Ground Zero: Energy Department changes mind, says Covid-19 was probably from a China lab leak


You can call it a Chinese spy balloon, but for years, the American public was discouraged from calling Covid-19 the China Virus. That was racist, the elites said.

But the federal government is coming around. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that another agency has changed its position on the origin of Covid-19, which was probably starting to spread in China as early as November of 2019. A new classified report provided to the White House and key members of Congress says the virus was a leak from a research lab.

The Department of Energy had earlier labeled its position on the Wuhan lab theory as “undecided.” Now, both the Energy Department and the FBI conclude the lab leak from a Chinese research facility is most likely the correct theory. Four other agencies are still saying that the virus was the result of natural transmission, and another two agencies are still in the “undecided” category, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The Energy Department’s conclusion is the result of new intelligence and is significant because the agency has considerable scientific expertise and oversees a network of U.S. national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research,” the newspaper wrote.

“The Energy Department made its judgment with ‘low confidence,’ according to people who have read the classified report.

“The FBI previously came to the conclusion that the pandemic was likely the result of a lab leak in 2021 with ‘moderate confidence’ and still holds to this view.

“The FBI employs a cadre of microbiologists, immunologists and other scientists and is supported by the National Bioforensic Analysis Center, which was established at Fort Detrick, Md., in 2004 to analyze anthrax and other possible biological threats.”

The FBI, which came to the conclusion a year earlier, has a wide network of microbiologists, immunologists, and scientists on its staff, and is also sharing information with the National Bioforensic Analysis Center, established in 2004 to research anthrax and other possible biological threats, the Journal reported.

Over the past three years, social media, academicians and others have said the theory that Covid was leaked from a lab in China constituted misinformation, disinformation, xenophobia, and yes, racism.

The Yale University School of Medicine even published a list of do’s and don’ts for people, which encouraged professionals to not have honest conversations about Covid. The list included:

DO: Talk about the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”
DO NOT: Attach locations or ethnicity to the disease; this is not a “Wuhan Virus,” “Chinese Virus,” or “Asian Virus.” The official name for the disease was deliberately chosen to avoid stigmatization.”

By warning people from even referring to it as the Wuhan Virus, the academic and government ruling class put its stamp of disapproval on legitimate inquiry as to the origins. Those who called it the Wuhan Virus or China Virus were routinely shamed by the Left and called, at a minimum, racist.

NPR, where much of the ruling class of America get its news, said it was virtually impossible for the virus to have been leaked from a lab. In NPR’s report in 2020, the government-sponsored news organization wrote:

“Virus researchers say there is virtually no chance that the new coronavirus was released as result of a laboratory accident in China or anywhere else.

“The assessment, made by more than half-a-dozen scientists familiar with lab accidents and how research on coronaviruses is conducted, casts doubt on recent claims that a mistake may have unleashed the coronavirus on the world,” NPR reported. Then it said that President Trump was peddling a false theory.

“The accident theory has been advanced by the Trump administration in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a set of State Department cables leaked to The Washington Post pointed to U.S. safety concerns at labs in Wuhan, the city where the virus emerged. Intelligence agencies are currently assessing the possibility of an accident, and last Wednesday, President Trump promised “a very thorough examination” of events.

“‘I will tell you, more and more, we’re hearing the story,”‘ Trump said on April 15 [2020] of the theory that the virus came from labs in Wuhan.”

But Trump Derangement Syndrome had set in in newsrooms across America and NPR was no exception:

“But after corresponding with 10 leading scientists who collect samples of viruses from animals in the wild, study virus genomes and understand how lab accidents canhappen, NPR found that an accidental release would have required a remarkable series of coincidences and deviations from well-established experimental protocols,” NPR wrote.

NPR receives less that 1% of its funding directly from the federal government, but about 10% of its funding from federal, state, and local governments indirectly, according to

Facebook, one of the largest distributors of current event news, removed or edited millions of comments that linked the virus to Wuhan, China. Finally, in 2021, the company changed its policy:

“In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured from our apps,” a spokesman for Facebook said. Just a year earlier the company bragged that it put warnings on 50 million “pieces of content related to Covid-19.” The damage had already been done, with millions of users in the shadow-ban category, without even knowing their posts were not being seen on Facebook. Twitter had similar policies for sharing information.

“When people saw those warning labels, 95% of the time they did not go on to view the original content,” Facebook reported, explaining its successes in censorship. Whenever Facebook labels an article false by its company or its independent “fact checkers,” the social media platform will hide the content from everyone, without the author of that consent even being aware that no one is seeing their post.

Read how Facebook suppresses points of view at the company’s own explainer page.

Read the Director of National Intelligence unclassified report on Covid origins from August, 2022, at this government link.

Read the 2020 report from NPR that debunked the China lab leak theory.

Read MedPageToday’s 2021 editorial discrediting of former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield’s theory that the virus was the result of gain-of-function research in China.

Read the summary of the research commissioned by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., released in October by the minority oversight staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, which concludes that the COVID-19 pandemic was “more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident.”


  1. Simply amazing that the feds finally figured out what most of the world knew. And these are the people that say trust us we are from the government and are here to help. Anybody that trusts government needs help. Government wants to tell you what to eat how to cook what you can drive how to mow your lawn what medicine to take what you can say what job you can get and tax you for it and give the money to the politicians. What a great government we have.

  2. This announcement will be a revelation for Democrats and blind sheep, but I repeat myself. Those of us with open eyes have known the true origins of Covid for about 2-1/2 years. For the truth about Covid, do not rely on the CDC, FDA, or any other government agency state or federal. Start with the publications of Doctors Malone, McCullough, and Kory. Do a Google search for their websites or articles they have written and your eyes will be opened.

  3. What’s next??? They going to admit that the federal and state elections were “probably” fraudulent? Anyone who believes a word that comes from our government agencies here in the good Ole USA “probably” needs to think again. Yes we are still a great country and I would not wish to be anywhere else! It is not our government that makes this country great.

    • I see you and I share the same vision about the government. They are a bunch of liars and you can’t believe anything they say. Just look at their track record.

  4. I have no doubt that these mad scientists and their globalist funders are busy in a secret lab somewhere using gain of function to create the biggest pandemic in history as we speak.


    Justice Department changes mind. 2020 presidential election was probably rigged with fraud to guarantee Biden’s electoral college win!

  6. My biggest post Covid regret is Fauci will never be held accountable for the lies and the harm he did to our society.

    I have this daydream when Fauci passes he goes to the Golden Gate and St Peter looks at him and says “are you kidding?” before slamming them shut in Fauci’s face.

  7. Perhaps most telling is that the “intermediate animal” that intheory hosted the bat virus and allowed it to mutate into Covid 19 has never been idebtified or located. If the zoonotic origin advocates could find such an animal it would end the debate. And the incentive is very significant. Meanwhile the accumulation of small pieces of evidence and circumstance point to the lab leak. Remember this fact: Perhaps the leading advocate for “gain-of-function” research is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Washington Post, December 30, 2011.

    • JMARK, you just might be absolutely right about Tony Fauci and the ” gain of function theory”. As Dr. Martin exclaimed… ” the Chi- Coms will tell you that the virus was a product of the US Military, the Americans will say that it was leaked from a Lab in Wuhan, and neither of them is lying…”
      I suggest that people read ” The Real Anthony Fauci” authored by RFK Jr. It may enlighten, if just a little.

  8. Most likely this means Democrats now view China as a greater threat than Trump (actually Trump is now viewed by Democrats as an asset).

  9. We knew this, or anybody with half a brain knew this but what I didn’t;t know was how an administration could collude with social media and “news” outlets on such a grand scale. “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” Joseph Goebbels. “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

  10. I seem to remember reading some tweets from the actual Wuhan researchers themselves before they mysteriously died or disappeared. Oh, gee wiz, I guess they just got ahold of some bad pangolin at the corner market.

  11. As another national election cycle approaches, what other impending crisis will develop? Regardless, it will have to be a cataclysmic event for anyone to believe and/or trust any announcement or mandate from any Guv’ment institution as all of the Politicians and Institutions have a integrity issue with the majority of the ‘right-minded’ and ‘thinking’ population. It will be decades before we’re hoodwinked again.

  12. Am I the only one, who thinks this is a bit of a headscratcher? The Department of Energy?
    If I wish to find out about infectious diseases or germs and viruses, they are not even on the radar. Where is the CDC, NIH or FDA? Where is Mrs. Walenski or the ever waffling Dr. Fauci?

  13. Only took them the better part of two plus years to know what most already knew.

    Someone better delete their twitter and Facebook accounts for spreading misinformation about the wuflu.

  14. It was a travesty when Fauci stood up early on and declared that the virus had come from the wet market, and did not even mention the labs. What is worse is the TDS people, who after the rest of the virus team had eased Fauci off of center stage, decided to make him the spokesperson who controlled the narrative and could silence and punish detractors. Blame Fauchi for the harm he did, but also blame his enablers who acted out of spite.

  15. Just as Trump stated a couple weeks into this sideshow, so how many more dozens of times does trump get proven right and not get credit for calling this stuff out first and being proven right years later. I felt from day one it was a deliberate act that the Dems and Deep State used after their second impeachment scam. who was it in the obama administration that stated numerous times that
    You Never let a crisis go to waste ! These people will stop at nothing for power, their willing to destroy the country in order to implement their loony policies, yes we have very very sick people steering the ship nowdays. What’s sad is we have so many sheep and Dumb people that can’t remember what happened a week ago lol. The Deep State, Fuaci, the entire bunch of crooks hated trump from day one because he was on to their BS early on a was there to kick over the tables and get all these scumbags out, and then so next we will find out , yes the Election was a scam just like everything else he was proven right about!

    • 2019 was the best economy in the last 50 years wages were great inflation was almost 0 and then BOOM they knee capped Trumps economy with a engineered virus from China .

  16. Congress needs to get off its dead a– and pass legislation to allow Americans to sue China in a class action lawsuit. We are owed trillions in damages. Over one million Americans were killed, and millions more were injured. Our economy took a major hit. China needs to pay.

    And the China- virus issue is not over. The virus is still mutating and making people sick. It is still causing damage.

    We allow suits against countries that have caused great harm. What China did is much, much worse. When China is forced to pay trillions in damages it, and and other bad actors will think twice about doing dangerous gain of function research is sub standard, un safe labs.

    Litigation may prevent another epidemic.

    • China? It’s fauci and our government that’s to blame. Gain of function was illegal so it was moved to China with our funding. It’s likely that c19 or something worse was planned to be used against the public.
      The cancer and clot shot boosters was the goal all along. Some estimate that the booster have killed twice the amount killed by neglect and remdesivir. The science is coming in and it appears to be very grim indeed.

      • Reed. The beauty of a contentious trial, and discovery, is the uncovering of facts. But since you’ve already decided to side with the Communist Chinese, we will not allow you to serve on the jury.

    • We need to prosecute the government for lying to its people. They censored us and fired us from jobs for telling the truth, and they get a free pass.

    • M, and what if, China complies with your lawsuit idea? What happens when during discovery when China offers up the origin of the man made virus? And what if the evidence proves that thos thong came from an American Tax Payer funded institution?

      • Puk, trials are all about getting to the truth. What we do know is the Wuhan Lab was doing gain of function research, and their safety protocols were insufficient. Once they released the virus, the financial consequences are on them.

        The Chinese will fight legislation that will allow the trial- and truth- to be revealed. They don’t want to have to take any responsibility for their negligence.

  17. And yet the suppression, cancellation, and censorship of all alternative (non-government approved) opinions / statements about COVID continue with federal participation and orchestration continues. Cheers –

  18. All of these Deep Staters were against the lab leak theory until they were for it! Classic ” cover your ass”.
    Pretty soon, Fraud in Chief Fauci will be saying it was obvious that Covid came from a lab

  19. What is really sick is how China, having early knowledge of the virus, did not try to contain it, and in fact accelerated its spread using human carriers. And their whistleblowers had unfortunate accidents. They then put on a big show for the media, furthering their control over their people. They then advanced economically when trade restrictions were lifted out of need for medical supplies. Not to say that the free world didn’t have opportunists. That was calculated as well. What they didn’t calculate was the limited ability of our government to suppress the truth. This is why we will continue to be a free nation, despite the efforts of our foreign enemies. They may weaken us but never defeat us. You can also bet that the conventional war being fought is meant to be a distraction while these evil powers attempt to gut our country from within, by attempting to turn us against each other at every opportunity.

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