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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Constantly misguided assemblyman says racism is ‘baked into our community’

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Are you a racist? I’m not either. Are your friends racist? Yeah, neither are mine. So where are all these racists Democrats warn us about? They constantly complain the “disenfranchised” can’t get ahead, because, you know, racism.  

If you believe hard-core leftist Assemblyman Christopher Constant, Anchorage is spiked with intolerance and bigotry. It’s woven into our culture. We’re swimming in racism. It’s who we are as a people. Yes, Constant argues the people of Anchorage are authentically prejudice and steeped in racial discrimination.  

“To me, the issue of racism is not specific to a person acting, but it is just baked into our community in such a way that we do not even see the people who we don’t have equal respect or understanding of. We just literally blank them out,” Constant said during a recent Assembly meeting.  

Constant singled out those testifying before the Assembly and objecting to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s plan to flood certain areas of town with high and drunk vagrants as racist. But he’s wrong about dissenters not seeing the vagrants. We do see them. They’re everywhere. Fornicating, defecating, masturbating, trespassing, fighting, falling down, and lawbreaking.  

The reason so many are speaking out over Anchorage’s exploding vagrant epidemic has nothing to do with race. What a stupid thing to believe. People don’t want lawless drug addicts and drunkards flooding neighborhoods leaving their feces, drug needles, trash, and stolen bikes all around. 

Does Constant honestly believe these dysfunctional vagrants would be welcome in neighborhoods if they were of a different race? Is he out of his mind? 

Constant not only believes Anchorage is currently racist, he says it’s been that way for years. 

“We have made policy for generations on that principle and I will not stand for that principle one more day on this body as long as I’m here,” said Constant. 

And there it is. The one constant with Constant and other hard-core Leftists: Virtue signaling. 

“I will not stand on that principle one more day on this body as long as I’m here.”  

What Constant wants you to know is that even though the city he serves is racist and has been for years, as an enlightened, woke, super virtuous crusader for all things not equal, he will draw a line in the sand and single handily bring to an end generations of injustices. 

He’s faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Look up in the Sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Christopher Constant, social justice superhero! 

Here’s the thing about left-leaning virtue signalers like Constant, Berkowitz, and other Assembly members of their ilk. Because their focus is on their image and how their decisions make them look, they rarely discover truth.  

Seeking and finding truth requires a humble and compassionate heart. To find the truth one must care about others and sincerely want to help. The heart obsessed with its own image cannot see or hear truth. 

The ideology and religion of Leftism is based on pride and self-glorification. It’s the opposite of humility. Leftists fancy themselves hyper-intellectual. Above the uneducated and less refined. They’re all puffed up. It’s why Leftists typically destroy everything they touch. 

They must be defeated at the ballot box. The longer they control a city, the more decline and destruction. Look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Consider Venezuela, once a resource-rich nation, now a place where the vast majority live in poverty. 

Don’t think it could happen to Anchorage or Alaska? Keep electing Leftists. You’ll see.   

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show weekday mornings on Newsradio 650, KENI. 

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Latest comments

  • Where did Constant come from for heaven’s sake?

    • If I had to guess – He’s probably from San Francisco!!!

    • I had to shake my head in disgust and mull over the same question, Mudshark, and it turns out that he comes from the same place as that nasty little runt, Berkowitz:

      We might also surmise that he makes a nice living off of the redistribution of public wealth squandered in the industry of tending to drunken and drugged up vagrants, as his profile on the Muni’s website states that “Christopher is a licensed real estate agent as well as a Grants and Contracts Director for a statewide nonprofit substance abuse and behavioral health treatment provider.”

      So given the above, we might further guess that he stands to personally gain from befouling certain parts of Anchorage through the relocation of bums which would likely drive property prices up in areas they’re relocated from and driving down the values of areas they’re relocated to. It escapes me at the moment and far be it from me to accuse him of deliberately doing so yet I’m reasonably certain there’s a term or terms used to describe unscrupulous real estate practices of the sort…

      Say, wasn’t Constant also one of the sponsors of AO 2020-66 which would throw $22 million in taxpayer funds at ruining four parts of town through the relocation of bums?

  • Chris Constant actually made a movie about cleaning up 3rd Ave. He engaged his neighborhood in a cleanup activity.

    And then he flips and calls this town racist.

    What kind of mind flips like that?

    • “Mind”?

      Sorry, counselor. No mind in evidence.

  • Everything you write is true, Dan. This same Leftist Dogma is being repeated verbatim in every city in Washington and Oregon. The Democrats/Socialist have received the same script with the same crazy rhetoric from the DNC and BLM, the MSM is following the same script, they even use the same words on every “newscast”, the “handlers” need a bigger and better vocabulary!

  • Constant needs to read Romans 1 and repent his immorality.

  • Homelessness is not a race.

    Public drug abuse is not a race.

    Public drunkenness is not a race.

  • It is such delicious irony that EVERY city that is burning in the US and self-proclaiming how systemically racist it is happens to be run by…wait for it…a Democrat mayor, police chief, city council, and often governor. Many of these are even black democrat leaders. And it has been that way for decades!
    Do they miss the fact that while they blame Trump and the racist republicans for all things racist and bad for the last 50 years that they have been led in their own towns, that are being burned by Democrats?
    Any Republican towns experience race riots or looting and burning recently? If they are so racist, we should see a few Republican slave holding racist towns go up in flames soon because…they deserve it! But no. It’s only the Democrat-led towns that burn.
    History will record how so many black citizens and college white kids with no jobs were used as tools to perpetuate the racist lie in 2020.
    As for Constant, he is playing by the Left’s book: Accuse all of what you might be, and thus, abscond from being labeled that very thing.

  • To repeat “The heart obsessed with its own image cannot see or hear truth.” Let us have that baked into our community!

  • No the homeless is not a race.. they are a ppl in need of addiction rehab, mental therapy n compassion, we are in together.,, trust me we are.. Hobbs n Locke… we need to put some down in order to be on top.. nature of man … in particular in case . The white man, they will fight to the death to maintain their power..,get ready for the fight XX I do think it has gotten as bad as it going to get xxx the struggle is real !!!!

  • The only thing baked here is Constant.

  • Racism is only systemic if you listen to the mouthpieces of the left’s propaganda media. But then you’d be hard pressed to find any truth coming from that crew of losers.

  • I don’t know anyone who isn’t a racist. Certainly the blacks think they are superior, and through selective breeding practices, they may be right. I’ve been discriminated against in every village or reservation I have lived on and I am native. Most people have a natural tendency to migrate with their own people. Marry their own. It doesn’t make them bad people.

    • In Koliganek, they wanted only natives to sub in the school. I was native but that didn’t count. During a meeting, one person said look around the room. We aren’t brown enough.

    • My backyard neighbors have a flock of chickens, some of them exotic breeds. Guess what the red chickens hang with the red chickens, the white with the white, the speckled with the speckled. They’re the descendants of the dinosaurs; guess this sort of thing has been around awhile.

      • It’s natural and nothing at all wrong with it. 30000 years ago we were all black though. Sicilians still are. Lol

  • In addition, Manokotak was the best village we ever lived in. They welcomed us and even gave our own unique native name. But, there are always one or two who judge a book by its cover.

  • The left is, everything they call everyone else.

  • Oh good grief. I would say Mr. Constant has a personal problem with his own racism, and is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black as he uses the typical left strategy of trying to dig tiny splinters out of the eye of others while ignoring the gigantic log in his own. And as for acceptance of vagrants if they were ‘white’. – all the vagrants I see in the Matsu valley are indeed ‘white’, or some fair complected skin shade, and I assure you they are no less concerning than any other skin tone varieties found in Anchorage. Please Anchorage voters next go round do not re elect this very confused assembly representation.

  • Morgan Freeman sums this issue up very well in that old “60 Minutes” interview with master (race) baiter, Mike Wallace. “You want to stop racism, then stop talking about it” says Freeman. He also went on to condemn Black History Month, saying, “You want your history condensed into one month Mike?” “No, no I don’t” replies Wallace.
    See how this game is played?
    America today, and by design, is still systemically racist, but not in the way we’re being led to believe. What on earth is “The Congressional Black Caucus” all about, it’s a perfect example systemic racism, period.
    We the people are conditioned *not* to think critically, many simply accept the deceptive narrative. Mr Constant has, for his entire life, mastered this form of deception. People who support *his* narrative are by *training* racist, and bigoted, they will discriminate against the *unpopular* majority simply to reenforce their self-deception. They’re the definition of racist bigots. Start taking a knee for these people and before you know it you’ll be on two knees watching your fellow man tumble into a pit of corpses.

  • Elizabeth,

    Well said.

    They will not have the chance to make us embarrassed and miserable in the future.

    Vote ‘em out!

  • Well said. We have an apartment building DIRECTLY across the street from the Sullivan Arena, recently turned into a homeless shelter at a taxpayer cost of $2,500 PER HOMELESS PERSON each month, in addition to lost rental revenue for the Arena. We’ve had two broken windows, multiple break-ins, addicts leaving syringes/needles everywhere, two incidents of vomit in the laundry room, two other incidents of urinating in the corner of the laundry stairwell, vehicle thefts, multiple screaming incidents, littering EVERYWHERE, vehicle break-ins, and tenant children exposed to drugs/sex/danger to the extent SEVERAL have threatened to move and it is extremely difficult to fill vacancies.

    We don’t have a racism/homeless problem. We have a drug/alcohol/crime problem the Assembly ignores because the perpetrators are homeless!

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