The Anchorage Assembly’s war on conservatives



On Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly will launch the most vicious and unethical action I have ever witnessed by that body.  

Assembly member Meg Zaletel has introduced a vindictive resolution to trash Assembly member Jamie Allard, based on social media posts Zalatel has taken out of content, misconstrued, and distorted in an effort to smear and do deliberate harm to Allard’s reputation and her ability to effectively represent her constituents.  

Zaletel vilified Allard by stating she “…breached the public trust by seriously eroding the trust and respect of Municipal residents towards the Assembly…”  

Really. Let’s talk about breaching the trust and respect of municipal residents by Assembly members. Shall we bring up the time when Assembly member Chris Constant publicly disparaged a person who had just testified after the person had left the room?

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How about Assemblymen Forrest Dunbar and Chris Constant unethically pressuring pastors to submit comments supporting former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s homeless shelter hotel purchases?  

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Zaletel’s personal attack against Allard brings to mind the old adage, “Those who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”

This in-your-face frontal assault by the Left on Allard blows apart the myth that liberals actually believe in unity, fairness, and open conversation.  

In fact, they are vicious Marxists who strive for absolute obedience and suppression of opposing speech.  

We must really be getting under the skin of this thin-skinned socialist bunch. Because Allard stands up for conservative values against a sea of uber-liberal doctrine from her colleagues on the Marxist-dominated Anchorage Assembly, a small group of malcontents has decided to initiate a recall against her. Here is what they claim are her “offenses:”

“It is unacceptable that a Public Official :

Supports enabling hate speech in our community

Consistently disrupts Assembly business, unethically

Uses her publicly funded position to incite disruptive violence by her supporters

Consistently bullies, disuades, deletes and marginalizes citizens of her District and Anchorage that are not aligned with her personal viewpoints

For these reasons and many more – we are dedicated to the recall of Jamie Allard

and a step towards more grace and dignity to our beloved City.” 

(Quoted from the Recall Jamie Allard Facebook page)

Let’s analyze their accusations a bit.  

  • Supports enabling hate speech in our community. False – while Allard is aggressive in her defense of conservative values and engages in strong debates with the nine Leftists assembly members, she has never engaged in hate speech. What a cheap shot to take, when in fact it has been Felix Rivera, Chris Constant, Forrest Dunbar, and Pete Peterson who have made hate speech comments from the dais against Allard and members of the public.   
  • Consistently disrupts Assembly business, unethically. False – Allard’s “disruptions” at the Assembly meetings are no more than forceful points refuting liberal drivel and attacks against her and in defense of citizens that are testifying and being rudely treated by her colleagues. 
  • Uses her publicly funded position to incite disruptive violence by her supporters. I guess if you’re going to make things up to gaslight hate and discontent, you might as well just libel someone with the “violence” label.
  • Consistently bullies, dissuades, deletes, and marginalizes citizens of her District and Anchorage that are not aligned with her personal viewpoints. False, again. Allard is a strong woman who stands for the conservative values of Chugiak/Eagle River. This accusation is blatant misogyny, stated by weak people afraid of strong female leadership. The Left are such hypocrites. 

You would think Jamie Allard is the devil reincarnated from these torrid and libelous posts on Facebook — lies that will never be deleted, censored, or stated as misinformation by the truth squad at Facebook.

Just like the dishonest misinformation campaign waged against President Trump by the Left, our local gang thinks we can also be bamboozled like sheep into believing their lies.  

In fact, each of these accusations against Allard actually applies directly to past actions by the infamously unethical Assembly members Rivera; Constant; Peterson; Dunbar; and, my personal favorite, Zaletel.

Instead of creating a poisonous environment by demonizing their political opposition, they might want to consider the fate Rivera now faces due to his horrendous behavior on the Assembly.

Rivera is being recalled and it is projected Assembly District 4 will vote him out of office in April. 

Also, Alaskans For Open Meetings is now in court against the municipality for the illegal actions of Chairman Rivera in violating the COVID-19 Emergency Orders.  As Zaletel states in her resolution, these orders are “law.”  If Allard needs to follow them, so does the entire Assembly. 

That same pent-up anger against incompetent Chairman Rivera is starting to fester and engulf the entire liberal Assembly. Efforts to recall Zaletel continue and a recall petition is now being pursued against Czar Dunbar for his despicable coercion of Anchorage pastors over the recent hotel purchases for vagrants.  

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A lawsuit has been filed by two constituents for the unlawful refusal to fill the vacant Assembly District 3, Seat E seat since last October.

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The constantly disparaging comments by foul-mouthed Assemblyman Constant is also fueling a movement against him.

The pounding of the war drums against the Assembly’s tyranny is getting louder and louder.

You know what’s going on. The Left is now threatened by an awakened moderate and conservative constituency in Anchorage that is fed-up with the uber-liberal Assembly, which is driving up vagrancy, politically interfering with law enforcement, killing businesses, increasing taxes, targeting their opposition with code enforcers and harassing mandates, and attempting to silence their opposition.  

The Left is trying to change the narrative from their dismal failure as self-proclaimed political leaders, by vilifying their primary vocal opponent.  

It won’t work.  Chugiak/Eagle River strongly supports Jamie Allard and will not be duped by socialist charlatans into rebuking a conservative voice on the Assembly.

Supporters of Assembly member Allard are encouraged to show up at the Assembly meeting next Tuesday to support Jamie.  

Municipal Assembly Agenda

Your presence would further send the message to these leftist that we will not be sit back and let them terrorize conservatives through threats and intimidation. 

In just 60 days voters have the chance to recall Rivera and at the same time elect a less radical mayor. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. The fight to save the soul of Anchorage is now and if we do not start moving back toward the center, we truly will have become Los Anchorage. 

Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor.  He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).


  1. Those of us who are sane and refuse the racist, lying Woke Culture need to pull together to recall each and everyone one of these Marxists who bear false witness against their own member. These people are reprehensible and deserve our vilification.

  2. Craig Campbell is right on all counts. Thank you for the clarifying summary of these miscreants’ tyrannical behaviors as assembly members. I can hardly wait for the next election outcomes to chasten these self-righteous bullies. They seek to Cancel conservatives. Let’s show them we too can hasten the demise of their public careers. They’ve done it to themselves.

  3. What a lame accusation is “hate speech” which is nothing more than a manifestation of the one who wants to deny someone’s free speech-Anchorage deserves the right to an assembly representative of the populace, and that should be based on free and fair elections-following the parameters set forth by our STATE legislators on how elections should be run -not with exceptions to the election day EVER, not to exceptions of showing voter ID, not to delay recall petitions, etc

  4. Well said General! We the People are tired of a certain political sect using hate speech to scare individuals from opposing them. Without a definition, hate speech can be twisted into whatever a person wants it to be. I, for example, could say calling Mrs. Allard a bully is “hate speech”. Perhaps by writing this resolution, the assembly is “inciting political violence”. When is America going to wake up and realize that these made up acts of aggression in order to play the victim is what’s destroying this country. The most remarkable part of all this, they don’t realize that the next generation will use these exact tactics against THEM when we, the current target, are all gone.

    • There is no such thing as “hate speech”. There is simply speech that violently intolerant authoritarians hate, most especially any speech that dares challenge or oppose them in any way.

  5. Meg Zaletel needs a recall petition of her own. She’s in the same district as Felix Rivera and should be recalled herself for lack of public trust by the voters in the Midtown district.
    We need MORE Jamie Allard’s, not fewer.
    And as far as “breaching the public trust by seriously eroding the trust and respect of Municipal residents towards the Assembly”, the left-wing radical Assembly members accomplished that goal all by themselves. And they continue to do so…

  6. I think back to a year ago. I attempted to have a pro-and-con discussion on the merits of Prop 12 at various places online. You probably can’t find any of that discussion anywhere, as Christopher Constant and Rob Cupples worked hard to suppress it under the pretense that Prop 12 was a routine housekeeping measure which needn’t be opposed. If that’s the case, why did it pass with only 60 percent of the vote? Fast forwarding a number of months, I’ve had greater opportunity than most to see the failure of what we’re doing at Sullivan Arena. A recent discussion with an Assembly member leads me to believe that the Municipality will do whatever it takes to make it appear to be a success. This way, they can make that approach the path going forward and cut out anyone who might offer a different approach, many of whom have been effectively marginalized out of existence anyway. That leads me to the ultimate point of this comment. I wonder if Dunbar’s chances of being elected mayor hinge not so much on Bronson and Evans and Robbins splitting the vote, but rather the fact that those three appeal to people who aren’t sitting on a guaranteed income and may be more concerned with survival, to include leaving Anchorage? Will this be the true legacy left behind by the likes of Berkowitz and Constant and Quinn-Davidson?

  7. In the past twelve years I have come to the conclusion that there are no good democrats, their own actions prove my point. This includes municipal, state and federal democrat politicians, they all support each other no matter how wrong they are or how bad there policies hurt our republic. They just don’t care.

  8. The first axiom of politics states:
    It is not the action taken by the person that causes the offense. It is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes the offense.”
    The left are of the belief someone on the right side of the political aisle sharing an opinion is the equivalent of a violent attack. Therefore, they are justified in responding with physical violence in self defense.
    This is no different. Because Jamie Allard actually has the audacity to disagree with a leftist, that leftist must silence the dissent. They must destroy that person. Meanwhile, Constant can practically accuse a Rabbi of proposing concentration camps, and that is OK.

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