Breaking: Biden kills LNG projects as he says climate is an ‘existential threat’


President Joe Biden on Friday morning effectively killed all applications to export liquefied natural gas, an election-season gift to climate change activists.

This means Biden may have just killed the Alaska LNG project. There will likely be no approvals on any natural gas projects until after the November election.

“My Administration is announcing today a temporary pause on pending decisions of Liquefied Natural Gas exports – with the exception of unanticipated and immediate national security emergencies. During this period, we will take a hard look at the impacts of LNG exports on energy costs, America’s energy security, and our environment. This pause on new LNG approvals sees the climate crisis for what it is: the existential threat of our time,” Biden said in a White House statement.

“While MAGA Republicans willfully deny the urgency of the climate crisis, condemning the American people to a dangerous future, my Administration will not be complacent. We will not cede to special interests,” Biden said, using “Make America Great Again” as a pejorative.

The Department of Energy will begin a lengthy review of LNG and its impact on the environment.

“We will heed the calls of young people and frontline communities who are using their voices to demand action from those with the power to act. And as America has always done, we will turn crisis into opportunity – creating clean energy jobs, improving quality of life, and building a more hopeful future for our children,” Biden said.

Nick Begich, Alaska Republican candidate for Congress, said, “Joe Biden proves once again that it’s Alaska last — and America dead last. Mary Peltola endorses Joe Biden, and Joe Biden has just sacrificed Alaska for his climate obsession. Meanwhile it’s -42 in Fairbanks and the people who I listened to two days ago in Fairbanks emphasized the need for natural gas as part of their energy solution.”

“One woman I spoke to was on the verge of tears about how she is having to dip into savings in order to survive. People of Alaska are furious about these Biden policies,” Begich said.


  1. The “existential crisis of our times” is the sociopathic, suicidal and totalitarian globalist agenda that is part and parcel of the usurper diaper-crapper-in-chief’s illegitimate regime.

  2. Another big F U from Biden! I suppose when the electric companies begin saying they don’t have enough natural gas to sustain us that will be another virtue signaling event!

    • The fossil fuel company’s need to turn off the spicket for a month or so so to bidens house and any other politician who wants to kill fossil fuels.

  3. Just to be clear, the LNG exportation was going to be used to replace dirtier sources of fuel like coal and oil produced in environmentally unfriendly ways. This reckless action will result in MORE atmospheric carbon production, it supports economies of countries that are not our friends, it will result in harming countries that are our allies, it will result in weakening our economy.

    This isn’t just a shortsighted action of a man whose best days are far behind him, it’s an acknowledgement of what the vision the left has for America and the world.

    • Atmospheric CO2 is not a problem. The more CO2, the more plant life thrives in the biosphere. The more plant life, the more oxygen is produced. It is a self regulating process that is fully dependable. The climate change crisis is a hoax. The true intent is to economically enslave the world for the benefit of an elite few. Its a pattern that’t been repeated over and over through history.

  4. “We will not cede to special interests,” is an ironic statement scripted by the special interests who appointed Biden along with virtually all the congress office place holders. Alaska’s “leadership” never delivered on natural gas, which should have been part of the original North Slope energy development project. This along with the US sponsored massive terror act of the destruction of Nordstream indicates we have become an unstable totalitarian state whose social and economic cohessiveness is rapidly disintegrating.

  5. The Democrats are destroying America through the myth of climate change. This while the Northern Sea ice is expanding at a record rate. Nobody who is sane is talking about global warming in Alaska. Especially during this current cold snap or last summer that was cold and rainy.
    How long does Alaska continue to believe the lies of Biden. These programs that bind us to technology made in China, that is expensive, unprofitable, and unproven, is bankrupting our country.
    While the Uber liberals of Anchorage on the other hand want to shut down reliable hydro power.
    Mary P. Is a JOKE plain and simple. For her to support the most corrupt President is US history who has been at War with Alaska from day one, is shameful and without remorse.

  6. “…the existential threat of our time.” Democrats, progressives, globalists…but I repeat myself.

    The greatest problem with the education system in America today is that we no longer teach our children to think critically. Instead, we hand them tools that do all the work for them, THINK for them. Alas, they are fed a subjective truth that is far removed from reality and they are certainly not taught to ‘follow the science.’ Well, not ‘real science,’ just the made up sort that will allow the globalist to move forward with their earth agenda, which will likely result in the decimation of humanity. Remember, Billy G’s daddy projected that the earth could reasonably support 350-450 million people. Yeah, you do the ‘basic arithmetic’ on that one!

    What was once a lighted city on a hill, grows more dark every day…as the lights go out.

  7. “…We will not cede to special interests,” Biden said.” Uh, then what motivated Biden to lock us out in the cold? Special Interest groups, perhaps? Geez. The doublespeak is real.
    Then, “…with the exception of unanticipated and immediate national security emergencies.” Without infrastructure in place, those “emergencies” will remain emergencies, since it takes years to bring energy online and to the end user. It’s like, “No more drilling until I say so.” You don’t turn on an oil tap like your kitchen sink. The ignorance is evident.

  8. As it happens I have some Pembina Pipeline stock. This is a Canadian FF pipeline company based in Alberta. So I get periodic bulletins of their activity.

    There is a consortium of fossil fuel interests in Western Canada who are rapidly moving to export gas from brand new Port/Terminals in British Columbia.

    Pembina supplies much of the product from the interior via pipeline.

    They are looking forward to this nice export expansion of their business! Loading up tankers with LNG & shipping it off to where ever the need might be.

    Meanwhile, here in Alaska, well the article says it all. Maybe we’ll be buying Canadian gas soon.

    The ticker for Pembina is PBA on the New York exchange if you want to read all about it.

    By the way, that Graphite Mine in Nome? Canada based too.

    Feel like Uncle Joe’s inmates are running the asylum yet?

  9. “Biden Kills ___ ”

    (Prosperity, honesty, sovereignty, rationality, society, normality, integrity — you fill in the blank.)

    The headline could have stopped right there.

  10. There is actually a projected LNG oversupply with the current permitted pipelines and facilities. On a life/cycle cost basis, renewables are now less costly in many locations. The Biden order requires additional evaluations, the MRAK title is mis-leading.

    • Ha.

      Ha ha.

      “In many locations…” We will never be one of those “many locations.” Pardon the pun, but renewables are more of a pipedream than any type of energy coming out of the ground.

      Did you know oil is abiotic? The earth’s crustal movement makes oil, not ancient dinosaurs and swamps. Oil wells abandoned decades ago are now being found replenished. Oil is renewable, and Co2 is plant food.

      • Oil, natural gas and coal are mineralized hydrocarbon (organic) molecules. They are formed primarly from ancient layers of dead phytoplankton, algae, and forests (organic living organisms).

        • Wayne, err Nathan, Explain then the vast methane lakes found on Saturn’s Moon Titan, evidence of phytoplankton? I think not…

  11. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, planning the next phase of “special interests”. One of the WEF speakers claimed farming and fishing to be “ecocide” and recommended criminal charges for disrupting nature. These people care more about power than they do our lives. Biden included!

  12. If you are planning to have an MRI have it soon.
    Biden also sold the Federal Helium Reserve yesterday and industry types are warning that the transfer to a private party will cause temporary shortages of helium, the only element on earth cold enough to make MRI machines work.

      • Wow you are such a bitter person Jefferson. Why are you that way? What’s gone wrong in your life that’s you are such a hater? Tell us a little about yourself.

        • He’s just observant enough to see the lefties want to first destroy the middle class, then tyrannize the world, then kill off enough people to cement their control. The left is evil Hans, and their supporters deluded.

        • Hans, if you ever bothered to pull your head from the sand, and became aware of the wildly destructive agendas of the globalist ruling class that are stealing our prosperity and freedom, you would be angry and, yes, bitter as well.

        • Interesting you don’t contest his points with facts. Why? You can’t.

          Son, you are so out of your intellectual league here. Hush, let the grown ups talk.

  13. The only threat to this country is the whacked out liberals who think solar and wind will keep you alive. They allow plundering of foreign countries for their minerals to make these hazardous battery banks, but that’s ok in their line of thinking. It’s going to take years to right the ship after this idiot leaves office.

  14. The global elite hate the middle class because they are self-sufficient. The middle class doesn’t depend on the elite for survival, therefore the elite have far less power over them. Every leftist policy of the past 30+ years has been about destroying the middle class; this is just one more small step.

  15. People need energy to live. Even the most basic living situations need fire for heat and cooking. Back in history, the south shores of the Mediterranean had forests that were destroyed by humans. This is continuing to this day. The Sahara desert it progressing southward at a rate of 2 to 3 miles a year. Why? The major reason is that the energy for living is wood. Vast areas are being stripped of vegetation to cook food. Without plants to store and release water, the desert marches south. The only way to protect plants is to replace their energy with another source—in this case propane. It is being used but only by the wealthy, the common family does not have the resources. Then think of the striping of the rain forests and the co2 to o2 that is being reduced. We have good minded people who want to do something to help the long term existence of humans which is being challenged. To focus on little things while bigger things poison the earth is short sighted. Gas–if we make it more expensive, what are the alternatives? What is the long term result on the environment of making gas expensive? Burning more wood? America is the land of the rich, but the poor of the world suffer with our decisions. We must look an the energy needs of all people on earth not just us. Or are we destined to be a petri dish culture and grow until we destroy ourselves?

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