Kelly Tshibaka on the Must Read Alaska Show talks about the role of podcaster and the Trump campaign



Kelly Tshibaka, born and raised in Alaska, is reshaping Alaska’s political scene. Her new podcast, Kelly for Alaska is the topic of Must Read Alaska’s latest show, as host John Quick and Tshibaka dive into podcasting topics, political topics, and Tshibaka’s more notable guests.

Tshibaka, now the state chair of the Alaska Trump campaign, celebrated the triumph in the Alaska presidential preference poll on Tuesday. 

This episode offers a look at Tshibaka’s strategic approach, her impact on Alaska’s political dynamics, and her vision for advancing conservative values.

Join us for an energetic discussion that connects the dots between leadership, advocacy, and the future of Alaska under the spotlight of national politics.

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Check out her new podcast STAND.


  1. The new age REPUBLICAN party here in Alaska makes me so angry. How can so many of our state citizens still fall for a disgraced, lying, fat slob who is obviously way outta touch with reality. How do you people sleep at night knowing this is the man you have chosen to lead our nation!

    I can’t understand all this madness.

  2. Easy to choose Trump when you see the,price of inflation and border insecurity closing in on you!!

  3. Don5 care if he is a “ fat slob” as long as he secures the southern border and stops runaway inflation!!

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