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Downing: Democrats have a zombie problem


It’s Night of the Living Dead among Democrats in the halls of the nation’s Capitol.

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Let’s begin with the footage of Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California being wheeled into the Capitol on Wednesday, photos and videos that were both pitiful and horrifying. Even the Democrat-enabling media was taken aback and started to turn on the Crone from California, telling her that it’s time to go.

That Democrats have put the fate of the nation’s looming debt default on the shoulders of this one incoherent lawmaker is mind-boggling.

Feinstein had been out of service for two and a half months due to a nagging case of shingles. After seeing her so damaged and frail, no reasonable person would advise she is ready to return to the grueling schedule of lawmaking and debt-ceiling busting.

Feinstein is the poster child for elder abuse by Senate Democrats, who also need her for a few crucial votes on some God-awful judicial nominees.

Feinstein is no Sen. Strom Thurmond, who was sharp as a tack and still doing show-off pushups at age 97. Life has come fast at Feinstein since that September day in 2018, when she pinned Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a quarter century her junior, to a wall in the Capitol and bullied her over the Justice Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

Feinstein is also no Congressman Don Young, who was also an old-timer and was being wheeled to the floor of the House during his final year in office. But even at 89,  Young at least had his wits about him.

Unfortunately, he had the same “I’m irreplaceable” ego problem as Feinstein, and when he died on the job on March 18, 2022, he left Alaska in the lurch, and ushered in a Democrat to the Congress, one who votes exactly opposite from how Young would have, had he not keeled over. 

Congressman Young’s liberal legacy should be a warning to lawmakers to heed the wise words of Kenny Rogers’ songwriter Don Schlitz: “Know when to fold ‘em.”

Feinstein turns 90 next month. With her short-term memory loss and an unmerciful attack by the shingles virus, she’s barely hanging onto the power, her elixir of life.

Although she will not run again in 2024, the jury is out as to whether Feinsten can make it to the end of her term or if she will take the Don Young route. We have to ask California: Is this the best that a state of 40 million people can do?

Then there’s Sen. John Fetterman, who is a shadow of his former self. Unlike the cadaver from California, Fetterman lumbers down to the Senate floor in his shorts, tennis shoes, and a black hoodie with the hood pulled up over his misshapen cranium, looking every bit like the grim reaper. It’s unclear why Fetterman is allowed to violate decorum in the Senate and appear in gym attire, but since Democrats are in charge, the Pennsylvania senator somehow gets a few votes on the record. But not many, mind you: Between February and May, the freshman senator missed 67 of 119 roll call votes, over 60%. The average among senators over their lifetimes is 2.3%.

While Fetterman wasn’t gone like Feinstein for two and a half months, he was hospitalized for clinical depression for six weeks and has the behavior of someone heavily sedated with psychotropic drugs. As a result of a near-fatal stroke during his campaign for Senate, he has a difficult time communicating and has profound hearing loss. By any measure, he is a deeply disabled senator, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

When Fetterman attends committees, his aides put his prepared remarks in 150-point type on an iPad, one or two words per line, so that he can read them. Is this the best that Pennsylvania can do?

Then there’s the Zombie in Chief Joe Biden. At 80, he’s in barely better cognitive shape than Feinstein, and is only slightly more physically fit than Fetterman. One fall on the stairs of Air Force One could put this president in a wheelchair, a leg sling, or worse.

It’s a demanding job being the leader of the free world, and Biden will be 81 this November. Only magical thinking could lead one to believe he will become more capable.

Just who is running the show on the budget catastrophe? A growing number of walking-dead Democrats are, and they’re just about to expand the nation’s debt beyond its $31.4 trillion limit so they can spend even more and turn the debt into its own zombie.

While it’s unkind to beat a dead horse on Feinstein’s fragility, Fetterman’s brain fog, and Biden’s dementia, we know zombies when we see them, and we all know America deserves better. 

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Suzanne’s hateful bigotry is on full display here: how dare she imply that only the mentally competent should hold elected office.

  1. The walking dead are scary but it begs the question ‘who is REALLLY making those policy decisions and votes’? For each zombie there are unelected/unaccountable staffers wielding the power of that office.

  2. There are a lot more people like Lisa who just wouldnt know how to vote without the old skeleton giving directions. Its easy being a Democrat. Just vote for the worst possible outcome. Take a long hard look at California and you will understand what it means to be a victim of the democrat party rulers.

  3. Democrats don’t hold up well when they pass 60. They all look old and haggard. Feinstein looks like the living dead. Fetterman acts like the dying living. Biden looks like the already dead. Good piece, Suzanne. Most of these aging Democrats won’t be around to see the mop-up job required to steady this country. They are intentionally trying to destroy this great country. It’s because they are soul-less and have nothing to look forward to.
    Yes, they are zombies.

    • @Marla,
      Part of that reason is because Democrats still wear their mask and as a result didn’t get enough oxygen during the past 40 months. That causes accelerated aging.

      • Don’t forget Pocohontas and Bernie Sanders, both aging losers in the presidential campaigns. Both wackos. One thinks she’s an Indian, the other thinks he’s a teen idol.

      • Marla, it’s called respiratory acidosis, an over
        accumulation of CO2 as found in blood gases when saturations are lowered and oxygen levels are not appropriated through unassisted support. The mask is contributory to this problem. As to accelerated aging due to RA, it’s not proven. But I’ve personally noticed through most of my patients that it has a first impression ring of truth.

  4. None of the above special needs individuals are actually in charge of their own facilities nor decision making.

    While they may ‘voice’ some opinion, said opinion is not their own, but the opinion of a controller, or spokesperson.

    Feinstein has been brain damaged for years.

    Fetterman is not capable of a cognizant thought within any form.

    And Biden?

    Well, he has always been monumentally stupid, and now he is just fully a victim of dementia, on top of being monumentally stupid.

  5. Feinstein’s countenance is emblematic of the uniparty’s vision for our Republic. To them, she is perfect. In their world, combusted cognitive abilities are not only acceptable but are to be exploited as need be.

    You will know our Senators by the company that they keep. Particularly evident when they had the opportunity to stand for the truth and avert our current entirely compromised circumstance, instead reaping what they have sown so that they could openly and without choice have to wallow in it.

    Kathy Barnette is a fine person and was a great candidate.

    • 1 minute 38 second video with John Fetterman putting on a U.S. Senator clinic…


  6. Problem is, if the zombies are removed, look at what’s behind them.
    If I had to pick, I’d rather Sen. DiFi than Sen. Schiff.

  7. “………We have to ask California: Is this the best that a state of 40 million people can do?………”
    One would think not, but we are talking about California here.

  8. And who can forget this photo of Miss Lisa fighting hard for Alaska: ‘

  9. Heaven forbid people should retire with dignity, instead of parading their frailty for the whole world to witness. Don’t these power-mad lunatics have something better to do with their time than embarrassing themselves on the national stage? Have they no families, no friends, no hobbies or vacation homes? How perfectly awful must your life be to cling to politics as a way to stay alive.

  10. Where is the American spirit? The drive to lie and steal their way to power is all politicians have. We need a movement against the political groups that make false statements and get rich because we allow it. Why hasn’t Dunleavy gotten rid of the ERIC voting company that sells our personal data to the highest bidder?

  11. Funny while the Dems have a Zombie problem the Republicans continue to have a Seditious conspiracy problem. 10 convictions and counting.

    • Ah, yes, the so-called “insurrection”, in which not only were no weapons brought by the so-called “insurrectionists’, but in which the ONLY casualty was among the so-called ‘insurrectionists’ themselves.

      Your delusion and NPC parroting of corporate media propaganda would be laughable if it were not so widespread and destructive. You radical leftist extremists have no original thoughts of your own, but can only mindlessly repeat the talking points and propaganda of the demonic globalist power structure. Lenin had a word for lemmings like you: “Useful Idiots”.

      • 10 convictions of Seditious Conspiracy, those are the facts. Call me what you want little Trump Sheep, America has a word for lemmings like you: “Traitor.”

        • !0 convictions reeking of the worst Soviet-style political persecution, you mean.

          And I am no particular fan of Trump, so you can put that strawman to bed, you disgusting RINO.

          And it is YOU who are the real traitor, and quisling, and conformist, and coward. The Founding Fathers would spit on you with utter contempt and loathing, and rightly so. Your revolting lickspittle, collaborationist mentality makes you the enemy of liberty, and my enemy as well.

  12. “When Fetterman attends committees, his aides put his prepared remarks in 150-point type on an iPad, one or two words per line, so that he can read them.” Sounds familiar. Anyone remember seeing Robert C. Byrd in action in his final years? The only thing different was no iPad.

  13. You left out one – Kamala – who appears to be inebriated in public every single time she speaks these days.

    Another way to say this is to name 4 brain damaged democrats in office. Easy answer, Biden, Kamala, Feinstein, Fetterman. Then name 4 similarly challenged Republicans. Crickets. Cheers –

  14. Senator Grassley (R) Iowa is 89 and on the Judiciary Committee, serving 4 more years he is likely to have health issues before 2028, Senator McConnell (R), Kentucky is 81 nad looked wobbly coming out of the Whitehouse the other day after recently falling and suffering a concussion. There are as many aged Republican Senators as Democratic Senators. The White aged Republican Senators will soon be gone due to Demographics and the Senate wil start looking more diversified like the House. Of course this scares the Hell out of Conservatives clinging to their white privelege

    • Age was not the point. Competence is.
      Reasonably, Fetterman, Feinstein, or even Biden are not mentally able to perform the duties of the position. So, who is?

    • “Senator McConnell (R), Kentucky is 81 nad looked wobbly coming out of the Whitehouse the other day”

      Everyone knows that turtles can live to a great age.

    • You suggesting there are no other races who are conservatives, only whites? I’m still waiting for my white privileges to arrive in the mail.

  15. Yes, America does deserve better. The only way we will get that better is to get off our butts, get out and campaign for that better and get out and vote that better. If Anchorage is any indication (except Bronson), we are in deep doo-doo. We will keep getting worse and worse.


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