Chair LaFrance intends to take legal action against mayor, plans to hire law firm to sue over separation of powers issues


Anchorage Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance is proposing that the Assembly hire outside legal counsel to fight Mayor Dave Bronson on issues relating to separation of powers.

She will introduce a memorandum at the Oct. 12 meeting to spend $50,000 of taxpayer dollars to hire Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot to provide legal counsel to the Assembly regarding how “the new Mayor’s Administration organizes and implements operations, administrative and policy changes.”

LaFrance said in the memorandum the Assembly will vote on that “Members of the Administration have exacerbated some disputes over legislative and executive branch functions and authority.”

The contract with BHBC must be approved by the Assembly.

In recent weeks, the Assembly has attempted to subvert the authority of the mayor. It is considering an ordinance that would block the executive branch’s ability to oversee “overall municipal administrative policy, public safety, and operations” of the city, as provided by the Municipal charter.

In AO 2021-90, the Assembly majority seeks to take control of its own meeting space, which is currently governed by the Mayor’s Office. The Assembly majority wants to limit the members of the public that are allowed in the room, and force them to wear masks, but first must pass an ordinance giving itself that authority.

In another ordinance the majority is considering, AO 2021-92, the Assembly seeks to force the mayor to submit his appointees for confirmation immediately, so they may not remain in an acting position for several weeks before being confirmed or voted down.

At a recent meeting, a member of the Mayor’s staff removed the Plexiglas barricade that the Assembly has forced the public to stand behind when they speak to their representatives.

In previous meeting, Chairwoman LaFrance attempted to force Mayor Dave Bronson to sit in a seat not guarded by bulletproof lining, as the rest of the Assembly would continue to have, and she placed the nameplate of Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar in the mayor’s traditional spot. Dunbar lost to Bronson in the April election and May runoff.

Recent meetings have been filled with opposition to the Assembly majority and LaFrance has lost control of the meetings.

Tonight’s meeting may be hectic, as several groups associated with Black Lives Matter and other Anchorage socialist organizations have organized to attend and protest against what they see as “hate” among those who are objecting to the universal mask law, which the Assembly is likely to pass tonight on an emergency vote.

The emergence of the groups supporting the mask law have has shown up on social media, where they are organizing a confrontation and plan to be at the Loussac Library by 4:30 pm, as the meeting starts at 5 pm.


  1. Any legal firm that takes her case should be debarred and lose their Alaskan business license for fighting against the republic and the people. The Governor can and should suspend their business license.

    • Although I agree with the Mayor, destroying livelihoods for refusal to lay down and submit is EXACTLY what we are fighting against.

  2. Between the Anchorage assembly and the Alaskan legislature it is evident that they are all repeating Kindergarten! Incredible display of childishness and lack of judgment!

  3. What astronomically ironic hypocrisy!
    It is you, LaFrance, along with your other eight Marxist collaborators on the assembly, who has been trying to subvert the separation of powers between the mayor and the assembly, not the mayor! It is the mayor who should be suing you Marxist Nine here!
    Oh my God, I simply cannot believe the gall, the arrogance, the sheer raging hypocrisy.

    • Supporting the foundational law of the land the US Constitution and the republic is a paramount duty of a sworn officer of the court – not just a livelihood.

  4. Alaska BLM is nothing to worry about. Just a few self hating kids with mental health issues & friends. Distractions. They will not be able to protect the assembly from accountability.
    Should make for an interesting night though.

  5. The left wants us to pay for their defense attorneys? For the criminal charges of indictment coming down? After the Assembly repeatedly broke the law, and thumbed its nose at the Constitution. The sealed indictments are about to be unsealed. Hello, why do you think there are now an additional 100,000 national guard troops in Alaska?

    Sorry no implied immunity here. Just as has been said before:
    “You’re all going to jail.”

    Do not relent. Do not be fooled when the indictments come down. Do not forget. Continue to seek truth and justice. The whole of humanity is at stake here.

    Ephesians 6:10-20

      • Quite simply, no. This is not rhetorical hyperbole. Real human beings are not to be used as medical, scientific, technological, experimental Guinea Pigs!

        When my namesake gave his life off the New Gebrides Islands in the 1942, he did so in order that future generations would not endure the same bondage.

        Don’t let the shackles on, ever.

        Don’t take the jab. Don’t take the jab baby.

    • There is no way there are an “… additional 100,000 national guard troops in Alaska.” There is nothing like the military facilities to accommodate them and if you put them in hotels and other civilian facilities the State would be very obviously crawling with them.

  6. Be prepared for a big surprise with this one/sarcasm off. The Assembly communists are going to hire a Democrat law firm to take the case before a Democrat judge to contest the actions of a conservative/Republican Mayor. Bronson has no prayer prevailing below the Supreme Ct. and little chance there without regard to the merits.

    • Yes Art, typical of the leftist, if they are defeated through an election they scurry to their leftist pals on the bench. I’ll bet they have already done some Judge shopping here. All of this makes the case for more extreme political action on the part of everyone. You just cannot sit home and not vote anymore.

  7. Welcome to Seattle .. I mean Anchorage.

    Congratulations to our wonderful Assembly members for inciting violence amongst the many cultural groups who have existed in Anchorage for years without the injection of hateful rhetoric.

    Our incredible assembly members are not only scientist, but they are Medical Doctors who can and will ensure that each Anchorage citizen is protected because our brilliant Anchorage assembly members know more than CDC and any other health care specialist.

    Our Assembly has continued to fail us. They’ve pitted us against one another and have pledged to make sure that Communist Anchorage stays communist.

    This assembly has proven that they will not work with their constituents and they will do everything in their power to ensure that your voice will never be heard.


  8. Lawyers words do not supplant nor suspend the people’s words against tyranny. The US does not grant special privileges to certain groups over others no matter the misimpressions of ignorant others who seek to overturn the US Constitution. The Constitution says all freemen are created equal. We all have equal representation except Eagle River and Chugiak. That really bugs the liberals. They need lawyers to powerfully acknowlege their elite privileges which don’t btw Constitutionally exist in Anchorage.

    • “Don’t quote laws to us. We carry swords”

      Widely attributed to Pompy the Great during the upheaval after Rome went from Republic to Empire.

      Laws mean little to people who ignore them. Saying the Assembly is outside it’s legal authority is correct. It’s also pointless and useless. They don’t care.
      And they are counting on the conservatives to fold like they always do.

      And where the hell is the Cowardly Lion of a governor in this? Yes he has no power, over city affairs. But that does not stop him from voicing his concerns and saying if the Assembly steps over certain state lines they will pay for it.

      Except Dunleavy is a spineless, useless coward.

      There is still one thing the Cowardly Lion can do to benefit Alaska. Resign.

      • Meaningless drivel from a grudge carrier !! Anchorage IS NOT the Governors responsibility!! If he did intervene it would just add wood to the fire !! It’s OUR problem and it’s up to US to solve it!! Only when their is blood shed in the streets must the Governor intervene. Sorry, but that’s the way our form of government is constructed and it PLACES THE BURDEN SQUARELY ON THE SHOULDERS OF THAT CITIZENRY RESIDING IN A PARTICULAR ENTITY,!

  9. Seriously, the only way to fight this over reaching, communist Assembly is to overturn it. LaFrance must be removed as Chair (and to think we called Felux the worst chair). Zalatel must be recalled. Surely, the rank and file of the unions do not agree with their leadership and its actions in support of the Assembly. What is the payoff to the groups planning to be at the Assembly meeting Tuesday, 10/12? Anchorage is in a crisis, brought about by Spendowitz, AQD and a communist, power mad Assembly. I seriously wonder if freedom will survive here.

  10. The coop continues.

    The should just declare Dunbar the winner and vote to oust Bronson. It would be more honest (and legal) than what that are doing now.

    This is what years of conservative voter apathy got you Anchorage.

  11. Soooo… Does LaFrance plan on paying for this out of her pocket..? Asking for the Anchorage taxpayers (her employers).

    • You have to understand the mindset of these leftist Kool-Aid drinkers. Dave Bronson would have stood little chance of being elected mayor had the other side done away with their false sense of moral superiority and offered a more palatable candidate than Forrest Dunbar. Because they’re incapable of that, we’ve had to endure this highly organized effort to disrupt his mayoralty. The instigators are Bernie Sanders types who believe he would have made an excellent president. Their “people power” stance looks good on the surface, except when you realize that it’s ineffective without relying on people with firepower (in this case, local law enforcement) to do the dirty work.

  12. Bronson needs to go to WAR with these marxists/maoists – NOW.
    Playing nice will lead to defeat.
    Extremism in defense of Liberty is no Vice.
    Moderation in defense of Liberty is no Virtue.

    I guess the election results mean nothing to these people.

    • “Maoists”? It’s hard to catalog all the contradictory labels you lob at the common sense thinkers.

      • How is doing something that failed so spectacularly last year in any way common sense thinking?

        Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  13. There will be no negotiated solution because both sides hate the other’s values too much.

    Meanwhile, is there anything better than a good food fight?

  14. It is considering an ordinance that would block the executive branch’s ability to oversee “overall municipal administrative policy, public safety, and operations” of the city, as provided by the Municipal charter.

    Isn’t this pretty much breaking the Anchorage Charter? Maybe the assembly needs to refund the property tax payers for frivolously wasting their funds. This whole thing with them is petty and is going to fail them come April when 5 of them lose their seats

    • Except they won’t lose. The entire purpose of them taking control of the buildings is so they can shut us out of the election center so we can’t watch them cheat the vote.

  15. No patriot should go near this lefty circus tonight. Nobody from the Administration will be there because of COVID exposure. I’m told that Assemblywoman Allard won’t be there in person. Let this be a lefty clown show. The communists on the Assembly can pass their mandates at will and have always been able to. The Mayor can symbolically veto it, but they have the votes to override. We on the right could put 10,000 people in and around the Assembly Chambers tonight it it would not change a thing about the vote.

    I could change one thing however. It only took a handful of ANTIFA/BLM types faking being Trump supporters with MAGA regalia and a complicit media to carry out the gaslighting operation on January 6th and give the communists fodder for their insurrection claims and to put hundreds of people in jail, many still with no charges filed and being held in solitary confinement in some instances.

    This is what the lefties really want; a violent confrontation, preferably with some gunplay. A few injuries or even casualties wouldn’t bother them; mentally ill punks are a dime a dozen and conservatives aren’t human, so it makes good media. I have about a thirty year head start on most of you in dealing with Saul Alinsky disciple lefties; the “prime directive” is never give them what they want, and what they want is a confrontation. I’ll guarantee you that when they show up at 4:30 the TV cameras and reporters will be with them and they’ll have the script. Don’t give them what they want; stay home and let the lefties engage in mutual masturbation, and watch it on TV if you have the stomach for it.

  16. I smell a protracted legal battle, with both sides crying foul and APPEAL. The losers in this are the citizens of Anchorage – who will pay for it with dollars and liberty. The winners – the lawyers. No one else gains anything but ulcers and stress headaches. Vote the commies out.

  17. What would it take to recall LaFrance?
    Between deliberately picking a fight with the Mayor so they can introduce ordinances moving executive powers to the Assembly, and the shenanigans at last night’s meeting, there has to be justifiable reasons to recall.

  18. Let’s go, Suzanne!
    Let’s go, Forrest!
    Let’s go, AQD!
    Let’s go, Christopher!
    Let’s go, Pete!
    Let’s go, Kameron!
    Let’s go, Felix!
    Let’s go, John!
    Let’s go, Meg!

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