Senate reinstates dress code after Fetterman takes it too far with hoodies, shorts, and jokes


Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania may have laughed off those who criticized him for showing up in gym shorts on the floor of the U.S. Senate, but Americans were not laughing.

After the Democrat-run Senate changed the dress code to accommodate Fetterman, so he could wear shorts and hoodies on the floor, the American public wasn’t laughing, and wondered where the dignity of the Senate had gone.

Wednesday, the Senate rolled back the relaxed dress code, and reinstated the formal dress code, which includes a suit and tie for men, in a resolution sponsored by Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat. The vote was unanimous.

“…business attire be worn on the floor of the Senate, which for men shall include a coat, tie, and slacks or other long pants…” the resolution reads. In other words, no hoodies and baggy shorts.

Fetterman released a statement saying he would wear a business suit, as now required, while on in the Senate chamber, but will continue to vote from the cloakroom when he is not in business attire. He made no mention about how he will dress in committees.

While running for office, the Harvard-educated Fetterman presented himself as a working class guy, wearing Carhartt brand rather than suits or even sports jackets. Fetterman’s campaign make light of the whole matter by selling t-shirts and other swap in its online store, with shirts quoting conservatives calling Fetterman’s attire “Disgraceful,” “Disgusting,” “Revolting Slob,” and “Crazy Stroke Victim.”

Sen. John Fetterman makes fun of the controversy he caused by his dressing like a disrespectful slob in the Senate.

At one point in the political theater, an artificial intelligence-created depiction of Sen. Rand Paul was being passed around in social media, showing what appeared to be the senator from Kentucky in a red bathrobe, sitting on the steps of the Capitol. Sen. Paul joined in the joke by posting the comment, “I thought I was clear when I said no photographs.'”


  1. It is a workplace. Workplaces should see its employees are clean, appropriate clothing, and appropriate cosmetics and jewelry and no crazy dyed hair that looks like someone turned them upside down and dangled their hair in a bucket of paint. It should look professional.

    • And by professional you mean white, Christian, and clean cut. Sorry, but I’m a tattooed engineer (white, by the way) and my clothes don’t mean shit about what I know. That sort of elitism is part of the problem. What, because Mitch McConnell wears a suit we should respect him? Shallow.

      • Larsan, professional means appropriate for the work venue and in most people’s book has no race/religious implications unless YOU make it one!
        Being an engineer I bet you dress to make sure you are appropriately attired for the construction site or the business meeting, office, lab or the classroom. To do otherwise becomes a safety issue or a distraction from the work you are trying to accomplish.
        The point of attire isn’t for you to respect Mitch McConnell/Chuck Schumer but for them to show respect towards the institution of the senate, their constituents and YOU an American!

          • Cute! Now can you use your words?
            As for votes speaking louder than shorts, considering that the senator’s voting record doesn’t start until 3/1/23 and he didn’t vote 6 times out of the 20 pieces of legislation/resolutions he had an opportunity to vote on, not sure what that says about him taking his job seriously or counting for much.

      • How to say your a 20 sometimes liberal from a west coast college than to try and turn this into racism It’s about RESPECT for institutions and the people who came before you and the people who paved the way for you to have the opportunity to become smarter than everyone else so you can piss all over them. It is also about accountability and reverence. Your attitude is exactly why liberal cities and policies has sent the west coast and eventually the entire country down the toilet because you dont even have any self respect

    • But the language, porno pics and screaming by GOP in the House is OK? I could care less what they wear so long as they do their job and not play theatrics.

  2. My god the country is sinking like the titanic and this is our subject matter. Fetterman is a lazy pig. Who gives a rip about him. Susanne don’t wast ink on these morons.

  3. All this nonsense is about what I have come to expect from people from the Northeast in general and Harvard in specific. I would make more comments but Suzanne discourages name-calling.

      • Wayne, the trouble with your accusation above is that it runs counter to tangible evidence. I mean, didn’t Ramaswamy and DeSantis attend Harvard? 🤷 Both of these young men seem well educated and have been successful in their respective jobs.
        Are their 2 Harvards?

  4. Fetterman is a person with significant issues and has been under significant medical care to present. That he has made progress is great. Some have felt one must be physically able to discharge duty to secure and defend the rights of constituents. Others feel that he understands disabilities that members of the public face. Previous congress pharmacies anonymous sources have said that if Americans knew what was being dispensed they would question the ability of some in attendance who could justifiably step down for health reasons. President George Washington refused perpetual lifetime appointment to any position preferring to pass an intact republic to the next able man. He then returned to minding literally full care of his personal business interests.

  5. One must laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
    The Senate changes the dress code because a member is no longer capable of buttoning a shirt, fastening a belt, or wearing a tie, but they simultaneously claim the very same individual is perfectly capable of carrying out the tasks of a Senator.
    I can see no better admission on the part of the Dems that their elected “officials” are nothing more than puppets than their attempt to change the dress code…

  6. Oh thank goodness! I had a nightmare of Dianne Feinstein being wheeled on the senate floor in a bathrobe and curlers to cast her vote.
    All joking aside, the hubris and self-center attitude of Fetterman is almost breathtaking. He proclaimed at one point, he would wear a suit, IF the republicans would vote for a spending bill….
    The bigger issue for Chuck Schumer is the effect such a rule has. It is a blatant admission that he will do anything to secure the support of any senator to push his agenda. One should wonder what other deals went on behind the scenes we, the public, know nothing about.

    • I preferred Glenn Beck’s idea. If Feinstein had died on the eve of an important Senate vote, no matter. We’ve all seen or heard of Weekend at Bernie’s, right?

      • One nice thing one can say accurately is that Ms. Murkowski generally always represents the state of Alaska well in her choices of businesslike garments in accordance with business expectations. She is securing and defending the Senate’s appearances. We pay her to secure and defend our rights from bullying foreign institutions unfriendly toward our Constitution and liberties and rights unique to America and our American republic form of government. She has done some good in that regard in years past. If only she would have worked better alongside of President Trump who was so well-intended to the State of Alaska and actively worked for the state of AK’s increasing economic growth.

  7. The Democrats chose him because HE makes them LOOK GOOD!
    And Woolah! Dimentia Joe doesent look or sound so incompetent.
    As they say…Its all about the optics when it comes to magic on the stage.

  8. If there is a specific reason Fetterman can’t wear business attire, fine. With that baby growing on his neck I can see an exemption for ties, maybe even jackets.

    But it shows just how unserious the Senate and Schumer are to have allowed him to dress like he was going to an concert at the state fair.

  9. Who cares? We’re collectively being screwed by sharply dressed men and women in DC daily. This guy is a joke and he’s no more trustworthy than the self serving political hack seated next to him who’s wearing a thousand dollar suit. He unwittingly makes a mockery of congress and that’s apropos.

  10. Back in the Dark Ages (1987, to be exact), there was a senator from Nebraska named Ed Zorinsky who died in office. David Karnes was appointed to replace him. Karnes was considered controversial in the Senate because he wore a mustache (!). Boy, how times have changed and it didn’t even take all that long, huh?

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