Breaking: Bronson extends lead to 1,116 votes over Dunbar


Dave Bronson grew a sizable lead over Forrest Dunbar in the latest vote count released by the Anchorage Election Office. Some 6,052 votes were counted today, and Bronson now has a 1,116-vote lead.

87,165 have been counted so far. An estimated 4,900 ballots are still out in the runoff election for Anchorage mayor:

  • Bronson has 44,076 votes.
  • Dunbar has 42,960 votes.

The difference between the vote counts is 1.28 percent, far beyond the half-percent difference that would prompt a recount.

In addition, Dunbar would have to take three-to-one out of the remaining uncounted ballots to overcome the Bronson lead.

The municipal election workers do not plan to count ballots over the weekend, Must Read Alaska has learned.


  1. Congrats to the Dave Bronson and good luck in dealing with the assembly to remove the masking mandate and return Anchorage to a pre pandemic atmosphere just in time for summer tourists?

  2. Woohoo! That is so awesome! Thank you conservative Anchorage voters for getting out there and getting it done right! I am encouraged and heartened. The race has not yet been declared though but still very promising!

  3. Post an armed guard. No observers, no counting, period. I have no trust in Anchorage election workers to resist the temptation to throw the election.

  4. The man behind him looks like William Kazmaier, world’s strongest man three times. He camped in the Moose Creek campsite last year while I was hosting it. A genuinely nice guy.

  5. Keep the RV parked in the lot over the weekend!


    With 4,900 votes left to count, they’re taking the weekend off?


  6. Rich Thorne, I totally agree! Although it would be best to continue counting the votes until they are done…including through the weekend!

  7. Thanks Suzanne. Last I heard Bill was in Hawaii. I’m not that good at facial recognition unless I’m around someone all the time.

  8. As a Democrat, I can respect the process and not have to call it fake, fraud, stolen, rigged, like the Republicans do when they lose.

  9. Alaska is thanking all the people that had the patriotism to get out and vote for freedom and end the socialist faux mayors agenda. Thank you!

  10. Beware:

    Since a shredding company was not called to shred the blank ballots in the parking lot, Dunbar’s plan B can be implemented…

  11. For those commenting about Republicans calling an election fake,fraud or stolen you might want to look at Hillary Clinton’s opinions or maybe AL Gore and the hanging Chad debacle.

  12. There was still a lot of cheating, but fortunately enough legitimate votes were cast this time to overcome the BS. So far. Cheating doesn’t have a party, it just seems to be part of communism and against all forms of freedom. One person, one vote.

  13. And the winner is….? It’s a(nother) surprise! The choice is (a) or (b). Eww, it is too hard to count….,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,????????????

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