STAND podcast: Let the boycotts begin, and the Veebs app developed by Chris Rhodes is here to help

Chris Rhodes, developer of the Veeb app that helps people make anti-woke purchasing decisions.


We’ve watched the Left grow exponentially in its use of modern day warfare to achieve its goals. It frequently uses the law, social pressure, and the education system to silence Americans and achieve their radical goals. However, Americans have discovered a way to effectively fight back – the free market system. 

We’ve recently seen a growing trend by Americans who use their money to support or oppose the values of certain companies. We saw it when Bud Light’s stock crashed after they profiled a trans activist promoting their product, and when Planet Fitness took a hit after the woman in Fairbanks, Alaska exposed them for tolerating a man shaving in the women’s locker room, in full view of an underage girl. We also saw it when consumers negatively responded to Ben & Jerry’s refusing to sell its products in parts of Israel, contributing to the decision for Ben & Jerry’s parent company to sell them. 

But without companies being publicly exposed about where they stand on social issues and political agendas, how can Americans know what their money is supporting? Extensive internet research on multiple products, stores, and businesses is hardly a feasible option for most, so what option does that leave us?

The solution lies in an app called “Veebs.” This week on STAND, with Kelly and Niki Tshibaka, one of the creators of Veebs, Chris Rhodes, explained the goals of the innovative technology.

“We make it easy for the customers to know what they’re spending their money on and that it’s going to pass through. It’s not reclusive billionaires and dark money that are funding all this,” Rhodes explained. “It’s you as a consumer buying from companies, who then use their profits in different ways that you may not agree with.” 

I think we can agree that nobody likes their money funding a cause or movement they disagree with. But what does this have to do with Veebs?

When asked about what purpose Veebs serves for the American consumer, Rhodes explained,  “All we’re doing is shining a light on what the companies are doing, and so if they want to continue to do those things, that’s fine. That’s up to them. It’s a business decision on their part, but we don’t want them to do it in a way that people can’t see, and we want people to be knowledgeable and empowered in how they make their purchasing decisions.”

You can use Veebs to quickly find out which companies are supporting your interests, and which ones are working against them. From there, you can make a decision about what products to buy or boycott. But what happens if the ice cream product you want to buy doesn’t align with your values? Do you have to find a different flavor altogether? Rhodes assuages those fears during the interview.

“Our alternatives are that they match what you’re actually looking for,” he said. “So, if you want French onion soup, you’re going to get another French onion soup, not a tomato soup. So, it makes it super easy to go into the store and find the companies and the products that match your values.”

Veebs is a simple way of using your dollars to take a stand and make a difference. Let the consumer boycotts begin!

To hear more about Veebs, your power as a consumer, and the connection between spending and freedom, check out the latest episode of STAND. You can also view the episode on YouTube, Rumble, and your podcast streaming platform.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.


    • Be sure to comment to the adult leader supervising the sale at local outlets, of your displeasure at the stance in question. The children are innocent, it is the adult and the lack of your purchase that is the positive action desired. Cheers

  1. Myself and family do not support the who businesses.
    They do not get money from us as they can get the libs money and we will see who is the majority.

  2. Target
    Wells Fargo
    Bank of America (sorry, AK Airlines credit card holders)
    Black Rock
    Dick’s Sporting Goods

  3. Please remember that the conservative movement has the right to boycott whatever they want, as do the liberals. The conservative side called for a boycott of the NFL, it has had little impact on them. Bud light still for sale, Kid Rock loves it! While the app maybe useful the majority of the conservative movement will use it for a month or 2 and then go back to simply buying what’s most convenient. It will have little long term impact.

    • Boycotts rarely have any impact at all in the long run. Oh… maybe a shop will see sales drop off for a week, but it goes right back to normal. When all is said and done, money is money, and people are going to shop where they get the best value in their minds.
      However, this app will allow those that do care, and are willing to take the hit (financially or in time spent) to make decisions to support businesses that align with their ideals.
      Whether that has any impact at all is not the point. Letting people know how they are working with is.

      • You make good points. I would argue that, like the article referenced, recent boycotts have made a big impact. Large corporations have sold brands because of boycotts.

        Got to add – I boycott Target. And I save money by doing it.

  4. On the flip side, when you are selling something, use FB and Google to see who you are dealing with. If you find out they are woke cancer … then don’t rent to them or give them any good deals on stuff you are selling.


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