Zaletel on attack: Eagle River’s Allard tied to proverbial stake


Shades of 2016, when the alt-left in Anchorage declared political holy war on Chugiak-Eagle River Assemblywoman Amy Demboski for a comment she had made on her radio talk show.

Back then, the mainstream media and leftwing bloggers explained to the public that Demboski, a conservative, had linked a Muslim family to a terrorist group.

Nothing of the sort had happened, but then-Assembly Chair Elvi Gray-Jackson publicly and tearfully apologized to the family anyway. The narrative had left the barn before the truth ever found its shoes.

Now, it’s Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard’s turn at the liberal’s burning stake. Allard, who is Hispanic, is the subject of a “whereas” complaint by fellow Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who doesn’t like the way Allard conducts her social media page on Facebook. The “Cancel Culture” war on Allard has begun in earnest.

Zaletel, who is an attorney, has a resolution drafted that lists a litany of grievances that Zaletel has against Allard, and then concludes by saying there is nothing the Assembly can do about it.

Meg Zaletel

Zaletel posted screenshots of Allard’s comments on her own Facebook page, taking the war on Allard to her social media accounts.

Read the Zalatel resolution at this link:

In the complaint, Zaletel says Allard defended Nazis, when she pondered whether license plates with the words FUHRER and 3REICH could have alternate meanings.

Zaletel says that Allard deleted people from her Facebook page, and that her page was so offensive that Facebook took it down altogether, and the governor himself removed her from the Human Rights Commission.

(Leftist writers say that Allard deleted her own page, and no one seems to have the definitive answer on what happened to Allard’s Facebook page — did she accidentally delete it herself? The only evidence of that is an anonymous note attributed to Facebook but unverifiable. Did Facebook take action? A request to Facebook from this author went unanswered.)

Zaletel has served on the Assembly since 2019, representing District 4 Seat F. Her term ends in 2022.

Allard was elected in 2020 and came in like a lion last spring when she took office on April 21. Her term ends in 2023.

Jamie Allard

Both Assemblywomen, who in some ways represent opposite political viewpoints, are now under pressure by opposing forces who want them to be recalled.

The recall effort against Zaletel failed after the municipal clerk refused to issue a petition booklet and the recall proponents didn’t pursue the case in court. Whether they will pursue Zaletel’s recall just one year before the election for that seat is unclear.

Also now subject to recall on the Assembly is Chairman Felix Rivera, who will stand for recall on the April 6 ballot, and Forrest Dunbar, who had an “application for recall petition” filed against him last week.

Dunbar is running for mayor but will also face a motivated recall movement in his East Anchorage district. They have an uphill battle, however: Dunbar was unopposed during his last election for Assembly. Some 8,780 votes were cast in that district, so 2,195 valid signatures are needed to place Dunbar’s name on a recall ballot.

The Tuesday Assembly meeting begins at 5 pm. The agenda and particulars are at this link.


  1. Zaletel is channeling that Robert Helpmann actor we saw as kids, one she’s refined and renamed “The Allard Catcher.” #chittychittybangbang #thechildcatcher

      • This new version, “The Allard Catcher” scares the cr@p out of me, lol.
        Jamie needs a button, with his/her likeness on it……… #theallardcatcher #thechildcatcher

  2. MRA please give YOUR explanation as to WHY the governor removed Allard from the state Human Rights Commission?

    • Right?! I can subtly understand the governor calling this all a “distraction” but honestly it shouldn’t be. She defends free speech with a different point of view. Why be punished by it. FREE SPEECH IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE!

    • Same reason Trump didn’t pardon Assange. Dunleavy’s actually owned by his corporate donor base, and they spoke in his ear LOUDLY. You know, Democrat or Republican, they’re owned by the same corporate/banking donors, they’re merely left and right wings of the same Turkey Vulture.

  3. Zalatel is using tactics right out of the democrat/liberal/socialist playbook to silence anyone who dares to disagree with her. Zaletel has her own agenda and God help anyone who gets in her way!

  4. These are a few of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals.

    Do we see anything in common with Meg’s attack on Jamie?

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

    RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

    If we do not acknowledge our opponents weapons, they will be used against us. They utilize these 12 rules against conservatives all the time.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle” Sun Tzu the art of war.

  5. Sigh…..

    The projection and hypocrisy of this Assembly person is breathtaking…..

    What a small and foul bubble of their perceived reality they live within…

    So sad…

  6. Jamie Allard’s stance on standing up to the radical left on the Anchorage Assembly will only further increase her popularity with voters in her District. After all, Eagle River citizens never wanted to be part of Anchorage with its left wing nut jobs in the first place. In fact, that’s why many of them moved out of Anchorage. Allard’s 60 percent plus support with voters in her District will only continue to increase as the left-wing Marxist Assembly continues to drag Anchorage and its citizens down into the gutter.

  7. She is just mad because of Rivera and Dunbar are facing recall petitions against them with her own and other recall petitions are coming. Just like a heathen she taking revenge in her own hands and Member Allard is the scapegoat for these frustrated Members.

  8. Whether you agree with Allard’s assembly work or not, her political future is toast, due to her lack of sound judgement and common sense.

    Chapter 1, paragraph 6 of Politics 101 states: “Don’t be dumb enough to apologize for or defend Nazis or their sympathizers”

    • I would defend Nazis, in a heartbeat. Not because I agree with them on anything, but simply on principle. As the ACLU itself did back in the late 1970s in defending the right of the American Nazi Party to publicly parade in Skokie, Illinois. My, how times (and standards, and values, and integrity) have changed.

    • And ain’t no intolerance like leftist (so-called) “tolerance”.

      If hypocritical radical leftists did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  9. Assemblywoman Allard created this mess on her own. Then by all accounts she faked being canceled on Facebook and had a sympathy piece written on this site under the guise of being “canceled.” You don’t come back from that and hopefully the next Republican that comes out of Eagle River gets a more proper vetting cause Ms. Allard is an embarrassment.

  10. Anyone still using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or YouTube cannot possibly be conservative or intelligent, and is therefore deserving of anything that happens to them.

    • Tom:
      Agree in principle, do not think it helps in actual practice.
      As much as the “big tech” is screwing over the average person, they are also about the only way to reach the largest audience. If you want to connect to people, that is the way to go.
      Now, there is a difference between doing that as a personal choice, or as a business choice. Any elected official without InstaTwitFace accounts is essentially cutting themselves off from their constituents.

  11. It is a shame that Jamie Allard has been treated so shamefully. She has stood up to the Assembly time and time again for the Anchorage people. Praying for you Jamie!

  12. The Meg doesn’t like Nazis, presumably because they murdered 6 million Jews?
    Planned Parenthood murders about 345,000 babies annually… no one-candle birthday cakes, no stinky diapers, no nothing… just bits, dispatched with an eerily Nationalsozialistisch efficiency.

    At that rate they’ll murder 6 million babies in the 17 years Anchorage’s education industry needs to “graduate” one functionally illiterate, unpatriotic, gender-confused, government-dependent, social-media-addicted American.
    Jaimie Allard deletes people from Facebook. Planned Parenthood deletes babies from life.
    And The Meg attacks… remind us again… attacks what?

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