‘Shame’ game: Dunbar and Constant admit they strong-armed pastors into supporting vagrant plan

Assembly members Chris Constant and Forrest Dunbar listened to the concerns of hockey coaches last week after taking a break during an Assembly meeting due to the noise of the protesters.

Newly released emails between Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar and Assemblyman Chris Constant show that last summer the two were shaming church leaders into supporting former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’ plan to purchase buildings in Anchorage for a network of substance abuse treatment and homeless shelters.

“Looks like our shame/prodding campaign worked! Or perhaps they would have written in regardless…” wrote Dunbar, who is running for mayor of Anchorage.

Dunbar was responding to Constant, who had noted, “They came at me hard pissed telling me they were going to comment already (When?) and that I was the bad one. Haha. Whatever it takes to make you do your part.”

The emails were referring to a letter Constant forwarded to Dunbar from a pastor that was addressed to the Anchorage Assembly regarding AO-66, regarding the controversial purchases of the four properties. Rev. Jacob Poindexter, who refers to himself as a he/him/his, and who is a senior pastor at the First Congregational Church of Anchorage, is one of those faith leaders who was evidently successfully “shamed” into writing a letter to the Assembly.

A screen shot of the email exchange between Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar and Assemblyman Chris Constant.

Last summer, the liberal majority on the Assembly was trying to help former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz create a network of buildings in various places in the city, something that would become a homelessness industry for Anchorage, complete with shelters and substance abuse centers in various family neighborhoods.

The public has been passionately opposed to the plan, which has backfired, creating a wave of grassroots activity across the community from people not normally involved in politics in any way. Most of them are conservatives who are now seeing just what goes on in city government in Anchorage.

Russell Biggs is one of those people.

It took Biggs seven months and cost him $800 to get emails between the Assembly members released to him. He also had to go before the Assembly and call out Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones for not acting on his public records request before he finally received his trove, which he is now poring through.

Must Read Alaska understands there are more emails to be released by Biggs.

In another set of communication between Dunbar and Constant, the two discuss how little they think about the people involved with the group known as “Save Anchorage.”

“Answered her in good faith, because I didn’t know who she was. Whoops!” wrote Dunbar, as he and Constant discussed how they should not respond to people associated with Save Anchorage. He noted he “won’t make that mistake again.”

Dunbar is the leading liberal candidate for mayor in a field that includes 13 others. The election ends April 6.


  1. Let’s help Russell Biggs with his personal costs – the $800. Reimbursement is in order. Anything left over should go to campaign against those two disingenuous, duplicitous narcissists. I used to really enjoy Dunbar running as an athlete. Then he turned into a liberal tyrant – turned into the company he keeps. What a shame. Now, it’s all about leftist power. And, he’s not old enough, nor does he have enough life experience to know anything. Dunbar could care less about Anchorage taxpaying citizens. He’s gotta go.

    • Dunbar’s “membership” in the Alaska Army National Guard is NOTHING more than a political stunt. It’s something he trots out to pad his political resume. The ONLY active duty time he saw was an 8-week course at the JAG school in Charlottesville, VA. He boasts about his demonstrated leadership, but he doesn’t have any. Shaming people into action is not leadership. And he’s a wimp. Have you noticed that he NEVER shows up in-person for assembly meetings?


      Anchorage voters must get behind a true leader in the upcoming mayoral election. I support Bill Evans, please consider his honesty, vast experience, and true leadership when you cast your vote on April 6th.

      • Useless opportunists only if you no likey, hmm? If you accuse Dunbar, you brush Senators Dan Sullivan and Lindsey Graham with the same brush. They, too, are or were reserve and/Guard JAG officers.

        • Sen Sullivan deployed to Afghanistan with our local Marine Reserve unit as an Infantry officer, not a JAG.

      • I’m considering Bill Evans – we need a conservative candidate who can WIN at this point and get the pendulum swinging to the conservative side, even just a little bit. There are others who might strictly align with all the conservative principles we have, but can they WIN this election? We need to dump the leftist rot that has infested this city and state and at least elect a right-sided conservative, even though we may see some differences of opinion. We need to get rid of the rot and replace and repair as necessary.With 13 or 14 candidates in the running, we could end up with the same rot we have if we can’t focus and elect one who stands the best chance of defeating this nightmare.

  2. These guys would fit well into the current group in Washington..in either house of congress…or the administration…

  3. …Pride has to come before the fall. these two Members Constant and Dunbar are the most prideful and cockiest of all Assembly Members.

    I appreciate Biggs time and financial resources bringing to light these emails.

  4. To All: Further proof, in their own words, of what I have been writing about these mean-spirited, ends justify the means, socialists push to harass and intimidate us to accomplish their Uber-liberal agenda. They think we are a joke that can be manipulated to meet their goals. Remember, Dunbar is running for mayor. He must be defeated or Anchorage is toast.

    • Ok! You new socialism left? The New Democratic Party? (Communistic, Marxism,facism) parties!

      Then the Rhinos?

      Both parties lost it!

      There was a time both parties could talk!

  5. You’ve got a chance Anchorage- it’s a slim one, because you gave away the city to These thieves and bullies when you let them put mail in voting in…because they cheat…and they have no moral issue with cheating, because they think they are serving their greater good and God…which is government—and their God demands power at all cost, by any means—so ballot rules and ethics aren’t going to stop them..

    And yet.. you still have a chance. You’ll have to overwhelm them with your votes, and that means find ONE candidate and rally behind them. It means SHOW up at every precinct and ballot watch.. and if you do all that, to maximal efficiency..with a little luck.. you may just get it back. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only shot you have. If you don’t? You guys are done. So goes you, so goes the state, so you’ll bring the whole thing down and hand it over to a bunch of petulant commies, essentially..

    Good luck, and Godspeed

    • And they have the police under their power. My late husband was an honest and virtuous Anchorage cop who did his job well and would never have supported this ridiculous mess. I’m sure he is spinning in his grave. And, by the way, he saw this nightmare coming a long time ago. Cheers!

    • Mail in voting was never presented before the voters of Alaska. Instead it was based upon “committees” that were formed to examine the issue that reaped a benefit by having a majority of liberal left-wing candidates elected. In addition, the claim was made that mail-in voting would save money for the city. Since when do these dummies try to save money?? And then they started making excuses when it cost more. Total lies. And now they claim it was done to include “MORE” voter participation. Based on the recent Presidential Election fraud, we know what that means and also confirms who was behind the scam…

    • You’re so Right on on this !
      Yes vote vote these crazies out
      or like I said before Anchorage will go from blue to Dark blue like Portland, fires burning

  6. The Anchorage of 2021 is a result of lazy Conservative voters over the last two decades. They were asleep at the wheel and too lazy to get out & vote. Taking for granted what was built and let the bottom feeders weasel their way in. Craig is right: If Dunbar wins y’all might as well just prepare for more lunacy because it’s going to take decades to return to true prosperity.

    • This is on the state level, but here goes: Don’t forget the migratory foul who would flood this state for their $5,000 PFD – every man, woman and child – $5,000 for breathing. Raid the self sustaining Permanent Fund for what? A hoard of gimme dats? The politicians have the power. I pray they use it wisely.

  7. Don’t say it or write it if it doesn’t pass the front page of the newspaper test. Amazing how a everyday citizen does more investigative work that our local pos newspaper ADN

    • Isn’t that the truth. The arrogance of the assembly, thinking their emails would never be pulled, and the ADN as well with their biased arrogance. I knew they were going downhill when they changed the ‘Bush Alaska’ section to the ‘Rural Alaska’ section. I suppose it was beneath and too Alaskan for them

    • Research ADN -Do your homework folks. Pro Publica. Look it up if you are interested in why the mainstream news in this town is biased. The ADN sold their souls! (If they had any to begin with). Alaska News Source isn’t much better. Blather except for the weather – and that is a joke too.

      • And that’s what Anchorage doesn’t have. Too many conservative candidates who will split the vote and put Dunbar in.

        • We need poll watchers to monitor the vote counting, regardless of the mail-ins, vote harvesting and all the suspected rigging. Personally, I don’t trust the process. If Anchorage voters are stupid enough to elect a leftist Mayor again, may the good Lord help us.

          • This little berg on the face of the map is ripe for the taking. It is a microcosm of the national leftist disease. A leftist test tube.

  8. Churches and government should never align. Should and shall be separated.

    Churches should and shall take care of their people and open doors to others.

    Government needs to stay small.
    Our government was meant too stay small.

  9. Mail-in voting must be ended. However, whatever, it must be ended. Witness the characters running this once great city. Increasing property taxes, no representation (except Jamie Allard, who has been ridiculed and blasted by this cabal). I’m sick and tired of this BS for the taxes I pay! A billion dollars to fund the municipal budget and school district. What is wrong with this picture when the once beautiful City of Anchorage looks like a third world sh!thole? Total mismanagement! Vote! (For what it’s worth under this regime.) Kind Regards.

  10. Seems as though, at least these two assembly members, if not more of them, found this whole shutdown of people’s livelihoods and lives to be funny, and entertaining. Of course deep down we already knew this, this is just the proof.

  11. Russell Biggs, you are one of the unsung heroes of our time for exposing these miscreants. If anyone can get me in touch with Mr. Biggs, I would gladly pitch in to reimburse his costs. It is past time for Conservatives to wake up, shake off the dust and join forces. We must meet the onslaught of stupid left wing tactics and prevail or lose our constitutionally protected freedoms. Alaska is not exempt from the lunacy in Washington or in many of the lower 48 States. Stand up or lose your future! I have heard the Republican Party in Alaska is selling its soul to leftists as there are numerous RINOS working with them in Juneau. We must call them out and end their political aspirations!

  12. So what shall we do with the homeless population in Anch? I’m not about giving hand outs btw. I ‘m about giving a hand up. Any suggestions? I feel we can’t condone homelessness as being usual. For the most part. I just know that enabling homeless is the wrong way.

    • Nick: When the homeless ask for spare change, have a new testament in your pocket or bag and pull it out telling them, “sure i have change.” You turn to Matthew 4:4.
      The only thing Our towns homeless and addicts need is God and His word. Our good works providing tangibles (food, shelter, clothes) become works done in vain. Majority of the homeless, especially the ones with Native heritage, know and accept God but they haven’t understood to really receive Christ he renews their mind and breaks every chain and shackle. I had a chance to try this a couple of weeks ago. The person who was with me was with me when we saw an Anchorage person i tried this idea yesterday, they recognized my car and waved to us. My friend thought they looked healthier and their complexion was clearer. Perhaps, by the power of God they slowed down on drinking or they thought harder what it is to really receive christ beyond just saying the sinners prayer?
      You know what before givers send money to the shelters, you know what givers should d? have a shopping list and buy the food themselves and give it to the non profits for their meals. Dont give the non profits donation cash or support their fancy dinner galas that the homless arent even invited attending, executive directors and board members will just spend the cash on frivolous activities and operations. Let them get paid on a shoestring budget but use givers use their own cash to buy the supplies, food, even repair the building themselves out of their own pocket!

    • They don’t want a hand up. They want a hand out. You become part of the problem when you insist on giving them something they don’t want. And then the next step is that you then force others to also try to give them something they don’t want.

      • They have choices. They must live with them like we all do. How much taxpayer money should we throw at them?

    • I have first hand knowledge that many legislators have been instructed not to even be seen having dinner with opposing people in Juneau, unless they want to be cancelled essentially.

  13. If your cause is so righteous, why do you have to lie? Why do you have to cheat? Why do you have to squash dissent?

  14. Returning to the topic, if we may…
    One wonders about the character of a “pastor” who allows himself to be strong-armed by anyone, much less this godforsaken trash.
    Seems reasonable to ask why his congregation wouldn’t fire a “pastor” who allows himself (and them) to be strong-armed by anyone, much less this godforsaken trash.
    Forget politics (momentarily)
    … if Anchorage’s pastors can be so easily blackmailed, if they’re so vulnerable to extortion by this godforsaken trash, what does this say about purity and purpose of Anchorage’s churches?

    • The irony here, it appears that these church leaders were “shamed” into support, by a bunch of Marxists demanding the pastors be better Christians. I suppose you reap what you sow, when you buy into the “social justice” mantra instead of sticking with the Good Book.

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