Surprise: No results from Election Office today


According to a press release from the Anchorage Election Office, no more ballot counts will be released today in the May 11 mayoral runoff.

The election workers were busy logging in emailed and faxed-in ballots today. There are 195 ballots that were emailed in.

Observers from the Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar campaign are on site. The work seems to be going very slowly, according to observers. The pace is so slow, it appears to be deliberate. The staffing has been cut drastically to four workers, plus the municipal clerk and deputy clerk.

About 5,000 mail-in ballots remain to be counted. Evidently, counting will continue on Tuesday. The next set of results will be released by 5 pm on Tuesday, a week after the runoff finished.

For the mayoral runoff, 92,135 ballot envelopes are in, according to the white board at the Election Office.

The election commission will be in the Election Office later today to discuss the April election, including school board seats. A recount for one of the school board seats took place, which is the presumed topic of the meeting.

The Bronson campaign said it is committed to keeping its RV headquarters parked on the grounds of the Election Office and staffed overnight until the results are finished to ensure a fair election. Volunteers have been using the RV to take breaks and coordinate their observer efforts.

As of Friday evening, Bronson had a 1,116 vote lead.

Bronson pulls ahead by 1,116 votes


  1. Has the Bonson campaign contacted the governor’s office to have the Attorney General investigate these ongoing shenanigans?

  2. Unbelievable! They should be counting these ballots in a very large public space, like the sports arena, where anyone can observe any time they want to as long as the counting area is secure. Why is this all such a secret? It’s no wonder people question outcomes. Not to speak of the fact that candidates and voters have a right to know the outcome ASAP. We need a faster and more reliable way of voting and counting – this is taking longer than it does in most Third World countries. It is an embarrassment for us all. In the meantime we have a Mayor whose time was up in January.

  3. Why are email ballots only being counted now? Were these email ballots required to be sent in on election day? Challenge every questionable ballot. Were supposed to have election day, not election week, weeks or month. This is just another example of local government failure & indifference.

  4. I wish I could say that I have complete confidence in the process and the people. I can’t. The Left views elections like this as existential matters and will do anything to obtain their preferred outcome.

  5. This election is beyond the pale. I want to know how many of the emailed ballots went to Dunbar and how can you verify e- mailed ballots. In my opinion, this is very sketch.

  6. I don’t care how slow workers count just as long Bronson, Dunbar, and Anchorage residents receive a fair election, no tricks used. What do we expect? The city clerk and her deputy aren’t Christian so thoughtful consideration is not one of their characteristics, yet. They are behaving just as they should behave like the world, it’s the only way they know.

  7. Next update for runoff election results will be Tuesday

    The Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office announced Monday that no updated preliminary results for the mayoral runoff election will be posted Monday.

    Evidently, they’re having trouble with “Plan B” and the blank ballots……

  8. Most Mail in Ballots are Democrat voters. Hmm, I wonder how many of those 5k will be challenged. How many are from out of state and how many are no longer registered in Alaska??

  9. Mail-in was bad enough, now there are E-ballots? TOTAL BS. I’m not sorry, If you can’t take ten minutes out of your life over a 3 week period to vote. your vote should not count. You are not being a citizen.

  10. I am stationed in Japan and voted by e-mail. Most of the mailed ballots lag so far behind that they don’t get back in time to be counted, thus email. We request an email ballot and we get an email with the ballot and the voter verification attachment. We print out both, vote the ballot then sign and get a witness to sign the voter verification statement- with DOB/SSN/Voter # identifiers. So it is exactly the same as a mail-in ballot- the only difference is that we could conceivably lose our anonymity on who we voted for since we have to scan and attach both the ballot and the voter verification to the same email. Small price to pay to be able to vote from afar!

  11. Congratulations to Anchorage conservatives for beginning the badly overdue turn-around of Alaska’s largest city. Congratulations to Mr. Bronson. No one can overstate the role in this that Must Read Alaska had, start to finish. This outcome, and the primary results from last August needed and relied upon the tireless work of Must Read Alaska. We all have to make sure this effort has all the support it has now plus much more as we head into the huge election year coming.

  12. Keep them under surveillance; they are stalling for an opportunity to pull some ballots out of thin air that are 99% Democrat.

  13. It’s clear the election is not going their way so the clerks are trying tirelessly to figure out how to tip the scales.

    I expect Dunbar to pull ahead because of these games they’re playing.

  14. I’ve always said that, “as goes the city of Anchorage, so goes the state of Alaska!”
    I’m excited that Bronson “looks” like the winner, but I’m not holding my breath … cause we know that these Democrats will do anything to try and get their guy across the finish line as a winner. Where are those 5K ballots that suddenly appeared? Has anyone seen where they’re being counted?
    Aha…. smells like three-day old halibut left on the counter …

  15. Justice delayed is Justice Denied so they say. I wonder if there is a correlation between delayed justice and those employed by the Party in Power who do the vote counting not wanting to recognize that they, or their party has lost? What a sham this is, a week later they are still counting votes and with a reduced staff. Disgusting.

  16. This is how it goes, slow things down so people will get bored and let their guard down. I didn’t know we had email votes, really? I imagine big tech brought this about. So sad, the elections is being stolen right in front of us.

  17. Election integrity is apparently a thing of the past. An entire week to count the ballots for a city the size of Anchorage! Deliberate stalling! Why, why, why? I have lived in this city for 60 years and am beyond appalled!!

  18. Isn’t the Lt. Governor responsible for overseeing elections? I’d say it is way past time for him to make himself known to the Anchorage Election Clerk!

  19. If these “election officials” magically call the election for Dunbar, there will be an exodus from this town that will leave a vacuum in it’s wake. I will be the first one out of here.

  20. I’m concerned also about the recalcitrant pace at which the tax invoices are being “worked”. All the municipal admin offices are working at a snail’s pace in a passive aggressive way. This is unacceptable. They are paid generously and regularly. They better get the tax invoices out or call in the fbi. This passive aggressive pace is malicious. I don’t know if it stems from the sluggishness they got away with earlier but this work slow down counting ballots is malicious, unbusinesslike and harmful and refusing to send out tax bills. Get to work!

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