Texas governor defies Biden and puts more razor wire up, as former FBI says the invasion is by military-aged men from around the globe

Sign at Organ Pipe National Monument, near the US and Mexico border, warns visitors to be aware of drug cartels and illegal immigration in the area


A letter signed by several former FBI agents was one of several major developments regarding the southern border this week.

The letter, signed Jan. 17 and made public this week, says that the border is being invaded not by women and children, as portrayed in the media, but by military-aged men from across the globe who may be trained and ready to act on behalf of terrorist organizations.

Over six million illegal aliens have invaded the country under the Biden Administration at the southern border. While Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered more razor wire to be installed, President Joe Biden has now threatened to nationalize the Texas National Guard and order them to remove the razor wire. Biden has the authority to federalize National Guard units, which would take them away from the power of the states.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott thanks Texas National Guardsmen for doing what they can to protect the Texas border. President Joe Biden has now threatened Abbott by saying he will nationalize the Texas National Guard.

The FBI agents said many of the people coming over the border are young men who are a national threat to security.

“As former senior executives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with deep experience combatting dangers to the nation, we write to express our concern about a current, specific threat that may be one of the most pernicious ever to menace the United States,” the agents wrote.

“The threat we call out today is new and unfamiliar. In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland and, yet, one is unfolding now. Military aged men from across the globe, many foreign countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands — not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane but rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted. It would be difficult to overstate the danger represented by the presence inside our borders of what is comparatively a multi-division army of young single adult males from hostile nations and regions whose background, intent, or allegiance is completely unknown. They include individuals encountered by border oflicials and then possibly released into the country, along with a shockingly high estimate of ‘gotaways’ — meaning those who have entered and evaded apprehension,” the agents wrote to leaders in Congress, including House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“In light of such a daunting, unprecedented penetration by uninvited foreign actors, it is reasonable to assert that the country possesses dramatically diminished national security at this time. The nation’s military and laws and other natural protective barriers that have provided a traditional security in the past have been thoroughly circumvented over the past three years,” the former law enforcement agents wrote.

“In 2021, the demographics of those crossing the porous southern boundary started to shift. Young men from around the world traveling alone and holding questionable motivations dramatically increased in number to become the most common profile of those breaching the nation’s borders. A startling number have been found on the terrorist watchlist or are from countries designated as State Sponsors of Terror distinctly unfriendly to the United States,” they wrote.

The signers of the letter said it is particularly alarming in light of the Hamas terror attack on Israel last Oct. 7.

“Those of us who have fought terrorism know that, historically, successful terror attacks invite mimicry. We know, as well, that terror leaders intentionally cultivate throngs of young men possessing a certain easily-manipulated personality type to carry out atrocities,” they said.

The agents warned that such mimicry could include large numbers of young foreign men attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens at the behest of a foreign terror group.

“We would be remiss not to call out this potentially grave threat in the most direct terms. The warning lights are blinking,” the FBI agents advised Congress.

And yet, this very real concern does not seem to be getting the focus it logically deserves in the halls of power, they said in the letter.

“The Director of the FBI has correctly assessed an elevated threat level since 10/7. But relatively little discussion has followed highlighting unsecured borders as a significant cause of this increasingly dangerous environment. It is a troubling concern that needs illumination, not avoidance,” the letter said.

“Any violation of the nation’s immigration laws increases risks, but the surge in numbers of single, military aged males descending upon American cities and towns is alarming and perilous. Additionally, they are not just from terror linked regions, but from China and Russia as well — hostile adversaries of the U.S. with aspirations to devastate national infrastructure.”

The agents said that the recent surge of illegal military-aged men across the border is not an accident or coincidence.

“These men are potential operators in what appears to be an accelerated and strategic penetration, a soft invasion, designed to gain internal access to a country that cannot be invaded militarily in order to inflict catastrophic damage if and when enemies find it necessary,” they said.

The FBI agents said that this is a threat never seen before.

“The borders need to be secured against these young men and those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay. This will take the coordinated, cooperative efforts of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the rest of the Intelligence Community to achieve,” the signers said.

In addition to Speaker Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Schumer, the letter was addressed to Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Sen. Mark Warner, chairman of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; Congressman Mark Green, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security; and Sen. Gary Peters
chairman, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

It was signed by Kevin R. Brock, former assistant director, Directorate of Intelligence, FBI; Chris Swocker former assistant director of FBI Criminal Investigative Division; Timothy Healy, former director of the FBI Terrorist Screening Center; Timothy McNally, former assistant director, Los Angeles Division of the FBI, and several other similar former and retired FBI professionals.

Gov. Greg Abbott also signed a letter on Wednesday asserting Texas’ right to protect itself and defying the Biden Administration’s orders to remove razor wire along the border, and accusing President Biden of violating his oath of office. He was supported by 25 Republican governors, who wrote their own letter of support.

Gov. Abbott said he would be adding more razor wire to the border, even as federal agents have been instructed to cut the wire down.


  1. My understanding is that the Supreme Court ruled that Texas merely could not obstruct the federal government from removing the barbed wire. Texas was still within its rights placing it however.

    Will be interesting to see where this goes. My guess is that razor wire is a quite a bit easier to install than remove. The federal government regularly deputizes the state because they don’t have the resources or manpower to efficiently enforce their own rules – cant imagine that Biden will be happy with having to constantly remove hazardous barriers that were invented to be erected simply and cheaply during wartime.

    At a bare minimum it probably requires the use of heavy equipment, and as with everything the government does – regulatory requirements probably make it expensive. Environmental impact, safety equipment, eye wash stations, AHA meetings to avoid potential hazards to employees or subcontractors, proper disposal, etc.

    Oh wait, who am I kidding – all that stuff is just for the little people. It tends to go away when it gets in the way of the bureaucrats getting what they want.

    • I read it the same way.

      My guess is Grandpa Bloodstains really hoped he’d lose the SCOTUS case. That way he could actually secure part of the border and cry about the activist court.

      Right now Grandpa Bloodstains is engaging in theater to stoke his progressive base.

      If he actually tried, the lawsuits will fly.

      -What is the national emergency? Admitting a border problem bites his backside.

      -can he actually force a state guard to sit and/or undo efforts of the state governor to protect his citizens?

      -will he be willing to punish guardsmen unwilling to comply at a time when the military is stunningly unprepared for a war?

      This just gets worse and worse for Grandpa Bloodstains.

  2. Next up, Constitutional Crisis. Who blinks first? This is not Gov George Wallace standing in front of a school to deny a black student entry flanked by state troopers and confronted by US Marshals when he stepped aside. This is far more serious. I don’t see any stepping aside going to happen.!

  3. Trump just issued a statement as well. Governor Dunleavy has an open invitation to help clean up this mess.

  4. Good! I am very glad to hear this news.

    Can it be that SOMEBODY has finally grown a set of cojones, and is willing to stand up to the tyranny and treason of the usurper’s regime?

    I hope this development sets in motion a coordinated repudiation of the purposeful invasion of this country by illegal immigrants (and surely some terrorists), and a wider repudiation of the entire nation-destroying agenda of the globalists in Washington DC. And if it comes to armed conflict between the feds and the Texas National Guard, all the better! The rebellion against the monster on the Potomac cannot come soon enough.

  5. Why do democrats condone this invasion? Why do they hate our country so deeply? How can rational people vote for democrats? We have a short time frame to engage a course correction for our country or we will suffer the fate of the great civilizations that came before us. Without a border, you do not have a country.

    • To pack the electoral college. Leftists don’t reproduce naturally. They need to import illegals to keep their numbers up.

  6. Whitehouse Aid #1: Mr President, Abbot is an insurrectionist.

    Biden: Agreed

    Whitehouse aid #2: Mr President, Gov Abbot is Disabled so he can’t be an insurrectionist.

    Biden: Agreed

    Whitehouse Aid#1: But Mr President, He is white and that makes him an insurrectionist.

    Biden: Agreed

    Whitehouse Aid #2: Mr President, Whitehouse Aid #1 needs to fly down to Texas and tell them Texas boys they are all under arrest.

    Biden: Agreed.

    Whitehouse Aid #1: ummmmmm, Mr President? Governor Abbot isn’t an insurrectionist anymore.

  7. Joe Biden is the biggest POS to ever occupy the White House. Opening up our country to an invasion of potential terrorists, who will use every aspect of our welfare system, then blow us up and kill our children. Joe Biden needs to be stopped. Not soon, …….NOW.

  8. Our country is being conquered on purpose. Everyone should be trying to stop this.This is not “immigration” this is an invasion……by design.
    God Bless Texas.

  9. Biden is aiding and abetting an illegal invasion of the USA. This is called treason. If he nationalizes the National Guard for the purpose of open borders and illegal immigration, that would be called an illegal order, and the National Guard Commander can refuse to follow that order for the sake of National Security. God bless Governor Abbott for his courageous stand against an illegitimate president that is working with the Mexican Cartels to destroy our country with an illegal invasion. Shame on you Sullivan, Murkowski and Peltola for turning your backs on the American people and not stopping this. You are all treasonous criminals that should be removed from office.

    • No one ever thought that is an attempt of the republicans to invade our country in an effort to place trump as the”king” of our nation? Wasn’t it the speaker, Kristi Noem and Corey lewandowski who met with the world freedom initiative in Paris? It was billed as an inspirational summit that gathered citizens concerned about their country’s current state of affairs. Themes for the conference included strategies from the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, border security in the battle to reverse what the group calls a trend toward wokeism.… talk of her reason for getting involved in politics and her repetitive talk of “freedom” they ended on this!

      We pledge to you that we will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country that lie and steal and cheat on elections. They’ll do anything whether legally or illegally to destroy America and destroy the American dream.”

      So is it REALLY democrats?

  10. Abbott has guts. When the attacks on Americans happen, the Democrats will blame the Republicans. Their Democrat base will agree, and not blame the leaders of their traitor party.

    • That is exactly what happened on April 12, 1861 and continues to this day. For those who aren’t good with dates that’s the day the Civil War began.

      • Not exactly. The south wanted to leave the nation. Texas, at present, just wants to protect Texans.

      • The USA has never in fact had a “civil war”. The use of that phrase in the context of the War of Northern Aggression is simply (pre-) Orwellian propaganda.

        A civil war, properly defined, constitutes two factions fighting for control of the same country. The Confederates NEVER sought to conquer or control the North, though, they merely wanted to peacefully secede from the Union, as was their God-given and logical right, regardless of their motivations.
        But the tyrant Lincoln (one of the three WORST and most perniciously ruinous US presidents) refused to allow them to do so, resulting in the deaths of more than 500,000 Americans, and the vast growth of the Leviathan on the Potomac.

        • Leave it to Rocket Man Jefferson to pull a Bill Clinton and challenge what is meant by civil war. Language is a powerful tool and Rash Dickrot here is trying to fool us into accepting his deeply angry and explosive view of all things, that to the rest of us, are good.

  11. God bless Texas, for standing up to the corrupt regime. I wish our governor was more involved in Alaskans rights.

  12. Tree wasn’t big enough…

    Mitt Romney is right. The GOP won’t participate in a bipartisan border solution just so they can use the issue as an election cudgel. Sick, but not surprising.

  13. Today in YouTube hearings, the number of 8.1 million illegal persons have entered the US borders in the Biden administration. The court argument is just beginning. Good thing Texas has a valuable governor that really goes after the Biden Administration over this national security problem. in their state. The bigger picture is that this problem of illegals is in every state of the USA. Alaska as well. Don’t hear a workd from this administration in Alaska.

  14. PLEASE President Biden…. send your minions to cut the wire and allow more illegal immigrants (undocumented Democrats…) into the country. When that hits the evening news, the poll numbers of Americans who think you are doing a good job on the biggest issue will drop even lower! PLEASE, DO IT!

    • No, TMA, the cabal that uses Dementia Joe as their figurehead puppet have ALREADY started a civil war, which they put in motion with the theft of the 2020 presidential election, and with their every action and policy since that point. The other side, out of inertia, cowardice or lack of resolve, has just been holding back from engaging the enemy. Hopefully that will soon change.

  15. Wouldn’t military-aged men always be the highest population of people immigrating? All that means is that they are aged 18-42. Using that kind of language has one purpose: to scare people. And we should all be very suspicious of people who are just pushing talking points to scare people. Of COURSE they will be men aged 18-42,as in most countries those are the people that are the breadwinners in their family and most able to do the hard manual labor required to make money as an immigrant to send home to their family. It’s all so ridiculous. I wish people could just step back, filter out all the garbage, and realize that the amount of fearmongering propaganda being spewed through every media source is destroying us.

    • Chris, you are conveniently ignoring a salient fact. These are SINGLE military age men AND they do not come here through the legal process. You and I really do not know, who they are and why they are coming. Over the centuries when fleeing war, famine and persecution (the usual reasons for seeking asylum) the refugee camps were always populated by women and children, while the young men stay back to fight. This is clearly the opposite and if these were legal immigrant or migrant workers with documentation and visas, you and I could have a debate.
      However to have 8 million UNKNOWN and UN-VETTED people in this country, who hold no allegiance to it, know nor care anything about our laws and customs, many from countries who see us as the “Great Satan” is concerning. We seize to be citizens with rights and privileges, if you can just walk across the border and get everything handed for free.

    • I agree with your claim that this military tag is meant to scare. Just saying “military-aged” makes those with minimal critical thinking skills conjure an image of fierce fighting troops invading. It’s a classic way to shape public opinion. Trump did it when claimed that there were caravans of illegal aliens coming from the south of Mexico in a big unstoppable line.

      Taxpayer, (comment below) is typical of the low wattage response. He links military age and illegality and later claims that there are 8 million bad people in our country. See what he did there? Military men become 8 million military men, not people, in the low education MAGA types.

      • Reasoned like someone with minimal critical thinking skills. In your best days low wattage responses from you would be an intellectual upgrade.

        Based just upon your posts and your trolling, I wonder: did you lose a bet? You’re making more of a fool of yourself than usual.

        For your own sake, son. Go get some crayons and a coloring book. You have no place in adult conversations

  16. He needs to put snipers on every hill top. I’ve had enough of this insanity. Biden is the worst president in us history and that’s saying something. We must have 1 million terrorists implanted by now. In the Nogales to Yuma sector I was seeing 1/4 Somali and 1/4 hatian with a splash of Chinese coming across. Mexico is complicit in this illegal activity we should just completely shut the boarder both directions for 90 days. See how mexico likes that.

    • Doug glenn. You suggest that there should be snipers on the hills. Would YOU actually pull the trigger on a family of dark skinned people? You personally. Would genocide like that make you more or less proud to be an American? Are you willing to destroy the Rule of Law, that used to be a cornerstone of America’s greatness, to watch these invaders bleed to death?

      • I’m fascinated by the “ genocide” that occurred on your brain cells.

        If you want to use adult words, learn their actual meaning first.

        You’ve put on a masterclass in intellectual stupidity this thread.

  17. The Mexican government ought to be very, very worried about this crisis growing. It could easily be existential for them.

  18. Meanwhile (and concurrently) the current administration, its supporters in Congress, state and local government allies, and well-funded like-minded activist groups, are doing everything they possibly can to strip the citizenry of their ability to effectively and efficiently defend themselves, their families, and their communities.

    Molon labe

    • If true, that is not a surprising result, as Dementia Joe’s puppetmasters were in a lose-lose position with this situation. But being the utterly evil SOBs that they are, I have little doubt that they have further tricks up their sleeves to continue fostering the illegal alien invasion of the southern border, as it is the single most nationally destructive policy of the usurper’s regime, and destroying this nation seems to be their end-all and be-all.

  19. Can you imagine Texas National Guardsmen being forced to facilitate an illegal alien invasion into their own state? Shameful!

  20. Abbot could quickly reduce the numbers of undocumented workers in the US. All he has to do is make employers responsible for checking the work status of the people they hire. But, if they did that, Texans would be paying a lot more for food, housing, lawn care, etc.

    I moved to Houston in 1982. Most of the undocumented workers were young men back in Reagan’s day. They did work. A bill was proposed about a decade ago requiring a quick and easy verification of work status. It was quickly killed by the GOP ‘ledge because they know they knew that Texans wanted the cheap labor they could use as a scapegoat.

    Abbot and his ‘ledge could, within a month, start a massive migration of undocumented people out of TX. But, he will not move against illegal employers because that would result in a horrific inflationary recession in TX.

    And, of course, illegal employers make billions, and contribute tens of millions to campaigns.

    • Those are all good and very relevant points, Dan.

      That is why I still have strong doubts about the sincerity of Abbott supposedly and suddenly seeing religion on the border invasion issue.

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