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Suzanne LaFrance files letter of intent to run for Anchorage mayor

Suzanne LaFrance, who served on the Anchorage Assembly until declining to run for reelection in April, filed a letter of intent to run against Mayor Dave Bronson for mayor. That makes two in the race, for now. The election will take place next March-April.

LaFrance has led the leftist opposition to Bronson and has taken every opportunity to criticize him during her Assembly chairwoman’s report every other week. Although she aligns with the hard left, she is a registered nonpartisan.

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She was defeated by Rep. James Kaufman for the Alaska Legislature in 2020. After growing up in Palmer, she attended the University of Portland and Purdue University. She was politically involved with the radical Great Alaska Schools Anchorage group, which advocated for more school spending. She and her husband have three children.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Where do we send our campaign contributions to Mayor Bronson? LaFrance is the LGBTQ candidate who represents perverts, drag queens, pedophiles, and child molesters.

      • All Mayor Bronson needs to is say that perverts, pedophiles, and child molesters need to be locked-up and he will win. Let these LGBTQ quackos hang themselves.

    • I can foresee a landslide for Bronson. again.. For all those who are dis-satisfied with Bronson with the past few months will show up with the choices handed to them ..I see all those who haven’t voted for one reason or another of lousy excuses.. Knowing full well what this person represents.. I could be wrong with all the sleeping voters, but they showed up for Bronson when the time came to vote for a better Mayor..

      • If Bronson stands up for parental rights, anti LGBTQ propoganda, and child protection against LGBTQ, he will win easily. That’s all he needs to do. LGBTQ overplayed their hands and they will lose.

      • I’m sorry, but when ever did Bronson win by a landslide?

        1193 votes out of 90,000+ is a tiny percentage.

  2. Isn’t LaFrance the one who was being paid to run a homeless non-profit while deciding homeless policy on the assembly?

    • Anchorage is going to come full awake before long and these fools running the place into the ground are going to get run out of town on a stick. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Sigh! For 6521st time WE KNOW!
      Considering Juneau is not a bastion of conservative thought either; your assembly seems to spend you into oblivion, building some civic center the voters rejected; and you have to hang out with icky legislators like Cathy Giessel, Jesse Kiehl, Bert Steadman or Kelly Merrick (to name a few) for a good portion of the year…..not sure that’s much to brag about.
      That being said, LaFrance as mayor….ugh!

  3. Put your hands together for Mayor LaFrance!!! As a hard hitting leftist she has a support network and voting core that almost guarantees her election as Mayor.

    Based on our voter turnout out I would say she is a shoe-in. Things haven’t gotten bad enough in Anchorage yet for all the good hard hitting conservatives to vote like the left does. In a room of ten people, 2 voted. Think about that.

    Maybe people will get off their asses as things get worse. At some point it’s just too late. Conservatives complain, whine, bitch, call into radio shows, run their mouths about all the problems. Leftist vote and win. Pretty simple really.

    Thank you to all 70% +/- of eligible registered voters who just couldn’t be bothered to vote. Things just haven’t gotten bad enough yet.

    • Sad, infuriating, but true. Then add in the boost provided by the ‘mail in voting’ mess that feeds off of bloated outdated inaccurate voter rolls.

    • I am in total agreement with your view point. I could not have said it better. The lazy couch bound voter needs to feel some pain to get them motivated to vote.

    • Generokee,
      So help us out with all of your wisdom. Call Mayor Bronson tomorrow and tell him you are going to organize the conservatives that bitch, whine call radio shows and complain. You are going to help spearhead his victory. Are you good with that, or are you going to sit on the sidelines too and tell us what we aren’t doing?

          • Mary,

            While I appreciate your compliment on my “wisdom” I think it’s much too generous. I’m rather shy, and your bar for wisdom must be rather low. My comment was based on voter turnout numbers and some basic arithmetic.

            I have put in a lot of work trying to get people to vote. Often when the results come in I feel like I have fallen flat on my face. I will keep trying again and again anyway.

            I certainly don’t want any argument with you. I would prefer to organize and work towards a better city than we have. This is my home. I have nowhere else to go. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else anyway.

            My comment was a bit harsh and it was meant to sting and make people snap out of apathy. I love MRAK and want this to be a place where we can connect, organize, and move forward together. The left that has made this mess doesn’t squabble.

            No BS. Let’s go. All of us.

    • No one cares in Anchorage. The town is divided. I will never unite this side of armageddon. Get yourself to a red state and lend a helping hand. We need you here!

  4. Glasses and crazy eyes, she checks the right boxes. BTW, does she list any experience or credentials? Probably not, woke is the universal qualifier.

  5. Lacks integrity, fiscally irresponsible, vindictive, unable to work with people who have a different point of view, agenda driven and not concerned with what’s good for Anchorage, power hungry, loves to litigate, always votes to increase taxes, and has led Anchorage off the cliff. Please, please do your homework and support a candidate that will help Anchorage return to a city that we can be proud of.

  6. It’s weird how you can look at a photo and predict with high confidence the political leanings of the person pictured. Especially these leftist women and if there’s any doubt the eyes usually clinch it. Put a Mao cap on their heads and a cheap AK-47 in their hands and they’d fit in in nearly any Central or South American socialist dictatorship helping drag hapless citizens guilty of wrongthink out of their homes at 2AM. And with the direction this country is heading they’ll probably get their chance right here at home.

  7. Ah now we know why she didnt want to keep her assembly seat. She wants the big seat. God help us if they create another pandemic. She just loves the lockdowns and private meetings with no public input from the serfs. She will be “constantly” trolling the peasants demanding more funding for the Homeless Empire.

  8. LaFrance is a blight on politics. She is absolutely the worst. Ignores her constituents, refuses to listen to the public during Assembly meetings. If Anchorage elects her Mayor, it really is the end of this city as a financially viable municipality.
    If you really like having your taxes raised to support those who contribute nothing, vote LaFrance. If you think “tech issues” is a real excuse for the microphone cutting out whenever anyone disagrees with the leftists on the Assembly, vote LaFrance. If you long for the days of Berkowitz putting the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayer, vote LaFrance. If you think you should be bowing down in obeyance to your Assembly overlords, Vote LaFrance.
    Similar to what I did to ensure Weddleton lost his bid for re-election, I now have a goal for the next year. Do everything I can to ensure LaFrance never sees another elected seat.

  9. Too bad she’s able to breed. Make a public apology to her kids (if they’re actually her’s) for having such a degenerate for a parent and for so called role model.

  10. She from her vacated position of trying to gain $$$$ Legal advice against the free speech of the public; the city has legal attorneys $$$. Alaska has US CONSTITUTION ADVICE IN Alaska. GET your constitutional info before you run. If you don’t know the US Constitution stay the hell off the the assembly. YOu don’t have a malicious unlimited right to sue your political opposites in the public in the community. No blank checks from the Pubic’s trust funds. Who do you think you are.

  11. Pray something happens that makes democrats rethink continue supporting their hard leftist candidate . I’ll get so exausted living in a lori lightfoot town, maybe that’s where our Lord wants us so exausted we lean on Him.

  12. In the last mayoral election, the Left didn’t prepare enough fraudulent ballots ahead of time to insure a victory. They won’t make that mistake again.

  13. Our form of government does not place extra malicious rights on outgoing assembly persons. SHe has the same political rights as any other member of the public to political speech augmented by additional shallow Constitutional analysis to buttress her vacuous, empty set of malic regardless of the number of empty headed people in the room ignorant of the US Constitution who agree or disagree with her this is not mob rule we have been guaranteed. Typically.

  14. Now that her trusted “whisperer” is the Assembly chair, who will she have to direct her in pursuit of the mayoral seat and beyond should she be elected??? Let us pray this election cycle proves Anchorage citizens do know “S— from Shinola.”

  15. If those Anchoragites do elect her as the next mayor in Anchorage, they’re gonna get exactly what they deserve. More taxes, more wokeism, more laws and more government control. Have a good time with that!!!

  16. I’ve got a potential solution. I saw it in a movie when I was a kid.

    Throw a bucket of water on her. If lucky, she’ll melt.

  17. I’m curious about something. Does this reflect the wishes of the Politburo, or her own ego?

  18. What is wrong with you people. Oh I know you are all probably Trump loving right wing nut jobs. Bronson needs to go, no doubt about that. Just to let you know, I am a republican turned democrat after the Trump years. The republicans these days are all about nothing but keeping the rich from being taxed, bottom line. Tired of the Trump loving right wing nuts running around Anchorage.

    • If I had a dime for every time someone claimed to be a Republican until Trump converted them to Democrat, I’d retire comfortably tomorrow.

      It’s right up there with
      -I’ll respect you in the morning
      -the checks in the mail
      -we’re just friends, honey, honest.

    • Tamara,
      Republicans who turned Democrat are typically losers. No real accomplishments in life. Broken relationships. No savings. Lots of despair. Anger. Personal disappointment. Despair. So, you become a Democrat ……..hoping and praying the government will give you money as you get old, broke and unhealthy. Very typical scenario. Sorry your life didn’t turn out so well. Hope the Democrats can save you from yourself.

      • Agree with Ellen. I know several who claim they converted to Democrat because of Trump. But in reality they were always Democrats. They love the idea that free stuff will come knocking at their door when the Democrats are in power. Most of them are losers, as Ellen points out. They couldn’t cut it on their own, so they need to find dirt bag Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders to bail them out of their dilemma. A sad bunch, indeed. Most of them grow old quick and bitch about everything in life. Poor Tamara.

    • Mrs. Hawkins, thank you for your contribution. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and to vote for the candidate you favor. It would be nice if you extended the same courtesy to those, who do not share your vision of the future of Anchorage. Instead of maligning your former brethren, why don’t you give us your reasons, why you think Mrs. LaFrance is the better and more qualified candidate to lead this city? What are her qualification, her leadership abilities that attract you to her side? It certainly stands to reason that a well thought-out argument for her candidacy would potentially sway more people than hurling insults.
      (Oh and “she isn’t Bronson” is NOT and argument)

  19. Whenever you see “non partisan”, you can bet that they are indeed on the left. And in this case–far left. Leftists lie all the time about this. And if they would lie about who they REALLY are, why would you vote for them?

  20. Mx. La France is perfectly within her rights to run for office. We are equally perfectly in our rights to run opposition to her in the media, on the street, and among our friends and relatives. Get on this, people.

  21. Tamara J Hawkins,
    I have to take exception to your statement about Republicans being the party of the wealthy tax dodging class, because the evidence shows that the Dem’s have far more Billionaire donors who are in this for the Prime Cut.

    I’m not a Trumpanzee and am currently supporting RFK Jr. I would support DeSantis if he runs also. However if it comes down between Trump and Biden I’ll choose his Egoness over the corrupt hollow, senile, Chi- Com beholding, war mongering Biden without hesitation. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, it’s about Patriots and Traitors.
    Thank you for your comment.

  22. She looks like the kind of person who wore a mask and still wears a mask while alone in her car.

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