Soldotna starts off year with drag queen ‘Ivanna Kishakock,’ drag queen story hour at library


The kids of Soldotna are not sheltered from the culture wars. Starting off 2024 with a bang, the drag queen community is returning to Soldotna, where the library will host a “drag queen story hour” and events will include several performances by men making themselves into grotesque representations of women.

The misogynistic-themed events include a trivia night and karaoke.

For parents who want to steer clear of the Soldotna Public Library on Jan. 6, there’s always the read-aloud with Mr. Wray at Nikiski Hardware Store on Saturday mornings, from 9-10 am.

Drag queens took over the public park in Soldotna during the summer and performed for children during Pride Month, much to the alarm of many parents in the area.

Standing room only: Soldotna residents come out in force against drag queen show for kids in park; new video emerges of drag queen going into ladies’ restroom

Soldotna permits drag queen shows for kids at outdoor stage next to park built for kids


    • I agree with you. Please tell me this is a joke, and it’s not a good one. The children should be taught to love and care for one another, not to show of things that don’t build good manners.

  1. Deuteronomy 22:5
    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

  2. Better than coming out in force to protest these events, Soldotna residents should just avoid them and let them trail off into oblivion. My opinion anyway. Maybe one person go and report/photograph the audience, or lack thereof.

  3. One day, maybe, “woman face” will be as offensive as “black face.” Making a character with exaggerated features is somehow OK if a man does it to a woman, and even “need” to display it for kidsv as well. YET, watch those single moms bring their kiddos to the show and reading, demanding all things feminist, completely unaware they throw dirt in their own faces. Strange times we live in.

    • Why do you say Dunleavy’s AK. It is everyone’s state and most doing nothing. What. About. The
      Mayors? Most libraries are
      Funded by their city

  4. Never thought Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs would have such a following. So what’s next for the kiddos? Furries, the diaper fetish crowd, guys who marry blow up dolls or their pets, MAPS? Don’t be surprised if some ticked off dads show up.

  5. This has happened before? Did/do parent actually take their children to these clown shows? I cannot even imagine a parent deliberately attending this travesty. Grotesque and disgusting parodies of women.

    • Yes it did happen before.
      Yes some parent/guardian did take children to the drag show at the children’s park.
      Yes some of the children were allowed to and did participate in the event by “tipping” the performers with dollar bills in the same manner as patrons of adult strip clubs.
      It does make one wonder the intentions of the parent who allows young children to even witness the grotesque and disgusting behavior in public view for ALL to see.

  6. Not without a prayerful protest!

    Our Lady of Fatima, Mary Most Pure, pray for us!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must reject these satanic attacks.

  7. Why are there not multiple complaints of indecent exposure in front of children? This is sick! No one in Soldotna is willing to step up and call this what it is?

  8. The worse problem is some parents will actually take their children to see soft pornography and adult entertainment. The citizens of the Kenai fund the library and perhaps cutting their budget by the amount it costs to bring these events to the kids, would make sense.
    We have irritated the progressive left by daring to question what they do to our children, and now we are going to start seeing pushback. After the State AG send a warning about inappropriate books, several library directors around the state, including the one in Anchorage wrote an article screaming “freedom of speech,” and basically telling the AG they could do what they wanted.
    Funny thing is no one has asked to ban ANY book, just move them to an older section. That just insulted progressives further! They, like many educators, think they know better than parents what is best for their children. If there is no outcry, I assure you it will continue. The point is some of us are tired of doing the fighting, with no one behind our backs! Time for the younger generation to step up and take back their schools and public libraries.

  9. Libraries be on a mission! Beats working for a living. How else you gonna justify your salary at a dying institution? Outreach, no matter what that hand grabs.

  10. All sorts of things, legal and mostly legal, can bring the transvestite tour to a screeching halt.
    Remains to be seen whether locals have the will to use them.

  11. Leave a Google review telling people about what they are doing Jan 6. at the Soldotna Library.
    Parents there need to be made starkly aware of who is reading to their kids. This is easy to stop, like the library should cancel the queers and SAY NO. Why isn’t this being done are they getting a check from the LGBTQueers themselves or what? This nonsense needs to stop immediately…

  12. Next thing they’ll be “barkers” outside of the library saying “come and see it, now’s your chance. Beyond your wildest imagination” If you’d been to North Beach in San Francisco in days gone by, like Carol Doda’s, you know what I’m talking about. No idea if it’s still like that. But even I, as a curious young man in those days, felt like I needed a shower after going inside. This is not much different. At the city library no less. Holy cow. And I’d add I’ve been refused to have a small Republican meeting previously at a public library (not Soldotna) because they didn’t want political events there.

  13. You vote for DJT in 2024 and you’ll see an end to this nonsense. It is about time that we establish what kind of “expression” is acceptable and what is not. Clearly, this is not and we can all agree on that. We can change as a society if just accept there needs to be guardrails on what is acceptable expression. Some have quoted Deuteronomy, which is very appropriate, as a guiding light for what kind of behavior is acceptable in our society. We just need to follow the Bible, it is really that simple. DJT will bring us that kind of government, he’s said it and he means it.

    DJT 2024

  14. The real issue is Soldotna. Like Anchorage and Juneau, they vote in the people who permit this stuff.

    Alaska is not a red state. Time to accept it.

    • Peltola is our new, permanent, congressperson.
      Libs have taken the state,
      It was only a matter of time w/ our heavy % of government employees.
      All the people who buy a house on our block work in government & they are all liberal.

  15. Why is being aloud to happen?
    I thought this was a conservative place.
    Well I hope their children can use this learning in their jobs.

  16. FYI- Just because this is not mentioned in this post. This is not a library sponsored event. The Soldotna Library does not endorse this program or the viewpoints expressed in them.

  17. I’m old enough to remember when the city of Slowdotna tried to get Good Time Charlie’s liquor license revoked.
    That was heterosexual entertainment and adults only.

  18. “Ivanna Kishacock”

    Yeah, I would have found that funny, when I was in 2nd grade.
    Which ironically is pretty much the same age group that this deviant groomer is targeting.

    • So pedos can rent space at a public library to do their agenda? Somebody representing the library has to approve of this… and they shouldn’t.

  19. So they can dress up and chat with the kids and everyone is happy with it. BUT, when I put on my garters, wig and pumps and go hang out at the playground people flip out!!!! Hmmm. Kind of like when I get a pup from the shelter, I’m a good guy, BUT, I go try to pick up a chic from the women’s shelter, I’m a bad guy. Please, people is there like a rules book for this day and age??????

  20. I question not only the parents purposely taking their kids to these events, whether at the park or library and exposing them to it; which means to these parents, they see nothing wrong with it. But also I question what is driving these drag queens to read or perform in front of children. Grooming, anyone?

  21. Hey the nice thing is nobody has to go, I won’t be going to this stupid culture war rally. It’s really no different then a Trump rally, a bunch of delusional morons at each.

  22. If it is improper for women dressed as strumpets to read books to children then why would be proper for men to do so? Ask the parents attempting to appear tolerant: why are these men targeting your children? Ask them: why would you aid and abet men seeking to steal your children’s innocence?

  23. SD: your claim that “the library will host a “drag queen story hour” is inaccurate. The material advertising the Pride Events makes it clear that “*this event is not sponsored/endorsed by soldotna library.” The organization has simply reserved the room at the library. Judy suggests defunding the public library by the amount it cost to “bring the event to the kids,” but as the Soldotna Pride material notes, the library–or the city’s taxpayers–are not paying a single penny towards this event.

    • Then close the library for allowing this.
      The pervs know people will think this is a library event as it is happening at the library.
      The fact that they rented the room means nothing.
      The library is not a private venue.

  24. Disgusting!! Where are the decent living citizens of our town!! Just sitting back & saying nothing & doing nothing. This perverted phobia is infiltrating our town & now again our public funded facilities that are widely used by children!! Wake up Kenai Peninsula!! Take a stand!! Where are our great Christian churches in our areas voices?????

    • Be nice if every church met at 11am that Sat, on the street in front of the library.
      And blocked entrance (civil disobedience)
      Let them arrest Christians, for trespass. lock arms. Fight back.
      “and forgive us our trespasses …… “

  25. Taxpayer money used to support such a minority in a public institution created to increase access to the great books and knowledge of the world is outrageous. All of the offerings of this soon to be outdated social movement is available on the internet. The great historical works of literature are often only found in the libraries. But who wants to go there, with the crazy people and drug addicts. Certainly not a scholar.

  26. Open Letter:
    Soldotna Chamber of Commerce
    44790 Sterling Highway
    Soldotna, AK 99669

    RE: Drag Queens

    Dear Sirs,

    I recently became aware that the Soldotna Public Library will be hosting a drag queen performance for children on January 6, 2024. It appears this is the new standard in Soldotna.

    I’m a retired guy who lives in Kenai. Maybe I have no standing in Soldotna. Maybe I do. I don’t think I can fix this insanity. However, I certainly don’t intend to support a community that harbors unhealthy and inappropriate behavior in the presence of kids. Particularly in public facilities such as parks and libraries where I believe kids should be safe from exposure to sleaze.

    From this day forward I will do no business with members of the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce. Your directory is my list of businesses that I will ignore. I require no products or services in Soldotna that I can’t purchase in Kenai or on-line.

    It’s that simple.

    • Hi Steve, please note that AMMO-CAN COFFEE is not a member of the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce for the vary reasons you state. If you find yourself traveling by the shop, please stop into our family friendly wholesome establishment. If you find yourself in Soldotna on the 6th of July stop in around 10:30 AM and join me in walking over to the library where I will be attending the debauched advertised event in order to bear silent witness and stand for the innocence of our community’s families and children. Anyone reading this invitation is also invited.

    • better poke your head under the covers in Kenai. enough interesting stuff that never made the questions there. even when the clarion reported daily oil prices, pipeline output and the fish counts, god bless the good old days.

      kleen eye is every bite as fun loving as stopalotdotna is. just never sees the light of days.

      alaska provides the best entertainment since Monty Python wrapped up the British humor TV shows

    • Who the hell in Soldotna even goes to the public library anymore? If it takes “tranny story hour” to get some some old books returned, who cares.
      Most residents are either watching Netflix or Internet porn.

  27. Abortion is murder. Sodomy is an abomination. Both should be illegal. Feminism is satanic. There are only two sexes. Transgenderism is psycho. Drag Queens are gross perverts and should not be anywhere near children. Porn is enslavement. Pluralism is idolatry. Diversity is not always strength. Judaism and Islam are Christian heresies and both false. The Democrat party is wicked. Most Republicans are cowards. Patriarchy is good. God forgives sinners and makes them saints. Christ Jesus is King.

  28. Why is this being permitted in a public building? Wouldn’t a bar or private rental hall be a more appropriate venue, if there really is such a place.

    • You can request the room and use it for just about anything as long as it does not violate the terms of use and patron conduct policy.

    • You can request the room and use it for just about anything as long as it does not violate the terms of use and patron conduct policy.

  29. The MEN of the Central Kenai Peninsula (and dare I suggest across the greater state) should attend this event at the library (a public space), in mass, as a member of the public “audience,” to observe what one of the event’s supporters called “Art,” and do what all “Art” audiences and critics do. Either applauded if the so-called “Art” is good, or stare in silence with blank faces like you would when viewing a pathetic wannabe comedian whose jokes are unimaginative, flat and sad. This is a challenge to all MEN on the Central Peninsula: Stand for our community and your/our family or sit back and let a perverse culture pick off your/our children one by one until there is nothing good or wholesome left in our culture. Do not carry a sign. Do not shout, yell, or threaten. Do not “protest.” Stand in solidarity and in silence and let these public officials and perverse agents of cultural destruction know we will not be moved. We stand firm for our community and families.

  30. Just a thought….protests are definitely a Biblical concept. Think of all the prophets in Scripture that had “protests” ordered by God Himself. Many times they were the only ones willing to stand up for right, but they obeyed God and did it. (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, ect) and I appreciate the fact that people are going to show up and protest against this, but for those of you that are Christians, can I challenge you with this question…how many of you have attempted to occupy library space for the purpose of reading Gods Word out loud to the children of this community? I know I haven’t, and neither have I seen that advertised on the library website. The LGBT community has figured out that in order to make a difference, they must capitalize on the children. Are we serious enough about making a difference that we will sacrifice time and money to reach the children of our community with the Truth?

  31. I have been arrested 3 times for blocking abortion clinic doors ( with many other prolife Christians who were standing up to protect unborn children) on private property both here, and in Anchorage. The library is not private property. We would not be trespassing to arrive and fill the parking lot with our vehicles at 9:30 am, and then congregate around both door entrances so tightly that none can pass to go in and prepare the event when the library opens at 10 am. If they succeed in opening up and staging the event in the library conference room, we stack that event with us! Occupy all the chairs and then stand up, arms crossed, ( Like Jason Floyd recommended), and watch the event silently, but also filming with your phone. Stay tuned for more…

  32. Please consider the facts before calling the library:
    The library’s community room is a limited public forum space. This means any group can use the room as long as they agree to the terms of use and patron conduct policy. Groups like yoga, birthday parties, jujitsu, sound therapy sessions, taxes, church gatherings, wedding receptions, etc… Denying this group would be discrimination. There are no performances happening like the ones in the park. The readers are simply reading books.
    Please remember that the library staff at the front desk have nothing to do with the happenings at this event and they do not deserve to be bashed. Hurting the staff does not and will not change the fact that this event is happening.

  33. “…yoga, birthday parties, jujitsu, sound therapy sessions, taxes, church gatherings, wedding receptions, etc…”
    and a sick dude calling himself Ivanna Kischacok. Sounds like: “I wanna kiss a cock” Oops! I said it!

  34. If only any of these “citizens” cared whether these children were clothed, fed or housed…they just love ‘stirring the pot’ for their own reasons…political, ‘one upsmanship’, fear mongering, follow me/follow me, disgusting display of egos. And, there are so many ignorant followers that are willing to believe anything as long as they feel superior/are sewing hatred. It must break Jesus’ heart – ” I never knew you…”

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