They’re pushing back on Peltola, who is campaigning on abortion, which she calls ‘freedom’


Congresswoman Mary Peltola, a Democrat representing Alaska’s at-large congressional district, talks about abortion constantly.

“I’m not going to stop until every single person in our country has their right to choose is protected,” Peltola wrote Thursday morning on Twitter in one of her many tweets about abortion. On the campaign trail, Peltola speaks about abortion just about as much as all other topics combined.

She uses the word “choice” when she speaks of the procedure that stops a beating heart. She calls it “freedom.” She never says the word “abortion.” And curiously, she says “person” rather than “woman” when speaking of abortion rights. Recently, Peltola has also taken to listing her approved pronouns.

But it was not universally accepted in the Twitterverse on Thursday that “choice” would only be about abortion. Several libertarian-leaning readers responded that, as long as she’s talking about choice, maybe she should consider other choices, such as vaccine mandates. Others asked about the choice of the child, or when was it too late to tear a child limb from limb.

Peltola has not addressed things like trimesters, nor has she publicly acknowledged that the overturn of Roe vs. Wade sent the decision on abortion legality back to the states, and in Alaska, abortions are legal until the moment of birth. She just sticks with “freedom” and Alaskans have been giving her a pass on that because of her cheery personality.

Indeed, Peltola has received lavished praise from people like Sarah Palin and Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski said she will be voting for Peltola, while Palin, who has been a pro-life candidate in the past, has all but said the same.

While Twitter is a neighborhood that typically gives Peltola a lot of tweet reinforcement with hearts and re-tweets, her views were not universally supported in the responses over the past several hours since she made her broad-stroke abortion statement.

Some of the pushback Peltola got includes these quips to her “right to choose is protected” insistence. A selection of responses:

“Including vaccinations?”

“I’m choosing life and those that protect it.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re against Vaxx Mandates. Thank you.”

“Right to choose what? Abortion on demand? Any gestational age? Stop w campaign slogans.”

“What about the innocent baby’s right to choose?”

“To choose what? To choose to kill their own child. That is in no way a right.”

“Choose? Like choosing to own a gun? Or just whatever fits your agenda?”

“Every woman having unprotected sex has already made the choice.”

“Amen. These vaccine mandates are outrageous.”

“Who cares.I’m worried about food on my table……….”

“Right to kill a baby? Kill, kill, kill, dismember, rip apart, shred limb from limb? You mean that choice instead of abstaining or protecting.”

“Does this include the child that is being burned by acid ? or the child tat is being ripped apart by pliars? asking for a friend.”

“I choose realism. ‘Pro-fish’ is a joke! Your husband runs the FSB unfairly allocating our states fish and wildlife resources based on whim, not science or law. Do you even fish? For what? My family uses nets, dipnets, rod and reel and we are successful despite your empty words.”

“No one has the right to choose to kill their own child.”

“They do have a ‘right to choose’ one of the over 21 methods of birth control available today. By making smart decisions, they can avoid unwanted pregnancies from occurring. You are promoting the “right to choose”, you are promoting abortion, the taking of life.”

“I choose not to get the ineffective booster.”

“Why does everybody want to kill babies what about the baby.”

“Thank you! My Right, as a Senior Citizen, to chose my Doctor, my Medical Care, my Medications, whether to Vaccine or not, what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, where and when to Worship, where to live, where to travel, are God Given Rights!”

“Except babies though… those are just parasites until the cord is cut.”

“Why is it “pro-life” vs “pro-choice” and not “pro-life” vs “pro-death/abortion/murder/killing” ?”

“So your whole life revolves around the ability to abort a child. Forget the insane Inflation & not being able to afford to live. It’s more important to abort a kid. You’re a sick loser.”

“What you are really saying is “I’m not going to stop until every single person in our country has their right to kill innocent human beings is protected”. That is wrong. The unjustified taking of human life should always be illegal.”

“How about advocating for responsibly sex decisions too? Ya know, to avoid pregnancy and abortion. And should abortion be available up until birth? Third trimester babies should be aborted? Is that your position?”

“Are you talking about vaccines, too, or just killing babies?”

“ICYMI there was a document called the US Constitution that became effective in April of 1789 that did that! Or are you speaking for the millions of ‘persons’ murdered by abortions. What about their rights?”

There were a few positive comments as well, but a surprising number of readers who were not standing for it and were willing to ask the tough questions, such as this one:

“Do babies at some point have a right to life? AT what point does you moral center tell you to not rip a baby apart?”


  1. When has freedom ever rightfully had anything to do with killing innocent human beings indiscriminately?

    The correct answer is never.

  2. Adoption is love and helps so many in so many ways. Abortions are murder. Now I understand in case of rape and it’s the woman’s choice. I think we should have an adoption program available in our great nation also. GOD help us ALL here yes. The ladies union GOD bless you all. Imagine how peaceful DC would of been if Pelosi was aborted so there is that also.

  3. This woman has done clean lost her mind.. Any Mother or Grandmother spouting this garbage is not needed in this state as a represenative of anything. Abortion is straight up murder. Not “Freedom”.
    This state needs to get back to the way it was.. You wanted an abortion you went to Seattle. Period.
    These women need to stop sleeping with everything that walks, get on reliable birth control BEFORE a baby happens, and stop expecting people to bail them out when they mess up.
    I will NEVER vote for a candidate that can’t proudly say she’s a woman when she is one, nor one who is wishing to push something that kills the innocent babies that are the direct result of irresponsible behavior. She’s disgusting.

  4. Someone tell Mary that we see right through this. We already know Alaska has the most lenient abortion laws in the country. Not sure how they could be more lenient other than maybe cutting the baby’s head off after it’s born. Mary is parroting Pelosi and The Squad. Unfriggin-believable that she is repping us. How can Sarah Palin support her in good conscience???

  5. Careful tearing those limbs from limbs. They’re worth big money as fetal stem cells. Gee, you would think the poor mother could split the profit from her dead baby’s body parts. After all, she’s the one who can’t afford to support it.

  6. Janice Park is also running on a radical pro-abortion campaign. Her most recent mailing shows her in DC with a pro-abortion sign, along with other pictures of pro abortion women marching with signs.

    Inside the flyer, there’s a cute coloring page for kids and a picture of Park holding a baby.

    Talk about a disconnect. . . Nothing says “I love children” like tearing them limb from limb and throwing them in the trash.

    Maybe she’s shooting for some sort of moral balance, like, killing “unwanted” children is ok, as long as you cuddle the ones you “want”?!

  7. Palin and Peltola can be friends, without agreeing on politics. Justice Alito and Justice RBG were said to be friends, even though they were on opposite sides politically. They still managed to do their supreme court duties separately.

    Whatever the case, rank the red to get Peltola out.

  8. Call me naive, but how come ADOPTION isn’t part of the conversation? No one is ‘forcing’ anyone to parent. If they are not ready or interested in parenting, they have the FREEDOM to make an adoption plan. In 9 short months after the delivery, they are FREE to pursue their life, dreams and goals w/o the burden of raising a child. The CHOICE is between parenting and adoption.

  9. Late term abortions have never made sense to me, even though I am a male (I am sure) . I have fathered 3 great children and have shared responsibility for them, even as adults. My then wife used to spout in anger to our children,”I brought you into this life and I can take you out “. I never could come to grips with that statement since I was the father. I raised two of my children, much on my own. If anyone ever threatened them, I would be worse than a mama bear. I can’t believe that anyone could carry a child for almost term, then decide to abort, unless there were health issues. But this is not mentioned in the cases. Maybe a woman can just become upset with her partner and abort the child out of vengeance. This is legal and supposedly her right, according to the left. Option one, give the child to the father. Option two, put the child up for adoption. Late term abortions without medical reason can’t be justified. There’s room for middle ground, as determined by a doctor but it should never be considered a right to kill a child. By anyone. It should not take eight months to figure out that you have an unwanted pregnancy.

  10. Well she doesn’t sound like a very sweet mee maw to me.. In short she’s talking DNC talking points, pelosi has said do not talk about Inflation, high gas prices, high food prices etc. They are hoping abortion will get them the votes.

  11. But off the abortion issues, why is her party of choice trying to even today, pushing Covid shots and continue to mandate it for federal employees and contractors, such as the military? After it has been proven not to be effective against the spreading of the virus and data is questionable about in regards to side effects or benefits in general. I am happy to see an Alaska native achieve high office, it’s high time. And I hope she doesn’t tow the line with Polowski as will be expected, and will truly be our advocate should she win. But the benefits for life will still be hers if not and she has broken barriers. I will vote Nick, to be sure that we will be represented.

  12. Does the FISH and GAME! Get a choice?
    And again, look at her first commercial! Nothing but big game on the wall behind her. Not using all the parts of the animal.
    Just saying.

    • Her husband Buzzy is a world traveling trophy hunter.
      These are rich people by Bethel standards, they have everything & now want power too.

  13. Another comment. I’m so happy my mom Made her choice to keep me and not abort me. I get a say and a choice. Of listening and reading. And a say! What happens! I might not always get my way in voting! But at least I’m here and get a choice!

    So pick your choice of poison!

  14. Pro-abortion and Pro-family are contraindicated terms. They mean the opposite, but in Mary Peltola’s warped mind, they are mutually exclusive. Makes one wonder how many government paid-for abortions SHE has had?….

  15. Does clueless SP even challenge her on “choice” & “freedom”
    Does Nick? Let’s all say a prayer this Sunday.

  16. There ya go. She approves the murdering of the unborn as a right. NOBODY should giver her praise. ANYONE that does is either of the same mind or pandering. Oh, hi Sarah, Lisa. Speak truth. Truth is She approves the murdering of the unborn as a right, and shes proud of it. Thats not somebody i would want as a friend. Hey Mr. Dahmer, want to come by for some fava beans?……

  17. She has no children …..only choices and rejected choices. How detached to human life…..I guess in the future we will toss father’s and mothers day for CHOICE DAY…..

    • Mary is an “in line” Democrat and they are making abortion their talking point because they cannot brag about anything good accomplished by the Biden administration.

  18. She is anti free speech, anti live babies, and anti gun. Doesn’t seem like that should be a winning recipe in Alaska.
    Oh, and when the SATANIC TEMPLE is on your side, maybe you understand just how wrong you are!

  19. Pro-freedom, eh? Such as …

    Right to work?
    School vouchers?
    To not purchase health insurance?
    To not wear a face mask?
    To object when a dude enters a girl’s locker room?

    Is that what you mean by “freedom,” Mary?

    • No Dan, her main political message is abortion needs to be a “National Right.” She wants to be part of the leftist cabal to pass a bill making abortion at any stage of pregnancy legal nationwide She knows that Murkowski is the darling of the left for her support of abortion and her vote against Justice Kavanaugh.

  20. If a woman has a right to choose, when does she lose it?
    When the child is 14 years old? When it’s two? When the cord is cut?
    When, exactly does it become murder?
    Because killing an innocent human is murder.

  21. Getting nervous are you ? Look, Peltola is going to be our next Rep, might as well get
    used to it and move on.

  22. All she’s doing well her campaign is leading people down the rabbit hole.. Distracting the voters from the real issues inflation, high food cost, high fuel prices. Go to Costco spend $400 dollars let us know how much food you got. Guarantee you will leave crying, go fuel up family grocery getter again you will be standing at the pump reliving the glory days of 2017-2020. So do not lose focus, Meemaw Peltola does not have the answer ok she does it’s all about raising taxes.. Come thanksgiving when you are eating boiled hotdogs you will wish you voted for Nick Begich..

  23. A vote for Palin is a vote for Peltola which is a vote for Biden and Pelosi. Mary Peltola needs to go back to the tundra…. and stay there. Go Nick Begich !

  24. I’ll bet the story about the MAGA guy beating Pelosi’s husband with a hammer doesn’t get any play here. In fact, I bet y’all LOVE this, don’t you Sue ?

    • Great internet detective work… Please provide a link saying he was a MAGA supporter… Please nothing from the democrat underground either..

      • Actually, the clawed hammer dude who was hunting down Nancy and had to settle for Paul is a registered Democrat. Heard that on CNN tonight. The dude finally woke up.

    • Until it turns out, as is much more likely, that the attacker was a deranged radical leftist (but I repeat myself). Then the story will be quickly buried by the corrupt and co-opted corporate media.

  25. How about this Ms. Mary, Mary quite contrary:
    Pro Freedom is recognizing the necessity of being personally responsible and apply any of the multiple methods of birth control which will prevent the cause and effect of having to make an unborn baby the victim to sexual choices. (this method works for both genders)
    And don’t pull up the justification for abortion due to rape and incest.
    Our emotional strings have been pulled enough on that exception.

    I, for one, are DONE with rape and incest being used as a tool to justify abortion as a ‘Pro Freedom’ absolution to end a life – at any stage of infant development – lets be specific, at any stage of LIFE.
    Rape and incest has become a tool argument to a more often rare exception of abortion which may be needed.
    A rape and incest pregnancy victim is a serious crime which has cruelly and far too easily been thrown casually into the ‘Pro Freedom’ mix for blanket justification.

  26. I was still a child when nine white men in black robes decided that a woman’s right to an abortion was constitutionally protected. So, as a man, and for all of my adult life, abortion was something I really never felt the need to have an opinion on because the issue was already decided. Therefore, whatever my opinion might be, or have been in the past, was simply of no consequence.

    Now that I have a voice, on account of the Dobbs decision, I think I would like to have a vote on the matter.

    Is there a group currently trying to put the abortion question up as an initiative?

  27. Holding your brand new baby or grandchild and cuddling their little bodies with tears of joy in your eyes that you’ve been blessed with this bundle of joy ….. and just hours before they took that first breath of air you supported killing them. Yes dear one, minutes before you were born, we could kill you. Welcome to the family. It’s all so sick.

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