Tim Barto: Dennis Prager visits Fairbanks, clarifies leftist ideology

Dennis Prager, center, with Tim Barto and Jim Minnery of Alaska Family Council, in Fairbanks.


Dennis Prager, conservative radio host, prolific author, and founder of Prager U, gave two public presentations in Fairbanks on Saturday, and he was blunt in his opinions on a wide range of topics, from the Israel-Hamas war to failure of American universities.

Prager’s appearances were sponsored by Alaska Family Council, the organization that hosted him in Anchorage two years ago. He had two motivations to return to our state: 1) See the northern lights, and 2) Help Alaska Family Council raise funds to continue supporting Faith-based principles in the public arena; the former being used as a lure to help with the latter.

The two events were sold out with over 200 people hearing Dennis speak during lunch, and a more intimate gathering of 52 showing up for dinner. (By the way, the dinner took place at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, one of the premiere automobile displays in the country and a worthy destination if you’re looking for something really cool but rather unexpected for Alaska’s interior.)

Dennis Prager is known for his reasoned on-air discourse. Not all of us enjoy bombastic radio commentary, so Prager is a welcomed voice of calm. His explanation for asking tough questions of those who oppose him – and whom he encourages to call – is that he is seeking clarity. This is not just a tactic; it is his nature.

While sitting with a small group of Prager supporters at the Rat Pack Cigars shop on Friday night, Dennis led the conversation by asking questions. It was obvious that he was interested in learning why people live where it’s face-hurting cold and far removed from the rest of the population, so he asked straightforward questions in a search for knowledge and clarity. 

That is how he handles matters on the radio, and it is how he likes others to treat him. Saturday’s Q&A sessions resulted in some pointed questions, including one about his Jewish faith, but he handled them well and without taking or offering offense. 

It’s the type of straightforward yet unoffending talk most of us lack, and elected politicians tend to avoid. 

Being an unabashedly observant Jew and defender of Israel, much of Prager’s talk focused on the Israel-Hamas war. Bottom line: the barbarity of the October 7th massacre requires a full scale, relentless response because to do anything less jeopardizes the very existence of the Jewish state. He pointed out the differences between the savagery of Hamas and the much-maligned response by the Israeli Defense Forces. 

Hamas terrorists shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God Is Great) while raping Israeli women, and telephoned their parents to brag about the Jews they killed that day. The major difference, Prager argued, between Nazi Germany and Hamas is that Nazi Germany hid their crimes against Jews while Hamas openly celebrates them. 

Prager also spent time discussing the deterioration of America’s institutions of higher education, calling them out for their near-universal support for all things leftist – not liberal, Prager likes to point out, but leftist. It’s the college educated, indoctrinated by professors enamored with Marxism but offended by all other things western, who buy into notions that white people are racist by nature and men can give birth. And that leads to one of his most telling statements . . .

If we hear a person say, “Men give birth,” we can be virtually certain that person also sides with Hamas. The two beliefs are equally absurd and have nothing whatsoever to do with each other, but are held by the same groups of people.

Prager is frustrated with the state of American society, and the world at large, but is able to smile and not let it get him down. And there’s a lesson there for many of us.

Dennis brought his wife and two stepsons with him but the Aurora Borealis didn’t cooperate, leaving them disappointed but with a desire to return in the future. That’s good news for Alaskans and Alaska Family Council. 

Tim Barto is vice president of Alaska Family Council and a regular contributor to Must Read Alaska.


  1. Evangelical Christians’ interpretations of Revelation, based upon a best-selling book from 50 years ago, holds America hostage. The Uniparty LOVES war, any war. See: Ukraine, Kosovo, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. But the commitment to Israel is a permanent drag-down of Endless War. Because “Ron Paul conservatives” question our one-sided alliance with the godless, pro-abortion and forced-vax Israeli state, they are called “anti-semitic”. I would like to see Mr. Prager in a debate with Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party’s presidential candidate. This is necessary, for both would be cogent and unemotional in their arguments. It is an airing I presume Mr. Prager would not pass up. Perhaps Mr. Minnery could arrange it, here in Alaska, far removed from the media and Leftist circus.

  2. Hopefully he identified the actual roots of antisemitism, which was/is the Catholic Church. Until 1964, the church held all Jews collectively responsible for deicide, in the murder of the alleged Jesus of Nazareth. It took them almost 20 years post-Nuremberg to lift that anathema.

    • I’m no fan of the Catholic Church, but that there’s a very basic misunderstanding of the history antisemitism. Those who use deicide as justification for their hatred of Jews predates the Catholic Church and thus could not be “the actual roots of antisemitism”.

      • When a powerful institution like the Catholic Church, a two thousand year old corporation has anti-Semitism as one of the cornerstones of its foundation and its basically the most powerful force on the planet for the vast majority of those two thousand years I would say yes, it IS the foundation. Its like the Amazon of Jew hating.

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