Target joins exodus from two urban crime zones in Seattle


Target Corporation, which suffered from a consumer boycott earlier this year after embracing gender modification for children, has announced it will close two of its Seattle outlets by the end of October. The affected stores are located in Seattle’s bustling University District and the lively Ballard neighborhood.

The decision comes from growing concerns about theft and organized retail crime in the city.

Target is drawing the curtains on seven other stores across four states for a total of nine. Locations to close include San Francisco, Oakland and Pittsburgh. The decisions have been influenced, at least partially, by the mayhem and rampant crime found in major cities run by leftists. Target will be left with 22 stores in Seattle.

Target isn’t the first major brand to retreat from Seattle this year. Earlier, Nike made closed its downtown Seattle outlet that had been running since 1996. Additionally, Amazon decided to close one of its Amazon Go stores on Fifth Avenue and Marion Street in June.

A recent report from the Seattle City Auditor says that in 2022, Seattle police received 13,103 calls from the city’s top 100 retail outlets. Responding to these calls consumed over 18,000 hours, equivalent to the annual work hours of nine full-time patrol officers.


  1. Those poor Target Seattle-based employees. Now they either must leave for work or find another job in Seattle. Boomers, GenX, and Millennials Can’t lead. They don’t know how to lead well do communities are thriving not surviving.

  2. And let the leftist Anchorage Assembly continue on its current path and we will see the same happening here. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. So if anyone cares, vote on the next election and pick those who stand with law and order, and common sense. More of the same (which was what several incumbents campaigned on) hasn’t worked so good has it?

  3. It’s what you wanted. Live it, love it Seattle.

    Seattle is Dying came out, what, 10 years ago? It was dismissed as right wing sensationalism. Turns out it was prophecy.

    Pity the Anchorage politburo uses it as an instruction manual.

  4. My friends in Seattle live like rabbits live amongst coyotes. People in WA cannot carry their guns at all and there are significant restrictions on even owning guns. The crooks and gang-bangers are back on the streets hours after being caught; so they carry guns. The very same can be said about Portland and OR. All people in WA and OR have to say in their defense is, “It’s even worse in CA.” The Americans on the West Coast are weak and stupid. Alaskans set a great example in how to deal with crime. Twenty-eight states have constitutional carry. In their announcement said they are making money in those Seattle stores being closed but there is no way to make sure Target employees are safe at work! Is that any way for Americans to live?

      • No. I am not kidding. Alaskans can and do go armed. We do not live in fear like residents of Seattle and Portland do. That is the only successful way to deal with crime. Uniformed police officers say there is no way they can arrive at a crime scene in time to prevent crime. They say they will recognize the offenders as every violent offender is very well known by the justice system beginning at a very young age. Carry whatever gun you can shoot well. Practice often. You need not often use live ammo to practice. Take responsibility for you and your family because no one else can.

  5. Not all people in Washington…Just the ones who live on the western Seattle side …The eastern far.. has some civility..yes, when the western Seattleites run to the eastern side ..only then the eastern side starts to turn..There’s alot of decent people living in the Eastern Side (I know there’s a few left in the Western side, just as there are a few bad ones in the Eastern side.

  6. Target is doing what all rational businesses are doing. They are fleeing the Democrat hellholes. Every location in this latest closure by Target is run by Democrats.

    Democrats are pro crime, pro drugs, and pro open borders. Democrats hate our country and want it destroyed.

  7. Nothing is being said about the corporate greed that has driven prices so high and the RONG constituents all having their hands out during Covid-19 during Donnie’s administration

    • Nothing is being said about it because what you stated is false. Inflation isn’t caused by corporate greed. It’s caused by too many dollars chasing the same goods. That’s what happens when central banking backed governments inject trillions of dollars they printed out of thin air into the economy. Go lie to yourself in the mirror if you must but quit doing it here.

    • I choose to believe you are smarter than your comment reveals. Corporate managers have a fiduciary responsibility to earn as much for the stockholders as they can. What causes and enables inflation is money flooding the economy with too few goods and services to back up the money. Alaskans can at least be heartened that one of our US Senators voted against this spending. If you have to ask which one then I may have given you too much credit.

    • You make no sense. Corporate greed causes the smash and grabs? Hands out during COVID 19? That would be the Democrats. Read the fraud story 100% Democrat.

    • Tim, did corporations become greedy in just the past 2 1/2 years? No, my friend, they’ve always needed to be profitable. I tend to think greedy thieves are the issue rather than people and organizations doing things for others so that others will do things (pay) them.

  8. “Bustling” and “lively” are code for large populations of addicted and mentally ill people living on public property supporting themselves shoplifting and selling stolen goods

  9. He’s Seattle I hope you really like your new drug free no cops living. It seams to be working quite well congratulations.

  10. Tim, Corporate greed, that’s where Big Corporations and Politicians act in collusion to shut down companies in competition with the Big Corporations?
    Isn’t that what Politicians did during the SCAMDEMIC?

    Oh and didn’t these same Politicians force a worthless untested medical experiment upon you?

    Furthermore isn’t inflation actually caused by Politicians passing useless legislation which leads to printing up copious sums of dollar$ ?

  11. This is what happens when a city puts a band-Aid on a gaping bullet hole! Seattle has been going downhill for years, then add the Biden administration, and fake Covid, Seattle is dying!

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