans/alphabet agenda, this of course exacerbated by “Pride Month”. So special. Veterans get one day gays and pedophiles get a month. Why? Peltola will be a one & done just like Mark Begich, and as with Begich I will work my ass off to make that happen.

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