Kelly Tshibaka: Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker of courage, resilience on STAND podcast

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker


Cancellation. Threats. Fear. What do these things have in common? Put simply, they’re the time-tested and true intimidation tactics the Left uses to silence any voice that opposes it. Growing up, we’re encouraged to stand up to bullies, but what happens when fighting against the bullies gets you jeers rather than cheers? What do you do when the bullies issue death threats against you, or worse, your family?

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker provides insight into this battle on a recent episode of the STAND podcast. Walker and his loved ones faced the intimidation of the Left every day of his governorship.

“We had death threats against me, against my family, my kids…”, he said. “There was one that said they were going to ‘gut my wife like a deer’.”

Walker, however, remained undeterred by the constant assaults against him: “It was all part of that intimidation process. We relied on our faith, family, and friends during those really trying times.”

His continued reliance on both his faith and those closest to him got him through his time as governor and preserved his notoriety as a man unfazed by the labels and scare tactics of the Left.

But Walker pointed out that not everyone need to run for political office to openly defy bullies.

“You don’t have Martin Luther King unless you have Rosa Parks … She had the tenacity in her own quiet way to move from the back of the bus to the front … That moment inspired millions of other people.”

We often forget that quiet acts of defiance and refusing to bend a knee to the cancellation mob is enough to inspire others to do the same, he said.

The Left’s intimidation tactics are still in play because it knows they work. The Left uses threats, intimidation, and even violence to scare its opposition into doing what it wants, but that all unravels when you stand firm.

Both Kelly Tshibaka and Walker come to the same conclusion from similar experiences: Bullies only win if people choose to be intimidated by them.

We can stop empowering those that try to silence us by keeping our voices strong, even if it comes at the cost of being canceled, mocked, humiliated, or losing friends, jobs or social standing. Or, perhaps more simply, by refusing to give up our proverbial “seat on the bus.” 

It’s much easier to bully and cancel one, than it is to bully and cancel many, so the more people who stand with courage, the more successfully we can push back on the threats, intimidation, and cancel culture. 

If you’d like to hear more about Gov. Scott Walker’s experience facing the Left, you won’t want to miss the newest episode of STAND. You can also view the episode on YouTube, Rumble, and your podcast streaming platform.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.


  1. Scooter is a classic grifter who dd a great job gerrymandering Wisconsin and got conned by FoxCon. SCOW is now unraveling the mess he left behind,

  2. Governor Scott Walker is one of our American Hero’s. He stood toe to toe with dominant forces in his state to give Free Enterprise equal chance and thereby empowering and growing the economy of Wisconsin. He is one of kindest authentic leaders of our times, yet strong in principle. “Speak softly and carry a big stick” is what he represents in my opinion. I also agree and hope to see Governor Scott Walker run for President in the future.

  3. Loved Scott Walker. He should be Trump’s Vice-President……….then President. He’s no coward, unlike Mike Pence.

  4. walker is like Tim Ryan. lots of speeches, lots of policies attempted.

    nothing accomplished but scorched earth.

    ripon moved the little white school house, big populist victory??

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