Tim Barto: Sad state of the Biden presidency could be avenue of victory for Trump



Honoring Presidents Day the past few years has become a challenging task, to say the least.

The current White House resident is, aside from being an unabashedly awful chief executive, in the throes of dementia for all the country to see. In occupying the office that traditionally came with the title “Leader of the Free World,” his cognitive decline is being played out in front of the rest of the world, many of whom look to the United States for leadership.

It is an unfortunate and embarrassing situation. 

Joe Biden’s failed policies can be debated, although the debate can usually and quickly filters down to the fact that Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. His cognitive decline, which was obvious four years ago, is now undeniable, despite the formatted and rehearsed comments from administrative officials that their boss is “sharp” and “on top of things.” 

For those of us who have watched family members suffer through the agonizing loss of their mental faculties, the situation is most uncomfortable. 

Dad passed away two years ago now, after nearly a decade in which his ability to think, reason, and remember slowly declined, only to quickly decline at the end. It was sad and frustrating on so many levels, for him, for his children and grandchildren, and most notably for his wife. Mom was his caretaker, seeing it her duty to take care of her husband until the end, and it nearly did her in. 

Dad was a couple weeks shy of his 94th birthday when he died. Mom will be 92 in a few months. A vivacious gal who has always been liked by everyone – friends, neighbors, church members, Little League parents, and professional colleagues. While some people may have found reasons to not like Dad, I honestly never heard anyone say they didn’t like Mom. I used to tell her all the time that she would live to at least 100, but caring for her husband took a toll on her.

My siblings and I expected Mom to experience sadness and perhaps some confusion after Dad’s funeral, but we also saw it as an opportunity for her to get out of the house and live again; to go to church, play bridge with the gals, get in some water aerobics, volunteer to decorate for holidays and weddings, and visit with friends and neighbors. The reality, however, has been just the opposite.

The sadness and confusion dissipated for brief moments, but a mild stroke made those brief moments rarer. Her unstable gait led to a series of falls, resulting in a broken leg, sorely bruised ribs, and a concussion, all of which led to further sadness and confusion, accompanied by a heavy dose of frustration. 

The frustration is greatest when she is cognizant that she can’t think the way she used to, when she can’t remember why she called or whom she called. While she may mistake me for my brothers, once she realizes it’s me she’s talking to, Mom then asks about my five kids by name – to include their spouses’ and boyfriends’/girlfriends’ names – and how they’re doing with work or school as the case may be, and she’s remarkably able to pull that information out of the recesses of her mind. It’s a refreshing respite and it’s actually quite fascinating.

Watching the commander-in-chief struggle to remember names, fundamental lines from the Declaration of Independence, or his means of exiting the stage, is not fascinating. It’s troubling. Having witnessed the ravages of dementia firsthand, it’s painfully uncomfortable watching Joe Biden mumble, forget what he was saying, and trip over himself. It makes many of us want to see that 25th Amendment invoked . . . until we remember who’s waiting in the wings. 

Kamala Harris is the most incompetent, unqualified human being to ever be vice president. And that’s saying something. Her polling numbers reflect it, and the idea of her taking over the executive branch somehow seems even worse than keeping it in the shaking hands of an increasingly angry geriatric. A few Democrats have been making noise about pulling the plug on the Biden re-election, but they know they can’t win with the least popular vice president in history, and they know that pulling a woman of color from their ticket will anger their far left supporters for abandoning the sacred altar of affirmative action. 

Donald Trump has a unique opportunity here. If he can comport himself in a decent and – to be  blunt – presidential manner, sticking to his accomplishments as president and articulating them clearly without being demeaning, he can highlight the sad state of mental acuity with the incumbent without even mentioning it. And he’ll handily win a trip back to the White House. 

Kamala Harris can then retire to be a trivia contest answer, and Joe Biden can get the care he needs out of the spotlight. 

Tim Barto is vice president of Alaska Family Council, a regular contributor to Must Read Alaska, and son to a saint of a Mom.


  1. The $64,000 question that keeps going unanswered here: If China Joe Biden is too senile to be effectively acting as president —- and there is really no “if” about that statement — then who IS running the presidency? George Soros? Bill Gates? Obama?

    The situation is truly unsettling, either way.

    • I am guessing Each cabinet member is running their respective departments. I’m guessing be like a corporation without a CEO or a ship without a Captain. The corporation or ship is being run by everyone doing their part to keep order of business going. I could keep going to work for awhile without a General Manager. Eventually supplies will start running out because of no one really knowing how to re-order and re-supply our workplace. One of the other managers would have to learn where are the contact numbers for re-ordering. I’m guessing that’s what is going on in the DC.

    • My guess is none of the above. Obama was better organized, Soros likes to keep his hands clean, Gates too myopic.

      Once it was probably supposed to Obama 3, but Grandpa Bloodstains got too crazy even for them. This is classic Lord of the Flies with insane children running amok.

    • Well, just make sure you don’t bother to vote Jeff, since the whole election process if fraudulent, correct? What will be your retort when Trump wins, which I believe will be the outcome?

    • When trumph was in office, we knew he wasn’t accomplishing much because it seemed he was too busy putting on a show or out enjoying himself at the golf links when he wasn’t tweeting, and causing some sort of flamboyant ruckus, featuring himself in a swashbuckling photo op.

      I’m not seeing where President Biden is indulging in tiddley-winks for the cameras, wasting our time and energy. Maybe at 81, he’s more aware of a sense of urgency to accomplish some of the goals for which voters hoped to see addressed. Things seem to be getting done. I expect to continue working until age 67 at least, because in my profession with new research all the time, a person can’t drop out and expect to be able to ‘drop back in’ if retirement is not a good choice.

      There’s a lot of posturing by President Biden’s opponents hell-bent on running interference, but one would guess that’s what they’ve been elected or been paid to do.

      Folks mention George Soros as if he’s some sort of bogeyman. Is he like Ross Perot or The Koch Brothers? Neither one of them seem to have much to do with building roads, cheap gym memberships, or coming up with new healthcare solutions.

  2. The Democrat Party giving itself way to Millennial Democrats was a test case for Republicans. I think Republican state parties were smarter to be slow than give its reigns to Millennial young republicans. Democrat party is in a tight corner.
    One should never given up their basic principles and fundamental base just so it looks hip and fresh by younger faces. Democrats invested in the wrong leaderships across the country. They have No One competent from Maine to Alaska.

  3. When this nation goes kaput, I am sorry these government leaders as Murkowski, Sullivan, Kamala, and soon to be Nicholas Begich can’t lose all their money they have when the people lose everything too. The benefit bring in a congressional office is they know where to put their money so it’s safe from when this nation USA goes kaput. While the citizens are going hungry, homeless, unemployed, and sicknesses worsening.

  4. Monarchies around the world have survived with children and death bed ridden elders on the throne. The ministers and courtiers of the state probably prefer him impaired.

    No grand conspiracy, just ops normal for the empire.

  5. They plan to shunt Kamala aside for another woman of color, Michelle Obama. If Trump isn’t gearing up to run against her RIGHT NOW, he’s going to lose, bigly.

    • If the Democrats think that they have a winning strategy in suddenly running Big Mike for the presidency, they are even more removed from reality than I already know them to be.

      • Michelle Obama has no record that can be used against her (other than a few stupid comments in 2008 before they muzzled her). She ticks off two (maybe even three) victimhood boxes on their DEI scale. She would likely get EVERY black vote, a massive majority of the white guilt-laden millennial/Gen Z votes, most hispanic votes, and – most importantly – that critical swing group of white suburban soccer moms.

        Trump would lose in a landslide.


        • Sorry, I think that that scenario is delusional.

          Despite what the civilization-hating globalist corporate media would try to tell us, the large majority of Americans do NOT buy into the whole DEI, victim-group mentality. Maybe in some of the large cities, but not overall.

          • There may be a large majority who oppose DEI, but unfortunately, far too many of them don’t bother voting. Look at Anchoragistan’s Assembly and School Board.

          • I see MO, if anointed the spot, as a strong candidate due to the gullible nature of progressives.

            She would lock down about 1/2 of the Democrats overnight. So would a bowl of Campbell’s soup if parachuted in.

            The other half might not be so amused. Why not our diversity candidate? What’s her policy besides asking Barry? What are her accomplishments besides marrying Barry?

            Sadly probably 1/3 of the feckless Republicans will vote for her, too, since that’s what the cool kids did.
            Princess Lisa would probably run over people to vote for her. Same with the Turtle.

            The scenario also looks past two things.
            – Grandpa Bloodstains isn’t going anywhere unless Kamala pushes him down a flight of stairs. Jill likes the perks.

            -there are a host of Democrats from Newsom to Warren who think themselves anointed by the climate to rule.

            Possible? In today’s circus, sure. Likely? I’m not convinced.

        • Landslide? I doubt it. She would have a lock on white suburban women and black women. The rest of the country not so much.

          Those of us who aren’t emotionally invested in electing a black woman president just because she’s a black woman have bills to pay.

          Trump is the only potential candidate who would not do a Romney and play softball. With no Fs to give and nothing to lose, Trump has no reason to play nice.

          Michelle has no record because no one has really looked that level of deep at her. Trump will.

          • As Lawrence O’Donnell points out, a campaign runs four years, amassing fundraising war chestnuts (or war chests, if not a squirrel), a sense of the agenda to promote, and familiarity in the voters’ mind. Notwithstanding, one of the Republican candidates has surely gone off the deep end, and perhaps none but the delusional have any doubt about the possibility in a next act of his three-ring circus running on a deficit of captivating side-shows and trained elephants.

        • Michelle’s thesis and videos of her “Angela Davis” like speeches in college have been buried. If they were to come out, people would look at her differently.

  6. The notion that seventy-seven year old Donald Trump will suddenly discover self-control and anything approaching wisdom is a cruel and delusional joke. As flawed as Joe Biden is, Donald Trump is almost as bad, albeit in different ways. Both are terrible choices.

  7. Its a sad state of affairs when the incumbent is clearly so far past his prime that his mental status is compromised.

    Its an even worse state of affairs when the leading challenger is such a weak candidate that his only real hope for winning is to point out that the incumbent is a befuddled old man who lacks the mental acuity to perform at the level demanded by the office.

  8. Whoever the next president ends up being he or she will be akin to a new captain taking over right after the Titanic hit the iceberg. The American ship is going down but most of the passengers still think we’re unsinkable. The elite have already taken all the lifeboats while the rest of us are still listening to the band play. The general public will stay preoccupied with their various hedonistic pursuits and pleasures until the now exponentially growing debt drowns them all. And, worst of all, they’ll never see it coming.

  9. I thought we the people elected the president why do we have such piss, poor candidates running?
    We should dictate who sits in the White House and it doesn’t have to be somebody that the Republicans are Democrats want it should be somebody the people want we need to get together right in the correct name and right this country.

  10. Our government is really a corporate bank!
    Our representatives in DC represent this corporate bank and not the citizens!
    The voting machines are still corrupt
    So need paper ballots and hand counting like in the matsue valley does now!
    Corporations have taken over!

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