Cool spin: Rare ‘snownado’ in Chugach State Park

A spout in Chugach State Park, captured on film by Jeremy Clarion on April 20, 2024.

It happens rarely in Alaska, but on April 20, a land spout tornado was spotted at the 3,500-foot level near Wolverine Peak in Chugach State Park.

Photographs by Geremy Clarion were distributed by the National Weather Service Anchorage and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which verified the atmospheric event. It may be the fifth recorded tornado since statehood, according to some reports.

The World Meteorological Atlas says that snownados are “very rare”, particularly in lowland areas, but are occasionally seen in mountains, which are subject to more complex wind patterns. In Alaska’s vast mountainous landscape and small population, a brief tornado would not be easy to spot, much less capture by camera lens.

A snownado occurred in the Shetland Islands of Scotland last year and was captured on video, seen at The Weather Channel.


  1. Nah, it was just another LaFrance political ad, trying to snow the public.

    Boy, what lengths the Marxist Nine will go in order to seize power.

  2. Nothing that a little geoengineering can’t create. What next? Tornadoes in Alaska during the summer wiping out cities!

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