Memorial Day in Anchorage and Wasilla with Gov. Dunleavy, Sen. Sullivan, Mayor Bronson, veterans, and patriots

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan on Memorial Day in Wasilla with Jared Goecker of Eagle River, and Rep. Stanley Wright of Anchorage. Photo credit: Josh Walton

Dignitaries and political figures were out and about in Alaska on Memorial Day, honoring fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and other military heroes who died in battle.

Sen. Dan Sullivan and his wife Julie attended both Memorial Day ceremonies in downtown Anchorage at the Alaska Veterans Memorial, and in Wasilla at the Veterans Wall. Gov. Mike Dunleavy attended Anchorage and Wasilla events as well.

Also in Anchorage at the Delaney Park Strip memorial service was Mayor Dave and Deb Bronson and Rep. Tom McKay.

Attending in Wasilla was Mayor Edna DeVries, Wasilla Mayor Glenda Ledford, House Speaker Cathy Tilton, and legislators, including Rep. Kevin McCabe.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski had a representative at the service on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson read her remarks but did not attend in person. Noted at the JBER event, the Memorial Day address sent by President Joe Biden was read aloud by someone, but no one at the event applauded afterward, leaving an awkward silence.

There was no sighting of Rep. Mary Peltola at any of the major events, nor did she appear to have sent a representative or a memorial wreath. Also missing from the Anchorage Memorial Day service was Anchorage mayor-elect Suzanne LaFrance, who reportedly declined the invitation from the mayor.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich attended both the Anchorage and Wasilla ceremonies.


  1. What a group of embarrassing clowns with no integrity at all, IMAGINE ALL if this group was on the front line & our soldiers ran the show?? Fakes & a camera the gig is up your exposed GOD mockers of no integrity resign. MAGA

  2. Princess sent a representative…

    She should send the afternoon radio host 100 flowers every year she remains in office. His pimping RCV for Kendall saved her backside.

  3. As always, our US Senator, US Representative Governor, never shows up in Fairbanks, that I recall.
    Always ANCHORAGE
    I did not attend Fairbanks Memorial Day services. Normally attend services. Last time I attended
    Sen. Murkowski’s representative did not show up.
    Peltola, I bet, was not even in the state Memorial Day weekend.

  4. Glad to see Begich out at the Valley event again. He was the only congressional candidate to show up on Memorial Day.

  5. Two years in a row Rep Peltola, has felt that veterans and their families in the Mat-su were not worthy of her attendance at either Veterans Day celebrations or Memorial Day celebrations. However per her latest commercial she claims to be working for all Alaskans, lol.

  6. I do not understand why most of the newest graves do not have the names and dates highlighted in black at the JBER National Cemetery . It is extremely difficult to find grave sites. Anyone know why this happened ? Also help should be offered to those looking for grave sites. Enough traffic people manning the roads and parking. I appreciate all that have served. Thanks


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