Anchorage’s Identity Inc. is engaged in puberty blocker treatments, but a Senate bill may put group in legal peril


In Anchorage, Identity Inc. is leading the charge to convince children to transition from one gender identity to another.

In material published on its own website, the gender identity group says that although hormone treatments are “off label” for gender transition purposes, they have been used safely for years, a claim that is disputed by some who have gone through the treatments and suffered long-term consequences.

Identity Inc. is an Alaska nonprofit community center and health clinic that provides resources, programs, and health care for the LGBTQIA2S+ and allied community, according to its website.

Identity Inc. recently posted consent forms for various chemical treatments for gender dysphoria.

But its hormone treatments for youth may put the group in legal jeopardy.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley has introduced a Senate bill that would allow people who were harmed by gender-transition procedures as minors to bring lawsuits against the participating individuals and entities.

The bill, “Protecting Our Kids from Child Abuse Act,” holds medical professionals and clinics liable for damages until 30 years after a patient turns 18.

“”What the American people are seeing take place at pediatric gender clinics in St. Louis and across the nation is appalling. Children who are harmed by these dangerous procedures, which are often irreversible and sterilizing, will now be able to fight back against those who perpetrated their abuse. And federal taxpayers will no longer be forced to foot the bill for abusive treatment,” Hawley said in a press release.

Identity Inc, has published consent form on its website to assist pre-teens in their gender identity change, starting with hormone treatments. The consent form presents itself as an authoritative document that has several places for youth and guardians to sign.

The consent form asks youthful patients to acknowledge that “using this medication to block puberty in transgender youth is an off-label use. This means it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this specific use. However it has been used for many years to block puberty in children who started puberty earlier than is healthy. I know that using a puberty blocker is based on the judgment and experience of our health care provider and is supported by the Society of Pediatric Endocrinology.”

The Identity Inc group also asks youthful patients to sign that they understand that, “I know that the side effects and the safety of these medicines are not completely understood. There may be long-term risks that are not yet known.”

View the consent forms at this Identity Inc. link.

The Senate bill, Protecting Our Kids from Child Abuse Act may put groups like Identity Inc. out of the gender-affirming business. The bill would allow a person to sue a gender-transition procedure performed on them when they were minors. The bill also would prohibit federal funding to any pediatric gender clinic, to any university or hospital that is affiliated with a pediatric gender clinic, and for any gender-transition procedure performed on minors.

Already, one well-known young person who went through a gender transition has “de-transitioned,” and is now suing the medical providers who did the procedure on her when she was younger.

Chloe Cole, 18, calls herself a “former trans kid” who de-transitioned after undergoing years of puberty blockers and a double mastectomy at age 15. She now travels the country on a mission to stop the transitioning of kids, a practice that Identity Inc. is now assisting in.

“I’m planning to keep doing this until it stops,” Cole told Catholic News Service.

Earlier this month, Sen. Hawley announced an investigation into whistleblower allegations of child abuse and potential malpractice at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

View the full bill text here.


  1. Stop these demons and incarcerate anyone who supports harming children. This is child abuse and should be treated as such.

  2. The Identity Inc group also asks youthful patients to sign that they understand that, “I know that the side effects and the safety of these medicines are not completely understood. There may be long-term risks that are not yet known.”


    Identity must have a good lawyer. They’re building zero liability into the forms they have kids and parents sign. They know they’re on thin ice and that the tide is turning. Too many children have been mutilated and sterilized already.

    On a side note, why couldn’t any hospitals come up with a form for patients to sign who wanted “off-label” ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine while being treated for Covid?

    Oh, right.

    Because there was no money in it.

    • @NotAnymore…
      I am not a lawyer, but I don’t think that is legally binding, because a contract signed by a minor is not legal.
      They may be opening themselves up to prosecution and lawsuits.
      Someone who knows the law better than I should chime in that….

      • I’m no lawyer, either, but I did work for them for a long time, and took Contracts in college. And I think you’re right. I also think the Senate bill helps any potential plaintiffs regarding statutes of limitations.

      • “The consent form presents itself as an authoritative document that has several places for youth and guardians to sign.”

        I’m guessing it would be legally binding if an adult parent or guardian signed it.

        It’s interesting that the Anchorage Assembly was so keen on passing the AO that outlawed what they deemed “conversion therapy,” basically denying any therapists from pursuing or presenting a course of treatment that might aid in a child resolving his gender dysphoria, but likely has no problem with therapists, doctors, or the folks at Identity from pursuing and presenting sterilizing drugs, castration, and mutilations -all of which cause long-term, irreversible damage.

          • Leaving Conversion therapy out of the equation completely, Maureen, do you support the exploitation and mutilation of children at the hands and minds of those that seek to exploit and mutilate said children?

            I understand that you have varied and numerable issues regarding religion and many other things, but do you actually support exploitation and mutilation of said children by the sickest of individuals and entities?

          • Much of the psychological therapy is being labelled “religious” by those who are opposed to any gender change in the direction of heterosexuality. Some religious groups believe that the psych therapy cannot succeed without divine intervention, thus the label “conversion therapy”. It works – that scares the LGBT+ crowd, and their claim of immutable characteristic.

          • what’s your point? who gets to define what’s conversion therapy and what’s just therapy? The busybody useless parasite morons who won a popularity contest for assembly in which about 15-25% of the population bothers to vote, is that who should decide or maybe a childs parents?

          • I’d take it over deliberate
            mutilation of kids for political purposes.

            Only sick societies experiment on children.

          • Rich much of the religious therapies are banned by the licensing bodies overseeing such therapy.

            Suggesting a religious conversion is a psychological process is again an invention of religious belief. In a certain sect.

          • Randy Lee-are we talking circumcism and female genital mutilation? Teenage botox? No I don’t support that.

            Personally, I don’t know why folks who biologically fall outside the generalized population don’t see themselves as the two spirits they are.

            I’m concerned anyone would deny the reality of their body and mind.

            Identity includes guardians in their consents. This is one of those articles that keep the fear going by linking emotions about what happened outside of Identity, to Identity because they support trans people, too.

            JK Rowlings supporter here.

          • Glad to see you back in the fray Maureen.

            I’m guessing you have professional training in this field? You seem very anti religion. If so, how do you think we, as a society, could ever separate basic religious tenets from how we view right/wrong, legal/illegal? Our whole moral system is based on basic Christian values.

          • Paul I appreciate the reach out to discuss. Tremendously.

            I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools, which my parents happily paid extra for as religious instruction is extra public education and not the responsibility of government topay for. I also have a master’s degree in Counseling which brought a ton of psychology instruction. I’ve traveled a lot. I read alot ofdifferent views.

            I don’t believe for a moment that our whole moral system is based on religion. I do know many different religions have a lot of their many different but own moralities. And some people believe only religions are moral.

            The seeds of morality are innate as they ultimately support survival.

            Check in on child developmental theories. Erikson, Piaget, etc.

  3. Here it is again, this concept of “identity”.
    If one’s identity revolves around and is focused on their sexuality, the basest of human instincts, I would say that that person is little better than an animal. What a shallow, narrow and demeaning basis for an identity.

  4. Are we taxpayers, through Medicaid, paying for these puberty blockers? What does our DHSS commissioner have to say?

  5. The lady who own the Libs of TikTok twitter account just wrote a children’s book about a child’s teacher who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • Saw that.
      The story is that any adult that tells you to keep a secret from your Parents is an enemy. As expected, the leftists are horrified about that idea.

  6. I thought the anchorage assembly already passed laws against conversion therapy. I guess those laws are just for harmless talking and not dangerous mutilation conversions.

    • It only applies to someone who is questioning whether they are gay/trans, and prohibits parents/therapists from trying to help them figure their feelings out.
      If you want to have parts removed, that “conversion” therapy is perfectly OK under the law.

      • right, pretty crazy that some overbearing blue hair government school teacher can take a grade school kid down and get them chemically castrated and that’s encouraged and perfectly acceptable in anchorage today but if you ask your kid if they’re going through a phase and straight to jail.

    • Cities do not pass law/statutes, only the state or federal legislators have that authority. Cities impose policy or an ordinance only. It only apples to the city and is not law.

    • Murky will vote w/ the Dems on this. She likes Progressive legislation and OIL.
      We should all send her a bottle of Progresso olive oil & tell her to resign.

  7. For anyone saying there are no long-term studies or they don’t know what this drug does is lying to us.
    Lupron was designed to shut down the pituitary gland. The pituitary feeds the thyroid. So shutting off the pituitary turns off the endocrine system which is dangerous. The endocrine system makes your red blood cells, helps regulate your heart beat. Makes all your hormones. The endocrine system is a critical system in the body. I don’t understand how Drs think it’s ok to shut it down? Anyone who is concerned about this I recommend going to YouTube and research the endocrine system. ? This truly breaks my heart what is happening to our youth. They need love & friendship not to mutilate their body.
    Lupron has been available for over 30 years. I took 6 shots at 3.75 in 1991 for endometriosis. Today they treat for year’s with doses as high at 20. I know what my medical nightmare has been, I can only imagine what the trans & precocious puberty kids are going through.

  8. Parents got to talk themselves into protecting their children?
    Is it down to fear of losing stuff, possibly freedom versus fear of losing children?
    Predators protected by law, encouraged by officials in positions of authority and trust, try to sexualize, mutilate your minor children, how do you stop them when law enforcement won’t?
    Might be interesting to find out whether such trash are allowed to exist in closely knit ethnic communities and why or why not.
    Risk losing stuff by running every Anchorage’s Identity Inc. (expl del) out of town, legally and mostly legally. of course.
    Risk losing children by entrusting them to the tender mercies of Anchorage’s Identity Inc.
    Not sure what a third choice looks like, if there is one.

  9. Democrats hate child and they hate straight people even more. The boys in China are taught to be more masculine meanwhile in America progressives whine about toxic masculinity.

  10. I once knew a person who was in the transitioning process who almost died from a heart stroke or heart attack(?) due to all the conversion drugs pumped into his system.. In this emergency, he had to be flown into Seattle-medical flight. Yes he did survive somehow.., I learned later, but I’m not sure if he was left with any permanent paralyzed limbs..

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