New website allows Alaskans to remove their names from recall Dunleavy petition


Having second thoughts about signing the Recall Dunleavy petition during the past two years? Don’t want your name made public after the recall petition is filed?

You are not be the only one. So many people have contacted the Keep Dunleavy campaign about “signature regret,” that a few days ago it launched a quiet website:

The way it works is that if you enter your name, email, and birthdate at the site, it will send an official letter to the Division of Elections asking that your name be removed from the petition, if and when the Recall Dunleavy petition is ever filed with the office.

The recall group has acquired about 58,000 signatures of the 71,252 it needs to move forward with a vote of the people. Data analytics shows the group is gaining fewer than 50 signatures a day, and it has been at the signature gathering process for nearly two years. It looks like it will take the rest of the year for the group to get the signatures it needs to move forward, which would put the special election into Spring of 2022, a few months before the August primary, when Gov. Mike Dunleavy will be, presumably, running for reelection.

All that is required to remove your name from the petition is the letter that is automatically generated and submitted by the page. It’s the exact same form people can use by going directly to the Division of Elections.

But the key is that your letter must be received by the Division of Elections before the recall petition is filed. Once it’s filed and the names are certified, the names remaining on the petition become public record.


  1. Appears Recall Dunleavy is dead by this point. Might as well forget it and direct their energy toward a candidate. But! these are Democrats, they’ll fight until the end when they are humiliated and defeated. Hahaha

  2. As one who was all in for dunleavy in the beginning I’m wondering why pull your name from the list? What has dunleavy done well? Covid? This fellow has neglected to lead when the state desperately needs leadership
    We aren’t going to recover from the lefts ideological take over
    Florida has a governor
    We have a tall wagging tail
    Critical race agenda for the school system and our holder leader stands by. A principal was he!? I’m tired of responding to his stupid silence and his stupid administration
    So many points to make about his feckless resolve , I for one give up ! Keep the recall moving forward and I may be able to get interested again in the well-being of this state
    For now. Screw it

  3. Doesn’t matter at this point. Dominion and Prop 2 have already decided that our next governor will be Bryce Edgmon. Better to sign a petition to overturn the fraudulent “rank choice” voting system

  4. Another cluster f•*k for the disgraced, former governor Bill Walker and his miniature terrier lapdog Scott Kendall. Two of the biggest losers in Alaska politics.

  5. I sat in a meeting a few years ago when Bryce Edgeman scampered into the room with his son. He said that if the governor didn’t start doing what he wanted that he would fire him. I guess that didn’t happen.

  6. I’m getting so bummed about the governor.
    But I’m a Happy Camper on his choice, not having crazy masks are lockdowns for the state.
    Which I have lived my life, as if nothing has changed.
    But He needs to get some Balls to tell Anchorage and the state House and Senate, to get there crap together. On all this wasteful COVID money, and the PFD. Do your job governor, are yes get recalled or don’t run for re-election.

  7. Dunleavy has done okay. Look at the other west coast states… Jay Inslee of Washington, Kate Brown of Oregon, and Gavin Newsome in California. Imagine having one of those nutballs in office. Been to downtown Seattle lately???

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