Sixteen-year-old boy, running in girls division, takes Washington state track title in 400-meter

Veronica Garcia, a junior male running in the female division, takes top spot in 400-meter in Washington's track and field championships in Tacoma in May, 2024.

Veronica Garcia, a 16-year-old transgender high school runner from Spokane, Washington, won the 400-meter girls’ state championship title a full second ahead of the first actual girl to cross the finish line.

Garcia won by with a time of 55.75, followed by Lauren Matthew of the West Valley School District, Washington State Track & Field Meet, held in Tacoma last week.

If Garcia had run in the boys’ division, he would have placed no better than 16th.

According to the Independent Council on Women’s Sports ICON), Garcia was previously known both as Davina Brown and Donovan Brown, and came to attention earlier this season for being ranked No. 1 in the league and No. 4 in the state.

To compare, in Alaska’s state track championships in 2023, Ourea Busk from Unalakleet won the girls’ 400-meter, with a time of 1:01.22.

In the Alaska boys division in 2023, Niko Alvarado of Eielson High School in North Pole was the 400-meter winner with a time of 51.78, four seconds faster than Washington’s trans-runner Veronica Garcia.

In Washington’s boys’ division this year, the 400-meter winner ran it in 48.47 seconds, and the last-place runner came in with 50.73 seconds.

The Alaska School Activities Association passed a rule that prohibits transgender athletes from competing in the girls’ divisions, and the State Board of Education has passed a similar rule.

The Alaska House passed House Bill 183, sponsored by Rep. Jamie Allard of Eagle River, a measure meant to head off the unfair competition from boys competing as girls on a regular basis across the country, but the measure died in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.


  1. When are the woman of this country going to wake up and fight for the girls in sports? Where are the women in pro sports? Soon they will be facing the same in their own lives. It was a hard battle in the past to get girls or women sports to blossom, and now we are going to stand here and let it be destroyed. That is the only way that sports to be fair for all is for the transgenders to have their own league and compete with other transgenders.

    • He’s likely a victim of sexual abuse, as are all children that are pushed into this butchery. Suffering the sins of a society that will sacrifice them at the alter of what’s popular.
      They will never know the love of their own children, never know a life without taking hormones and pills, never know a life without pain, their entire lives will be a lie.

      • LOL, good one, Greg. But both genders are equal in that each is blessed with their specific God-given strengths, talents, and purposes. Neither would be able to survive without the other, let alone reproduce.

        • True. Adam was lonely so God gave him Lilith. That didn’t work out so Eve cometh. She was part of Adam so some say his subordinate. I think not. Got him to eat the apple.

      • Humor is a dying art…
        Although, I do like the birth analogy. I do agree, women must be tougher than men, at least on that front. People say giving birth is the female equivalent of getting kicked in the… twig and berries? The difference is a year later, no man alive has ever said “Honey, I think it is time for another kick in the crotch.”

    • Lol, there’s a reason a rifle was considered “the great equalizer” for women on the prairie, and Pa Ingalls never left home without one hanging over the inside of the front door -for Ma.

    • In what way??
      Certainly not in the “sane, honest and stable” department, as it appears only MALE individuals feel this urge to fake it and cheat….

        • CBMTTek, yeah, we have establish this many times. I am a literal reader. Words have meaning and in the written word it is not possible to discern, if the writer is sincere or tongue-in-cheek unless the writer quantifies it. So I am assuming you meant what you wrote. It is clear from the other response that many did not get your “satire” or “sarcasm” either.

    • Superior at what? Women who know their worth will not lower themselves to be men. Get over your silly self.

    • Feminist and the silent majority today would agree with you ,since they can’t even tell you what a women is anymore , nor do they protect women (real females) in any space, nor speak out against these perpetrators of females.

      • That! 👆
        Right there. That is exactly what I was aiming for. It was what I am ridiculing.
        TSun, you should post this under every comment from a person that took me seriously.

        • CBMTTek- the only people that took what you said seriously aren’t paying much attention.
          It was obviously sarcasm, a sense of humor these days is a rarity. Being able to read between the lines, even more rare. 😉
          I’m a women and your comment made me giggle.

  2. A message to woman and girls.

    You must stop competing when men are in your sporting events and then you must protest loudly. Mock and shame them.

    I am afraid that the men who stand with you are too few in number and/or too currently compromised to make the difference. You must do it or it will not stop.

    • Micah, you are deceived. Its the women and girls who are condoning this aberrant behavior in order to appear woke to their peers. They are the cause of this problem. We can’t blame the guy for profiting from the obvious stupidity of the women and girls; he is merely a symptom of their problem.

    • “……..Pretty soon girls sports will be phased out………”
      It should be, if women can’t/won’t force government to get men out if their sports, locker rooms, and restrooms. Are you waiting for men to do it?

    • Girls sports will not be “phased out.” Rather, it will be taken over by boys who see legions of girls woke enough to allow boys to steal profitable trophies. The girls’ seem perfectly willing to pay this price for their own wokeness. Also, females can be very catty with each other. 90% of female (and male) athletes never win trophies or make the team so they may be pleased to see male event-crashers steal trophies from the most talented females.

    • Tiffany:
      That is exactly the point of it all. Destroy sports for all is likely the primary goal, but start with something they can destroy, and work their way up.
      Why? Because sports creates relationships among individuals. Teammates are as strong, sometimes stronger relationships than between family members. And, that is abhorrent to the leftists, who insist that the only relationship you should have is with the all powerful state. All other relationships are secondary.

  3. The video shows most girl competitors giggling, cheering, clapping and congratulating the guy stealing the trophy. Normal people need to realize most female athletes are okay with this nonsense. I’m guessing they’re glad to see someone steal the trophy from their toughest female adversary. That way, they feel less like losers. We need to just let it go.

  4. Vile,perverse, lost boys looking to destroy girls- men looking to beat women, as they aren’t up to par in men’s divisions.
    Males can never be female, females can never be male.
    The worst thing about this …. It’s the male hating mothers that push their sons into doing this- they hate men and hate themselves.
    Young ladies ( biologically born) do not participate in a sport that allows biologically born males- Do not recognize the NCAA , do not recognize any government entity that doesn’t recognize you.
    You have power over that at least, so make it count.

  5. What a cruel irony: if a boy won – or even competed – in anything, and it was found out that he had juiced with performance-enhancing drugs he would be justifiably disqualified. But a boy juicing with female hormones, then switching sides to run on the other side of the fence is celebrated as a champion.

    • Every democrat IS mentally ill.
      Every modern liberal is mentally ill. That is why the call themselves progressives, because there is nothing liberal about them anymore.

      • We need to stop allowing the left to redefine our language. There is nothing progressive about their agenda. Rather, they are REgressive in their intentions to destroy a free society. Their game plan is abject tyranny, and that is the only objective toward which they are progressing.

        • Totally agree.
          I have started using the correct terms, like they are not “undocumented” they are illegal aliens.
          They are not transgender, they are mentally ill. (Look it up, gender dysphoria IS a mental illness.)
          It is not climate change, it is weather. Global warming isn’t actually happening.
          Liberal has become leftist, and in fact, the conservatives are more classically liberal than the liberals are these days.
          “gender” may be malleable, but sex is not. Sex is assigned at conception, not birth.
          Etc… etc… etc…

  6. We should have never promoted girls sports.
    Let them be cheerleaders, figure skaters & gymnasts again.
    Just kidding, but Title 9 seems like a bad idea now.

    The women pro sports, soccer & basketball, are all inclusive w/ this.
    Why are there no men in those sports yet?
    Why is this only in the schools?

    Many men could have a career as women pros & destroy those leagues.
    What are they waiting for?

    • George, you are onto something.
      Megan Rapinoe waxed eloquently that she has no problem with fake women on any team. I wager a bet, that she would screech a different tune after loosing or getting run over by one. Especially if that fake woman receives all the glory and accolades Rapinoe thinks she is due by default!

  7. Farewell to girls sports and Title 9. It was fun right up until the Invasion of the Trans.
    Good enough for an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  8. WHY do parents and coaches still allow their girls to compete against these low-self esteem freaks. If the girls and their parents boycotted the events, this travesty would end😡

    • I’m waiting for a muscle-bound “tucked” man on a track team to throw a shot 40 feet farther than his girl competitors, then watch the enabling sport administrators wring their hands: “oh no! should we put an asterisk next to his world record??”


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