Notes from the trail: ‘Woke’ Mary Peltola tells voters of her preferred pronouns


Pronouns for Peltola: Mary Peltola, a Democrat serving in Congress for Alaska, posted her pronouns on the screen during Tuesday’s debate in Healy, Alaska, where she attended via Zoom. Her pronouns are she/her.

The debate featured, in person, Chris Bye, Nick Begich, and Sarah Palin, pictured above with Peltola and her pronouns on a video screen at the student-led candidate forum at Tri-Valley High School. There was a separate forum for Senate candidates on Oct. 24, with candidates Kelly Tshibaka and Pat Chesbro, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski was not able to attend.

Fact-checking Peltola: Congresswoman Mary Peltola says in her ad that she puts pressure on Biden (and links herself to Sen. Dan Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski), and yet she voted with Biden 100% in her short time in Congress and has a 100% Biden score, according to

David Pruhs: David Pruhs was sworn as mayor of Fairbanks on Monday. His brother Dana, the chairman of AIDEA, and Dana’s daughter, Danner (also David’s niece) was there, all of which are graduates of Cal Poly.

Debate watch party ahead: The Debate for the State on KTUU is the biggest debate of the year and will feature congressional candidates Nick Begich, Chris Bye, Sarah Palin, and Mary Peltola. Americans for Prosperity Alaska will host a debate watching party at 49th Street Brewery, with analysts Ivan Moore, Matt Larkin, and moderator Sarah Erkmann Ward. It’s a free event with drink tickets provided.

More events this week:


  1. Forgive and forget. SARA Supported us as governor she has accomplishments of for and by Alaskans. SARAS pronouns are make america great again. Support SARA ALASKANS. Nick can replace Dan Sullivan. Suzanne your awesome thank you ma’am. President trump wants Sara president trump gave us ANWR. Lisa kicked us all in the teeth don’t forget PRESIDENT TRUMP Alaskans

  2. …..and Kelly Tshibaka in Fairbanks tonight at Gene’s Auto. 6pm. Let’s get a great turnout for Kelly.

  3. It is anticipated that among the first things that will be disposed of by the insurgent Communist interlopers will be the pronouns and the useful idiots that identify with them. They are kind of like a target afixed to one’s back…

    • Folks, Alaskan’ were duped into rank (?) voting…a sequel of events for those who chose to wilfully remain gullible….
      Rank votes was created to install skeltor in office as a RINO Senator; now with Pertorla, as her sidekick, Alaska is doomed ?

  4. Her pronouns I’m not familiar with. I’ve learned she/she and she/he (courtesy of the Juneau School Dist) but not she/her. Does this make me a he/him?

  5. Pronouns… that is the take away that MRAK wants you to remember from last night’s forum.

    Not that Tri-Valley High Schoolers asked the toughest questions for Republicans and Democrats. Those present choose Libertarian answers overwhelming. Why? Becuase the track records of both parties suck! That’s Right Mr Producer I said it.
    I encourage you to watch.

    • MRAK is pointing out that Ms. Sattler – Larson – Kapsner – Peltola – Peltola/Sattler is FULL OF IT.
      She says she is a regular working Alaskan, but she is not.
      She is a woke, government uber alles, Pelosi Puppet. Just like Daddy’s girl, her new friend.

  6. Personally, to avoid landing in ‘woke’ jail, I tend to use the pronouns ‘it’ or ‘that’ when addressing or speaking of known liberal extremists and known democrats……..

    • Bob, how about we just declare Alaska to be a PERSONAL PRONOUN FREE ZONE!
      There, that should work for the woke.

  7. An energetic (though currently strangely hidden for the election) baby killer as a future policy maker who is all in on the current moral panic of gender confusion. How much worse can it get? Much worse if she is elected. Palin is an train wreck, but only rank the red.

  8. People should be respected as individuals, this is and always should be an Alaskan value. The anonymous trolls are feasting on the most vulnerable in our society

    • Frank, Logic-eating paramecium apparently have feasted on much of the woke crowd’s brains. The majority of us however respect individuality, it’s just the unnatural whopper lies rammed down our throats that we abhor, lies like men having babies. Stuff like that. Turns out that our respect for the individual is based in truth and we don’t like seeing those most vulnerable amongst us, (like our grandchildren) being unduly influenced by some who push child mutilation upon them. And here I thought it was just barbarian cultures that practiced such things. Feast on that Frank!

    • While you are (supposedly) respecting individuals, Rank Fast, how about respecting reality at the same time?
      I say “supposedly”, though, because your radical leftist extremist obsession with identity politics is the polar opposite of respecting individuals. Instead, you choose to categorize them by groups. I believe that is called “bigotry”.

  9. Frank: How dare you refer to ‘them’ as the ‘most vulnerable’? Why that has got to be racist, misogynist, homophobic and anything else that ‘they’ can hang on you.

  10. “Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty”

    – Hannah Arendt

    • Alaskan 56,
      Mary Mary quite Constitutionally Contrary how does your campaign grow? With lots of funds from democrat hides to fool the locals about what’s really inside. I’ve plans to shunter all development you see and there will nary be a job to see, but alas with me you’ve got nothing but rest since I’ll load up your EBT card called Quest. No development of minerals nor of the minds of my people you see, because we’ve maybe fooled enough people to actually vote for me!
      Guns are bad, except you see for the preservation of food securities, which in my view equates to guns for me but not for thee. So I’ll become a congress mom and I’ll bring home other peoples money so that you can live in a land of canned milk and honey, but you’ll always be beholding to me because there will never be a real job to see.

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